You won’t believe the deadly game being played by teenagers

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Now, the last few weeks, we’ve been kind of drifting into a new direction on trying to find people who see the world in a different way and then can equip you to deal with what’s coming.  Yesterday, we had Mike Rowe back on the program.  He is leading Americans in the right direction, encouraging people to forge their own path, embracing the idea that yes, hard work, hard work makes a difference, and if you work hard first, you will reap rewards later, the once-valued concept of merit and earning something that has been lost.

America is now the exact opposite.  People come out of college.  They think they deserve a high-paying job, a corner office, a big home, fancy car.  I mean, you know, when my kids were trying to find a house, they couldn’t understand well, wait a minute, but I want to have a nice house.  Well, yeah, so did your mom and I when we were starting out.  We didn’t have one.  We had to work a long time, and my parents’ generation, they worked their whole lives to be able to have a house.

That is kind of lost now.  The mindset of I want it now is why we have a stagnant economy filled with entitlement, not entrepreneurs.  Instead of the Greatest Generation, we now have the self-described I am the greatest generation.  Our grandparents and our great-grandparents didn’t come up with that title themselves.  In fact, I think they would have shunned it.  They were busy earning that title.

Today, many people in America don’t try because they’re constantly told you can’t make it, you’ll never make it, don’t, that’s a stupid idea, why, you’ll never succeed.  Michael Moore tells people this in his movies.  Even the president says that, even though both of them have managed to become wildly successful.  Yet, for some reason they say to everybody else you can’t.

People are also told that they are awesome, and they deserve the very best.  You’re not going to be able to make it on your own, but you deserve the very best, so vote for me, and I’ll be the person who gives it to you.  The problems that we have in this country are so overwhelming that many people just say, “I’m just going to give up.”

I was having dinner last week with a friend of mine, really a just wonderful couple that has raised remarkable children.  And he said to me, “Glenn, you know what, I’m just to the point where I’m just like, I’m just going to take care of my family.”  Yes, bingo!  That’s how you right the ship.  It all starts at home.

Farming out parenting to teachers, farming out morals or whatever to TV just doesn’t work.  We’ve tried all of that, and look where it got us.  Do you remember the good old days when billboard ads were for bread or soda or something?  In Detroit, this is now a billboard, “Thou shall not kill.”  Hey, everybody, let’s not kill everybody, okay?  That’s amazing.

There’s a new game out now that’s popular among teens.  It’s called “knockout,” and believe it or not, it’s worse than it sounds.  A group of teens walk around and pick out a person walking alone, and they just try to knock them out with one punch.  Who can do it next?  There’s also been a rash of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn, including another one last night.  It’s believed to be a version of knockout called “knockout the Jew,” where teens go around, and they look for Jewish people.  And when they find them, they knock them out.

So what’s happened to us?  How did we get here?  Well, it is the product of all of us who think that we could have it all, and so we were apathetic or absent parents.  Or we are parents that are so overwhelmed, and we believe the lie that gee, the experts know better, so I’m going to listen to them.  Or we’ve allowed the virtual world to invade our home and churn out thugs with no sense of humanity.  And it’s only going to get worse.

And then of course there’s the schools.  Common Core is now helping further destroy education, which is not going to make things better.  I don’t know if you read on TheBlaze today, they are now dropping cursive writing because, you know, cursive writing, there’s nothing important at all to read that has been written in cursive.  I mean, why would you put anything in cursive writing if it’s really important?

Oh, how are our kids going to be able to read your words?  How are your kids going to be able to read the founders’ words?  Well, we live in a digital age.  We shared this story on our Facebook page.  We’d like you to tell us what you think about it.  We think it’s extraordinarily dangerous.

I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t need any help figuring out the iPad and the computer.  If anybody needs to do that, it would be me, not them.  They’re addicted to it like crack, and they figure out how to use it themselves.  They don’t need help with the digital age.  They live it.

But more importantly, there’s a new study out that shows that kids who use computers frequently or have access to computers in their room, increased anxiety and stress is a big part of their life.  Why?  Because they’re being raised in a virtual world and missing out on the real one all around them.  They’re empty inside, and they know it.

