Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand admits President Obama’s healthcare promise should have been ‘more specific’

The fallout from President Obama’s now infamous ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it’ promise continues to haunt Democrats as they are forced to defend the President’s actions. During an interview with Martha Raddatz on ABC’s This Week yesterday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) admitted President Obama should have been “more specific” when he made his healthcare promise.

RADDATZ:  Do you feel misled by Obama?

GILLIBRAND:  He should have just been more specific because the point is, if you’re being offered a terrible health care plan, that the minute you get sick, you’re going to have to go into bankruptcy, those plans should never be offered.

“Can I tell you something? I got the sniffles on that plan. I lost my car,” Glenn quipped. “I wasn’t full-fledged sick. I just got the sniffles.”

“You’re not fully bankrupt, though,” Pat asked.

“No, because I wasn’t fully sick,” Glenn explained. “God forbid I get the flu.”

RADDATZ:  So were you misled?

GILLIBRAND:  No, we all knew. The whole point of the plan is to cover things people need, like preventive care, birth control, pregnancy. How many women, the minute they get pregnant, might have risked their coverage, how many women paid more because of their gender because they might get pregnant? Those are the reforms that we have to fix.

“I lost my healthcare because I had a preexisting condition,” Glenn said in support of Sen. Gillibrand’s theory. “I was born pregnant.”

“I hate when that happens,” Pat said sarcastically.

What Sen. Gillibrand fails to address is why 88% of American people reported they were happy with the now ‘insufficient’ coverage their old plans offered.

“Yeah, they all knew that you would lose your really bad healthcare,” Pat said disgusted. “They all knew that.”

“Even though you were happy with it,” Stu said. “Doesn’t matter.”

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Why will the left not just admit it – they lied to everyone, from Obama on down, and get the blasted truth out so we can dispense with Obamacare completely?

    • Bonnie Somer

      b/c they won’t when u do not believe u did anything wrong then y apologize

    • Anonymous

      They cannot admit it, 2014 is around the corner. From what we have seen from some elections as of late, people do not care they were lied to by the Dems or they have no idea what they are voting for except “Great Great Grampa mentioned he was a Democrat so thats what I must be” crowd. What would be a sad test for all our voting public (Repugs and Demosluts) is to ask them the name of the representative they just voted for as they exited the voting area.

      • John Scott

        Well you have plenty of people who actually benefit from government. So of course they are happy, its the people who have to pay that will make the difference come NOV 2014. Look at Oprah? She of course supports Obama because she supported in both campaigns and it would make her look bad to say she was wrong. The Black community still has a lot of support for Obama. Even though facts state their unemployment and living statistics show Obama has actually made their lives worse. You have to wonder, if much of our government problems are the results of voters?

    • John Scott

      I have no doubt the 2014 Democrat’s up for election will be distancing themselves even further from Obama. I even expect some to vote for a repeal or a change to the ACA in order for people to opt out completely.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    From the media sources it sounds like the left is beginning to turn upon one another, upon Obama, and their base upon the elected. About time.

  • Sam Fisher

    Obama should not of lied to us and now it is going to bit him in the rear. Don’t believe the B.S. that this is the health insurance companies fault that these plans are going away. Not that most people in this country would after the lies in the past. Even Fox news is more trusted on news about Obamacare than Obama is. The liberals are losing the PR campaign and losing credibility. I feel this could be the turning point we need to beat the regressive movement of the so called progressives. They will never be happy until we are under another king that think they know better.

  • Anonymous

    Everything Obama touches goes to hell

  • John Scott

    I think truth be told. Obama wanted many who were buying their own health care to be dropped so they would have to buy Obama care. Otherwise, his plan would fail do to lack of funding. Its nice to see the lefties self destructing with Obama care. Its was all Democrat’s that voted for it. So they are having a hard time finding someone to blame other then the Democrat’s. This most likely will be the biggest failure of government in a long time.

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