“This is the old John Cornyn”: Sen. Cornyn grills HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

It’s no secret that Glenn has his fair share of issues with Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), but he had to give credit where credit is due this morning after seeing Sen. Cornyn’s persistent grilling of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius yesterday on Capitol Hill.

“When somebody does the right thing, we need to congratulate them and hold them up and say, ‘Good job, Senator,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Senator John Cornyn yesterday grilled Kathleen Sebelius in the way – this is the old John Cornyn… And this is the guy we knew and loved for so long, not the guy we’ve been seeing lately. So that John Cornyn is back. So let’s at least say, thank you. Great job.”

Sen. Cornyn asked Sebelius a series of pointed questions about Obamacare and its rollout. For starters, Sen. Cornyn wanted to know if it were in fact true that Obamacare navigators do not have to undergo criminal background checks even though they will be dealing with highly sensitive information.

“I can’t believe she actually admitted that,” Pat said.

Despite Sebelius’ honesty in that particular instance, she was far less forthcoming when Sen. Cornyn asked her a simple true or false question.

“Is it true or false,” Glenn asked plainly. “She’s not going to tell you if they are true or false.”

“I’m going to tell you what they mean Tuesday. I’m going to give you my spin on those numbers,” Pat joked. “You can’t get a straight answer out of these people. Explain the numbers. Can you explain them?”

Glenn, Pat, and Stu all agreed that Sen. Cornyn did a good job in his line of questioning. And, as Glenn pointed out, Sebelius’ answers prove that you can literally do anything in this Administration and not get fired.

“I want the record to show, you cannot do anything in this Administration and get fired. You can’t do anything and get fired. You can lie to the American people. You can destroy things. But you can’t get fired from this Administration. just want the record to show that. I mean it’s powerful,” Glenn said. “That’s the John Cornyn we’re looking for. That’s the kind of questioning, this kind of stance, not in an election year is exactly what Americans are looking for – Republicans, at least, are looking for – straight yes or no. It’s not that complex. Yes or no. Why is it you are the only ones that can’t answer yes or no questions?”

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  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    All of them involved in this fiasco, and the entire administration for that matter in the numerous crimes committed by them, need to be grilled, and held to account for their deeds, then tried in the courts and duly jailed.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

    As far as I see it Criminals have been involved in Obamacare since day one. The left want us to trust them with our personal information when they cannot even tell us if the hired criminals or not. Obama should be impeached on those grounds alone.

    • Anonymous

      The Administration of lies and liars tell us we can trust them. It would be stupidly funny if the future of the country were not at stake.

  • E Van

    So what was the true or false question that he asked her and she wouldn’t answer? How about a transcript for those of us (36,000,000) with hearing-impairments? Would that be helpful? Would that be the “right” thing to do? If Jesus had been hearing-impaired would you leave him out and ignore Him too?

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the entire exchange on YouTube. You can turn on closed-captioning to see the text of the exchange as it occurs. http://youtu.be/7-_6toX4JW4

  • B B

    Unless they have the website working 100% by 1/1/14 and the MILLIONS who have lost plans they liked can go online and get plans EQUALLY CHEAP OR BETTER with their same doctors and coverage–and not pay for garbage they will never use or need like maternity care for seniors substance abuse counseling for people who don’t abuse, etc, etc.–if that doesn’t happen and the sheeple STILL (re-)elect a Democrat Congress and reaffirm their faith in the biggest liar ever to reside in the WH, the nation is then irretrievably lost.
    And now the upper middle class union members who supported Owebamacare but whined that THEY shouldn’t be hit by it are going to get over half a billion dollars in SUBSIDIES that WE are paying for so they don’t get taxed on their Cadillac plans! Outrage, bribes, political back door corruption all follow one after the other. It’s beginning to look increasingly like Orwell’s 1984.

  • Anonymous

    Letter I sent to after the hearings:
    Dear Senator Cronyn,
    In all of the hearings regarding this debacle called “affordable” health care you are the only person on the panel that appears to be trying to get real answers. For that, I say thank you.
    Could you please get HHS Sebelius to explain why she thinks anyone would even open the AHA site knowing it is not secure, as demonstrated by the gentleman whose wife’s personal & financial information was sent to a stranger, and her very matter of fact answer of ,”Yes” when you asked if felon’s were being hired and that background checks on the federal level were not being done. Not to mention that the promise of “keeping your healthcare, doctor and lowering of rates” was all based on a lie and now told we were too stupid to have not known the “if” caveat changed everything so that millions would lose their “affordable” insurance that they were quite happy with to be forced onto a one payer system which is what was intended all along. We may have missed the caveat but a lot of us knew the intention from paying attention. So, if I can get this straight. The Government wants or is demanding that its Citizens input there personal and financial information, opening themselves to identity theft not to mention a violation of the HIPPA law on an unsecured web site where felons are working and the site is usually not up and running, all of this under the threat of being punished financially by an agency (the IRS)which has already shown its bias towards conservatives. Yes, that makes you want to push yourself right on up to the front of the line. Out of all of the members of Congress are you the only one to see how insane this is and to push back for the Citizens? I guess it’s a roll of the dice for us, we can take the chance of losing all of our financial information through identity theft to a crook or enter our personal, health, and financial information and give it to the Government. Oh, never mind. It’s the same thing.
    D. Baker
    PS-If this is a tax as the Supreme Court deemed it so, where is our representation? Can you have a tax without representation? Because other than you I have yet to feel represented.
    PSS-You may, also, want to ask Ms. Sebelius, how many folks are being dropped from Hospice due to the new “affordable” act? My 89 year old mother was dropped from the plan, along with fourteen others from just one company on September 30, 2013. Curiously, it was one day before Obamacare was implemented. When asked why she was being dropped I was told that it was due to the cuts to Medicare from the new health care law. If fifteen were dropped in one day from one agency in this city, I’d really like to know the number dropped from across the nation. What has happened to our Country?

  • Anonymous

    O-CARE IMPLODE…Dream on…we wish.

    Did I mention 22,000 pages of regulations (with force of law) so far (so far) in O-Care?
    The truth is the toxic socialists are the very best at escaping reality or any blame…
    there is always “a way out” to them…which is why they have NO boundaries…bold lies, no problem…
    just a tactic…the same for smears/demons/fantasy promises…simply tactics..no moral/ethical component in their minds…ever…they know the vile pawn media will change their full diapers daily…
    the cupcake GOP will cower down at crunch time after a bit of bluster…
    but the Rove-ites etc will cut and run.

    Then Cruz appears and stands up…the cupcake elite GOPers hammer him…
    the socialist Party loudly laughs and applauds…a couple of GOP Senators say thEY are putting a “hold” on all OzBama appointees until Benghazu witnesses are allowed to speak out…that took over a year..
    hence I term them “cupcakes”…
    the dimdems rot nations but they are fearless in pushing their toxic socialism…
    also brutal in their party discipline…in other words…sheep w/o freedom…
    and over there in the other corner are the cowering divided Republicans…
    okay, I give it a 10% chance not to hurt your feelings…
    keep in mind that very old saying…”an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep”….hey GOP elites…baahhhhhhhhh.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe his campaign is listening. I received a call a couple weeks ago asking if I’d donate to his campaign, and I told them I was waiting to see how things went. I also told them how disappointed I was that he’d not supported Ted Cruz more vocally/obviously when Cruz was trying to work on the debt ceiling/ObamaCare mess…I’m thinking other Texans told them the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      Many I know told them to virtually grow a pair and stand for Texans and what we want or find a new job.

      • Laura Thompson

        I’ve personally chewed him out on his own website and FB page and promising I would never vote for him. If Louie Gohmert is running for Senate seat there is not a snowball’s chance in hell John Cornyn will get elected. He started this probe way, way too late. It’s over between him and me and that is a promise. I wish John McCain’s seat was up for election because he doesn’t have a chance either and thank God, Lindsay Graham will not earn a re-election, I’m pretty certain of that. Slowly but surely perhaps we can get rid of the old guard if the MSM will keep their mouths shut and the low info voter will finally start reading some real news.

