The Republicans lost the Virginia gubernatorial race by a remarkably small margin given how much of a lead Democrat Terry McAuliffe had going into the final few weeks of the race. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) decided to blame the loss on his fellow Republicans who “shut down the government.”

“Okay. So he just blamed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia,” Pat said disgusted. “Not the fact that the Republican Party, his precious party, abandoned the man a month before the election happened. Abandoned him and only spent less than $3 million on the election, when they spent $13 million last time. But it’s Mike Lee’s fault? That’s unconscionable. And please, don’t be fooled by this guy anymore.”

Yesterday on radio, Glenn explained that the Republican Party actually stopped spending any money on the Virginia gubernatorial race in earlier October because the race was deemed unwinnable, but rather than blame the GOP, Sen. Hatch blames his colleagues.

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“I’m very concerned about Utah… Don’t be fooled. The thing they are trying to do with the GOP in Utah, if you lose Utah, you lose a lot. It’s not like Texas. But it is one of the most conservative places in the country,” Glenn explained. “So what’s Orrin Hatch and the cronies trying to do? They are trying to get rid of the caucus, which makes it all about money and influence and who has the power. So the regular people won’t be able to stand up in caucus anymore and say, ‘No, I don’t want that guy.’ That’s what they are trying to get rid of.”

“And there is silence from leadership on this. Do not listen to the silence and accept that as an endorsement. Do your own thinking on this,” he continued. “Does that empower the individual? Or does that empower a class of people who say, ‘I will make the decisions for them. I will keep them safe. I will return them home safely. I will do these things. Just give the credit to me. Just vote for me.’ This is all happened in the history. It’s all happened in the past. It’s happening again. Do not be fooled.”