Sen. Orrin Hatch blames fellow Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for VA gubernatorial loss

The Republicans lost the Virginia gubernatorial race by a remarkably small margin given how much of a lead Democrat Terry McAuliffe had going into the final few weeks of the race. During an appearance on Fox & Friends this morning, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) decided to blame the loss on his fellow Republicans who “shut down the government.”

“Okay. So he just blamed Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia,” Pat said disgusted. “Not the fact that the Republican Party, his precious party, abandoned the man a month before the election happened. Abandoned him and only spent less than $3 million on the election, when they spent $13 million last time. But it’s Mike Lee’s fault? That’s unconscionable. And please, don’t be fooled by this guy anymore.”

Yesterday on radio, Glenn explained that the Republican Party actually stopped spending any money on the Virginia gubernatorial race in earlier October because the race was deemed unwinnable, but rather than blame the GOP, Sen. Hatch blames his colleagues.

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“I’m very concerned about Utah… Don’t be fooled. The thing they are trying to do with the GOP in Utah, if you lose Utah, you lose a lot. It’s not like Texas. But it is one of the most conservative places in the country,” Glenn explained. “So what’s Orrin Hatch and the cronies trying to do? They are trying to get rid of the caucus, which makes it all about money and influence and who has the power. So the regular people won’t be able to stand up in caucus anymore and say, ‘No, I don’t want that guy.’ That’s what they are trying to get rid of.”

“And there is silence from leadership on this. Do not listen to the silence and accept that as an endorsement. Do your own thinking on this,” he continued. “Does that empower the individual? Or does that empower a class of people who say, ‘I will make the decisions for them. I will keep them safe. I will return them home safely. I will do these things. Just give the credit to me. Just vote for me.’ This is all happened in the history. It’s all happened in the past. It’s happening again. Do not be fooled.”

  • landofaahs

    Another lie hatched in the mind of a politician who eats slop at the trough of the public.

    • Anonymous

      Hatch is the worst kind of traitor as he pretends to be a conservervative and then works to undermind any real conservative movement. Progressive republicans such as Hatch are terrified that the Tea party will mount a primary challenge to them. Like so many, staying in power is the only thing that matters to them.

      • Anonymous

        “Progressive republicans such as Hatch are terrified that the Tea party will mount a primary challenge to them. Like so many, staying in power
        is the only thing that matter”

        These old guys (I’m old too) need to take the millions they’ve made at the expense of the taxpayer, go home and sit on the porch and enjoy the rest of their lives instead of doing anything it takes to get re-elected and screw up the taxpayers lives.

        • Anonymous

          I agree with you but after you have so much money it is not about money anymore. it is about power of those who seek it.

  • Anonymous

    …and we wonder what’s going wrong with this country…

    • Anonymous

      What is wrong with this country is that the educational system is geared towards a progressive welfare state. I do not know how we can recover from that or how it can be reversed.

      • Anonymous

        Some O’l Hillbilly made the statement “You can’t fix stupid” He’s been proven right, Americas educational system is the leading cause for this reversal of mind over matter. Religion, or should I say the hundreds of religious sects, have also played a major roll in the dumbing-down of America. When the very subject of God and his teachings “should be” the very answer to all our problems, but, to our shame, we Americans have exhibited no tolerance in the least, to seriously come together and make sure what we teach our children is “right” – To answer your question, to continue traveling down this path – things can only go from bad to worse…In my humble opinion…with men, there ain’t no fixing it – but – with God….”All Things Are Possible”

        • Anonymous

          I though your post was well written however people have different ideas about what God teaches. Otherwise the liar Obama would never have been elected to a second term.

          • Anonymous

            I completely agree and that is what I eluded to in my first post. Today’s youth have become inundated with the idea or the thought of one God – who says of himself – “I am the same today, as yesterday and forever” – In other words what God is trying to bring across to our minds is the realization that he is not divided and what I mean by that – a young inquisitive mind will become confused if one sect implies that “god is this…and then the following ten sects also say the exact same thing, but the catch is (and this is what has turned our youth away from sound thinking) each of these religious organizations preach something different, some only slightly different, but in today’s mixed up crazy world – many of these sects are preaching something vastly different.

            So instead of fighting through a maze of confusion, they join in with the new liberal statuesque – claiming religion is nothing but a fraud, leaving far behind the only avenue that can make this nation right again.

          • Anonymous

            I might add that the youth turn away from religion when they do not feel the fellowship necessary to make it meaningful to them. Also someone like Faith Hill featured at the CMA in another blog above is religious, a good person, and feels patriotic. She is not in the same category as some of the liberal trash you find posting. Yet she is a liberal who has no clue as to the damage the liar Obama is doing to the country and is an ardent supporter of him. If god is helping why can he not get through to a nice person like her.