  • Kari

    Go John Cornyn! He needs to keep doing what he’s doing!!

  • jtm1946

    John Cornyn is not a true Republican. He did not support Ted Cruz. He always goes along with the Moderates like McCain, Graham, McConnell and the rest. He needs to retire and let another Conservative represent Texas. He is just as responsible for Obamacare as the rest of the chicken hearted RINO’s.

  • JonL


    • Guest


  • B B

    Can’t prove it, but my gut tells me a lot of those convicted felons taking your PII (Personally Identifiable Information) are also Democrat poll workers and Owebama supporters and community organizers getting jobs at our expense and will sell the info obtained in the criminal ID theft and fake SSN illegal alien underground.

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you. When they work for obammycare they are also union workers. Eventually everyone who works in the USA will be union members.

  • Doug

    So navigators do not need life and health licenses?

  • Anonymous

    They don’t explain they just pass it, now when it fully open and Pandora’s box is open they want to further insult us by telling us its for our own good my parents are still living my Father is 90 he is more wise than you and I do not need his advise I’ll decide what I want and what I don’t want I will not be spoon feed by these idiots

  • Mango

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before we start seeing report after report of identity theft stemming back to that website. I believe there was already something about a navigator who was discovered to be a data mining fraud with a whole host of charges. A simple background check would have revealed that immediately. I don’t know of any other agency where you can get hired without the simplest of criminal background checks, contractors included.

    • JonL

      Obama included.

  • Jimmy Chase

    I am surprised George Bush has not been blamed YET

  • Anonymous

    Let’s hope this is a return to the old John Cornyn, and not the “up for re-election next year” John Cornyn.

  • Jim K.

    But “Yes” or “No” answers put liars in a box from which they cannot escape, and we can’t have that now, can we.

  • Anonymous

    A good grilling would be on a Mack truck at 90 miles per hour, it’s called ROAD KILL

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Pat, and Stu — I love your enthusiasm, but you owe John Cornyn an apology. For the past several weeks, you’ve basically equated him with the Anti-Christ. Own up to your error in judgment.

  • Anonymous

    What else did Americans expect from the democrats? As if all types of destroying information was not enough, they still got the votes on Tuesday. Maybe the campaigning by the Tea Party and/or GOP is totally ineffective.

  • Anonymous

    Well what do you know? A drop of water where a stinking shower is needed. Nice.

  • Anonymous

    I look at it this way…in the democrats mind, what they say is not a lie…because they actually do believe what they say is the truth….as they see it. What the media and the rest of us should say in response….is to say “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU.” Because that response demands them to prove what their saying….to convince the public with their facts…. and that is something they can never do.

    • JonL

      You’re right, they can’t present facts. But either way…saying “I don’t believe you” or “You’re lying”…their attitude is, “I don’t give a damn.” Just look at some of the comments from libs and dems all over this site. It’s either another lie, a cover up, or simply mindless, childish, vulgar rants. You simply cannot reason with many of them.

      • mspatdev

        I’ve had a few of them on a lot of the sites. obammy has brain washed all of them including the rag-media. I know people that watch the media news and they act like obammy. You can not reason with them. There is a neighbor that I went to see and she had gotten so billerant and I told her fine, I am leaving as you are to darn stubborn to listen to others. It is there way or no way.

  • Hoodoo H

    What Scandal????

    Bob: “Did you hear about the huge Obama Administration Scandal?
    Jim: “You mean the Mexican gun running scandal?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean the murder of SEAL Team 6?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean Hillary Clinton and the State Dept. lying about Benghazi ?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean all the voter fraud in 2012 elections?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean the military not getting their votes counted?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The NSA monitoring our phone calls, emails and everything else?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean using the drones in our own country without the benefit of the law?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “Giving 123-Technology, Inc. $300 Million right after it declared bankruptcy and then selling it to the Chinese?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “You mean the President arming the Muslim Brotherhood?”
    Bob: “No the other one:.

