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“We’re very proud of the fact that everything in our product is American-made, down to the screws and the glue.” – Kevin Hanville, Georgia Chair Company

When Harry Bagwell II got a call from an 88-year-old woman asking him to fix her 66-year-old rocking chair, he was surprised to say the least. When he saw that the chair, aside from the worn-down runners from persistent rocking, was in near-perfect condition, his surprise turned to amazement.

As the third-generation owner of Georgia Chair Company, Harry knew that throughout its 99-year history, the Gainesville, Georgia-based family business had been committed to producing top-quality furniture. But seeing the chair this woman had purchased from his company more than a half-century earlier was absolutely incredible.

From the appearance of the solid, Southern Red Oak runners, it was clear the woman had put her rocker to use. The runners had lost their original curvature, but otherwise the chair was as strong and sturdy as ever.

Harry readily replaced the runners, refinished the chair free of charge and sent it back to his customer, only to get a phone call several days later with another request—she wanted to give Harry one of her homemade pies.

“Our customers love the quality of our products and how long they last,” Harry said of the experience.

While things like this don’t happen every day, when you’re running an American business that’s been committed to quality for nearly a century, they actually can.

Along with providing excellent products, Georgia Chair is dedicated to building our nation’s economy by first and foremost keeping every part of the manufacturing process 100 percent in the USA.

Some manufacturers are able to say they’re “made in America” because their products are assembled in the USA, while the actual components are produced in China or elsewhere. At Georgia Chair, when they say they’re made in America, they mean it.

“It is important for me to know that there is something still being manufactured in this country, providing jobs and fueling this economy in a very tangible way,” Harry says.

As the business expands, Georgia Chair maintains an emphasis on relationships with local suppliers and customers in nearby communities. All of the wood Georgia Chair uses grows within 300 miles of the company headquarters, allowing them to ensure top quality while staying rooted in American greatness.

Using a manufacturing process that blends old-fashioned, hand-crafted methods of woodworking with modern industrial techniques, every piece of furniture is heirloom-quality. A lot of things can change in 100 years, but at Georgia Chair, faith in God and family tradition are infused into their products, allowing them to transform fine-grained oak heartwood into some of the most beautiful solid-oak furniture on the market.

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