Why is Glenn saying he might not vote in the 2016 election?

New Jersey governor Chris Christie enjoyed a landslide victory over his Democratic challenger, Barbara Buono, is last week’s gubernatorial election, and he has since embarked on a media blitz that feels a lot like a setup for a 2016 presidential run. On Sunday, Christie sat down with Fox News’ Chris Wallace for a “lightning round” of questions that sought to gage his position on a series of political issues Wallace said are important to conservatives.

From immigration reform to gun control, Christie offered his opinions on a wide range of issues. And upon hearing his answers, Glenn made a strong promise: “I will not vote for another Republican like Chris Christie or Mitt Romney [in 2016].”

While Christie was quick to promise that all his efforts are focused on New Jersey, Wallace pointed out that if he were to run for President, Christie would first have to get through the Republican primary, “and the knock against you, which you know is from some parts of the party, is that you are not conservative enough.”

WALLACE: First of all do you still favor comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship?

CHRISTIE: Well Chris, what I favor is fixing the broken system —

“Well, that’s what I’m for too. That’s why they say it. Progressives treat you like a moron. They want you to hear the sound bite and they believe that’s all Americans hear, and maybe they’re right, you won’t go any further beyond,” Glenn said. “[But] you cannot deal with the complex issues of our lifetime in sound bites. Hey, 2030, the singularity, there will be no death. I’m for, you know, no death. Click. Hold it just a second. What was the singularity thing? You cannot deal with the complex issues of our age in sound bites. But progressives want to treat you like a moron because they believe you’re a moron.”

When it comes to gun control, Christie offered another sound bite-worthy answer.

WALLACE: You also support some gun controls. Why?

CHRISTIE: Well Chris, listen. When you look at what we’ve done in New Jersey, we want to control violence and some of that may involve firearms but a lot of it doesn’t. In fact, my focus has been on making sure that mental health is done in a much more aggressive way in New Jersey. Every time we see one of these incidents happen across our country, it is almost exclusively with a deeply disturbed person at the helm and what we need to do is be much more aggressive about how we deal with mental health issues in this country, so I’m for violence control.

“I’m for violence control?! The Republicans think they are going to run him. I don’t think the Republicans will run him. He has too many skeletons in the closet. I think he has too many skeletons in the closet,” Glenn said. “I have to tell you, I mean, again everybody’s looking at this all wrong. Things have already changed but not enough people have caught up to it yet. By 2016 the whole world is different… You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. It’s out. It’s over. So now you can either stand on principles and a big vision that actually revolves around the Constitution. Or you will lose.”

“Never before in my life have I said this. I just voted at a stupid local election. I mean, jeez, for the love of Pete, I vote,” he continued. “I will not vote for another Republican like Chris Christie or Mitt Romney. I will not vote. I will skip it. I will not cast my vote for that.”

Stu promised to hold Glenn’s feet to the fire in 2016, should a Chris Christie or Mitt Romney type receive the Republican nomination. “I’m pulling the calendar out right now,” Stu said. “And I’m going to put a 2016 date on the reminder.”

“You know what? I want you to chastise me. I want you to play this,” Glenn demanded. “Let me talk to future Glenn. Let me look right into the camera.”

What was his message to his future self?

Glenn, don’t do it. Don’t do it. They have fooled you again. They have played all those games again. And if you’re thinking right now, “Well, but the other person…” It doesn’t matter! Stop selling your values out! Stop it right now.

“You play that for me, if I change my mind in 2015,” Glenn said. “I urge everyone in this audience – you remind [me]. If I start going down that road, you remind [me] and you chastise me. Don’t do it.”

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  • Scott Snoopy

    if this is the candidate, I will not vote for him…he is no better than the current White House occupant; maybe worse since he pretends to be a “Republican”

    • Jeremy Andreano

      he is a republican…he takes on unions like no one else i have seen ohh and his budget is lower than it was in 2008!

      • Mary Maggio

        He’s an Obama stooge

      • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

        And he helped Obama get elected

    • Doris Tilbury

      I’ve followed my gut in the past until Glenn convinced me to vote Romney. It took a lot of convincing, but it seemed the only thing to do. What a disappointment. Next time, I’ll listen to my gut.

      • Mary Maggio

        Gee does that mean you would have voted for Obama?

      • Anonymous

        So just because your candidate lost, you wish you hadn’t voted for him? I don’t get that. Don’t you have any values?

    • Anonymous

      Remember Christie as the choice Republican speaker at the convention? Then remember Christie , the adoring supporter of Obama and touring the state after hurricane Sandy.

      • Susanne Prince

        Yup ~ that’s the Chris Christie I see ~ the one ready to lick Obama’s shoes clean after Hurricane Sandy. He’s totally disgusting.

  • Patti Putman

    Don’t vote for someone you don’t beleive in but don’t say you are not going to vote. Glenn, you of all should know better than that.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      absolutely, he needs to write in a candidate then. Exercise the right to vote so long as it remains.

    • soybomb315

      Glenn wouldnt dare speak of voting 3rd party would he?? Naw, he will be licking the boots of the republican establishment soon enough….This kind of stuff is what Glenn says during non-election years

  • alex

    I’m getting tired of conservatives saying they will not go out to the polls in 2016 if Christie is the ticket, WHY I understand Christie is not the most conservative on all points but WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE HIM OR HILLARY I’LL TAKE CHRISTIE

    • Royce Mitchell Jr

      A wise person once told me that when faced with the choice of two evils, choose neither. Christie is just another RINO, not a conservative. Until America wakes up and begins vetting these candidates, conservatives will continue to stay home in droves. That’s what lost Romney the election. That’s what lost McCain the election. That’s what will lose Christie the election.

      • Anonymous

        Dang, I am sick and tried of hearing that Romney was not a conservative and conservatives stayed home and didn’t vote. If that is so, then those conservatives are stupid and dems were a lot smarter, their man got elected and we are stuck with him and his socialist policies, yeah real smart. I believe part of this is true but the real kicker is that a lot of people wouldn’t vote for a Republican, conservative or Rino because of social issues, we had Santorium running around talking about conterceptives, religion etc. if this line of crap is continued Republicans will never win. Also, the evangelicals stayed home because Romney was a Mormon, I am getting a little tried of these self righteous people, we need leaders that know how to lead and manage our economy, if you want social and religious issues go to church and that goes for Glen Beck as well.

        • Anonymous

          I completely agree that Romney lost because of religious bias. Every born-again I know stayed home because Romney’s a Mormon. They would rather serve the Devil than support a Christian from a different church.

          • Wyndle

            cormac. Let me introduce myself every Christian I know voted for Romney I know 25% didn’t vote but don’t dump us all in that group.I think if you are a true Christian you will vote. If you are able to get to the polls.It is our duty as Christians to vote.

          • Jaamoose

            How is it your duty as a christian to vote? I thought your focus was supposed to be not of the world. That mentality has us stuck with a repub Congress….

          • Anonymous

            You better get educated real quick. Mormons do NOT believe Jesus is the Saviour of mankind. They believe Jesus and satan are brothers. NOT!!!!!

          • Carl Prince

            False. Go to http://www.mormon.org/Jesus-Christ and check out the very first sentence.

          • Anonymous

            LOL. And Obama said you could keep your insurance too.

          • Tina Issavedbygrace

            This is what mormons believe.
            The Devil was born as a spirit after Jesus “in the morning of pre-existence,” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 192).
            Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers and we were all born as siblings in heaven to them both, (Mormon Doctrine, p. 163).
            plan of salvation was needed for the people of earth so Jesus offered a
            plan to the Father and Satan offered a plan to the father but Jesus’
            plan was accepted. In effect the Devil wanted to be the Savior of all
            Mankind and to “deny men their agency and to dethrone god,” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 193; Journal of Discourses, vol. 6, p. 8).

            Please see these 2 links. The 2nd link has a huge amount of research links in the article as well as in the comment are below.
            I voted for Santorum in the primary but I refused to waste my vote by not voting so I bit the bullet and voted Romney when I had to. Not voting and voting 3rd party ensures we lose our country and I refuse to help the socialist agenda destroy our country. Look at what just happened in Virginia’s governor election. The dems paid for the 3rd party run to split the vote. I like and I pray for Glenn & his family as well as the Romney’s just as I do for my loved ones who are not saved.


          • Leslie Friedewald Chugg

            YOU need the education. We know that Jesus Christ is the Savior of all mankind and he died for all of us so we can all return to live with him again because he loves us ALL. He is the corner stone of our Church and everything we do is for Him. The name of our Church is The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints not Mormon. Check out lds.org.

          • Rick Wemhoner

            Jesus was the sacrificial lamb for his people, not all people.
            Matt: 1:21
            And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save HIS people from their sins.

          • Jaamoose

            They are brothers – of the same myth.

          • Harry Devrell

            you are really has to read some infor about mormons.BY the way and other religions.

          • Pahoran

            kktex12 – Please educate yourself about what members of the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints believe before spreading vicious lies. You’re welcome to share your opinions, but please don’t misrepresent the beliefs of others.

          • Sandy Buchanan

            NO, Romney lost because he was so into being nice and did not give answers coming from strength. With Obama, he had to pull out all the punches AND HE DIDN’T.

          • Anonymous

            I partially agree with this, but I also know people that stayed home because he was Mormon. Although I don’t believe what Mormon’s claim, Romney was much closer to my beliefs about the Constitution than his opponent. I voted Romney because he was less liberal than Obama. If I’m on a run-away train, I’d much rather see it slowing down gradually than speeding up.

          • Anonymous

            Beck rode the fence with Romney…helping to kill his campaign…often stating Can’t decide on Romney as he won’t come on my show…

            Don’t talk to us of George Washington…when you’re so self centered Glenn….It’s always ALL ABOUT GLENN

          • lotyuy

            Hey! I just found some stones written on by God and read it all! “No $hit?, where are they!!?” Uh, I lost ’em.

        • Anonymous

          The election was lost because the either side cheated. Anytime a precinct gets more votes than it has voters, it fraud. And that is exactly what happened in Ohio. Had Romney carried Ohio, he would have won.

        • Royce Mitchell Jr

          Then, sir, from those of who are sick of socialism and socialism light, get ready for a steady stream of democrats.

          Romney was not a conservative. He admits to being a moderate. Moderates are a compromise to move the republican party closer to the center.

          The problem with the center is that it is AWAY from the direction of limited government and low taxes. That WAS the position of the republican party in the past. It no longer is.

          Until the party figures out RINOs do not espouse conservative values, and instead put forth actual conservatives without denigrating them in the national media like they did to Ron Paul, it is likely there will not be a republican in the White House.

          And, after all, what point is there to voting for a progressive no matter what letter is behind his name?

        • lotyuy

          Imagine that, people standing up for their principles are ‘self-righteous’. Maybe you are willing to sacrifice your freedom for huge military spending, illogical war and tyranny around the globe, but I’m not. I did my time in the military, we are not doing the right thing. Read the constitution.

        • Jay Jefferson

          I lived behind the scenes with the shady Romney consultant groups during the 2012 general election season. There was no “Mittmentum” – there was no grassroots energy.

      • Sandy Buchanan

        It is our Christian responsibility to vote. Vote your conscience. I believe everyone should vote EXCLUDING non-citizens. We should put allot of energy on voter fraud.

        • Anonymous

          And only vote once per election.

          • Raven

            1) you must be a citizen
            2) you must be alive..
            that takes care of all the votes that beat Romney

        • Jaamoose

          Funny, in one sentence you sum up why you are liars when you say you don’t want a theocracy. Your christian responsibility to vote?

      • Anonymous

        Very well said. Thank you. I think the people that stayed home are not “Conservatives” (who in my opinion are just a different kind of statist), but are “Libertarians”.

        Here’s the problem: Gary Johnson got (I think) about 1.6 million votes. Romney lost the election by about that many.

        The establishment GOP does not truly believe in the Libertarian philosophy of limited government, individual rights, private property, and a non-aggression foreign policy so they won’t send up a candidate like that. Until they do, they’re going to keep losing elections.

        Here’s why I say what I say:

        Let’s say that Ron Paul had been the Republican nominee instead of Romney. Even though they didn’t like him, the hard core Republicans are not going to vote third party and they’re not going to vote for a democrat so he would’ve got all those votes.

        All the Gary Johnson voters would’ve probably voted for Ron Paul also.

        Now here’s the biggest kicker:

        I would think quite a few of the blue-dog democrats would’ve come over to Ron Paul also because of his anti-war and “liberal” social policy stance.

        All that factored in would’ve put a Republican in The White House in 2012 instead of Barack and that’s why Republicans will continue to loose elections.


        Why vote for “Obama-lite” when you can vote for full strength socialism / communism / marxism.

        • MarsBarsTru7

          You’re making the same case I made. And I voted for Ron Paul anyway with a write-in vote.

      • tobias smit

        A wise person told you that ???? A “wise” (you yourself BTW) person only should “vet” the candidate on only that persons (his, hers) merits . It should not by any means be dictated by any one else ( be that the media or your local reverend etc.) by not choosing either you have no voice left at all!

        • Royce Mitchell Jr

          Nonsense. I choose something not evil. The choice was never between two evils as it appeared, and as the republican party wishes to make it. It was always between good and evil.

      • Gus Acevedo

        Conservatism and its anti immigrant, anti gay, anti practical moral choices like civil rights for all…links it too closely to John Birch Society’s fascistic ideas that lean heavily on fear, bigotry, intolerance and on keeping the electorate both in fear and ignorant

        • Beedogz

          Not anti immigrant you mental midget twit, anti ILLEGAL immigration you blithering little twerp.

    • americanathlete

      He’s just about as bad as hillary, he practically has his tongue in obamination’s ear since Superstorm Sandy…. I’ll take Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee…someone that’s not a progressive like that traitor christie!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • alex

        I’d support a Rand Paul run in 16, but Cruz or Lee HELL NO, they have no chance of winning a race in 2016 maybe later down the road but liberals would tear them down to the ground over the shut down

        • Sharon Berry

          As Republicans, our biggest problem during the campaign was to allow the far left to define us and demonize us. You don’t choose a candidate based on whether the opposition will be meaner to one candidate than another. It is a given, the FAR LEFT IS VICIOUS, THEY ARE NASTY, AND THEY WILL NOT STOP AT ANYTHING to get what they want. We have to be stronger, come at them with fortitude and resolve to win and never allow them to define us. When they fabricate lies, i.e., “war on woman,” we have to go after them relentlessly. We have to cut in front of them and head them off at every pass. We don’t do that, but we should. When late night propaganda machines, i.e., Letterman, bashes the children of candidates with vulgarities, there should be a ground swell of outcry and people should demonstrate their anger. Republicans are not aggressive enough and we don’t draw a line in the sand. Not that I am necessarily for Christy, but I think he is thicked skinned and not afraid to let any nasty liberal have it.

          • Anonymous

            That’s exactly my thoughts too. During the press debates, Romney was too nice a guy to ruffle Obama’s feathers. THAT was the time to shut Crawley up in public and nail Obama on the Benghazi issue right then and there. The whole nation would see the exposure! It’s just the same with Congress where very few republicans have ANY balls to speak up the truth!

          • Anonymous

            Right on. We need to fight back and fight hard and fight to win. How can you lead this country if you’re afraid to take off the gloves? Foreign Policy: We don’t care what you think of us, but you better care what we think of you. No more free money to our enemies. Domestic Policy: Follow the Constitution as it is written. Impeach Judges that try to “reinterpret it as a living document”. The SCOTUS is not a co-equal body. It is subject to Congress. There is no Constitutional requirement that it be 9 judges.
            We need to repeal the 17th Amendment. Senators were suppose to be the State’s representative. Representatives were the people’s representatives. The President, the government’s representative. We need to restore the State’s Representative, then maybe, we can get sanity back into our government.

        • Anonymous

          While I totally agree that Paul won’t face anything close to the shut-down blow-back that Cruz will, I would vote for Cruz over Christie just to be able to live with myself.

          Anyway, Cruz’s citizenship issue will likely keep him out of the primary anyway.

          • Sandy Buchanan

            Please do your homework – Senator Cruz CAN run for presidency. I also think that what Senator Cruz did was heroic. He took a stand and did it with excellence. If he got the support from his party, it would have been a grand slam. Even Dems were coming out of the woodwork to say put off Obamacare. If the GOP worked together we would have had a win. The GOP are nothing more than Progessive RHINO’s. What is being done by Conservatives is that we’re holding Washington (both parties) accountable and they don’t like it! They forgot about the people….it’s all about them and Conservatives are SICK OF IT! I thank God that we have Godly men and women standing up for what is right. We have a Constitution that is being trashed and it is the Conservatives who are doing battle to get this country back together. Shame on the people — they’re like sheep being led to the slaughter.

          • Tony Johnson

            Ok, explain how a person born on foreign soil to a non-American father and American mother can be eligible? He can’t. It is simple. Neither parent was in the service of the USA, and he was born in Calgary, Canada. Last time I checked Canada was still under the British Crown and a person born there is not a natural born U.S. citizen..

        • Anonymous

          Of course democrats would use ratty tactics against any Tea Party thinking candidate. You must realize that democrats voted democrat without this BS about why Beck will not vote for Christie. I remember at first Beck had Christie lined for for the presidency.So, who’s jumping the fence?

        • Anonymous

          What shutdown? The artificial one that Obama forced on us with his “Make it hurt them” policy? He was spending money like a broken water main during the “shutdown”. Democrats were passing bills promising no loss in pay to those laid off. Yeah, bring on the blame!!! Let’s get the facts out.

        • Rick Wemhoner

          Reagan had no chance either

      • Tony Johnson

        Hate to break it to ya but Cruz is ineligible to run for President.. Sad but true, he was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an American Mother, bot privately employed at the time.

        • Raven


    • Jared Sherrill

      If you keep playing the would you rather game you will always sell yourself short. Frankly if I absolutely had to vote on either Hillary Clinton Or him I would vote for Hillary. She has values and doesn’t sell out. I know what she’s about. I would rather vote for a wolf than a wolf in sheeps clothing because the wolf isn’t lying to me.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, we know what Hillary is all about. Remember Benghazi – “What difference does it make”. You want a president who slips and slides rather than tell the truth? Hey, that’s what we have now!

      • Anonymous

        Hillalry and Benegazi hearings and the infamous — “What does it matter now ” Still think Hillary is good to go ????

      • Anonymous

        Wrong answer moosebreath. The only standards she has is how much money can she get and will it benefit her moooslim benefators.

    • GT10200

      @Alex, when does it end? First, candidates like Christie have proven they cannot win, so why should I support his nomination?

      Why should my vote appear like “support” for him when I do not?

      Perhaps if the GOP gets 20,000,000 less votes in 2016 because of their candidate choice it will finally send a message to stop running RINO’s.

      You won’t wind up with Christie because he won’t win… so you go ahead and throw your “support” behind him… and that alone empowers him.

    • Anonymous

      That’s same argument you RINOs have been using election after election. I ALWAYS vote (every election since Reagan in 1980). I won’t do it again. Whine all you want you RNC slave, but give us a REAL conservative for once, d@mn it, or I am sitting it out too. Your “choosing the lesser of two evils” argument doesn’t hold water anymore. And it DOESN’T even WIN elections!!! GET A CLUE!

      • taxed2much

        I want a TRUE fiscal conservative, which encompasses immigration reform, energy production (nobody has mentioned Christie’s attrociouse energy policies), low efficient taxes, end Obamacare and drastically reduce the amount and duration of the welfare state. After that I want a Libertarian that follows the Constitution and stays the heck out of everybody’s life especially guns & abortion.

      • Sharon Berry

        Believe me, I am as frustrated as you are!!! However, withholding your vote is the worst thing any of us could do. ANYONE WOULD BE BETTER THAN HILBILLARY.

      • Raven

        the VOTERS pick the candidate! Vote in primary’s, get your friends and neighbors to vote, spread the word.. Donate what you can… or sit back and allow the media to pick another McCain/Romney

    • Gene Rupp

      I would submit to you that if you get Christie, you may as well have Hillary. They will govern the same. Christie may be somewhat conservative by New Jersey standards but for most of the nation, he represents liberalism as much as Hillary does. John McCain was no choice. He was going to roll out McCain care that was almost exactly like Obamacare. Wake up. We need a choice, a real choice! Christie does not offer a real choice.

      • Anonymous

        Plus the Republicans will be blamed for all the wrongs going on.

      • Sharon Berry

        I understand what you are saying, I am simply asking that Glenn retract his statement that he would withhold his vote. ANYONE WOULD BE BETTER THAN HILBILLARY.

        • Anonymous

          Christie is a mirror image of bengazi billary.

      • Anonymous

        I would suggest that Christie or McCain are infiltrated with the cancer that is Washington. Until we have REAL Conservatives in Washington playing the Constitution to its fullest, nothing will change on the path of destruction of America.

        • Sandy Buchanan

          For you Christians —- read 2 Chron. 7:14
          This is how we will be blessed again – we can not do anything without God. Christie decides to work with the Dems and there goes God’s way of marriage and then abortion and then Obamacare and then there are still 50,000 people without homes after Sandy (where is the money?). No one mentions God anymore – too busy being politically correct. We could have had a Republican Senator (Steve Lonegan) but look what Christie did with the voting dates and he was way too friendly with Booker (see, he can play both sides – but it was this that encouraged people to vote for Booker! And he didn’t support the gentlemen who was running in VA. and we could have had a good man there (he was Conservative) – the GOP didn’t help him! Yeah, Washington liberals and the GOP want to keep on screwing with the people and they will have to “change of their wicked ways” when Conservatives come around. Dear LORD, have mercy on their souls.

        • Raven

          in other words, you voted for obama and are now unhappy
          why does no one recall in 2007 hillary blasted obama all day long, till he won the primary, them they kissed and made up
          Romney was attacked by every other candidate then when Romney won, everyone scattered, no one stepped up…ergo..Obama term 2

    • Shell Stirling

      I’m tired of people acting like there are only two choices. Vote for our constitution – vote libertarian 2016

    • Anonymous

      There is no difference between rino Christie and billary.

    • Anonymous


    • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

      It is all just slow the sinking of the ship anyway, our country is going to financially collapse after 2030 anyway. Now I wrote a column in both 2008 and 2012 encouraging evangelical not to stay home because a mormon was running. I now say what the hell, if we let the republicans know the conservatives aren’t going to accept any of their RINO wennies maybe they will stop the democrats from choosing our candidate in New Hampshire.

      I’ll never vote for Christy because he helped Obama get elected

      A Deist Among The Mormons

      • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

        I may get the Conservative party started in Idaho

    • lotyuy

      Yea well were tired of lying fascist neocons and their defecating on the constitution, even Reagan was far from a constitutionalist. Learn about the FED then tell me who is pulling the strings in the country.

  • Hard Truth

    Are you really saying you will not vote, Glenn? You would be willing to sit with Hillary in the White House, who is basically Obama 2.0? Disappointing. If you exit the game, that is just one other vote that Democrats don’t have to overcome. Way to surrender.

    • Sandy Buchanan

      Glenn, like others, can “write in” a name. We have to hold the GOP accountable and it’s not going to do any good if they continue to do what they do. Obama and the liberals are going for a one party system. The RHINO’s are helping them do that. They need to work with the Conservatives – all come in one accord and we can win. The youth that following Obama are not happy with him anymore. Obama will find a way to charm some of them back. He is getting the illegals vote and fraud votes. The blacks are not happy with him. There is a great black conservative movement. The GOP will screw it up and they don’t change of their wicked ways. ANYWAY – one sure thing is that GOD IS IN CONTROL and he works things out for the good of His plan. Personally, I have all my trust in Him.

  • adele

    still waiting for my house to b fix ,how much longer we have to wait ? just curious

  • http://www.sodahead.com/user/profile/3636943/anderson-bm/ Bruce Anderson

    No matter to matter he did run I would not back him , As it stands I am leaning Mr, Jesse Ventura , Mr. Paul and or Uncle Ted, or even Mr. Limbaugh if he ran, All hail Maha Rushy:).

    A petition to To: Governor Chris Christie and All Honorable NJ Legislators

    Subject: Investigation of Robert Correale, Esq, His Former Law Firm of Maynard & Truland

    the undersigned People of the United States, are deeply concerned how
    the State of New Jersey has treated a decorated veteran of the United

    We ask that you give John “Jack” Cunningham his Due Process that the State of New Jersey has denied him for over a decade.



    call (And have your family and friends call) Governor Chris Christie’s
    office at 609-292-6000 and say, “Jack Cunningham deserves his
    investigation request against Robert Correale and his former law firm,
    Maynard & Truland.”

    His charges:

    Jersey State Supreme Court Ethics Attorney Robert Correale misused his
    government and court office to Cover-Up and block ethics violations and
    legal malpractice charges against himself, and his own law firm, Maynard
    & Truland.

    After ten years of
    an open Cover-up within many levels of New Jersey Government, these
    charges include Robert Correale’s and Maynard & Truland attorneys’
    open perjury to NJ Supreme Court by way of sworn certifications and a
    missing New Jersey Superior Court transcript.

    An independent New Jersey State investigation should address, at a minimum, the following questions:

    did a Superior Court transcript go missing, before it could be used as
    evidence in a higher level of Superior Court, within the same court

    Investigate Robert
    Correale and his former, fellow Maynard & Truland sworn
    Certifications to NJ Supreme Court. John “Jack” Cunningham’s responses
    and evidence supplied against these Certifications. And what should
    have been the proper NJ Supreme Court response to the same.

    did the New Jersey Supreme Court for months insist on Robert
    Correale’s own Office of Attorney Ethics committee investigate him and
    his former law firm Maynard & Truland. (This was in spite of
    numerous letters to all levels of NJ government that it was an open
    Conflict of Interest.)

    Why did the
    New Jersey Supreme Court and Superior Court systems as well as New
    Jersey Governor’s Office drag this out for over ten years in spite of
    John “Jack” Cunningham pleading for ‘reasonable’ disability
    accommodations for his PTSD from the Vietnam War.

    of the original legal malpractice and attorney ethics charges against
    Robert Correale and Maynard & Truland dating back to 13 years.

    call (And have your family and friends call) Governor Chris Christie’s
    office at 609-292-6000 and say, “Jack Cunningham deserves his
    investigation request against Robert Correale and his former law firm,
    Maynard & Truland.”


    Jack Cunningham

  • Anonymous

    Glenn – spare us the histrionics. You will vote for him just like you voted for McCain and Romney.

    • soybomb315

      But Christie is not mormon so maybe Glenn is serious this time……Maybe not

    • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

      This is exactly we most stop voting for them

  • Jeremy Andreano

    I personally could care less what his stances on social issues r i could care less. All I know is Chris Christie took on the unions unlike most that I have ever seen…

    • Mary Maggio

      You are sadly misinformed

  • americanathlete

    You couldn’t get me to vote for christie!!! He’s just about as bad as pelosi, reid, biden, obamination………. I would rather witness our government sink before I voted for the likes of them…we need a complete overhaul in Washington DC anyway!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Well, Christie sucks, but if you think he’s as bad as Pelosi, Reid or Obama, then you haven’t been paying attention.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a conservative, and have many ideological principles similar to Glenn Beck. Not all, but many. The perfect candidate for me to support would be a clone of me, but I’m not running. I’m going to have to pick from those that do and those people won’t just have to be appealling to me, they will have to be appealling to a majority of those who go to the polls. Unless one party has an absolute majority in both houses of Congress and either the Presidency or a veto-proof majority in Congress, our representatives will have to work together and COMPROMISE in order to get anything done. It is important to have principles, but if all our elected officials had a “my way or the highway” attitude, our government would be paralized. Christie and Romney both ran states where they had to work accross the aisle to accomplish anything. That’s a GOOD THING! Are we really going to hold out for another ideologue who the general voting population will reject and who will be fighting the democrats tooth and nail over every issue? If that’s your plan, you may as well put a Hillary 2016 bumper sticker on your car.

    • Ken

      I could agree with you except for one thing. It seems to me that the law of averages would say that if two opposing parties who had an argument decided to compromise that both would get what they wanted at least 50 percent of the time. But, what I am seeing is Repubs keep compromising and getting nothing in return. Name one real substantive thing that the Repubs. compromised with Dems on and got anything worth anything in return. Seems like the majority of the time Dems get practically everything they want. So I have to respectfully disagree with your analysis.

    • Susanne Prince

      Compromise between the Republicans and Democrats in Congress? The only thing I see is Republicans caving to everything the Democrats want, and this country being run further and further into the ground.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, Glenn is totally wrong on this issue and he is even more wrong on this “violence control” issue. Christie’s position in actually supportive of 2nd amendment rights. Wat he’s saying is violence is less about the tool (such as a gun) and more about the person. Exactly our point! Glenn, you’re an expert when it comes to talking politics and preaching, leave the control of guns and violent behavior to experts.

    • Anonymous

      squalie2, I don’t think you know what Christie’s actual position on gun-rights really is. If you did, you would be talking about that instead of basing your opinion on what he says in an interview.

      Vague references to violence-control mean nothing. Making it hard for lawful citizens to arm themselves does. Go look at NJ gun laws compared to other states, look at Christie’s record on the subject, and them come back and tell us how Christie is “actually supportive of 2nd amendment rights.”

  • Kathleen Flaherty

    I am a Conservative and No, I will not cast my vote for Chris Christie. All I hear is that I am the Governor of NJ, so does that make him Presidential Material? I think not! We want a Principal Conservative Leader as President. We want someone who would go to bat for the American People. That person would be Senator Ted Cruz. I do not have to stay home in 2016. I will campaign for Cruz or someone like him every day going door to door. I will help him become the nominee like Ronald Reagan became the nominee. Chris Christie is no Ronald Reagan! He did not take a stand. He weasel around the questions. He did not take a stand on Iran earlier this week either. He is Not a Leader and We will not Cast Our Vote for Christie. I agree with Glenn. However, I will vote in 2016 and it will not be for Christie.!

  • Anonymous

    Not only THAT – I WILL NOT vote – I am telling the RNC that they will NOT get any money IF they nominate another Democrat “Lite” IF they have not learned from McCain and then Romney – then they will NEVER LEARN – UNTIL WE WITH HOLD OUR MONEY! MONEY TALKS =

    • Sandy Buchanan


  • Donald Mills

    They may call each other a different party…..but one is progressive and the other is progressive light. They are heading down the same path. America has not been oppressed enough to rise up. So just let the parties do their socialist thing and be done with them, until the time true red, white and blue americans are needed.

  • Anonymous

    To vote for Christie is like voting for a Democrat. Christie will finish what Obama started, then the Republicans will be blamed for everything wrong in this country. This country will need to go through growing pains and start a new party. I won’t vote for Rino Republican.

    • Anonymous

      That ONLY Splits the vote – That HURTS the party! You have the die-hard older voters that WILL NOT change and the young and the undecided that will split the votes – I would be all for that idea IF they were LIBERALS splitting their votes!

      • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

        The country is doomed anyway, may as well go down fighting. I am all for a Conservative Party.

        I would like a strong conservative that would vote for the republican if the republican measured up to conservative values.

    • Anonymous

      Christie talks populist politics. Will there ever be a candidate who can be believed ??

  • Anonymous

    It is NOT my vote that wasn’t cast last election – I voted – held my nose and voted for Romney = BUT

    While they were trying to get the “Independent ” and the “undecided” they totally LOST the 3 MILLION Republicans! SOMEONE missed the ball – there needs to be SOMEONE that will motivate the base and get the independent voters and the swing votes too! BUT – By God – CHRISTIE IS NOT IT!


    I too have stated if Christie or some other Rino is picked to run I will not vote for such as it would be the same as voting for a Democrat. I am so tired of being lied to by the Republican party and these Rinos. The core GOP is like Chamberland and Germany in that they too are foolish or stupid to think you can deal with the enemy and the Democrats are the enemy of this country. If America is stupid enough to vote a Rino or the Democrats into office once more then the country is lost. I will leave my country for the fate that awates it and will hope it has a quick end and the good people will not suffer too much before its downfall. We have lost our soul and God.

  • Anonymous

    You will all fall in line when the “worst socialist since Obama” runs for office against Christie.

  • Michael Achuff

    So because a candidate is more down the idle than you extremist conservatives, you guys want to ruin him.. You republicans are a bunch of idiots if you think you are going to win an election with Paul or Rubin. Neither one of those idiots have set forth a platform to fix anything. Just because CC hugs Obama, you idiot conservative pundits want to rack him over the coals. You talk of skeletons in the closet. Well bring them out and let see if the public gives a shit what you think. Christie for President

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Achuff, moderates have done SO WELL for Republicans! I mean, remember how McCain sailed to victory? And of course Romney trounced his Democrat opponent. On the other hand, when they were foolish enough to run a real conservative like Reagan, he got his butt handed to him by Carter and Mondale! Yup, you’re a real prophet Michael!

  • Anonymous

    I despise Christie but I will not help the Democrats to put Clinton into office. Instead of saying you will not vote, how about a push to make sure someone more to our liking will be the candidate. I will push for Lee and Cruz – real conservatives who understand the Constitution,

  • Anonymous

    I like Glenn and would rather see a Tea Party conservative in office more than anything BUT let’s be real. MOST Republicans are not Tea Party people. Therefore, you are going to stay home and let another EXTREMELY LIBERAL Democrat WIN in 2016!? How smart is that???? This country will go downhill farther and faster than ever, so it will never come back. Guess you’d rather cut off your nose to spite your face. Then we’re doomed to Socialism or worse. So sad you can’t compromise, Glenn. I’ve got kids to think about in the future.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. With the many followers of Glenn, he would keep thousands if not millions from voting republican, no matter who the candidate. THIS is a sure way of getting democrats to continue the rule!

    • Susanne Prince

      The RINOs in the Senate didn’t even bother backing the House Republicans trying not to fund Obamacare. John McCain, wearing a short skirt and bobby socks, acted like a cheerleader for Obamacare. You want to vote for another Republican like him for President, go right ahead, but I’m tired of voting the Republican Party line when I don’t believe in the candidate they put on the ballot.

    • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

      Your kids and mine are doomed without a turn around conservative to try to un-sink this ship.

    • Sandy Buchanan

      What future does your children have under socialism/communism. I suggest you go out – ALL OF YOU – and join the Tea Party and make a difference. Be a doer of the Word of God and be a doer for our Constitution. The Tea Party is starting at local government to get people with Conservative values elected. Ordinary people who loves their God and their country and who knows what is in the Constitution. Be one of them. All of you talking back and forth is good, but you are just giving your opinions. We need you to be taking a stand. Please, join your local Tea Party and/or get yourself elected to School Boards, local government, state Legislature, etc. Fight for your children’s future. God bless you.

  • Jtbo

    Wouldn’t there be a third party ticket that could be voted on? They may not get elected, but it’s better than not voting. Besides, Allen West and Dr. Carson should be a ticket. Strong, Smart, African American men one who has served in the Armed Forces and one who understands medicine. It would scare the Democratic Party something fierce. – and FYI I am a conservative white woman- Dr. Carson said it well at the prayer breakfast…”Lawyers like to win, you can’t govern with that mindset. Doctors like to SOLVE problems. We need MORE doctors in Washington.” (paraphrased) Plus with this ACA that was shoved down our throats and is constantly being changed as the wind blows, I’d like to have a person who would have the insight to write a real health care plan, which is not what we got.

    • russell zinter

      i will write those two in that is how i’m voting

  • Tony0920

    Hall and Oates. I can’t vote for that, nooo. No can do.

  • Sharon Berry

    I like Glenn, but this statement is just plain ridiculous. So if he doesn’t get exactly what he wants in a presidential candidate, he will withhold his vote?! He would be ok with Hilbillary over Christy?! That is pretty extreme. If Glenn has a particular person in mind, he should just say so, but to suggest he will withhold his vote – that’s crazy talk. Glenn, your credibility goes down with me when go histrionic on us. We need every single good conservative we can get, and if we end up with a Hilbillary vs Christy ballot. I’m going Christy HANDS DOWN!!!!! Anyone would be better than the bloody hands of Hillary Clinton.

    • Anonymous

      Hillary Clinton — Benegahzi — Dead Americans — “What does it matter now?” ( and witnesses under wraps.)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t jump the gun here. 2016 is a long way off. I’d say there is a good chance that the primary field consists of 5 RINOs and 1 real conservative (Rand Paul). After all, the MSM is urging every progressive Republican in the country to run, and most of them are egotists.

    And that will be good. The progs will split the vote, the good one will win, and we might actually get a decent President.

    Now personally, I think that by then, possibly within 1 year, we will have an economic collapse of unprecedented proportions and the only Americans left alive to vote will be true patriots. But barring that, there is reason to not over-react. Yet.

  • Anonymous

    If someone doesn’t approve either candidate and chooses not to vote for either, there are always other issues on the ballot that require a vote. Every line doesn’t require a response to make the ballot valid.
    A good citizen votes. That is their voice.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, there’s not a dine worth of difference between the two major political parties ! BOTH have sold their soul and their country for money, power and votes. Hopeless though it was, I did vote in the last Presidential election, in the upcoming one, I may not vote at all. However, much can change between now and the election, who knows, there may even be somebody worth voting for that shows up. We can only hope as we are in some really serious trouble now.

  • Charles Newman

    Romney lost the election because he was a pussy! Not an aggressive campaign bone in his body. I cringed seeing this ‘star’ rise and fall without as much as a girly fight in him. Idiot. What the hell was he thinking anyway. Obama was lying through his teeth and every other orifice to win and Romney just quivered at best. Oh well, right? If you ‘really’ want this title of shame and disgrace you need to pony up your manhood and have a freaking clue. Get nasty, get crude, lie like an Obamasad and hope you can trick the American voting morons into submission.

  • bert

    Washington DC and the federal government is a lost cause. Spend your time and money and efforts on good government at the state and local level. This is how you can nullify the actions of the federal government.

  • Ashley

    I like Glenn Beck but I have to say that this
    attitude he portrays here is part of our problem. To sit down like a
    petulant child and say you won’t vote
    because you don’t like your choices? Is wrong! If you don’t like your
    choices? Get out there and make a change. Find us some different
    We need someone to vote for who is worthy of our trust
    and quite frankly there isn’t a republican or democrat one that is
    worthy right now. They are all pushing their own agendas ‘The People’
    be damned. They don’t care about you at all. And if you vote for them
    knowing they don’t care then shame on you. But to not vote at all? To
    sit down and say I won’t play because I don’t like the way the board
    looks? That’s wrong too! Make a difference! Find someone who does care
    about this Country. Vote for that person. If enough people would stand
    behind someone who is standing for the right things even if they aren’t
    “republican” or “democrat” we could turn this Country back around.
    If you don’t vote at all? You can’t complain about what we end up with. Because YOU didn’t even TRY to make it better!

  • Allan Hamilton

    WTH are you talking about Glenn? Not voting is the most self-serving and futile gesture one can put forth. If you don’t vote for one of the primary candidates, then write-in the person you WOULD vote for. See? Now you get to feel good about your choice and we don’t get f*cked again by another “conservative” wanna-be with a microphone that works to keep the electorate at home.

  • RattleSnake

    If I am going to get a progressive, then let me have one who embraces it not a progressive, lite. I will not vote for any Republican or Democrat unless they fully embrace Libertarian ideas. Rand Paul 2016

  • Anonymous

    He just wants to be President so he can horde all of the food stamps for himself.

    You’re a fat liberal bastard Christie.

  • Anonymous

    As of now I will only vote for Rand Paul or Gary Johnson in 2016. That’s it.

  • standfortheconstitution

    I AM very frustrated that the liberals chose the Republican nominee! McCain then Romney. I didn’t want to vote for either one, but a no vote is a vote for the socialist. I draw the line at abortion. I will not vote for a candidate that is for murdering babies. Ever!

  • Anonymous

    I will not vote for Christie if he is the rino candidate in 2016. I will stay at home and not vote as well. You rino blueblood treasonous bast==ds are no different than the treasonous demorat party. I have had it. May you rinos suffer the benedict Arnold tree syndrome.

  • soybomb315

    So what did Glenn call people in 2008 and 2012 who refused to vote for progressive-light and voted for 3rd parties???? (Hint: Glenn wasn’t too kind to them)….

    Now Glenn is toying with the idea of staying home in 2016….


    • Anonymous

      Yep. I bet he jumps on the republican bandwagon again.

  • Max Wellbrock-Talley

    Okay, look, Republicans are people like Christie. That’s who they’ve always been. The really hardcore conservatives and the religious-Right has only been a factor in the Republican since Reagan let them in for more votes. Mr Beck, you have said before that America needs a new party, that you are convinced of it, but yet you won’t be a part of forming a new party or joining a party like the Constitution Party. You would rather a minority of hardcore conservatives push the Republicans out of their party. That isn’t going to happen. Conservatives like Ted Cruz aren’t going to win the Republican nomination, but rather more classically moderate Republicans like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. If that’s enough for you to withhold your vote, well that’s a shame. You could do so much to advance the position in which you believe through a third party, whether it exists now or doesn’t, but so long as you continue to advocate that the solution is to take charge of Republicans, you’ll be constantly disappointed.

    • soybomb315

      Helping a 3rd party would mean Glenn loses 66% of his audience. Now that he has a high-cost outlet with lots of employees – would Glenn sacrifice all that for a pipe dream?

      Not likely. But there are other real leaders who put their money where their mouth is.

      • http://www.daryl-hunter.net/ Daryl L. Hunter

        Oh so you think Glenn will change his principles for money – I don’t think so!!!

        • soybomb315

          Yeah, Glenn Beck would never support the likes of McCain, Santorum, Romney – would he?

  • Susanne Prince

    I have done a lot of soul searching on this one and I too will not vote for Chris Christie if he’s the Republican candidate in the 2016 Presidential Election. If there’s a Conservative Candidate running on a Third Party Ticket who I want as President, then I will vote for that person. I’m tired of being given the only choice between voting for the lesser of two evils ~ and I see voting for John McCain and Chris Christie as being no different from voting for a Democrat. Yeah, I voted for Romney, and he is a good hearted man, but no, he wasn’t the Conservative Republican of my choice on the ballot. And I’m really sick of hearing Republicans talking about the Tea Party being the ruin of our Nation ~ when everyone knows it’s the liberals–Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Harry Reid–and their Republican Cheerleaders like John McCain.

  • Leslie Friedewald Chugg

    Why would you ever say something like that? I love to listen to you Glenn, but that is the stupidest thing I have heard coming from you! Not voting is like voting for the other side, period. Surely you are smart enough to know that. If people didn’t vote because of you and the Tea Party not endorsing Romney, then shame on you! The country would have been so much better with Romney and we wouldn’t be in this disaster we are in now. You need to rethink your comments on this matter or you will be part of the problem in 2016!

    • Anonymous

      Romney lost because of Romney. Don’t blame the people who couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Democrat Light.

      • Leslie Friedewald Chugg

        Romney lost due to voter fraud.

  • Susanne Prince

    And yes, not all Republicans identify with the Tea Party or with Conservatives, but if there was a good conservative Republican on the ballot, people would be happy to vote for that person. I am certain that everyone who voted Republican is totally disappointed in the Republicans in Congress allowing the Obama Administration to get away with all that they have gotten away with since Obama was first elected. WE REALLY NEED SOMEONE TO TURN THIS COUNTRY AROUND — AND CHRIS CHRISTIE **IS NOT** THE ONE TO DO IT!

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad to hear this.

  • Anonymous

    just remember Glen a no vote is only a vote for the liberal

    • Anonymous

      Chris Christie is a liberal.

  • smo

    No T-Party will win unless the T-Party folks have a pre-RINO primary.


    Because the T-Party would merely and definitely ‘split’ their own voting and so, a RINO will win. I repeat: T-Party must have a pre-RINO primary of their own because without it, they lose in the regular scheduled RINO primary. Get the word to the Glenn man.

    This was spelled out in this forum a few months ago – find it, worth reading:


  • Derek Fergus

    Seems Christie has everyone fooled. What part of taking on the Teachers union and winning is progressive or liberal? On global warming NJ turned from coal to natural gas…..not wind….not solar…..does that sound like a lib? Or just a smart man?
    The media is trying to get Christie out in front fast, not because they think they can beat him like McCain or Romney, but because they know he can win, and they need as much time as possible to try and destroy him. I’d much rather have Christie as my President than Rubio, Paul, or Cruz as the next almost made it.

  • Susanne Prince

    I can’t find the post where the person was making fun of Rick Santorum, so instead of replying there, I’m just posting it here. Rick is the candidate I wanted because his platform was God and family. Fix both of those and you fix America. And he had a decent idea for getting America back to being a producing nation once again, instead of buying everything from China. I happen to think he was God’s answer to our cry for help. But we didn’t really want His help, we looked to money as our God, people were more concerned about the economy then they were at Obama’s religious persecution, and the majority of people still don see, or still don’t care about the loss of religious freedom Obamacare does to us, they only thing they care about is that Obamacare is making their insurance rates go up. God has greatly blessed America, our country that was founded because of the desire for religious freedom, and people think our prosperity came from something they did for themselves, totally ignoring God and everything He has done for them. One day God will step in to cleanse the world from the evil that is thriving in it today. And there won’t be any more sitting on the sidelines anymore ~ like all too many people are doing now ~ it’s going to be “Choose a side” and I hope for everyone’s sake that they choose the right one.

  • Anonymous

    Hillary won’t repeal Obamacare, Christie might.

  • Michael Lawrence

    I agree with Glenn Beck on this one. If Christie is the nominee, I’m not voting for him. I will vote with a write in vote for Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Allan West. This may be a wasted vote…. Look to what the RINOs have done. Obamacare could be defunded right now except for RINO votes in the Senate. I will not vote for a RINO.

    Republican party, do you hear me? Do you hear us? NO RINOs!!!!

    • ken.

      if you vote only your conscience your vote is not wasted. voting for the lessor of two evils, down party lines or only to win a seat is what destroyed our country in the first place. the founding fathers knew that the only way the country could survive is if everyone voted their conscience and only their conscience.

  • antilib

    I’m with you, Glenn. May as well vote for a Democrat, which I will not do, because you get the same results. Let’s start over if we have to. There are a whole lot of people who think like we do.

    • Pablo Descartes

      Rand Paul 2016.

  • pyraetos

    Maybe Christie’s worse in reality than I think… but I can’t help but feel he would be better than Hillary. In my opinion, the primaries are for strict value voting and the general is for compromising. The most destructive thing I could do in 2016 is not vote, and so if it comes down to it, it looks like I’ll be voting for Christie.

  • Zgoettsc


    I love your books man and I really like most of your stuff, but you are making a huge mistake by jumping on the “hate Christie” bandwagon that most conservatives are on these days. I am a conservative, and I agree that he does not lean quite far enough to the right on a number of issues, but my god, look at the alternative. Would you rather have a 0/0 conservative named Hilary Clinton in office or a 3/4 conservative named Chris Christie? Any conservative is better than no conservative. That has been made abundantly clear from obamas reign in office. You are a smart man, and I know that you must realize most Americans are towards the middle of the political spectrum. What is great about running a left leaning conservative is that they will get all of the conservative vote, PLUS some of the independent, PLUS even some right leaning liberals. This is going to the only way to win anymore. Obama has ruined most Americans into thinking that government has their best interests in heart and will take care of them. No extreme right wing candidate will get the kind of support they need to win an election. Hilary Clinton is like a celebrity. Someone who can gain widespread support of the American people is the only chance we have to beat her. Someone far to the right will not be able to get that support. I believe that we must sacrifice SOME of our right leaning views in order to elect a suitable president. This person may not be you or my ideal candidate, but they are a hell of alot better than Clinton. Please reconsider your statement that you wouldn’t vote, it really makes no sense and wouldn’t help anyone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/janet.hricik Janet Hricik

    Anyone running on the republican ticket is better than Hillary.
    All conservatives must go out and vote for the republican, no matter who it is. We need a candidate who can win. By holding out for the “ideal” candidate, the destructive dems will win again. Don’t let this happen again! Get out and vote…or say goodbye to the American dream….forever, for once it’s gone, it will never return.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Interesting how some are defending bad candidates before anyone has even thrown their hat in the ring for the GOP nomination. It seems they are already willing to settle for a RINO before the primary even begins.

    Even funnier is the people still defending Romney and blaming everyone else why he lost. Even Glenn Beck has wrote him off.

    “Were parties here divided merely by a greediness for office, as in England,
    to take a part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man. But where the principle of difference is as substantial and as strongly pronounced as between the republicans and the monocrats of our country, I hold it as honorable to take a firm and decided part, and as immoral to pursue a middle line, as between the parties of honest men and rogues, into which every country is divided.” –Thomas Jefferson to William Branch Giles, 1795. ME 9:317

  • Raven

    While I agree that Christie is no true republican, or conservative, and only wants to be president to feed his over sized ego, I would ask you, Glenn, whom do you support? Whom did you support last election? I did not see you, Rush, Sean, Mark, Bill, Sarah and all the other tea party minded talk show hosts that have the means to support the conservative you can believe in. If you all sit back and kibbitz about how Romney Christie, etc. are the wrong ones… then HELP US! You are all in the know. Get together and tell the masses..

  • Anonymous

    Gee Glenn…you did the same thing with Romney and encouraged Conservatives to stay home,…And stay home they did…which put Obama back in office….Much as I liked you…I am beginning to see you as another Jon Huntsman…and brother that makes me sick….You stand to save America..Or shut your narcissistic mouth

    • Pablo Descartes

      I will NOT vote for chrispy chreme.

  • Tyler Lazenby

    Why wouldn’t I want to vote for Romney?! I vote as a matter of principal. As a matter have of it being recorded in Heaven that I voted for somebody I believed SHOULD be a leader. Not because we have to vote the lesser of two evils. I will WRITE in the name of Romney this next election UNLESS somebody seems like a better choice to make. I WILL not vote for somebody wrong. But I will vote. Even if I knew EVERY vote would be messed with after I submit it, my integrity is worth more than my pride.

    • Mike Nelson

      Voting Romney on principle is a hell of a statement to make, Tyler, but to be clear, I have no idea what your principles are when you say that.

      I can name a half dozen things just off the top of my head that made Romney a crap candidate from the start (RomneyCare, 47% talking points, failure to OWN and show pride in his Bain legacy, failure to support Palin, Bachmann or Paul, strong ties to all the Old Men [McCain, Graham, McConnel, etc]; this guy was just a choice of a “White Obama” for crying out loud!), but what exactly was wrong with Gary Johnson, again?

      When you convince yourself of only two choices and both of them suck, the hard choice isn’t which to pick, it’s to LOOK HARDER.

      Find pride in independence, or find comfort in ignorance, but when you limit your choices to “Romney as a write-in for 2016″ your integrity has already been compromised.

      The only solution (or resolution) to any of the root issues of our current condition is for individuals to become more informed, more active, and more independent. That is what built this country, and if you support a candidate who does not advocate for a return to this rugged self-providership and independence of spirit, then you’re not supporting what you say matters to you where integrity really counts for something.

      • GiveMeBackMyFreedom

        Gary Johnson = Bong hits for Jihad

        • Mike Nelson

          Quoting propaganda may have gotten this president elected, but it’s not helping resolve our spending problem or insolvency, unemployment, falling dollar value, lower living standard, corrupt news media, unnecessary wars, economic terrorism, political correctness, or changing the blighted perception of America abroad.

          I can’t believe you have the hubris to say “give me back my freedom” as your NAME, then say some stupid crap like this.

          Enjoy your fear.

  • valley swimmer

    Was liking Beck until this. Conservatives sitting out elections is what got us Obama. Never the correct strategy to hand over an election to the other side by sitting out.

    • Mike Nelson

      Nor is it a winner to run moderates as conservatives.

      Nor to wonder why they keep losing, without changing tactics.

      Let’s change Change; vote Libertarian.

  • Andrea Ruehl

    I feel sorry for Glenn. I’ve followed him since 2006. He is a man of great faith and courage, and I admire him for that. Yet I’ve seen him disappointed more than once in a politician he’s put his faith in. As a man of faith I urge him to consider the Scriptures. “Do not put your trust in princes, nor in a son of man, who cannot bring salvation.” (Ps. 146:3) Instead of humans, put your faith in Jehovah, for “no one who rests his faith on him will be disappointed.” Rom. 10:11

  • Norm Koch

    I’d rather lose every seat in both houses than fill them full of stuffed suits that are Republican only in name. Republicans and Democrats will only do the will of the people when they fear US… Give them something to be afraid of…

  • Carol Chang

    Christie is not the person I want to run this country…..too friendly to mohammedans, too friendly to gun control…no military experience in any way, shape or form. Just few redeeming qualities. I am not happy that once again “they” who ever they are have seemingly decided already that Christie is the one. I am hoping at this time for Allen West.

    • Tina Issavedbygrace

      AMEN! Allen West and Rand Paul together could possibly restore our country.

  • Rich

    and that is how we ended up with Obama a second time. Not voting will not show anyone anything. It will just get us more idiots libs. Sorry Glenn but that is not the answer

  • Masta P

    If I am going to vote for a Progressive, I will go all the way and vote Hillary and not go Progressive Light. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope Ron Paul runs if the nominees are Hillary and Christie. I will vote for Ron Paul, I will vote for Ron Paul’s wife, I will vote for Ron Paul’s mailman, his niece, his dog and his dead great grandfather.
    A few years ago, I thought he was a nut, the more I listen to him, I realize he was right all along, I was the nut for believing the Republican Party was different than the Democrats.

  • Anonymous

    You are all missing one point. There are only a few Conservatives who are intelligent, squeaky clean, God loving and with good records. But there is only one with an outstanding record of service. It is Sarah Palin. For those of you who believe she is irrelevant, stupid or whatever then I say to you to stop listening to the devil Dems and Rinos who are scared that, if she is elected, she will clean house in DC. They hate her because she is the only one who will go after corruption like she did when she was elected Governor. If you really want to learn about the real Governor Sarah Palin then I suggest you go yo Conservatives4palin.com and check out her long list of accomplishments. Extremely impressive.

