Is President Obama the next Nixon? At least one major newspaper’s editorial board thinks so

The mainstream media’s love affair with the Obama Administration has certainly waned in recent months, but few have actually denounced their support of the President. Well, the Star-Ledger, the largest newspaper in New Jersey that offered its endorsement of President Obama’s reelection just one year ago, has now come out with a scathing editorial comparing the Obama Administration to the Nixon White House.

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“Did you see the article from the [Star-Ledger] where they are calling him Nixon,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “This is on the front page of TheBlaze. They are now basically calling him Nixon. I can’t say that. They are not calling him Nixon – they are comparing him to Nixon.”

The op-ed entitled “Obama’s growing credibility gap” cites the President’s widely disputed statements about Obamacare, the NSA’s spying on foreign allies, and his handling of Syria’s chemical weapons as the Obama Administration’s primary problems. And the article plainly asks: What’s the public to believe?

The Star-Ledger writes:

It’s more than not just an old wives’ tale that a politician is only as good as his word. It’s mostly true.

He can lose an election — even more than one, as Richard Nixon proved — and still win the voters favor. But he’s in real trouble if the paying public stops believing what he says, as Nixon also discovered. That’s why President Obama’s real problem is not so much the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, but the growing sense he doesn’t tell the whole truth, or doesn’t know it.

Either can be fatal for a leader.

“This guy is done. And I think that anybody who is honest knows that this Administration – the prediction that I made, what, two months into this, that this administration would go down as the most corrupt in American history, that it would make the Nixon White House look like child’s play, is coming true,” Glenn concluded. “It’s here. And many Americans know it. The honest Americans know it. And I mean the honest ones who may have supported him, you know, in the past but are willing to at least look at the facts on the ground.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    He is worse than Nixon.

    In the generations to come, the corruption of the current admin will make Nixon look honest, Carter competent, and Benedict Arnold saintly in comparison to Obama.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is a pathological liar. He presents narratives of what he wants the public to believe and any truth in his stories are not of any concern to him. What some people perceive as a cool exterior really comes from his confidence in a corrupt media.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, he IS a little bit of a liar if he insists he didn’t say what he has told people time and time again. But he’s more of a motivational speaker. Always being positive even in the face of stupid.

        • Steve Agee

          little bit???

    • Wyndle

      Very good wish I had said that.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Unlike Nixon, Obama will never resign, and will never leave office. He will force a civil war and insurrection instigated by him before he is done.

    • Anonymous

      Do you do anything other than post on this site. you old bag

      • Guest

        Those who call names have no cognitive activity.

        • Anonymous

          Mind if I copy that and post on the dash of my car as a friendly reminder when I’m behind the wheel?

      • JB Andrews

        Hey Doperunner, do you think that all animals like each other ?
        Hitler is back…this time he’s black !

      • greywolfrs

        Do you do anything other than make new accounts and think no one will know, critter/hp buttlove/moobthedipshit?

  • landofaahs

    Actually Obama is even worse than Nixon and let us remember that Nixon was brought down more by republicans than by the democrats.

    • Anonymous

      Right you are…it’s very telling speaking of the total compliance within today’s Democratic party. Every single Dem. voted for Obamacare…not one came from the other side of the isle –

  • Anonymous

    Let’s not kid ourselves – Obama ain’t goin no-where…

    Think about it – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist either…has anybody in the Obama administration to-date, been relieved of their duties…answer…NO

    Benghazi scandal – 0
    Fast-N-Furios – 0
    Illegal FBI surveillance on US citizens – 0
    Justice Dept. Illegally seizing 20 Associated Press phone lines – 0
    What about FOX News Reporter James Rosen and millions of other Americans phone and internet records covertly stolen with the full compliance of nine major internet companies BUT Obama had no knowledge of the ordeal. – 0

    The IRS scandal targeting conservatives – 0

    Now look at those who have been thrown under the bus….
    a cheesy film maker…a white policeman answering a 911 call…even an elderly woman who has terminal cancer for recently speaking out against Obamacare

    There’s even more…and this should send icy shivers down the backs of every American, no matter their party affiliation ….

    In a recent article from the – titled “Is Obama purging the military” we find – “so far this year, nine generals and flag officers have been terminated by the Obama administration” after a little more digging we further find, that over the past five years there have been close to two-hundred high ranking officers fired by Obama’s attack-dogs – some under very suspicious circumstances.

    The greater portion of these individuals are reported to have publicly criticized Obama’s domestic or foreign policies.

    Will Obama end up like Nixon – no not a chance. Him and his cronies are far ahead of the compliant MSM and as with FOX, or any other conservative media the attack-dogs are always roaming.

    My guess is that Obama will suffer a fate much like that of the ruthless dictator Benito Mussolini (WWII) after the Italian masses finally took off the blinders.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right: Obama isn’t going anywhere.

      For eight years we heard liberals screaming that Bush was a Nazi who had to be impeached and any day now he would be dragged from office, blah. blah, blah…
      We had years of that from the left toward Bush, and now we’re seeing years of that from the right toward Obama.

      It’s just drama…politicial theater…

      Bush was the most hated man in the world, and if he survived than anyone can.

      • Anonymous

        You make a valid point. One thing to consider – Bush didn’t turn on his allies. He never made allies enemies and understood that the Muslim Brotherhood is nothing more than a sleazy terrorist organization seeking to destroy Israel along with the PLO. The latter, an organization which receives US sympathy for backward reasoning of alleged hostile aggression coming from Israel.

        Obama is fast on track to passing George Bush and leaving him in the dust as “the most hated man on earth”. The Saudis are perplexed over Obama’s current open minded approach concerning Iran and who can blame them, they are now seeking a new alliance with Europe – if this happens watch for the dollar to be replaced by the Euro shortly thereafter.

        Its all downhill from there….

      • Anonymous

        It goes to show that it doesn’t matter who is in the WH. The POTUS works for the elites, not us.

        • Anonymous

          Because we have Obamacare shows it does matter who we have in the White House. Because Obama was elected a second time only shows that 51% do not care.

    • faxxmaxx

      Allen West is calling for an investigation by congress into the military purge. Maybe now that information will go mainstream and the media will be forced to report on it.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, but who among us listens to reason. What should worry us is – when will the MSM deem this story “important enough” to report on, after Obama orders martial law and for dramatic purposes, tanks and infantry are witnessed steadily passing behind the reporter to bring the story home?

  • Bonnie Somer

    Ah but people r seeing the real obama and so yes there is at least talk of impeachment. When a pres ignores the constitution not even all the lies and lies and manipulations but that alone is impeachable plus when he just waived the law 4 aforbidding the us from aiding and abetting its enemies that is treason when the NDAA was done w/o our 5th and 6th amendment rights in it, when he ignored Art IV Sect 4 and sued AZ when he killed Al Awlaki w/a drone the IRS BENGHAZI FAST AND FURIOUS and on and on the EPA and him trying to end coal industry, it is time we the people got rid of him

    • Edward Harrison

      It is way past time to impeach him, it should have been done a long long time
      ago and he should be put in prison. He is on his way to start a civil war in this country so he can declare Martial law and finish his agenda of becoming a dictator. The Senate is and has been drinking his cool aide and are in his hip pocket, and they are the ones that have to impeach him. They are just sitting there on their Butt while he destroys this country.

  • Sam Fisher

    “If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”
    ― George S. Patton Jr.

    Obama and his staff in a nut shell.

    • Know Really

      Patton was close. Instead of “somebody” it could be “nobody.” Certainly nobody knows anything when it comes to this administration.

  • Sam Fisher

    All Obama knows how to do is lie and yet liberals still trust this moron.

    “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

    • Valerie Marzani Cameron

      But you can fool all of the liberals all of the time, apparently

  • Anonymous

    Major newspaper? They rank 16. Haha glenn beck you are a fucking moron.

    • Guest

      So is anyone who can’t write an 8 word sentence without using the f bomb.

    • Kent

      DrugRunner, Are you a pharmacist?

      • Anonymous

        It is more likely that he partakes.

        • Kent

          Probably, if he was to answer ‘yes’ I reckon his friends would be proud.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just my opinion but you are the reason that I believe that marijuana should never be legalized.

    • greywolfrs

      Number 16 out of HUNDREDS of news outlets? That would qualify, but you are a fucking moron.

      • Bugs Bunny

        Moron. Used 3 times already. But he uses the F adjective. What kind of moron is he? A f’ing one.

        You are one smart American.

        • greywolfrs

          And you are one dumb non-American that has no say.

  • Anonymous

    Hey look at me I follow glenn beck and quote people from 200 years ago. Yay! I can’t think for myself. I follow a book that says the earth is 6000 years old. Yaaaay. Glenn beck is my hero. Sarah Palin is too. Yay. You idiots are a dying breed

    • Know Really

      As far as a dying breed, you may be correct. However, right is right even is no one is doing it, and wrong is wrong if everyone is doing it.

    • Anonymous

      Hey look at me…I’m a DrugRunner…I addict innocent tiny children, leaving them paralyzed with a lifetime of addiction – without having the ability to pay for it. Turning them into future DrugRunners like me. I’m proud of myself, I sponge off the backs of hard working and honest people all the while making boo-coo-bucks.(uncle Sam pays me and my other welfare cheaters better than minimum wage…its great) Most of my clients become high-school dropouts and what better way to have it, business is good and growing at a pace that even the low likes of myself and those in my business have never dreamed. Actually, I never dream because I’m so fried to the bone every night, that I simply pass out and awake sometime the next day well after noon, my mother doesn’t mind either, hell, shes one of my biggest clients, I will occasionally smoke a freebee with her, but then she owes me and she must let me sleep until well after 3pm or else I’ll slap her around some.

      Not to change the subject but ,truth be told – (and that’s a tough one for me) I really don’t know the first thing about the bible (I don’t even know what one looks like) all my rhetoric comes from what I’ve heard from others.

      Talk about a dying breed DrugRunner – you’re the sludge of the earth soon to be skimmed off by God himself.

    • Anonymous

      There is a lot that can be learned from history. That is something liberals have never really grasped.

      • Anonymous

        So true, Liberals and many other misinformed and misguided people
        seem not care about history.

      • Anonymous

        So true, many liberals and other misguided and misinformed people seem not to care about history. Therefore, they will have to learn the hard way.

    • faxxmaxx

      And look at you on Glenn Beck’s website. Nothing here mentioned about 200 yrs of history, so I guess you’ve been roaming around on it a bit. Mmm. Pot, meet kettle.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, look at me, I am a left wing drone and believe Democraps want to help me. Look at me, I hate the very document and guys who wrote it that are the foundation of this country. YAY! Obamao is my god. Nancy Piglosi is my wet dream. I believe that Conservatives are all old and dying off. I am dumber than a bag of hammers and too stupid to know it.

      • Bugs Bunny

        I think you are a right wing drone, but you are gaining some Self Knowledge about your self.

        You just might be evolving, fishBrain.

        • greywolfrs

          See what you get for thinking. It’s OK, I understand why you stalk me, you are a coward and can’t face me.

  • Sheryl Denny

    Barry should never been elected. He’s Illegal, in more ways then 1., but the media is getting to understand he truth, at the expense of REAL AMERICANS !!!!

  • Anonymous

    The mistake the Star-Ledger made (other than supporting Obama’s reelection) is that they refer to this president as a leader. He is not a leader. He is a salesman. He is a propagandist. He is a tyrant. He is a dictator. He is certainly not a leader.

  • Anonymous

    Nixon did not kill anyone Obama has, Fast and Furious, Benghazi

  • Anonymous

    What concerns me is that the Dems are in campaign mode. They have to distance themselves from an unpopular president and say all the things the country is saying to win the country to the next candidate…Hillary or Christie. I don’t believe anything they say. I think they’re just playing the game.

  • Take 2

    Nixon was aware of two cats making “photo copies” after hours…

    Benghazi and Fast and Furious is or are “MURDER Investigation’s”.

    153 IRS Visit’s is covert SPYING and Balloting fraud! To name a few

    smaller infraction’s of a seated President.

  • Anonymous

    CORRUPTION at its finest.. never in my lifetime have I seen anything this horrid in our government..I have a question that maybe someone with some attorney degrees can answer.. if a law is put into place and signed thereof , can it legally be altered by bits and pieces ? like wavers. for some but not others, like not living by it but being exempt from it, like giving money to some and not others to pay for it etc? isnt that the same as breaking the law that was just passed and signed ? like stealing from others to support the new law ? Just some of my personal thoughts..I am old school I guess , laws are not always made to be broken

    • Anonymous

      I suppose the law isn’t broken unless one gets caught. Sort of like the thinking -“does a tree make a noise in the forest when it falls, if no one is around to hear it?” Another crafty way to have authorities – we’ll say – “Look the other way” is the timely o’l-fashioned bribe. American politicians have much to answer for.

    • Anonymous

      Congress is full of lawyers, and nearly half of its members are from the party that despises the President and will do anything possible to hurt him and his agenda. Does that help answer your questions?

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in Summit, NJ 15 miles from Newark where the Newark Star Ledger was published. I now live a bit further away and the Star Ledger only comes into my house when my wife buys it for the local movie schedules – it is a liberal rag.

    That makes this editorial even more significant – unlike the NY Times they are not picking at the specifics of the ObamaCare controversy, they are looking at a record of obfuscation and misdirection.

    I was a supporter of Nixon, and even had met him socially (not a political event). I was disappointed at the “stonewalling” of Watergate – but I must say this for him. Whatever flaws he had in character he twice chose the good of the country above his political career.

    The first time was in the 1960 election when it was relatively clear that there were serious irregularities in the late vote count from Chicago that gave Kennedy Illinois. Nixon chose to concede graciously rather than contest the vote. The second was in his resignation when under the threat of impeachment. In both cases he felt that the disruption to the nation by the process, even if he won the battle, was inappropriate.

    By contrast, Al Gore disrupted the nation in contesting Florida – and there are still those who consider GWB to have been illegitimate and “elected by the Supreme Court”. They all leave out that a study by the NY Times, that conservative bastion , showed that a full count (including the western counties where the vote was suppressed by the early declaration of a Gore victory before their polls closed) showed Bush to have won by even more.

    In Obama we see even more arrogance, a total denial of error (and I use the term rather than stronger ones on purpose). This is a man whose agenda and ego supercede any consideration of the good of the nation. In the unlikely event that he were to be impeached in the House he would work with his minions to delay the trial in the Senate – and in doing so would bring governance and intenational issues to a halt in order to preserve his reign. Nixon chose not to do that, even though the case against him was weaker.

    • Anonymous

      Nixon indeed added to his classiness, by excepting his fate like a man, by doing what needed to be done. The Democratic party has no record of such behavior. Impeachable offenses are almost always overlooked and the beat goes on.

      Bill Clinton was impeached but retained office. Jimmy Carter gave away much of Americas strength and started the avalanche of jobs fleeing our country due mainly to his implementation of global political correctness, the thinking, all nations should receive a hand-up from America, verses a hand-out.

      If an honest person does a little research, he’ll find that LBJ had the blood of JFK all over his hands, but somehow, the liberal juggernaut continues to press ahead. – Accountability is not one of their strong suits.

      • Anonymous

        I hold no brief for LBJ, but I don’t agree with the thesis that JFK’s blood is on his hands. I not only have done my research but was also a functioning adult at the time (my first presidential vote was for JFK – as I though RMN would do the wrong thing and JFK would do nothing – I was wrong).

        I’ll give LBJ this, he chose not to run again. But I’ll agree about the accountability. One thing seldom mentioned is that the raiding of Social Security started with LBJ – he didn’t want to raise taxes for the Vietnam “war” (I use quotes as it wasn’t official, just as Korea was a “peace action”). Background – I missed the Korean draft by a year and got an easy college deferment – I missed the Vietnam “war” as I’d already done 3 1/2 years of active service after college, as a volunteer (the draft was idle in 1957). BTW, I was technically 4-F so wasn’t draftable anyway, but I lied when I registered. I left out the polio that left me with a weak and shortened leg as I wanted to serve my country. I passed up law school for Naval OCS on graduation, and requested and got destroyer duty. I wanted to be a pilot, and my tests gave me high qualifications – but I could never have passed the “escape and evasion” physical parts of the training – I couldn’t jog trot more than a quarter mile. Luckily a destroyer isn’t a quarter mile long.

        OK, got that off my chest. I’m a bit tired of the comparisons of GWB and John Kerry. Kerry took a number of deferments then finally went to OCS, Newport. Bush went to ANG, Texas and flew the “Thud” (nicknamed for the sound it made when it crashed, which was often). Kerry was assigned to USS Gridley (guided missile frigate) but didn’t report until two months after graduation from OCS (probably not needed and sent to various specialty schools). His graduation was in the March class (as was mine, but years before)

        Let me stop here for a moment. None of this is from the “swift boat book”, I know how to access Naval records that are public.

        The obligation for a Naval Reserve officer from OCS is three years active service, and if you are living after 18 months you make Lt. jg. Gridley served in the Pacific fleet in exercises off the California coast from May to about November, then was sent to Australia. She spent two or three weeks in Vietnamese waters off shore on the way. That was Kerry’s “first tour” in Vietnam. He didn’t volunteer, his ship went there, and was not involved in combat.