Now, at least one Florida mom gets it.  Another story today, she was quite upset when her son made the honor roll.  You’d say well, that doesn’t make sense.  Well, the honor roll is apparently three A’s, a C, and a D.  She was “furious and appalled” that he was rewarded for the C and the D.  She had punished him in order to teach him, but the school gave him a little gift and said you’re exceptional.  You go girl or boy, whichever you choose to be today, but you know, who are we to judge?  And they rewarded him.  For what, mediocrity?  Three A’s, a C, and a D, that’s the honor roll?

We shelter them from the real world, allow them to live in a virtual world with no consequences, but when they get into the real world, I don’t know about you, but if I have people who are working here, and they get three A’s, a C, and a D, if they get that the next quarter, they’re not going to be working here.  If I get that, you’re not going to be watching.

We have to teach our children the truth.  We have to teach our children right and wrong, and to continue to prop up D students and stamp them as honor roll material, you can expect the I am generation failure to continue.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The final, fundamental transformation of our society, and our culture: breed a legacy of despair, despondency, and hopelessness in the generation coming up, and in the one to follow.

    Break down the culture to where nothing remains, especially of the family, and the government can come in and rebuild the society into a communist nightmare.

  • Lisa Jones

    Our children’s children won’t even be able to read our Constitution….if it’s still here! :(

  • Guest

    Knockout is a game played by blacks. Not by ‘Teens’

    • guest

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Someone should knock you out for saying such an ignorant thing. A black teen is the same as a white teen here in America. As in both are our teens. Doesn’t matter what race these crimes are committed by or against, this is a big problem with our youth. And people who shrug it off and disconnect with that reality over race is part of the problem as well.

      • Bill

        Agreed that race shouldn’t matter in this situation. But your blindness regarding racism toward white people is almost as shocking as your comment that someone should be knocked out for stating their opinion. Black and white teens (or people of any age, for that matter) are not equal in this country. Just one example; the “N” word. Careers go down in flames when it’s used, yet words like “Whitey”, “Honkey” and “Cracker” are OK to use. If a black man is attacked in a white neighborhood, it’s a hate crime. If a white man is attacked in a black neighborhood, it’s “common sense” that he shouldn’t have been there, suggesting that it was deserved. These are the perceptions we have. Until those perceptions change, nothing else will.

        • Watch it

          Well said. You see it clearly.

        • Graham Keith

          Jut the fact that you deny there is problem means you yourself are racist.

        • Mrs. Foggybottom

          Race does play a part in this if the majority of the “game players” are in fact black….it’s not being racist it’s stating a fucking fact.

          • Bill

            I never denied that a problem exists, I am merely trying to point out that racism is a major problem that leads to other major problems because we can’t mature enough to mature past our racist tendencies. Race does play a part, but my point is that it shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s black-on-white, white-on-black, or any other scenario, it’s still wrong. When people of any race can’t control themselves and need to resort to violence to express themselves, we ALL have a problem. It tells me that we as a society are unable to grow mentally and emotionally past the point of the average grade school child who knows no better than to settle issues on the playground with his fists. Violence also occurs because of things not connected with racism (money, gender, religion, politics, sexual orientation), and I abhor it just as much regardless of the motivation behind it. Especially when it’s committed against random innocent strangers-that’s a sign of mental illness. Part of the real world? Yes. Can we change it? Not if we just throw up our hands and say “Oh well – it’s just how it is!”

      • Nina Barber

        I’m not sure if you are blind, if you are black or if you are just plain close-minded. I agree that we should all be equal but this game is a game that blacks play not white’s. And it’s 99% white’s that are attacked. Pay attention or wake up, whatever the case may be.

      • Feet2Fire

        You don’t know what you are talking about, and your discourse is nearly unintelligible. Educate yourself about the FACTS instead of saying “someone should knock you out.” The fact you posted as GUEST speaks for itself. DOLT.

        • Graham Keith

          The fact that you re denying or are just plain ignorant of the facts means you yourself are a DOLT. Most real adults don’t resort to name calling to prove a point.

          • Feet2Fire

            Well, folks, now we know who the knockout-aficionado GUEST is.

