Continuing a series of discussions on out-of-the-box thinking and the solutions to the problems on the horizon, Glenn sat down with illusionist, author, and actor Penn Jillette.

One of the big topics they discussed was how new technology has allowed people to create outside of the established system. For his new film, Director’s Cut, Penn actually went directly to people all over the world to crowdfund his film.

“If you want to sell a movie you’ve got a bout seven people you can go to,” Penn explained, “and up until about five years ago if they said no you pretty much couldn’t make that movie.”

“Now crowdfunding is happening and you can say to people ‘Do you want to see this movie? It might not be a blockbuster. It might not make $100 million dollars. But if you want to see it you can throw in $15, $20. Pay for the DVD before you see it – we can make this whole movie’,” Penn explained.

” We just had the guy from Gearbox, the gamer guy just paid $25,000, put that in the movie in order to cut my ponytail off.  So he will be cutting off my ponytail.” Penn said.

“Hundred grand to baptize you,” Glenn joked.

Glenn said that everything people are feeling right now goes back to a resistance to authoritarian ideas. Penn agreed, saying that government is really only there to protect rights and handle the things too dangerous to privatize, like the police and the military.

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Later in the show, Penn talked to Glenn about the advantages of technology and why the singularity isn’t necessarily as scary as it sounds.

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Finally, Penn told Glenn why his biggest fear isn’t death:

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