New Jersey governor Chris Christie enjoyed a landslide victory over his Democratic challenger, Barbara Buono, is last week’s gubernatorial election, and he has since embarked on a media blitz that feels a lot like a setup for a 2016 presidential run. On Sunday, Christie sat down with Fox News’ Chris Wallace for a “lightning round” of questions that sought to gage his position on a series of political issues Wallace said are important to conservatives.

From immigration reform to gun control, Christie offered his opinions on a wide range of issues. And upon hearing his answers, Glenn made a strong promise: “I will not vote for another Republican like Chris Christie or Mitt Romney [in 2016].”

While Christie was quick to promise that all his efforts are focused on New Jersey, Wallace pointed out that if he were to run for President, Christie would first have to get through the Republican primary, “and the knock against you, which you know is from some parts of the party, is that you are not conservative enough.”

WALLACE: First of all do you still favor comprehensive immigration reform, including a path to citizenship?

CHRISTIE: Well Chris, what I favor is fixing the broken system —

“Well, that’s what I’m for too. That’s why they say it. Progressives treat you like a moron. They want you to hear the sound bite and they believe that’s all Americans hear, and maybe they’re right, you won’t go any further beyond,” Glenn said. “[But] you cannot deal with the complex issues of our lifetime in sound bites. Hey, 2030, the singularity, there will be no death. I’m for, you know, no death. Click. Hold it just a second. What was the singularity thing? You cannot deal with the complex issues of our age in sound bites. But progressives want to treat you like a moron because they believe you’re a moron.”

When it comes to gun control, Christie offered another sound bite-worthy answer.

WALLACE: You also support some gun controls. Why?

CHRISTIE: Well Chris, listen. When you look at what we’ve done in New Jersey, we want to control violence and some of that may involve firearms but a lot of it doesn’t. In fact, my focus has been on making sure that mental health is done in a much more aggressive way in New Jersey. Every time we see one of these incidents happen across our country, it is almost exclusively with a deeply disturbed person at the helm and what we need to do is be much more aggressive about how we deal with mental health issues in this country, so I’m for violence control.

“I’m for violence control?! The Republicans think they are going to run him. I don’t think the Republicans will run him. He has too many skeletons in the closet. I think he has too many skeletons in the closet,” Glenn said. “I have to tell you, I mean, again everybody’s looking at this all wrong. Things have already changed but not enough people have caught up to it yet. By 2016 the whole world is different… You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. It’s out. It’s over. So now you can either stand on principles and a big vision that actually revolves around the Constitution. Or you will lose.”

“Never before in my life have I said this. I just voted at a stupid local election. I mean, jeez, for the love of Pete, I vote,” he continued. “I will not vote for another Republican like Chris Christie or Mitt Romney. I will not vote. I will skip it. I will not cast my vote for that.”

Stu promised to hold Glenn’s feet to the fire in 2016, should a Chris Christie or Mitt Romney type receive the Republican nomination. “I’m pulling the calendar out right now,” Stu said. “And I’m going to put a 2016 date on the reminder.”

“You know what? I want you to chastise me. I want you to play this,” Glenn demanded. “Let me talk to future Glenn. Let me look right into the camera.”

What was his message to his future self?

Glenn, don’t do it. Don’t do it. They have fooled you again. They have played all those games again. And if you’re thinking right now, “Well, but the other person…” It doesn’t matter! Stop selling your values out! Stop it right now.

“You play that for me, if I change my mind in 2015,” Glenn said. “I urge everyone in this audience – you remind [me]. If I start going down that road, you remind [me] and you chastise me. Don’t do it.”

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