Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is on Capitol Hill this morning testifying about the glitch-laden rollout of the Obamacare exchanges. Despite the three and a half years the government had to build, since the October 1 launch of the website, error messages, bugs, and malfunctions have plagued the signup process.

“All righty. Did you hear that the website is down again – the Obamacare website,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “Who would have seen this coming? Are we at day 30? America held hostage. Remember, that’s all they were saying when we shut down the government. Ted Cruz, day 14, ‘America held hostage by extremists’ who just want to do crazy things like delay healthcare until we know it will work.”

Ironically (or not given the failure of the rollout thus far), Secretary Sebelius was caught with her foot in her mouth earlier today when she told the House Commerce and Energy Committee hearing that has never crashed.

“I would suggest the website has never crashed,” Sebelius said. “It is functional, but at a very slow speed and very low reliability, and has continued to function.”

In actuality, the site was down at that very moment. And this screenshot of CNN’s broadcast sums it up best:

“It’s funny. We were not exactly positive on this program as [Obamacare] was debated and developed,” Stu admitted. “And honestly I never dreamed that they couldn’t come up with a website that would actually allow people to buy the crappy insurance.”

“The website was the least of my worries,” Glenn agreed. “I mean they seem to have put together websites where Mickey Mouse can send money in. I thought for sure, ‘Well, if they can make Mickey Mouse be able to donate to the campaign, they can surely get Mickey Mouse credit for healthcare.’ No. No. They can’t. This isn’t 1985. It’s not like we’re using MS-DOS.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP