A lesson in grace & humility: Glenn explains why Sean Hannity’s simple act of kindness is so important

You may have heard Glenn mention that Sean Hannity is using TheBlaze’s New York offices as a temporary home base for his radio program. While his studio is undergoing renovations, Glenn reached out to Sean and offered him his office and radio studio to use because – let’s face it – Glenn would any excuse possible to not visit New York. On radio this morning, Glenn explained why Sean Hannity’s simple act of kindness illustrates an important lesson in grace and humility.

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Glenn tells the story in his own words below:

I’ve been in radio since the 1970s, and back in the 80s things were very, very competitive. And, boy, I was a ruthless competitor, but it was done in a spirit of fun and one-upsmanship. A competing guy would one-up us, and so we would work harder to one-up him, and that’s just the way it was. And for some reason, radio is a very competitive business, and it’s funny because most of us are self-hating egomaniacs. We have to have that bravado to be able to think that our opinions even matter or should be listened to. But at the end of every day, the best of us go home and say, ‘I don’t know if what I did was right, I don’t know, who am I to say?’ Yet, we for some reason build walls up between each other. And it’s no secret that many people in talk radio, and on the web, in television, have considered me to be a competitor or have listened to people fill their heads with nonsense about, you know, who I am. And so we have had damaged relationships and just all out of misunderstanding. And I take blame for anything that I might have done.

But this summer, I’ve been doing it kind of roundabout for years, but this time I wrote a few people in talk radio and I said, ‘For anything I have done, I’m sorry. But we are in a different country, in a different time, and we don’t have that many differences. And we all have our own way of doing it, but we’ve got to stand together.’ And so I have offered up everything I have in the service of like-minded people.

And Sean Hannity is building new studios – and he certainly doesn’t need my help – but he’s building new studios, and he was in a place where it was going to be a real hassle, you know, with a tarp on the other side of the glass and it would have taken longer for his studios to be built, et cetera, et cetera. And so we offered up our Blaze studios, my studios. And he has my corner office in New York. I gave up my office for him for three months in New York because I’m not using it. And he has come into our offices, and we tried to make him feel at home. And he has been so gracious to everyone on our staff, and he’s been everything that you would hope Sean Hannity would be.

Today, I just got a note that he’s bringing pizza in for, I don’t even know. What do we have, 210 people in New York? And he’s bringing pizza in for the whole staff just to thank them and just to give them a lunch today. Completely unnecessary. And he didn’t think that I would talk about it. And is not doing it for that. I just wanted to tell you the message I got last night was grace and humility, and Sean Hannity is demonstrating that today – a lesson he didn’t need to learn apparently as much as I did.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn likes the taste of Hannity’s dick, what else is new…

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      And you have a crush on Glenn, so shut up.

    • Anonymous

      go back to your closet,you very sick person.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

      Oh Manchildfanatic will you ever grow up?

    • Patmom

      What a crude comment, I always tell my children do not post something you would not want your grandparents to see. I have to believe you are better than that.

    • Lioness

      I’m confused? Does your name suggest you are a fan of man boobs? Just curious(;

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good to hear that about Hannity.

  • Anonymous

    He also helped a former Obamacare employee get another job and gave her $26,000 after she was fired for talking with him on the radio. While he may not be perfect, he did sincerely apologize to her and then corrected the situation. Good for Sean!

    • Jon Galt

      None of us are perfect, for sure. I admire Sean, Glenn and O’Rilley for their charity work and promotions.

  • landofaahs

    Grace is a quality not present with democrats. An unhinged group who are in constant turmoil and self absorption .

    • Anonymous

      Liberals just do not understand that “politics” does not equal “morality”.
      Taking time out from their “self absorption” to vote twenty times for someone who says “they care” because they express a desire to confiscate earnings from some other group to “provide” “justice” to yet another group does not make a person morally superior. It merely proves that they are intellectually ignorant or dishonest and lazy.
      I have never eaten lunch with a liberal where their arm did not shrink six inches when the check came.

      • landofaahs

        And if they see someone in need, they don’t dig into their own pocket but rush to the nearest government agency to demand more funding.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

    I may disagree with him from time to time but I do not think he is a bad guy and someday I think it would be fun to meet him.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but he did kind of go out of his way to avoid acknowledging Glenn’s existence. He didn’t even mention Glenn or Restoring Honor after 8/28, even though pretty much every other FNC personality did. I’m not sure why Glenn cares about getting two jealous people (Levin and Hannity) to like him. He did nothing (besides becoming more relevant than them) to earn their hatred and jealousy.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDFGELoC4zc Sam Fisher

        Like Glenn said it must be a competitive thing.

      • Judy Ann Rosso-LLopart

        For what it’s worth, Mark Levin mentioned on his own evening show that he listens to Glenn Beck in the mornings, and he admires Glenn’s decency and the fact that they are both working toward the same goal of restoring our great republic.

        • Anonymous

          I’m glad that they’ve patched things up, I guess. I guess if I were in Glenn’s shoes I would probably want to be friends with them. As a fan though, I still sort of resent how Levin and Hannity treated Glenn. I know Glenn is a big boy and can handle himself, their behavior just bothered me. I bet though, that if Glenn went back to being entertaining (step one, cut dead weight with the initials PG) and stopped being an activist, Mark Levin would be back to resenting Glenn.

      • landofaahs

        Frankly, I tell people that I help to keep it secret so as to not rob me of my joy. In fact I always prefer to use a personal intermediary and remain anonymous. That helps keep you from puffing up with pride from others reactions. But you still need to check yourself by saying to yourself that it is only by God’s grace that he has given you the heart, circumstance, and ability to do his will. What an amazing God we Christians worship.

    • HP McLovincraft

      Don’t make fun of Jesus.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000333898175 Lorele Beverland

    Its a dog eat dog world, I would imagine even more so in tv and radio. There comes a time when you learn to be ok with yourself. It’s called self actualization.Y0u can then move beyond the petty bickering and jealousy and say what you believe without someone have to agree with you or build up your ego. It doesn’t matter. When you learn who you are and what you believe in, you have the ability to voice it. It just doesn’t matter what others think as much as it matters what you think about yourself and that you are being true to your own beliefs and convictions. Glenn doesn’t have to run others down to make himself look better. Basic Bill W.

  • TFK

    i am opposed to free lunches

    • Anonymous

      I’m not, as long as it is understood that it is “freely given”.

    • Anonymous

      What we -conservatives, Tea Party types, etc- stand for, among many things, is for the freedom for you as an individual to choose to give a free lunch to as many people as you want to.

      There is a difference between a private citizen choosing to act out of their own will and give a free lunch to one or one hundred people, and between the government forcing you to do specially when you have no say on who and how your money is wasted.

  • Anonymous

    Conservative people are the best and liberals are the worst it shows!

  • Anonymous

    SEAN is a decent man with a giving heart. He has, over the years taken some degrading remarks. Once, on Fox Morning show Heraldo River made a very arrogant snipe ast Hannity’s Reporting (Sean was reporting from Iraq) vocabulary and Sean seemed to be set aback a little. I felt sorry for Sean Hannity and wanted to slap the he!l out of that foremost and godly Heraldo Rivera. But Hannity seems to take those unworthy comments in stride. And, I believe Bill O’reilly doesn’t care for Sean Hannity. I’m wondering if O’reilly has a resentment or jealousy toward Sean. Of course Hannity doesn’t make the dollars Bill O’reilly does but, money isn’t all and there will probably be someone to use O’reilly’s and Hannity’s financial differences to crack my chops over my remarks.

    • Anonymous

      “Obaxter” (a little Rush lingo there) Is an elitist progressive, condescending in his claims of “looking out” for the “folks”. He is harmless so long as he does not acquire access to government “WMD”, i.e. political power, the court and law enforcement. God have mercy if he ever runs for office and wins.

  • Anonymous

    Conservative radio/TV hosts sticking together is a good thing…especially in the battle at hand, against the *fundamental transformation* of this great nation.

    United We Stand.

  • Anonymous

    hannity is a nasty piece of work. scumbag in the highest order.

    • Anonymous

      It takes to know one, perhaps? You’re not even worthy to be mentioned with Sean Hannity in the same breath! He’s a gentleman and you are nothing but a scumbag in the highest order yourself!

  • 0cko

    I’d like to see Glenn eat Sean Hannity’s hairy asshole. That would be SO hot.

    • Anonymous

      Typical hateful liberal retard! Can’t say anything intelligent so you resort to crude and vulgar comments to express your IQ level. And how do you know so much about Hannity’s a hole? Perhaps your own mother demonstrated how that is done to your father while you watch? You’re an idiot!

  • Pnik

    Grace…”travels outside karma..” ~ U2

  • Anonymous

    I like Sean Hannity and his way of telling and bringing the truth to light. None of us are perfect – there was only one perfect person and that person we will all give an account to one day. Glenn Beck is another one that I like listening to, he is very truthful and honorable. Can’t name many more than that.

  • Kent

    I agree Glenn, seems Shawn has always been genuine to what he says. Folks
    step up and push an issue, ole Shawn just smiles when it matters. I have always
    liked this guy.

  • Anonymous

    Sean Hannity is a great American and most of all he cares about America.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Hannity is a nice guy in person.

    • jamessahun

      Joseph said I cannot believe that someone able to profit $7587 in four weeks on the internet……………..


  • tommy15

    What I learn about Fox Stage News and Hannity? They are fakes for the American People. The greedy Republicans only care about rich and oil companies. I seen on Fox Stage News? They want the middle class to work for filthy poor wages. The only way to save Americans? You have to destroy Fox Stage News and the greedy Republicans. Because, they are desperate for you to elected their greedy Republicans empire. Even Bill O is a fake, to. Just tell the truth on Fox Nation or Fox headlines? They will block you from truth by expose them. lol

  • http://larrylouzon.com/blog/ Larry Louzon

    The more that Conservatives can work together and support each other on all levels, the stronger we will all be. There is so much to be done, no one person can do it all. No one person has all the ideas.

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