Glenn explains how Mercury One is already on the ground helping those affected by this weekend’s severe storms

After a string of severe weather ripped across the Midwest over the weekend, Glenn shared that Mercury One is already on the ground in many of these places, ready to help in whatever way possible.

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“First, let me give you an update on 67 tornadoes – 67 tornadoes touched down yesterday, in 12 states, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, western New York. I mean it was crazy yesterday,” Glenn said. “Washington, Illinois was Ground Zero. The entire town hit so hard, the residents don’t even recognize it anymore. The people that live there couldn’t even tell what street they were walking on last night.”

Just like when tornados ravaged Joplin, MO and Moore, OK, Mercury One is mobilized and prepared to help local churches and charities with whatever they need. If you are looking for a way to help, Glenn explained the mission and purpose of Mercury One.

“Mercury One is already on the scene. We dispatched a team last night. We had food, water, clothes… We would ask for your donations to help That’s If you donate to the disaster relief fund, 100% of the proceeds — I don’t know of another charity that does this… 100%, after the credit card fees, goes to the Disaster Relief [Fund],” Glenn explained. “We dispatched some trucks last night and we have a crew on the ground already. And we also sent $50,000 up to be able just to buy the generators and everything else that we might need.”

“We are on the scene with the local churches and the synagogues in the area. Those are the hubs of the community, and we have found those are the first real responders are the churches and the synagogues,” he continued. “And so last night we were meeting with them to see how we could possibly help them. The churches are always the first on the ground and they are the ones that are there after, you know, people like FEMA are long, long gone.”

Donate to the Mercury One Disaster Relief Fund HERE.

  • Sam Fisher

    Be with those poor people Lord.

  • Melanie

    Thank you so much for reaching out. I live in West Lafayette, IN. I was fortunate to be in an area of town that had little damage, while there were many that were hard hit just blocks away. It seems that’s how it is all over town, hit and miss. Tippecanoe County had an elementary school and a Middle school that were badly damaged. The elementary students will be attending classes in a local church and the middle school children will be attending class in one of the other Middle Schools. Our children were out of school today so that all the schools could be inspected and deemed safe before sending the children back. Thank you again for your donations and prayers. God bless !!!

  • fgs

    Glenn Beck has lost all of his credibility

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