    • Feet2Fire


  • Mandy Richmond

    Check out the webpage for wric channel 8 in Richmond Virginia. They posted a story today about a woman who was upset at the school because her middle school student made honor roll. The problem? The kids had Cs and Ds on his report card. The principal defended it saying that it was a weighted GPA which meant that theoretically a student could have an F and still get honor roll if they had an A in another class. The lowering of the bar is not helping anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Couldn’t agree with you more. But once you have taught kids to abandon reason and just do what they are told, there is no hope. And this is the message that they get in school. And it is certainly the message that ALL religions teach. The only right and wrong in religion is what you read in an ancient text, cobbled together from multiple authors. There is NO right and wrong there is just what the Bible, Koran, etc, say is right and wrong. And you learn this from your peers and your religious leaders.
    So when you start hanging around peers with a different message you have no foundation of reason upon which to build a stability of morality, so you believe what your new peers tell you. Acceptance by one’s peers becomes the foundation of your new, ‘religion.’

    • Ray

      The bible dont tell us to just believe everything our peers tell us, in fact you are 100 percent wrong, it does tell us to question what we are told, and the only right and wrong is in the bible, if people followed these simple rules we wouldnt need other laws at all, there would be no murder or rape or theft……… so therefore,,,,,,, there wouldnt even be any war….. but i guess maybe you are a follower and do as people say without researching for yourself, thats how our country is today.


      Our Religion teaches FREE AGENCY, what our God has given us, the right to choose good or evil. Apparently you don’t know ALL religions.

    • Feet2Fire

      The Bible is a tried-and-true exemplar of what is right and what is wrong. And if parents and society were instilling BIBLICAL PRECEPTS of right and wrong in youth, these violent crimes would not be happening. Don’t you find it a bit ironic that, instead of the PARENTS, CHURCH, and BIBLE teaching Detroit kids “THOU SHALT NOT KILL,” a BILLBOARD is trying to do so??!!

  • Kerry Shannon

    What you’re missing is that most of these attacks are Hate Crimes committed by Blacks against Whites. These same kinds of attacks occurred 100 years ago in the deep south against Blacks. Until people realize there is a deep hatred of Whites in our culture and an acceptance of Black on White hate crimes, this will continue and get worse. Given the fact our President says Whites are not protected under Hate Crime Laws is indicative of how engrained this racism is.

    • Anonymous

      another whacko

      • Anonymous

        You must be the queer cowboy.

      • Feet2Fire


    • Mrs. Foggybottom

      Didn’t you know apparently blacks can’t be racist or commit hate crimes against whites because we’re so racist ourselves….or at least that’s what I hear many black people say. Pretty stupid.

  • John

    Glenn, I’m surprised you didn’t seem to pick up on the fact that this is a racial game played by blacks, young males of all ages not just teens. They target non-blacks mostly caucasians. Almost every African American teen I know is well aware of the fact that it’s something that blacks do to white people.

    • guest

      Since when are black teens not considered American teens? White or black they’re both the same. Our youth as a whole is the problem here, not ‘blacks’.

      • Alex Minnesota Tenorio Ŧ

        “Not just teens” – would have been different if he had said “not teens”. So learn to read. And you know what, statistics favor stereotypes and that has to be taken into account. A trend is different then a generalization.

      • Watch it

        No one said they weren’t.

    • Feet2Fire

      Correct. Glenn seems to be “behind the times” on this societal phenomenon. If he had been dropping by WND.COM occasionally over the past several years, he would be more aware of what’s going on. Colin Flaherty’s writing, particularly his book White Girl Bleed A Lot: the Return of Racial Violence to America, delves into this deplorable trend. Get with it, Glenn. And please don’t trivialize a shocking, horrible societal trend like this, where people are being seriously injured and/or killed, and lump it in with more trivial dilemmas like kids being more conversant with computers than cursive writing. APPLES AND ORANGES.

      P.S. Amazon has Flaherty’s book with many reader reviews, for anyone interested; and many articles by Flaherty are on (No commercial interest on part of this poster.)

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    why isnt this being called hate crimes ,if they are really so tough tell them to go play knockout the Tongan or knock out the Samoan,lets see how tough these pussies are then

    • Anonymous

      You’re only furthering the problem with that attitude. Our society needs to teach correct behavior. Knocking them out back may stop the attacks, but it doesn’t change the thought process, the ideas, and the attitude.