        His “second tour” was a volunteer event, in a sense. Lt. jg. Kerry (the next summer) volunteered for the “swift boats”, 50 footers used in blue water to intercept contraband from basically unarmed boats. This was a career move, in my opinion – but a political career move. JFK and PT – 109 (more on that later). Command is good on a resume, and junior officers can only command small boats. But there was a hitch – while Kerry was in swift boat training stateside Adm. Zumwalt changed the mission of the swifties – he decided to use them “in country” in brown water.

        I do not denigrate John Kerry’s service, but I do dispute his claim to volunteering for two tours in Vietnam. The first tour was two weeks off shore in passage on his ship, the second was real but not volunteered for.

        OK, I got off on a tangent – but it is related to the matter of accountability. GHWB was the youngest combat pilot in WWII, he volunteered at 18 even though accepted at Yale. He didn’t go directly into training, too young, but quickly made it to pilot status. He flew a torpedo bomber (not the fighter that people speak of) which was incredibly dangerous. He had many missions until shot down, but even when hit still maintained course to drop his torpedoes on target before bailing out. Have you ever heard him boast of that? Liberals wave the flag when it is convenient, and deplore it when it is inconvenient. Conservatives just do their duty.

        JFK again. A hero for rescuing crew members from PT-109, a commander who should have been court martialed for losing his boat. He was lying to at night in a strait on the back side of the island – away from the battle. The boat was assigned to patrol the strait to watch for Japanese ships coming that way. Night patrol was neither required nor advisable, the waters were not well charted and lying to for the night was proper. What was not proper was to do so without posting a lookout and with the engines shut down. It is probable that the Japanese destroyer that hit PT-109 and sank her didn’t even see her.

        I apologize to all for the long message, but it is all related to the topic. The topic is responsibility and accountability. I am proud of my service as a Naval Officer, not because of the service time but because of the tradition of the sea. I committed technical mutiny twice, I used my judgement when the rules said I should have consulted higher authority. That is the job of an officer. I pointed out to my XO, when he was chewing me out, that if Naval Regulations covered everything then we wouldn’t need officers – only enlisted men who could read. (I got two weeks ‘in hack”).

        Responsiblity is something one takes on one’s self as a moral thing. It is not legality. The Captain is responsible for the actions of his ship, even if he was in bed in the middle of the night when the OD went nuts and rammed the carrier.

        Responsibility and accountability are two sides of the same coin. Authority is the coin. Accept the job and you accept the responsibliity and accountability.

        • Anonymous

          I had responded to you earlier…my very extra large golden retriever, who loves to lie at my feet under my desk…had other ideas…as he squeezed his way out just before I was ready to send it, his clumsy behavior inadvertently unplugged my tower and all was lost before I realized what had happened.

          So I’ll attempt to re-post while he’s out of the area.

          I thank you for your service sir and I mean that from the heart.

          We are from two different eras, sounds like you got me by twenty years or so. I’ve never served – not that I didn’t try, but, Vietnam had ended a couple of years before my eligibility, the draft was done away with, and by that time, it wasn’t as if to many guys wanted anything to do with that unpopular conflict anyway. Not that they weren’t brave enough, but wars are won by having intelligent generals etc on the ground “in real-time” and not by some bureaucratic round table setup within the safe confines of the Pentagon.

          I tried the Coast Guard, but didn’t measure up and that was that. Shortly thereafter I met my lifelong companion got married in 75′ at the ripe old age of 17. We both come from broken homes. My war years came in the form of raising two girls in this crazy society we find ourselves in – so ya might say…I was State-Side.

          My girls have now grown into very mature young wives – now mothers and my oldest has three children now and my youngest has six. They are both happily married, with the youngest married to a doctor and our oldest married to a rocket scientist, well he’s not actually, but he does work in the aerospace industry. These guys have become the sons I never had. All involved, have a healthy fear in God and hold to the standard set down by our founding fathers, which at heart, contains conservative values.

          My youngest, home schools her children not trusting in the public system and my oldest – well, her children are only two years old (triplets)

          Sorry for roaming off topic, but I feel we both agree that responsibility and accountability are the principles required for success, what ever path one takes. Those ingredients are quickly becoming a thing of the past here in America.

