TheBlaze investigative journalism team turned it’s attention to Agenda 21 in the latest episode of For The Record. Across the country, the United Nations plan for sustainable development has been implemented under a new name, one less likely to draw attention but still accomplish the same goals. Agenda 21 has become “smart growth”, and it’s already being implemented in places like California.

There is a major push all across the country for so-called “Smart Growth” programs; they aim to urbanize suburban areas, push people to live in densely-packed cities and trade their cars for a seat on mass transit. The programs mirror the goals of United Nations Agenda 21, and are sold as being necessary to protect the environment.

The programs are poised to change the face of places ranging from big cities to small towns. They aim at pushing people to stop driving their cars and live in densely-packed areas, and are marketed as the only way to manage growth and save the planet. Critics say this type of central planning has been tried before, with catastrophic results:

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These plans are often approved only by a small group of people and locked into place without the approval, or in many cases, the knowledge of the millions of people they will impact. One example is Plan Bay Area, a program approved by a regional board earlier this year and already being put into place.

Plan Bay Area is one such regional plan that was ordered by California’s Senate Bill 375. It was designed and approved by regional commissioners in the San Francisco region earlier this year.