      Just look at our justice system for proof…

  • Todd Clemmer

    The game is played by black urbanites. Even Beck is too afraid of the race-card. That’s how powerful it really is. That’s how “Barack Obama” got in and how he continues to destroy us inside and out.

    • Watch it

      To add fuel to the fire he appointed Eric Holder, another racist to a position where damage can really be done and the black on white hate crimes are ignored.

  • patricia hall

    Unbelievable! More and more day by day I become more and more ashamed of our leaders! I am a very proud American, but only because of the principles that yhis country was founded on! We as parents need to right the wrongs these idiots are trying to instill in our children! Thank yhe good Lord above VA hasnt adopted the common core!

  • V the K

    Throughout history, there have been three keys to avoiding poverty: 1. Get an education. 2. Delay childbirth until after marriage. 3. Remain married.

    That the left has systemically destroyed the education system and the institution of marriage while encouraging promiscuity is not a coincidence; it is their goal to impoverish people.

    • Watch it

      That is how one changes and prepares a society to install Socialism or Communism. That is what Obama really meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally change America”. Too many people believed it because they were caught up in his personality.

    • T funk

      Rules for Radicals

  • Jenny

    About 2 years ago I “unplugged” my two boys. We don’t have internet in our home. Basic cable only, and they just earned the PRIVILEGE of having a cell phone and they are 15 and 16. And they are well aware that their privileges can be revoked for any unacceptable behavior. Teachers are dumbfounded to learn this and I have actually been told that I should rethink this “radical” ideology. My response is how is it radical when every generation before my teens lived and thrived without internet. And the icing on the cake is there was less violence and more morals and respect. I am often complimented for my boys holding doors open and saying sir and ma’am, but to me that is not commendable, that is how they should be. I have a gaggle of children (because yes, teenage kids are still children and need guidance) who “hang out” at my house and they have told their parents about my parenting style, and many have asked me how to do it. I said easy, you “unplug” your children from electronics and then “plug in” yourself to their lives…. but ultimately I have just embraced a simpler time when family was a single unit and parents acted like parents and children acted like children!

    • Alison Sutherland Quinn

      My children are straight A students, they are very polite, they play musical instruments, they are involved in sports, and both are on track for college. They are art lovers and often get involved with their father building creative items in his workshop. They love gaming, and so do I. Oh well, there goes your theory! As my dear ol’ mom used to say, “Everything in moderation.” You just have to set limits or your kids are going to go NUTS when they leave your jurisdiction and enter the world where gaming is just a part of life. Of course, I respect your role as parent and would never presume to know what is best for your children, so please do not make assumptions about mine because they like to engage in technology and virtual reality. Thanks and have a good one. :)

      • Jenny

        My boys go on the internet but its either at school or at the library where they are restricted by time, they have gaming systems but there are time limits on that too. I’m not putting them in a bubble by any means, but what they like is a privilege, not a right, and that is what Glen is saying, kids are growing up with a sense of entitlement. This is creating an environment of of stress and anxiety because children want what they want and they want it now. My children earn privileges by doing good and earning it. If more children learned to earn what they want then they would have a better grounding and they would respect what they get instead of demanding more and expecting instant gratification. If parents took more time to talk to their kids, sit around a table to eat and hold a pertinent conversation kids would be less socially awkward.

        • Watch it

          I agree. There have been articles written about how kids that spend a lot of time on the web, gaming, etc are not developing normal social skills like kids did before all this technology. The idea of this combined with the new Common Core being forced on us gives me a great foreboding of what the future will be for our society.

      • Bryant Hamman

        Gaming is NOT a part of life.

        • Robert

          Oh, contraire! Whether it is chess, Assassin’s Creed, or tag, games are a part of life for many; In well-rounded people, they should be. The act of stretching the creativity of the mind through an activity that is purely abstract, logical, or a mixture of both is invaluable. That is undeniable. Note, I said “WELL-ROUNDED.” This implies that the person, adult or child, is also engaging in other activities, such as work and the increase of knowledge. Gaming IS a part of life, and it can be a beneficial one, especially as a social encounter. One must exercise all aspects of the body, including those of the mind, lest they atrophy.
          If you think that modern gaming is somehow worse than ‘classical’ gaming, let me remind you that some of the classical games, such as wrestling/grappling, combat fencing, and even football may promote a certain level of physical violence. Is that a bad thing? No! Not in and of itself. These physical activities can be beneficial as an outlet, and so can the more abstract ones.