          Seldom do we find that in our children today, from our parents, our educators, our politicians and what should be the most troubling, our clergy. To whom do our youth (our future) look up to…unfortunately the names of Jane Fonda, Tom Cruise, Michael Moore etc. aren’t making the grade.

          Family is the anchor of any society – be it a superpower (which by the way we no longer are) or Singapore…Most logical thinkers would agree that compared to the States, even communist China could teach the US a few things about family and having respect for ones superiors, not that I find any value in their political machine, but at least, the common man and woman on the street, have a healthy dose of respect for neighbor and especially the elderly. They also understand what hard work is…something else our colleges seem to have forgotten in their mad dash to liberalize curious minds. Today when our young people graduate, they feel they should immediately enter into the CEO position. It would be laughable if it weren’t so damn serious.

          This nation is quickly falling apart at the seams and the current batch of Einsteins residing in Washington, know little or nothing about the simple tasks in life – let alone controlling themselves with what was once the worlds shinning light on a hill, to use a bit of Regan jargon.

          Even the Democrat JFK, understood leadership, having a quality that inspired and motivated the masses. Obama would like to think he possess this rare commodity, but spreading the wealth around pushes the nation in the opposite direction. It also doesn’t “unite” – it rips apart. That is where we are today. I fear the only thing that might break this spell is a second civil war. Will American killing fellow American, be what fixes us, some are suggesting today that might be the only recourse we have left. They say, we’ll rebuild from ashes up. I on the other hand, I feel if it ever comes to our blood flowing in the streets and that, by our own hand….we’re through. There are to many other nations possessing a wolf mentality, poised and ready to pounce at our throats, once started, they would slip in unannounced and join in on the mayhem with a few surprises hidden up their sleeve, just to speed things along.

          Anyway one looks at it today, we have certainly dug ourselves in deep, the question is, will we – or – can we…do anything positive to reverse the direction, or will we be buried alive by our own stupidity.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry to be slow getting back, haven’t figured out how to reply to the Disqus notification of a response (it give me ‘page doesn’t exist’ so I have to come back to the original Beck page).

            I enjoyed the personal history, and particularly commend you for trying for the Coast Guard – I’ve always said that had I gone Coastie instead of Navy I might have stayed in. What many don’t realize is than not all wars are with other nations – some are with nature. More ships have been sunk by the sea than by all wars combined. I have been in extreme seas on my ship, a destroyer of 2100 tons and 376 1/2 feet long by 39 1/2 beam at the widest point, and a 12 foot draft. We rolled in a 90 degree arc (45 each way). But that was a confluence of storms that happened once. I have rammed into a 30 foot wave that came over the bridge 35 feet up, and brought us to a momentary stop (I was OD with the captain on the bridge, I’d been suggesting “slow to 15 knots for the safety of the ship” and he had been declining. I suggested again, and he said “very well”). We lost a man to a rogue wave in calm seas.

            But those are isolated incidents for the Navy – they are daily incidents for the Coast Guard. There is seldom danger in the open ocean, there is always danger along shore. We honor our heros who battle with guns during wars, we sometimes forget the ones who are in battle day after day with the forces of nature.

            You are rightfully proud of your children, and I am proud of mine (even though my daughter is a liberal professor and my son a law professor). I yet have hopes for my grandchildren’s future. I was divorced when my children were 8 and 6, but we maintained contact and are yet close so I won’t call it a broken home.

            You made a bad choice in your bad examples. I knew Jane Fonda, she was a chubby Vassar sophomore when I was a senior at Princeton. She couldn’t get a date, but boasted about jumping over the fence when in prep school to get laid by the stable hands. A woman of no self or convictions – the clone of whichever man she was with. Tom Cruise I don’t know, but would put him in the same category, a lack of self that sent him into the totalitarian Scientology. As to Moore, he’s just a blob. I’m more concerned about the idols who actually might have a brain and talent. The Tom Hanks’s and others. The articulate that express the mantras of the left.

            I’m running out of steam, I’m in agreement with most of what you say in the rest of the message – and only have quarrels with a few details of history.

            We are approaching the decline of Rome, but Rome revived. Problem is it took 500 years. I don’t think we’ll have blood in the streets (aside from that which is already there with the gangs) and a revolution – I think we will just decay. If we can have a revolt it must be at the ballot box, but given the demographics that is unlikely – to many who expect the government to take care of them.

