Following an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd that aired last night, the media is widely reporting that President Obama has buried the hatchet and officially apologized to the Americans who lost their health insurance as a result of Obamacare.

“I want to play quickly the kind of ‘I’m sorry’ from the President,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Listen to his apology for this national nightmare that is Obamacare, where they say now 128 million Americans will lose their healthcare. Is he sorry about this? Listen to this apology.”

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While the words “I’m sorry” were indeed muttered, there is, as usual, a definite lack of accountability on his part. Over at CNN, it was debated whether or not the President’s remarks were a really showing of culpability or was he merely paying lip service to the millions of Americans (many of whom voted for him), who are now realizing the true implications of this law.

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VOICE: You heard the words there: I am sorry. But you also heard a whole lot of things before. You know we might have misled, we weren’t as clear as we needed to be. He didn’t run into the “I’m sorry” part.

VOICE: No. This President has been very reluctant to really take the reins of accountability when it comes to this colossal screw-up with

“Hang on just a second. He’s been very reluctant to take the reins of responsibility in this particular case,” Glenn asked. “I challenge anyone in America to show me where this man has taken the reins of responsibility. Tell me where he has taken the reins of responsibility of anything… that has gone wrong. Not a single thing. And where does this come from? The man doesn’t take the reins of responsibility in his own life! He couldn’t have gotten there all by himself. He would have never made it. He wouldn’t have ever done this. You don’t build something. You can’t create something! He’s never responsible. He’s never responsible for his own actions, even the good things, with an exception of killing Osama Bin Laden.”

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