  • Elizabeth Pita

    Gun control – the only issue that would make you not want to vote. Really? No wonder the conservative party has a problem. What about controlling our government spending? What about using tax payer dollars for killing unborn children? What about protecting our religious freedom? Gun control – that’s where you got stuck.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz


  • ditzy1

    At least with Hillary, I know what I’m getting…nothing is as infuriating as voting for a “Republican” who is worse than the Democrat when it is all said and done.

    • Pablo Descartes

      what’s it matter? A born again christian voting for a pro abortion candidate?

  • ditzy1

    Oh, and I’m a born again Christian and I didn’t care whether Romney was a Mormon or not…he just couldn’t be honest about who he was…anything to get elected. He was the media’s choice.

  • Anonymous

    You know voting Independent looks more reasonable everyday. Progressives are taking over any party that looks like it might have a breath of life to it, and allocating your donations to put their people into place. The TEA Party are the only people looking for progressive money behind the candidate.

  • ken.

    never should anyone give up their right to vote, ever. vote independent, libertarian party, conservative party, or write in your own. your vote is only wasted if you don’t vote at all. they want us to stay home because it gives them more power over us. if everyone would vote their own conscience the country would be in a better place. never vote the lessor of two evils, down party lines or because you believe that it’s the only way to win. if you do you lose, and so do the rest of us.

  • Bonnie Somer

    Look we may not like everyone and i don’t like christies give instate tuition to illegals but if it is him or Hillaryobama i say christie. We have some good people who i would like to see run. Glenn is u stay home and most gop voters stay home hillaryobama will win GOD FORBID

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney was probably the most decent man to run for the Presidency in 20+ years. He defended “romney care” and it worked in MA and was wanted by the electorate. He defended his actions at Bain, and Bain’s purpose was to make money for their investors by saving troubled companies. They did this so successfully that Romney became a multi millionaire.
    For those of you who didn’t vote for Romney or against Obama because Romney was not conservative enough or not Christian enough, you have only yourself to blame.
    You got what you allowed to happen.

  • Anonymous

    Amen, brother!

  • Pablo Descartes

    Rand Paul 2016!

    chrispy creme will send me to vote third party. I’ve had it with rino’s,, I mean what I say.

  • Robbie Kribell

    I am with Alex on this one! We have got to stop being our own worst enemies or the liberals will continue to win!! Is that what you want? Like Lincoln said, a house divided will not stand and that is what the Republican party is coming to. No one ever gets everything they want in a single candidate, but for Glenn to say this is crazy. The strict conservatives or moderate conservatives (which I am) will go down all together. Good job everyone!

  • MarsBarsTru7


    To Beck and others who are feeling this frustration: Do not stay home. Don’t abdicate your right to vote. Start write-in vote campaigns. Start looking at candidates that are neither Republican nor Democrat. Start being more active in Republican primaries. Be active. Be vigilant. But don’t give up!

  • Anonymous

    Governor Christie is conservative, but not doctrinaire. I am conservative, but not doctrinaire. I was born in 1935 and moved to NJ in 1942, obviously not a voter yet. I voted for Kennedy in 1960, my first presidential election (the voting age was 21, and I was born in September). I was a supporter of Eisenhower, but thought NIxon would do the wrong thing in SE Asia (I was still on active duty at the time) and Kennedy would do nothing. Boy! Was I wrong.

    I voted for Goldwater in ’64, I was not fully in favor of his platform but was in full agreement with his principles. My friend and classmate, Tom Kean, cleaned up a lot of the baggage from his Democrat predecessors – but was a bit left of me. NJ has been on the edge of the spectrum for many years, but trending left. Christie has moved us back to the right in practical things, but inherited the ruinous policies of both the democrat legislature and Corzine and our “gay American”.

    The key to moving forward is to be effective – the phrase “a choice between two evils” is foolish. If you choose neither then you have allowed others to choose. The lesser of two evils is better than the greater – and if you look at it carefully you may find that that “lesser” isn’t really an evil – it is a practical attempt to regain some control for a basic philosophy of governance (notice, I don’t say government – governance is a principle that may be central or anarchic, or anywhere in between).

    Most on this forum, and Glenn as well, take a narrow view of conservatism. Most you, again including Glenn, take a religeous view – and specifically a Christian one – of morality. I happen to agree with your morality, but not its origin. I respect your view of the origin, and agree with the result

    I would rather have Governor Christie as President than Hillary Clinton, and I’d also rather have him as President than some who are called far right – but only as he might be more effective reversing the move to the left that is ingrained in the bureaurocracy. The object is to reverse the trend of the last hundred years toward central government – and to reverse the Marbury/Madison by Marshall Supreme Court decision (1804, or thereabouts) that improperly gave the Supreme Court excess power not in the Constitution.

    Christie is an advocate of the rights of the states, and as governor of a state he properly uses his position for the benefit of his state. Were he President his client would be the people of the United States, but also the peoples of the various states.

    Personally my man for 2016 is one no one notices, John Thune, Senator from (I never remember . Montana, Wyoming, or a Dakota). He isn’t running, as of now. Articulate, conservative, practical, and attractive as an opposite to Obama. I think he could win. The Reagan moment – there you go again. He has that poise that could impress the public and defeat the talking point people. And, more importantly, I think he would make a good President. Christie would make a good President also, but he has baggage with the right that might make some sit on their hands. They are wrong about him, I’ve met him here in our state and know the good he has done for it, but I’ll never convince the rest of you. There is no way you can understand the improvements in our state “civil servants” and processes that I have to deal with. Christie has greatly improved our state by working across the aisle – he has to work that way as the aisle is heavily weighted to the left.

    I don’t expect you to support Christie, and in fact I’ll probably not choose him in the primaries should I see a better candidate. But were he to get the nomination I’d call for you all to get out the vote. He is not a clone of the Progressives under a different name – he is a true conservative who is not doctrinaire on specifics.

  • Superman69

    I am among those who will not vote for another RINO in the next election. The Republican Party needs to stop doing this. We obviously don’t need another RINO if we want to win the election. Chris Christie is a RINO. Like in baseball, strike 1, strike 2, strike 3, you’re out. We just had 2 elections in which we nominated 2 RINOs. They both lost in landslides. If the party does it again, that’s it! I’ll vote, but not for him. I’ll vote for a 3rd party candidate, likely Constitution Party. If Christie is gonna lose anyway, then he doesn’t need my vote.

  • Brittany

    Thank you!! Please please keep preaching that! I voted LIB in the last election and I got blamed my many people for Obama getting in office. “If you had just voted for Romney Obama wouldn’t be in” That is BULL. I voted my conscience. I voted for what I believe in. If you had asked most people that said that to me detailed questions, they agree with the Libertarians way more than the Republicans, so THEY are the wrong ones. I will never ever ever vote for someone I do not believe in. Please keep preaching that. Vote for what you believe in–not to keep someone else out of office. I agree with you: Hilary is what we deserve if we cannot get it together by 2016–after this crap with ACA rolls out.

  • lotyuy

    Creeping communism is indoctrination, voting for rinos is creeping communism. If the American people have this ‘progress’ ie-communism overnight they will recoil in horror. I will never vote for another McCain so long as I live. You keep voting rhino and that’s what you’ll get- creeping tyranny. If Americans don’t get smart than they will get the communism they espouse to love and they will starve for it. I will survive, they won’t. No one is going to wake up so long as they are cozy and unaffected. Everyone I know goes to great lengths to maintain the idea that “Everything’s O.K.”, and/or deny the truth. These past 6 years have really opened my eyes to just how ignorant your average voter is about history.

  • Yami Shogun

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=15lLlz9uftA Glen Beck should vote anonymous. This is the solution that will bring Humanity together across party lines. A plan the rich and poor will benefit. the solution no one has ever considered and makes perfect sense!

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