You may have heard Glenn mention that Sean Hannity is using TheBlaze’s New York offices as a temporary home base for his radio program. While his studio is undergoing renovations, Glenn reached out to Sean and offered him his office and radio studio to use because – let’s face it – Glenn would any excuse possible to not visit New York. On radio this morning, Glenn explained why Sean Hannity’s simple act of kindness illustrates an important lesson in grace and humility.

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Glenn tells the story in his own words below:

I’ve been in radio since the 1970s, and back in the 80s things were very, very competitive. And, boy, I was a ruthless competitor, but it was done in a spirit of fun and one-upsmanship. A competing guy would one-up us, and so we would work harder to one-up him, and that’s just the way it was. And for some reason, radio is a very competitive business, and it’s funny because most of us are self-hating egomaniacs. We have to have that bravado to be able to think that our opinions even matter or should be listened to. But at the end of every day, the best of us go home and say, ‘I don’t know if what I did was right, I don’t know, who am I to say?’ Yet, we for some reason build walls up between each other. And it’s no secret that many people in talk radio, and on the web, in television, have considered me to be a competitor or have listened to people fill their heads with nonsense about, you know, who I am. And so we have had damaged relationships and just all out of misunderstanding. And I take blame for anything that I might have done.

But this summer, I’ve been doing it kind of roundabout for years, but this time I wrote a few people in talk radio and I said, ‘For anything I have done, I’m sorry. But we are in a different country, in a different time, and we don’t have that many differences. And we all have our own way of doing it, but we’ve got to stand together.’ And so I have offered up everything I have in the service of like-minded people.

And Sean Hannity is building new studios – and he certainly doesn’t need my help – but he’s building new studios, and he was in a place where it was going to be a real hassle, you know, with a tarp on the other side of the glass and it would have taken longer for his studios to be built, et cetera, et cetera. And so we offered up our Blaze studios, my studios. And he has my corner office in New York. I gave up my office for him for three months in New York because I’m not using it. And he has come into our offices, and we tried to make him feel at home. And he has been so gracious to everyone on our staff, and he’s been everything that you would hope Sean Hannity would be.

Today, I just got a note that he’s bringing pizza in for, I don’t even know. What do we have, 210 people in New York? And he’s bringing pizza in for the whole staff just to thank them and just to give them a lunch today. Completely unnecessary. And he didn’t think that I would talk about it. And is not doing it for that. I just wanted to tell you the message I got last night was grace and humility, and Sean Hannity is demonstrating that today – a lesson he didn’t need to learn apparently as much as I did.