The mainstream media’s love affair with the Obama Administration has certainly waned in recent months, but few have actually denounced their support of the President. Well, the Star-Ledger, the largest newspaper in New Jersey that offered its endorsement of President Obama’s reelection just one year ago, has now come out with a scathing editorial comparing the Obama Administration to the Nixon White House.

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“Did you see the article from the [Star-Ledger] where they are calling him Nixon,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “This is on the front page of TheBlaze. They are now basically calling him Nixon. I can’t say that. They are not calling him Nixon – they are comparing him to Nixon.”

The op-ed entitled “Obama’s growing credibility gap” cites the President’s widely disputed statements about Obamacare, the NSA’s spying on foreign allies, and his handling of Syria’s chemical weapons as the Obama Administration’s primary problems. And the article plainly asks: What’s the public to believe?

The Star-Ledger writes:

It’s more than not just an old wives’ tale that a politician is only as good as his word. It’s mostly true.

He can lose an election — even more than one, as Richard Nixon proved — and still win the voters favor. But he’s in real trouble if the paying public stops believing what he says, as Nixon also discovered. That’s why President Obama’s real problem is not so much the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, but the growing sense he doesn’t tell the whole truth, or doesn’t know it.

Either can be fatal for a leader.

“This guy is done. And I think that anybody who is honest knows that this Administration – the prediction that I made, what, two months into this, that this administration would go down as the most corrupt in American history, that it would make the Nixon White House look like child’s play, is coming true,” Glenn concluded. “It’s here. And many Americans know it. The honest Americans know it. And I mean the honest ones who may have supported him, you know, in the past but are willing to at least look at the facts on the ground.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP