More-On Trivia: Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints

Last week, More-On Trivia correctly predicted Stu’s beloved Philadelphia Eagles would beat the Oakland Raiders. In the latest installment of More-On Trivia, the Dallas Cowboys face off against the New Orleans Saints.Which city’s convenience store workers will emerge triumphant?

This morning, it came down to the wire with the Cowboys and Saints all tied up going into the second half of the forth quarter. Ultimately the Cowboys came out on top. In the clip below, Mike from New Orleans gives it his best shot – answering 2 of the 4 questions correctly – but it was his candid remarks about the President that won Glenn, Pat, and Stu over.

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  • Sam Fisher

    I really don’t get the point in this.

    • Anonymous

      They’re just having fun…at the idiots expense. Showing how little some people pay attention to the world around them.

      • HP McLovincraft

        Travis and Sam, sitting on Sybian, B-U-T-T-F-U-C-K-I-N-G .

        And now you both have ouchies in your booboos.


        Ass-to-mouth FAIL

    • HP McLovincraft

      Or anything else.

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