          • Anonymous

            Give the Eternal time enough and Faith Hill will see the error in her thinking. Give the Obama regime the go ahead with anymore foolish policies and they alone should be the convincing mechanism that rings through to her loud and clear, that her political affiliation is contrary to the common sense put forth in the living scriptures.

            For instance, just moments ago a FOX news report aired the story of Obama sending John Kerry to the Middle East to convince the Israelis that the US decision to drop all existing sanctions against Iran, is a win win situation for all involved, that its somehow best for the world community. Benjamin Netanyahu and rightly so, isn’t convinced, in fact, has expressed his outrage over the latest American blunder that only helps the enemies of Israel to the contrary of what is being spoken in public by White House Officials.

            Mr Netanyahu recently addressed the UN (even quoting biblical prophecy) of course many walked out of the hall, but that did not stop this national figure from delivering what many feel might be the most important address ever given in the history of the United Nations.

            That said, meaning a world figure quoting scripture, I think it fair that I present a point, that also has to do with prophecy. Bear with me, for there is a conclusion to my lengthy reply to you.

            Bible scripture gives hard evidence that in these days we are now confronted with (the nuclear age, a time when all life could be destroyed from off this planet) American relations with the tiny nation of Israel will be separated, leaving Israel no choice but to seek aid some other place.
            The bible gives us plain and simple answers to the story.

            But Mr Netanyahu has misinterpreted some of what he said, I’m not taking anything away from his address, but God has saved this tiny nation several times throughout her short history (modern day 1948). The indication is, that Mr Netanyahu will seek help from Germany of all people – instead of God – Search the headlines in Israel and European news media over the past few months and this courtship is already well on its way. That dangerous miscalculation (trusting in man, rather than trusting in God) will cost them dearly. And – As We Speak – America, “as I stated above”, is doing everything in its power it seems, to drive a wedge between our two nations making prophecy come alive and leap forth from the pages of the bible.

            This American foreign policy will not bear well for the US either. It is a huge miscalculation – something I have been watching for several years and is only now beginning to reveal itself.

            With this newest blundering, seemingly childish move, put forth by the Obama administration, you can bet Germany isn’t feeling very save itself, after this latest news report came to them. What we (the US) have unwittingly done is, we have unleashed upon the world a hands off policy towards Iran and now, these radical nuts are free to complete their nuclear bombs and finish the job intended – which is – to eradicate the Jews from off the globe.

            There is much more I could go into, but I’ll spare it for now, to end this post I’ll will say this, the bible talks about a third and final World War – the Great Tribulation of the bible is how God expresses it, either way, we’re talking nuclear arsenals becoming loosed the world over and it has everything to do with current US policy – or lack thereof.

            Hopefully Faith Hill and millions more like her will figure this out soon….it just might spare us from nuclear annihilation.

  • Sam Fisher

    He only lost by 1% of the vote and liberals are claiming it is the death of conservatism. Really the reason why he lost by that many instead of 10% like the polls suggested is because two months ago he started attacking Obamacare. Obamacare will be the mill stone around the liberal necks and we will win in the end.

    • Me Wise Magic

      If you take Gary Johnson out of the 2012 election then Mitt Romney only loses the presidential election by 112,000 electoral votes. Even with Johnson it was 333,000 electoral votes. That’s nothing. 333,000 voters is almost half of what Glenn drew at Restoring Honor in Washington D.C. And that was with the entire media, news, Hollywood, the Music Industry, and unions putting in billions in pro-Obama propaganda and anti-Romney lies. Just imagine if Romney had all of those sectors for him and the news media told the truth about Obama – it would have been easily a 70% – 30% Romney victory. Period.
      Also, remember that just a few years ago the GOP was only denied 16 straight years in the White House by Ross Perot running in 1992. Had he not run Clinton would have lost and you would have probably not seen another Democrat in office for a quarter of a century. In other words, don’t believe the progressive hype.

      • Anonymous

        The Tea Party has it right. Work in the primaries to change the system. Any kind of third party is glee of martyrdom and undermines any real chance for change. Nevertheless Romney in all likelihood would have won if it wasn’t for Christie sucking up to Obama right before the election as up until that time the momentum was in Romney’s favor.

        • ken.

          when corruption gets in too deep it is almost and usually completely impossible to clean up, so sometimes it is better to start from scratch. when you don’t have your own party fighting against you it is easier to get out your message and attract the support you need to defeat them.

          • Anonymous

            I understand where you are coming from but the Libertarian Party has been around a long time and the only traction it gets is from being anti-Republican. No one really cares if they are anti- Democratic as it benefits them more.

        • jen

          Learn from primaries in which Cuccenelli lost and conservatives like Newt lost – you are going to lose again because you still hold rinos as the crutch and keep going back to your masters. Admit it, you can’t live without Christie/cheney/Romney/ etc.. as your leaders.