            Which brings us to the principle. The US is the only real experiment in a republic in 2000 years, the Roman Republic spanned from about 400 BC to the time of Caesar. European democracies are just that – nations who had a history of central government under kings that are now run by elected kings. Bread and circuses all over again. The real nature of the US republic and Consitution is government from the bottom up – the town meetings of the colonies. That is what we are losing.

            The “greater good” principle can be used by those with the best of intentions or by tyrants. When a society is run on individual decisions there will be many mistakes and those who fall by the wayside, but the society as a whole will grow and prosper. When it is run by the “greater good’ principle, and the individuals ignored, it will shrink to a least common denominator.

            I commend you to the book The Virgiinian (189x). Chapter 13, The Game and the Nation. Summarized, Wister says that our Constitution recognized the eternal inequality of man – the small held up in high places and the talents held down – and our justice loving hearts deplored it. Let every man be free to seek his own level, that is the greatest justice. Wister said it better, read it.

            As to your last question, I don’t have the answer. I hope we can reverse the direction, and am sure that if we don’t a future society will try it again. Problem is that I won’t be around to see it, and probably my grandchildren won’t.

            I am too old to take up arms and join the battle, either literally or figuratively, but not too old to stay involved by talking to the younger.

          • Anonymous

            Happy Veterans Day.

            Don’t tell me you worked in the “stables” – sorry I couldn’t resist.

            I will agree with your take on Rome, but Cesar, nor his predecessors, were confronted with the nuclear issue. We are a much different world today, a world (especially the western world) which has witnessed a decline in personal character and as I eluded to in my previous post, leads to a decline in national character.

            One other difference we endure in modern times, instant information, be it local, or half way round the globe…the exchange of ideas today, travels nearly at the speed of light which could ignite hostilities between the political divide here at home, or abroad. The Religious faction is also vulnerable to blind fanaticism and in this thermonuclear age – especially when dealing with nations such as Iran, the whole thing could go up in smoke very quickly, leaving in its wake,a path of destruction where there might not be one blade of grass left on the planet. What is the ratio for us (the civilized world) to destroy ourselves, isn’t it something like one thousand times over? Has there ever been a weapon developed that hasn’t somehow been used to kill, of course the real question should be, has there ever been a lack of a madman who was willing to take the chance. We must remember, Hitler started out on the home front, it was only after all the loose ends were neat and tidy, did he set his sights on enlarging his domain. I know I’ve strayed away from our national survival, but the world is a much smaller place today then that of the of Roman empire at its zenith.

            I’m constantly aware and ever mindful of history repeating itself, once the fuse receives a spark, it may prove impossible to smother.

            I will take you up on the read (the Virginian)

            On a different note. Here’s something you might find interesting – if you ever get a chance, its well worth the time – this past summer my wife and I traveled to “Whitefish Point Shipwreck Museum” in Michigan’s upper peninsula. You are right about ships at sea being lost closer to shore. The great lakes are literally loaded with the wreckage of vessels of all sizes who unfortunately, met their doom in the frigid northern waters. Included among them, is the Edmond Fitzgerald which lay at the bottom of lake Superior not far from the point. Speaking of the Fitz. I saw on the news this weekend that its been 38 years Saturday past.

            Back to the crux of the conversation.

            I read a story one time (it may be biblical) about a mans home being broken into, this gentleman had dogs thinking they would protect his household from being broken into. Unfortunately, the dogs had become so spoiled that they slept through the night never knowing of the vandals and failed to alert the homeowner. I compare this story with the way we live in America today, I fear we are far to preoccupied with technological gadgetry and like the dogs in the story, never look up to take notice of whats going on around us and before one understands the consequences of this ignorance, it may be to late.

            Its been a pleasure jon PU57….Z

  • Anonymous

    That sounds about right. The only difference between President Obama and President Nixon is that while President Nixon had the Watergate scandel define his presidency President Obama has a whole revolving door of scandels. Not just one gate. But to be fair he HAS done what he wanted as far as equality goes. Everyone, no matter what side of “the aisle” they’re on are equal about hating those scandels.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike President Nixon who only had a scandel called “gate” define his time in office President Obama has a whole revolving door of scandels. But to be fair, those scandels made everyone equal in America the way he wanted. That’s becuse no matter what side of the aisle everyone is on people are equal in their hating of what’s going on.

  • TFK

    I’m sick and tired of all these provocative mexicans and lazy homosexuals!

    • Anonymous

      like who?l

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