          • Alex Minnesota Tenorio Ŧ

            Yeah except neurologically video games don’t “stretch the mind” or create anything much really. Aside from improvement of motor skills and coordination, video games don’t do anything else for you. Rather create pre-determined scenarios and guide you through it, you really don’t have to think for yourself. And no don’t even put chess and Assasin’s Creed in the same category of “games” because they are not.

            Here is the problem with your theory, football just like modern warfare both considered violent. Football gives you a REAL LIFE OUTLET. MW does not. I’m not saying playing video games creates a psycho shooter, more factors play into it. But you require so much more brain power playing a game of football (you kinda have to think for yourself) vs moving your thumb and pressing a trigger button.

          • Johnny

            The shooting and killing video games desensitize youth to extreme violence and death. They develop a sociopathic response to gore which would shock and terrify a normal person. The military uses video to elicit much the same response in new recruits training for battle. Many young gang-bangers have no empathy or remorse at all.

          • Colin

            Alex, I just wanted to say that I get where you are coming from, however, shooter games require just as much brain power as football games. I would know because I am a 17 year old who enjoys playing football and shooter games. I’m going to assume that you do not play much video games, and if you do my bad, because in those shooter games, a good bit of strategy and thinking goes into them. Just like in football games. But I get where you are coming from, I just wanted to address the issue that shoot em up video games involve no actual in depth thinking. Also for Watch it beneath me, you can play online, which would make you play in a person to person experience. I’ve made quite a few good friends playing video games through the internet.

          • Zy’kritch Kal’dyrtus

            .. I’d rather say that depends on the game. Not all fps games are the same. They’re not all CoD. Some of them actually have a measure of complexity involved that extends well beyond ‘point and click’ .. or ‘listen for footsteps’.

          • Alex

            So in football you arent on a field that is already laid out for you? You are not already assigned a spot where you need to go? Video games require just as much brain power if not more than football. If they did not require any brain power then everyone would be able to play them perfectly from the start. There are many worldwide tournaments in video where they compete for the title of world champion. For First Person Shooters the best players are those who think ahead, predict their enemies movements, have a fast reaction time, and a steady hand. Many strategy games such as League of Legends, require quick thinking, cooperation with your teammates, and thinking ahead of your opponents. Watching TV is what does not require brain power.

          • Zy’kritch Kal’dyrtus

            I would definitely contest that comment. I’m 19 years old, turning 20 within the year.. and gaming has done plenty more for me than one who -doesn’t- game might suggest.

            I’ve been actively playing online games since I was 8 years old.. in each and every one of them I strived to beat all competition I found, and more often than not.. I did. I consistently tried to bring myself to a level that was on par with if not above what would be considered ‘professional’ .. and in almost every new gaming scene I chose to join, I found myself becoming a teacher to others; time and time again I would research, strategize, practice and excel, and sooner or later I would teach.

            This process is one I’ve gone through countless times, and each time I’ve learned to become better at it, and even applied it to various aspects of life. There is a lot of strategy, a lot of “outplaying” and a lot of predetermination to be done when it comes to competitive gaming. Persistence and hard work come hand in hand with success in this aspect. There’s innovation, there’s absolutely -constant- thinking outside of the box if you want to stand out among a crowd of millions of other players.. and there’s constant formal activity if at all you seek to plead improvements or changes to the game or how it works.

            Don’t get me wrong.. there -are- bad, foul.. and wasteful things on the internet.. I’m well aware of that; but there are good sides to the internet as well. Raise your children with high morals and standards, and when it counts (or when they further mature) they -will- remember them.. and they should take application. I’ve lived in a ‘shell’ so to speak when it comes to physical contact and socialization with people in person all of my life.. and it was something I did by choice.

            Why? .. Because I was -aware- of what society had become.. I was -aware- of the absolute moral-lacking, selfish and immature corruption of youth today.. and I didn’t want to be a part of it. I didn’t want to befriend people that I couldn’t trust, or that I couldn’t have a real, meaningful or serious conversation with because it was “too boring” for them. I chose to stay on the internet because I built relationships there as well. With technology today, voice, video chat and more it’s not difficult to socialize in a manner that the people involved might as well be side by side in the same room.. but more so than that? .. Socialization progresses 10x faster over the internet than in person, not only because it is constantly during free time, without the ‘drive’ there and/or back.. but it can be done during other hours as well. Technology is everywhere, as are the very many portals by which you can find your means to communicate with someone you care for. I’ve had some of the most deep, meaningful, memorable and intellectual conversations of my life through the net.. and I would give my life to save some of the many people I’ve befriended over the years here.

            My choices here have shaped me for the better, not harmed me. If I had been raised without morals and high standards given to me by my parents? .. Perhaps things would have been otherwise.. but give them the grounds they need for good/right guidance and keep a close eye (not too close) .. and I can promise you.. there is more than just ‘bad’ to be found from the virtual world. I, for one.. have lived that life, and know it well.

          • Watch it

            Yes, but in the physical activities you referred to there is a person to person experience, not so in gaming where it is you against the machine.

      • Anonymous

        A theory is not destroyed by one person’s anomaly. Statistics show that the digital age IS changing societal norms–and not for the better. And yes! I DO work in the IT area.

        And your idea about going “NUTS” is illogical. Why? Because the technology exists. Learning to be as independent from something as possible is not the same as not knowing about. You’re rationalizing your position because of the enjoyment you get from it. Stanford University has done research on this topic. At least I think it was Stanford. Do a search on it; you’ll find it.

      • Watch it

        Do you allow your kids to have unlimited, unsupervised web access where surfing exposes them to the latest violent behavior trends? If your kids are A students, they must be spending time studying, and since they play musical instruments they must spend lots of time practicing, same for the sports. They can’t be spending much if any time on the web.

      • Watch it

        I have seen kids who have had limits set who “go nuts” anyway when they leave the nest. Your situation seems to be more the exception than the rule.

  • Brandi Nelson

    Don’t turn this in to a race war.. Its seems to be played by stupid people who don’t care who they hurt. If parents don’t take care of the problem before it starts then we will have more punks out there. I seriously don’t see how anyone could do this type of crap, but it happens. Which is so sad, that these kids are so lost.
    My kids ever do anything remotely like this and there will be hell to pay. Not to mention possible jail time.
    Now do I think because our kids don’t learn cursive writing that they will become punks. Hell no. Why is cursive so important? We really don’t use it. I have never really used it. So please don’t make a big deal about cursive writing.

    • Its me, Bruce

      When the kids come across a stash of gramma and grandpas old letters, they won’t have a clue what is in them, not to mention centuries of hand written documents. Just sayin’.

  • Take Detour

    Because I profile, this wouldn’t happen to me. I would not continue walking towards a group of blacks. I surely wouldn’t let them get close to me.

  • Kenneth

    I think that the point that Glen is trying to make is not that the knockout game is a black v.s. white thing but that it is a lack of responsibility on the parents part, and he followed that point up with the woman in Florida. Growing up if my parents ever saw me being disrespectful to anyone, my ass was grass. At the time i thought that it was unfair and that i was being picked on, but in reality i was being taught morals. I look around and morals and ethics are things that no one pays attention to anymore. Even within my own extended family I see a lack of responsibility in the youth. You can say what you want about this being a black on white hate crime but the real problem is a lack of respect, ethics, and morality.

    • Feet2Fire

      Quote: “…the real problem is a lack of respect, ethics, and morality.”
      Yes, those things are at play, but in the case of the “KNOCKOUT” game, those problems are coupled with a victim mentality that says “Whitey did Such & Such to me (or my ancestors) (and therefore I’m justified in brutalizing Whitey)”… Look at the statistics. Even white kids suffering from poor parenting, thus lacking respect for others and deprived of training in ethics or morality, are generally NOT going out and brutalizing other people (of any color).