          • Anonymous

            As I stated I am a supporter of the Tea Party although I do not belong to a group. By your post to me it is evident you know little about what they are trying to accomplish.

          • jen

            They are not trying to accomplish anything other than talk. What they are going to do is usher Christie into general elections – a member of the Obama/cheney/Romney gangster family.

          • Anonymous

            You speak without knowledge. They gave us Ted Cruz and Mike Lee along with a long list of others. You post without knowledge.

      • jen

        You are not a conservative at all!!! – quit pretending.
        Romney lost because he and rnc/dnc decided it – so he ran a botched campaign like McCain on purpose. Yet, you blame the good people versus the evil folks – typical of many conservatives that need the crutch of their evil masters.

      • Me Wise Magic

        You’re so smart. My goodness…..what is it like to be the most informed woman on the planet? I hope you are a teacher and a mother of at least eight because we could only pray that your influence reaches the masses as soon as possible and for generations to come.

  • Anonymous

    When your “own party” blames Lee & Cruz instead of Reid – wow! These geezers all have to go, and go now. How many times, and for how many years do these idiots, i.e. Graham, McCain, et al have to do the same stupid things with the same results before they realize that they are actually idiots? It’s time for a change, kids. Time for fresh blood, fresh ideas and fresh faces. The old guard is just that – old, stuck in their ways. The most revolting part of this whole story is Hatch has been trying to bend over backwards trying to trick the Tea Party into thinking he is one of them, yet he throws Lee and Cruz under the bus. This guy is a fake and a fraud. Time to go, dum dum.

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you. I have written Hatch a few times and his reply was not what I expected. I am very upset with his attitude toward the serious bills that are going through the Senate. He hasn’t voted with the GOP very much, but the demo’s or he won’t vote. He was re-elected in 2012. They want to have their power. He is a disgrace to UTAH. He, McClain and the older people are so jealous of the younger people in the Senate and the House. I’m so pleased about Lee, Cruz, Paul and the others that are fighting for OUR FREEDOM, OUR CONSTITUTION. It is heck of a lot better then the older ones that won’t listen to their states.

    • jen

      They don’t need to go as you say. Only those who don’t agree with Hatch need to go and find/create their own party or stand firm independent. But for those who are too weak to leave, they will remain with Hatch and GOP.

  • Anonymous

    Go home Orrin, go home…and take McLoser, Crybaby and MM with you…let Rove drive…we need to flush these arrogant cupcake GOP elites!

  • Anonymous

    Senator Hatch I used to respect you but 1. you violated the 11th commandment; and 2. You are following in the McCain footsteps to RINOville. The future of the opposition party is Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul if they can assemble a coalition of conservatives. Either join them or declare yourself a progressive fellow traveler.

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if these liberals would just go join the democratic party. At least then, they wouldn’t look clueless and stupid. They’d just look stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Orin Hatch…. Another traitor. You will all find out in 2014 who’s fault it was in Va. By by all of you progressive losers!!

  • Anonymous

    Orin Hatch is another Obama

  • CharlyO

    Hatch is another great reason to have term limits. He is in it for power, period! Well, likely money in the ‘ol pocket also.

  • Anonymous

    Orrin Hatch also voter FOR Obama’s Immigration Amnesty law. Another RHINO whose time has come up for replacement by a “conservative” representative in his state.

    • jen

      Actually that was Rubio’s amnesty law that he wrote that Obama endorsed – funny how rinos and dems work hand in hand on everything – and conservatives just tag along to rinos so you get Obama endorsed laws.

  • Mike

    The caucus meeting I went to was packed, a record type turn out. Many church-goers had been exhorted to get to the caucus to participate in the political process. Unfortunately, they apparently only heard the part about going to vote, not the part about doing their research and developing informed opinions. I listened as the “planks” of the Republican Party were read out and, following each plank, a chorus of amens, hallelujahs, and ‘hell, yeah!’s. I thought Hatch was a goner, just like Bennett before him. Then it came to the vote, and Hatch was easily over 70% of the vote. Low information voters, regardless of party, are killing this country.

  • Sparky McFarland

    Hatch is an embarrassment to Utah, but the sheep here kept on voting for him. He is a RHINO grade “A”. They let him stay in because this is supposed to be his last (thank God) term. His site says he is for repealing Obamacare, but he was like The Invisible Man during the de-fund iACA fight. When he finally leaves office I fully expect him to move back home to Pennsylvania.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    We’ve been hearing too much from these gutless RINOs. My fear is that they realize that their days in power are coming to an end, and that they will do as much damage to the Republic as possible before they can be ousted.

