Ashton Kutcher made national headlines for his speech about the importance of hard work at the Teen Choice Awards in August. And he is back in the news once again this week – this time for an interview he did with Ellen DeGeneres in which he spoke about the problems he sees with the entitlement culture.

“There’s an entitlement that is starting to emerge that I think is unhealthy for people and unhealthy for our country,” Kutcher told DeGeneres in an interview that aired Wednesday. He went on to explain, ”The only thing that can be below you is to not have a job.”

“Well, let’s start with some really good news. Let’s start with yet another amazing talk from Ashton Kutcher, a guy who I can’t believe is not a TEA Party member because he says absolutely everything that hard working, God-fearing Americans stand for,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I don’t know who he thinks the TEA Party is, I don’t know who he thinks we are, but I gotta break it to ya, Ashton: We’re you. You’re us. Listen to this from the Ellen Show:”

“How great is that? How great is that,” Pat asked. “I mean this is from the same guy who stood there with his wife at the time, Demi Moore, and did the ‘I pledge my service’ or ‘I’m going to be a servant to the president’ thing a few years ago.”

“When I come home, Stu, will you write a video… a plea to Ashton Kutcher? Who do you think you are? I mean, seriously, who do you think you are? I don’t understand, and I really want to have a dialogue with you because if you can still be on your side and make sense and all your friends are clapping, then we need to talk because we’re missing something here,” Glenn explained. “Because you’re saying everything we believe in. So what is it that you think about us and what is it that we think about you that we need to expose, to break down a barrier? Because if your side believes all this, that’s our biggest point! That’s our biggest point! All of the stuff that’s separating us is ridiculous.”