  • Gene

    Black on White Crime… Black people have become so self entitled in this country and how we politically correct every damn thing just so we don’t offend them they somehow feel they still have something to free themselves from. Look, maybe your parents back in the 60’s experienced segregation, couldn’t drink from the same water fountains, eat at the same restaurants etc but even they were free. Things have changed and these kids born in the 90’s have NO excuse for acting like they need to strike revenge on some white person for what was done to their ancestors. We need to stop allowing this type of thinking in this culture and call these racists bastards by what they truly are. Racists who need to be put away for hate crimes just like they would want for some skin head who did the same!
    My best friend growing up (black and we were born in 69/70) had a huge issue with whites (I’m white) because of the stories his Dad used to tell him of how things were when he was little and from watching Roots every year. These feelings weren’t from things that actually happened to him. Our media needs to understand the impact they have on kids and how the form the hatreds that may last with some a lifetime. Our society seems to feel it’s so important to remember… Maybe some things are best left in the past. Treat everyone based on how they treat you. If I have an issue with a black person or any other race you can bet it’s because of something YOU did not because of something someone of the same race did 100 years ago!

    • Feet2Fire

      Quote: “Our media needs to understand the impact they have on kids…”

      Oh, they understand, all right. They know ALL TOO WELL the impact their skewed, dishonest “reporting” has on ALL of us. Don’t kid yourself.

    • Watch it

      Unfortunately when we have media companies like MSNBC who have people like Al Sharpton promoting racial bias and venom, especially such blatant anti-white rhetoric it is hard to make any headway in racial relations.

  • Santos Manuel Torres

    The desensitization of our youth via violent video games and meaningless parent-child relationships are the cause of the corroded society. Parents need to take control of their children, not give it away, regardless of what the schools, liberal media, and our own children say.

    • Gene

      Back in the 80’s I knew a black woman and her brothers who on martin luther king day would go out with the intent of beating up as many white people as they could. These were black people at that time who were in their late 20’s early thirties. It’s not a new concept and our government and media have a huge roll to play in keeping going the pity party black people seem to enjoy!

  • DMG

    AMEN GLENN!!!!! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DMG

    My daughter at this moment is at the Library learning how to look up information for a paper using actual books. I home school my daughter and she wants to learn cursive writing. She was upset when the subject got pulled even from the home school curriculum but I reassured her that I have every intention of teaching her. P.E has been pulled from the schools as well, but as she is home schooled I keep her very active and she is on two competitive cheer teams and is at the gym 5 days a weeks.

    As for the “knock out” game… I would have beaten my boys and then hauled them into the police station myself if they had every taken part in something like this. Luckily for me I have raised my boys to be gentlemen in every way. They open doors for others, especially women. They say please and thank you as well as yes sir and no sir (or ma’am). I taught them to treat others as they want to be treated. One son ( age 24) is a music major in college, the other (age,21) is looking to get into welding until he decides what really holds his passion. My daughter wants to be a vet and work with animals, and she also loves to cook (she is 10 yrs old). I hope they throw the book at these “little” boys when they catch them. This needs to be nipped in the bud with harsh punishments.

  • Vernez Gonzalez

    What will happen when they pick on the wrong person and get the crap kicked out of them?

    • Watch it

      That has happened. I read of a couple cases where they picked on the “wrong guy” and they got shot/stabbed because “wrong guy” was armed to defend himself.

  • mario

    Did anybody relize they are mostly black kids in these videos?

  • Christine Brock

    In a frank discussion with my friend (a black man) about race one day, I confessed that I was afraid of black men, especially young, black men hanging in a group. I asked him if that made me a racist. He looked at me incredulously and said, “Hell No. I am afraid of young, black men in a group!”

  • MineHeaD

    3 A’s a C and a D is a B average you idiot. that qualifies as Honor Roll in any school the world over.

    • Penny Graham Blair

      When I was in school, and at my kids school today, EACH GRADE must be an A or a B to be on Honor Roll – it is not your GPA that gets you on Honor Roll.

    • Iceraa

      No, to get onto any award or rolls doesn’t need a average B it needs straight A’s or straight B’s. at least not in Canada

    • Iceraa

      No, to get onto any award or rolls doesn’t need a average B it needs straight A’s or straight B’s. at least not in Canada

  • marisa

    Political correctness and liberalism. This country has gone to shit because we do not punish our children. Quit being their friends be the parents. Smack them around you will not get in trouble. Common core teaches not to strive to be good. This govt is trying to dumb America.

