On Friday’s TV show, Glenn welcomed some amazing historians to his show to show off their favorite history items. Among his guests were Pawn Stars star Rick Harrison, Utah-based collector Brent Ashworth, and David Barton. The four shared some pretty incredible pieces of American history in a round robin show-and-tell.

“This right here won the Revolutionary War,” Rick Harrison said while holding up a small book.

Harrison said that Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben met Ben Franklin in Paris and convinced Franklin to write a letter of recommendation for him to give to George Washington. von Stueben promised that he could give Washington and his army the greatest military precision in the world.

“Valley Forge was a wreck,” Harrison explained.

“(von Steuben) went to George Washington, ‘I can get your troops to the most, the greatest military precision in the world. I will make you the best army in the world.’ George Washington said ‘Yeah, you’re like the 100th guy who’s told me that, but you know what, you’ve got the letter from Ben Franklin. Here’s 100 troops.'”

“Within two years, he was a major general in the Continental Army. He was made the Inspector General of the Army. And in 1779, he printed all these for officers,” Harrison said.

The book was Steuben’s Regulations for the Order and Discipline of the Troops of the United States .

Among the information included were instructions on how to set up camp for the Continental Army.

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