  • Anonymous

    Orin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Larmar Alexander, and all RINOs need to be defeated because they are Democrats at heart. They do not want a strong conservative to be elected in any election. That is why they did not want Ken Cuccinelli to be elected Governor of Virginia. They actually lobbied against his election and some even campaigned for McAuliffe. All RINOs who are establishment Republicans did not want Cuccinelli to be elected because it would marginalize them. Orin Hatch has voted with the Democrats nearly as much as he has voted with the Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    I am a mormon, and I am utterly ashamed and embarrassed by Hatch, Reid, and Huntsman. It is good to have diversity, but these men know better. Their lies and hate never cease to amaze me. I have quite a lot of relatives and friends that live in Utah. I am going to do whatever it takes to persuade them, along with others in that state, to get rid of Hatch.

    • Anonymous

      So, you’re a Mormon, eh?

      Aren’t you embarrassed?

      Why brag about being a member of a false church? I live in SLC and I like going to temple square to meet and talk to the Cute Temple Square Salt Lake City Missionary Sisters.

      If I ask them what they’re given names are, They say, “We’re not allowed to give our names.” But when I ask nicely they always tell me. If any missionary fellas come to my door, I always chase them away.

  • Anonymous

    One more thing: Glenn should start calling out the Deseret News and SLC Tribune for their constant bashing and terrible lies that they direct at Cruz. Obviously Hatch has a lot of influence on the Deseret News, and it needs to be challenged, along with being called out.

  • Richard Evans

    I live in central Virginia and 2 facts became obvious. One, there was practically non existent campaigning by the Republican party for Cuccinelli. McAuliffe brought Bill Clinton into Charlottesville to campaign for him, with no response from the Republicans! Two, The McAuliff campaign dumped tons of lies and misstatements, ( negative campaigning appears to work) which the low information voter bought lock, stock and barrel.

  • Anonymous

    Has Roarin Orrin even visited Virginia recently??? I served my LDS mission in Virginia, and it is just neighbors to the Capitol Beltway. Virginia will get no revenue from the Feds unless it patronizes to the liberal lightweights who run DC,… so the voters make sure a lib Governor runs the state, so that they are not kept out of the loop. To blame Cruz and Lee is the most ludicrous and ridiculous statement I have heard coming from Orrin, and he has made some real zingers in the past. We still have another five years with this guy, unless he totally goes senile earlier than that…..

    • Anonymous

      Poor li’l fella…You got to go to Virginia, poor sap. Why didn’t you get to go to Taiwan? France? Spain? Mexico?

      Prior to 9-11 I met a dad who was sending his son to the Pueblo South Mission. I asked the dad if he was disappointed to being sent to Pueblo, CO and he told me that no, his son was excited about his mission. I am not LDS but if I lived in Utah I would really be upset as to where they were sending me.

      Damn….Pueblo, CO

      Can a gentleman who is called to a less than desirable mission just say no?
      Can they hold out for a better assignment?

      Were I LDS I would refuse to go to Pueblo and tell the church to stuff it.

  • joe michael villa


    this is only the beginning.

    2014 is going to be a landslide victory for the Democrats.

    Tea Party best thing to happen for the Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Similar damage and confusion was delivered by Fox News pundits O’reilly, Hickabee, etc. – all I heard except Hannity.

  • Rasco

    Senator Hatch has become milk-toast. He is week and without teeth. He is a picture perfect poster-child for what is wrong in Washington. He has been there too long and is now coasting to his retirement. When he first ran for office, against the incumbent of that day, his mantra was, “Do you know what you call a senator that has been in office for eleven years? You call him home.” We Utahns should have taken him for his word and brought him home more than a decade ago. He isn’t even from Utah. I believe he moved here from Pennsylvania. When he ran for president, he released a music CD of piano music. What the hell was he doing back there in Washington? Was he writing music? Did he not have enough work to do? That was also the year he seriously started losing his drive and tenacity. He wanted to be a centrist and have everyone love and respect him. By doing so, he became absent from representing the will of the people, his constituents. Just look at the man and listen to the tone in his voice. Have you ever seen anyone more visually defined by the words “pious” and “pompous”? I wish we had someone back there that would change the retirement package these bums receive on the public dole. Take that incentive out of the equation and see who is there for the right reason.

  • John

    Oreck Hatch is literally a puppet for Soros.

  • Anonymous

    Always liked Sen Hatch however he is one of the Repubs who have been around to long.We need the Mr Smith of Utah to step up and get elected to the US Senate.

  • Terry

    As a long time Republican, a constitutionalist, I am ashamed of people like Hatch, Boehner and other RINO’s who have destroyed the party. The illegal Rule 16 vote at the 2012 Nat’l convention eliminated the conservative voice from ever being heard again. The elites have secured control of the GOP and placed it in dustbin of history.

  • ditzy1

    Senator Hatch left the reservation long ago and crossed over to the dark side…you know, being a Senator has so darn many perks that it is hard not to sell ones soul for all of that greatness he thinks he’s achieved. Senator hatch, please don’t seek re-election. Let us elect a good conservative for Utah.

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