WATCH: Will British Jihadists target America after they are done in Syria?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Will they hit America? Yes, and its a matter of when and not if, followed by how hard.

  • Bonnie Somer

    I think they might what scale is the ques. Israel if it must act will and France thank God for them Kerry is just an obama minion like hagel and power in the UN

  • Anonymous

    Glenn thinks Israel will strike Iran. Both he and Buck are speculating about world events that may happen in the near future, neither it seems, is certain what will happen.

    News before it happens. Bible Prophecy spells it out precisely. Below is an abbreviated flow of events, those who claim the name of Christian should be aware of these soon coming events, if their not now, they will be in the coming days.

    America will turn its back on Israel (that is happening right now)

    Britain will also ignore Israeli request for help

    The rift between old allies – Britain and the US grows further.

    Israel is forced to either go it alone (which it will not do) or seek help from a friendly Germany.

    Germany will jump at the request and European troops will move in to secure city of Jerusalem and surround it with Euro-troops.

    Iranian power will conquer east Jerusalem starting a world conflict.

    Europe will defeat the Muslim nations allied with Iran, it will then double-cross Israel – Britain and the US using American nuclear weapons now housed on German soil and other nations in Europe – to date, there are 350 US nuclear weapons in Europe.

    This nuclear world conflict has been described throughout the pages of the bible.

    Maybe Glenn and millions more, might take notice after the fact – of course it’ll be to late by then, after the bombs reach their targets.

    World War Three has just begun – only Christ can and will stop it.

    • RobertMBailey

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