    Jim: “The IRS targeting ALL Conservatives?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The DOJ spying on the Press?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “Sebelius shaking down Health Insurance Executives?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “Giving SOLYNDRA $500 MILLION DOLLARS and 3 months later they declared bankruptcy and then the Chinese bought it?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The President’s ordering the release of nearly 10,000 illegal immigrants from jails and prisons, and falsely blaming the sequester?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The President’s threat to impose Gun Control by Executive Order in order to bypass Congress?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The President’s repeated violation of the law requiring him to submit a budget no later than the first Monday in February?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The 2012 vote where 115% of all registered voters in some counties voted 100% for Obama?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The President’s unconstitutional Recess Appointments in an attempt to circumvent the Senate’s Advise-and-Consent role?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “The State Department interfering with an Inspector General Investigation on Departmental Sexual Misconduct?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “Clinton, the IRS, Clapper and Holder all lying to Congress?”
    Bob: “No, the other one.”

    Jim: “I give up! … Oh wait, I think I got it! You mean those 65 million low-information voters who don’t pay taxes that get all that free stuff from taxpayers, and then stuck us again with the most pandering, corrupt administration in American history?


    • JonL

      Excellent post. I think that just about covers it!

      • Anonymous

        JonL , Actually he missed one ! barack hussein obama being a fraud and usurper sitting in the White House using a stolen social security number , forged birth certificate and forged selective service registration card to prove he is a legal sitting US President . Now the list is more or less complete .

        • JonL

          And there’ll probably be more to add to the list tomorrow, lol.

    • greywolfrs

      You forgot the most important one, Obamao ordering a drone strike on two people who held US citizenship.

      • Bugs Bunny

        And Bush killed million of sand nigwards. Why no war crimes? He had a good “Dog ate the Homework excuse”.

        You are a pathetic American scum dweller.

        • greywolfrs

          Bush had the approval of Congress and did not specifically target two people he knew held US citizenship. Nevermind that though, that doesn’t fit into your stupidity.
          Talk about pathetic, you actually believe they are the same thing.

      • Anonymous

        I am not a fan of Pres Obama but when an American citizen puts on the garb of the Taliban or any other of the same ilk they deserve what they get.

  • Anonymous

    Many of those “navigators” who have been asking personal questions were employees of ACORN. Does that give you any warm fuzzy feelings. They have access to everything about you.

  • Anonymous

    Kathlene Sebelius should be in jail, for lying to the American people.Sebelius we are all awake for what you have done, misleading the people and your president is a pathological liars.And Senator John Cornyn thank you for doing your good job.Sebelius should be fired for lying.


    • mspatdev

      She has been kissing butts every since she has been working for the government. If she hadn’t, she sure in hell wouldn’t have been in the job. Then obammy would not have hired her. He needed a scape goat and she fits his bill.

  • Anonymous

    Just remember folks, Senator John Cornyn grilled her on the fact that KNOWN FELONS (no criminal background checks on these hired Navigators) will have access to your Social Security numbers, your home addresses, your salary, etc., etc. and can do whatever they wish with this information. I cannot believe any Department in our government would have EVER IN THE PAST hired someone who had a criminal background. But when you have criminals running your government (and most of the Republicans are too damn chicken to call them the criminals they are starting with the top), will bring our Country down. And, that includes all the gutless Representatives and Senators who continue to turn a blind eye to the criminals in all the branches of our government as they do not even bother to voice any concerns about this to the people who voted them into office. I hope every one of them are voted out of office in 2014……they deserve to be kicked out for good.

  • soondog

    If someone refuses to answer a question, in court under oath, they are held in contempt and thrown in jail. Why can we not do the same to this sorry excuse of a Secretary?

  • Jim Miles

    Gotta luv a politicians belief that they can polish a turd.

