Have you ever wondered where Woodrow Wilson is?

Woodrow Wilson is keeping busy with a new advice column from The White House…in Hell.

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  • Gristle McThornbody

    We put on better productions when we would hammered on Smith and Cross and reenact Vaudeville in the streets.

    What is this horseshit?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

    But some liberals love Woodrow.

    • Draxx

      Morally How Many Years Did Woodrow Set Us Back…? Put a Progressive as the POTUS and You Have Certain People Constantly Targeted/Harassed By That President… Then and Now!!!

  • Ken

    Dear WWOS,

    You should consider making this a reoccurring segment; allowing viewers to submit questions (the answers of which could be used to illustrate the “wondrous progressive utopia” that WW envisioned

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