It’s no secret that Glenn has his fair share of issues with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), but he had to give credit where credit is due this morning after seeing Sen. Cornyn’s persistent grilling of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius yesterday on Capitol Hill.

“When somebody does the right thing, we need to congratulate them and hold them up and say, ‘Good job, Senator,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Senator John Cornyn yesterday grilled Kathleen Sebelius in the way – this is the old John Cornyn… And this is the guy we knew and loved for so long, not the guy we’ve been seeing lately. So that John Cornyn is back. So let’s at least say, thank you. Great job.”

Sen. Cornyn asked Sebelius a series of pointed questions about Obamacare and its rollout. For starters, Sen. Cornyn wanted to know if it were in fact true that Obamacare navigators do not have to undergo criminal background checks even though they will be dealing with highly sensitive information.

“I can’t believe she actually admitted that,” Pat said.

Despite Sebelius’ honesty in that particular instance, she was far less forthcoming when Sen. Cornyn asked her a simple true or false question.

“Is it true or false,” Glenn asked plainly. “She’s not going to tell you if they are true or false.”

“I’m going to tell you what they mean Tuesday. I’m going to give you my spin on those numbers,” Pat joked. “You can’t get a straight answer out of these people. Explain the numbers. Can you explain them?”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu all agreed that Sen. Cornyn did a good job in his line of questioning. And, as Glenn pointed out, Sebelius’ answers prove that you can literally do anything in this Administration and not get fired.

“I want the record to show, you cannot do anything in this Administration and get fired. You can’t do anything and get fired. You can lie to the American people. You can destroy things. But you can’t get fired from this Administration. just want the record to show that. I mean it’s powerful,” Glenn said. “That’s the John Cornyn we’re looking for. That’s the kind of questioning, this kind of stance, not in an election year is exactly what Americans are looking for – Republicans, at least, are looking for – straight yes or no. It’s not that complex. Yes or no. Why is it you are the only ones that can’t answer yes or no questions?”

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