Do you remember all the way back in 2009 when the Obama Administration swore up and down that if you wanted to keep your health insurance plan, you would be able to do so under Obamacare? We now know that certainly is not the truth. But here is Linda Douglass, the former communications director for the White Houses Health Reform Office, addressing the “disinformation” being spread about the effects Obamacare would have on private insurance in August 2009:

Okay, whatever you say, Linda.

When you consider how poorly the Obamacare rollout has gone thus far, one cannot help but theorize that the “glitches” are part of a grander plan to ultimately arrive at the single payer system President Obama and others in his Administration have been on record saying they desire. On radio this morning, Glenn expanded upon that theory using the President’s own words.

“When we said this before, it was all theory: Look, they are going to create a system that will collapse and it will force people out of the insurance companies because it will force them to raise their rates because it’s telling them exactly what you have to have to be compliant. And so you will pay too much. You won’t be able to afford it. And it will force you into a single-payer system,” Glenn said. “That’s what we have. And we have the president on tape saying it. And everybody said, ‘You’re a conspiracy theorist.’ No, that’s what the President said.”

Glenn proceeded to play a compilation of some of the President’s remarks on the issue:

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“There it is: ‘But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately.’ So we have to take steps and so here it is: We’ve taken the step through Obamacare,” Glenn explained. “You can keep it, you can have it, you can keep your doctor, you can keep your insurance, just pass this bill, just pass this bill, just pass this bill. Well, what’s in the bill? ‘Just pass the bill.’ And then when you have the bill, ‘We’ve got to change the bill, but we’re going to change it through HHS. We’re not even going back through Congress because we’re not going there again. We’ll just change it through HHS.’ That’s not been done before. Understand that’s new. That makes the President a dictator. When he can change the law without going to Congress that makes him an authoritarian leader. Not been done before. But they do it anyway and nobody seems to care.”

So if Obamacare is the first step toward a single payer system, what comes next?

“You get this website, you have to be in it, you start getting your cancellation notices, and what’s he going to do… The next person that’s going to take the fall is these evil insurance companies,” Glenn continued. “‘They’re just jacking up the rates.’ Well, the reason why they’re jacking up the rates is because they have to comply… They also have to have other things like have to have everybody in. You can have preexisting conditions. Well, how am I going to do that and stay open? I can’t. It will collapse the system… He will next go after these evil insurance companies that have raised rates. He’s collapsing the system. That’s what’s happening.”

“They’ve designed this to do exactly what is happening,” Glenn said. “Stop with the incompetence of the most educated man in the history of the world. Stop thinking he’s incompetent. Stop it. He’s not. It’s all part of the plan. When he admits he’s totally incompetent, I’ll believe it.”