  • Lisa Sellinger

    Glenn is so right! It has amazed me for a long time, that people listen
    to all of these successful people (i.e; movie stars, the president, and
    a lot of talk radio/news reporters) that tell people that the deck is
    stacked against them and that “people can’t make it”. I have always
    felt that these people were given a platform and they owe it to society
    to encourage others to go after their dreams. After all, THEY certainly
    know that you do not achieve success with victim thinking. How do
    these people with amazing success stand before others and promote a
    victim mentality? That really is the problem. Also, the people with
    true health problems and disabilities; I believe society WANTS to lift
    up and help….but the 21 year who doesn’t want to work, because Taco
    Bell isn’t his dream job…is NOT the person who needs food stamps or unemployment. He or she needs to eat ramon noodles for a few weeks, cut back on pot, and get to work.

  • Lisa Sellinger

    As far as Knockout goes…It’s awful.

  • Laura martinez

    Teens blacks or w hites, both playng knock out are both acting plain stupid. With the video showing knocking out people only confirms they lack common sense.

  • Don Sebold

    Bullets are colorblind

  • Steph Curry

    cursive is defunct…

  • Randall Sisk

    When it happens in front of someone who does something about it …. it will be justified.

  • Feet2Fire

    Glenn asked: “So what’s happened to us? How did we get here?”

    Glenn, Glenn, Glenn…
    Where have you been?

    You seem to be “behind the times” on this horrendous, ugly societal phenomenon called “KNOCKOUT.” If you had been dropping by WND.COM occasionally over the past several years, you would be more aware of what’s going on. Colin Flaherty’s writing, particularly his book White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America, delves into this deplorable trend.

    Get with it, Glenn. And please don’t trivialize a shocking, horrible societal trend like this, where people are being seriously injured and/or killed, and lump it in with more trivial dilemmas like kids being more conversant with computers than cursive writing. DUH…

    P.S. HOW did we get here? It’s called relentless RACE BAITING on the part of “certain factions” in contemporary American society with the goal of inciting hatred and violence toward “certain other factions.” Wake up.

  • David Agin

    Am I the only one who thinks it is white librals getting ‘knocked out.’

  • Steve R.

    No matter who is doing this “Game” I’m surprised someone hasn’t been shot in self defense for it. If it were to happen to me, they had better knock me out with the first punch, because there won’t be a second one.

  • annon.

    The Knockout Game is not new! This has been going on for a long time and Glenn just now hears about it?

  • Connie Leffelman

    Hmm, I guess the kids in the videos are wearing black make-up. The blacks are out to get “whitey”, in case you hadn’t heard.

  • marilyn

    Feminism and the ‘Sexual Revolution’ are also responsible. Raising children requires a mother in the home………….as well as a father.

  • Anonymous

    The ” Knockout” play is most certainly a Black teen thing. So spare us the PC about how it’s a “teen thing”.

  • Mlsflt

    It is commonly called “Polar Bear Hunting” it is a game played mainly by young black males, not just teens. Youtube it.

  • Derrique Stuckey

    “Knockout”? Considering the players, they may as well just call it “Blackout”.

  • Cindy Stang-Sardina

    Bottom line here is why do the videos have to be so violent??? What is so appealing to them? I enjoy video games, but it is getting harder and harder to find them without extreme violence. Movies are becoming the same way. The most popular games and movies, in general, are very graphic. I think we need to find out why this so appealing to people of all ages!!

  • Anonymous

    I think the UN is playing a global version of this game.

  • Kenyon Hefner

    but don’t you know blacks do not do nothing wrong ever. they are the racist now,we (white) people owe them the world. I say screw them all.

  • fire lion

    Yes, you could forge your own path back in the day. IF you were a white male.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    In a collectivist system, those chosen to try new things are selected according to the political whims of centralized authorities.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    A lamp of liberty, illuminating candid facts in the dark of our patient sufferance:

  • Benjamin Dover

    In this article, communistic democrat Peter Orszag openly wages ideological warfare against the ideas and institutions of the United States Constitution:

  • Socialism is Organized Evil

    Once dependent upon central authority for organization and control, the tendency is toward more organization and control, requiring more central authority, and so on – a downward spiral known as “The Road to Serfdom”.

  • Anonymous

    NOT NEW……..Urban American Yutes have been “playing” this “game” for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Jenny “YOU”are a very intelligent and loving parent.Your children are very fortunate.

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