  • Anonymous

    The progressives have no idea what true or false or right and wrong mean. They only see a nebulous future ahead and cannot conceive of any other possibility — woe be to those who get in their way, even their own.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    here’s my thing: each member has a limited time within which to conduct the interview; they know the witness is going to droll on so why not more interruptions? yes or no? keep asking that and don’t let her bore us w/her long, lying answers.

    if i was on that committee, and hillary answered one of my questions w/a “what difference does it make now?” she’d hear an earful of why it matters. as a matter of fact, there’d be a boisterous speech.

    these guys and gals are not aggressive enough and it’s their job to be. any claim that they’d be badgering the witness is foul. they are duty-bound to get to the bottom of it — that means everybody talks faster and gives truthful, concise answers.

  • Anonymous

    Mao said “let a thousand flowers bloom”. Some of the flower children of the Sixties left the communes and went into government. Obama is not the problem, he is the beneficiary of the problem.

    Obama, in my opinion, is a true member of the radical left. But without the underlying support of the unelected members of the government, all those “blooming flowers”, his programs would not be as radical in execution. I have often said here that the problem isn’t so much left and right as it is the centralization of government. The “radical right” and the radical left both want to centralize government. I carefully put quote marks on radical right as it is a small fringe in the USA, and is not those of the tea parties that are called that by the press. The political spectrum is not a straight line with a left and a right end – it is a near circle like the capital letter Omega. The left and right come together at the extremes with regard to government control.

    We have a civil service that is filled with overpaid sixties radicals, they take vague legislation and make regulations at their pleasure. Sibelius, although she has held elective office, is a prime example. Those civil servants who aren’t activists are inactive – they enjoy the sinecure. I’ll modify that, there are some who really make an effort, but they are the exception rather than the rule – I’ve had some fine experiences with the NJ Department of Taxation and I’ve complimented them for it.

    But isn’t that the symptom of the problem, I find it enough of an exception that a civil servant is making an effort that I want to compliment them.

    Not only do we need to elect people who believe in local governance (and there are liberals who do, just not many) but also have to reduce the influence of the civil service in defining the laws by making regulations.

  • Rhonda Kelley (nee Williams)

    Think about it… do we really want the Fed doing those background checks anyway??

  • Kent

    Paints a clear picture of the qualifications Mr. Obama is looking for when reviewing résumé’s.

  • Anonymous

    Complexity is the camouflage of corruption. That is why they can’t give a yes or no answer.

  • Guest

    “Millions of insurance policies are being canceled across the nation, and while companies are blaming Obamacare – it appears that plain old greed is the real reason. Consumers in California say that their insurance company caused their cancellations, to jack up their premiums under the ACA. Paul Simon and Catherine Corker are suing Anthem Blue Cross in their state, claiming that the company tricked them into giving up their “grandfathered plans” – which they could have kept even after the healthcare law.

    Their lawsuit states, “Blue Cross concealed information about the consequences of switching plans and intentionally misled its policyholders to encourage the replacement of grandfathered policies.” Just like President Obama said, if these customers liked their healthcare plans, they could have kept them under the healthcare law. But, Blue Cross enticed customers to change policies in 2011, which meant their plans were no longer “grandfathered-in” to the healthcare law.

    When they were invited to switch plans, customers were not told that they would lose their right to keep their plans, and were not given accurate information about future price increases. And now, Mr. Simon and Ms. Corker want the courts to stop Blue Cross from canceling more plans without allowing customers to switch back to their original policies. If this happened in California, we can only wonder how many more cancellations are the result of the same deceptive tactics.”

  • Laura Thompson

    There is simply not one word that comes out of Sebelius’s mouth or Obama’s mouth that is NOT a lie. If their lips are moving they are lying.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully Sen Cornyn is coming back to the sceptic he was when he first came into the Senate.Lately he has been a bender and when you bend with the likes of Schumer and Durbin you get screwed. Possibly Sen Cruz woke him up,maybe a few more Repub Sen will wake up.

  • Anonymous

    What is that insignia on Glen’s sweater????

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