Was LBJ involved in the Kennedy assassination?

First off, because the left would love to jump on that catchy headline, at no point on tonight’s show did Glenn ever say he believed any of the conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy. In fact, he was clear in his interview with Brad Meltzer that Oswald did it. Ok, now onto the story…

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The event was not only a national tragedy, but it has famously been the source of multiple conspiracy theories that have been immortalized in modern pop culture. Was there more to JFK’s assassination than has been revealed? Was there a second shooter? Was then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson a part of a massive cover up? How about the CIA?

On tonight’s show, Glenn talked to two guests with two very different viewpoints on the JFK assassination.

Roger Stone wrote a book connecting LBJ to the assassination.

Stone said that on the eve of Kennedy’s trip to Dallas, LBJ was facing political ruin and potential prison time. In fact, President Kennedy’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln claims that JFK told her that Lyndon Johnson would not be on the ticket when he ran for reelection.

“(LBJ) was greedy, he was corrupt, he was ambitious,” Stone said. “In 1963 he was a man staring into the abyss. He had two major scandals threatening his place on the ticket.”

Stone, a former aide to Nixon, claims that Nixon also believed LBJ was responsible. Nixon recognized Jack Ruby, the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, as a man introduced to him “as one of Lyndon Johnson’s boys”.

“Nixon says in the Watergate tapes that the Warren Commission is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated. Nixon is in Dallas the day of the assassination, and he is actually leaving Dallas as JFK is arriving. When he gets to New York, he hears on the radio in his cab that Kennedy has been shot. When he gets to his apartment, the doorman tells him that the president is dead,” Stone explains.

“He goes to his apartment. He calls J. Edgar Hoover,” he continued. “So he says Edgar, was it one of those right wing kooks? ‘No,’ Hoover says, ‘Dick, it was a communist.'”

” Well, Nixon believes that for 48 hours, until he sees Jack Ruby blow away Oswald on national television, and then he says I know that guy. In fact, we know from records that are cited in my book that Lyndon Johnson as a congressman asked Congressman Richard Nixon to hire Jack Ruby as a part-time informant for the House un-American Activities Committee, and he is introduced to Nixon in 1947 as a Johnson man, a man Lyndon would like on the payroll. So I think it speaks to why Nixon says the Warren Commission is a hoax.”

Watch Stone lay out his theory below:

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Glenn said he would hand off Stone’s book to a friend of his who likes to uncover the truth in history and bust myths.

In the next segment, Glenn spoke with Brad Meltzer, author of History Decoded, at Dealey Plaza. Meltzer had a much different opinion about what happened that day in Dallas.

“This is literally where the seeds are planted. And we all know once you plant a seed of doubt in someone’s mind, especially America’s mind, it’s almost impossible to uproot,” Meltzer said.

First off, both Glenn and Meltzer were clear in their belief that Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter. And Glenn emphasized that all of the early reporting named Communism as Oswald’s motivation.

“Let’s just put blame where it really does belong, a guy named Jack Ruby, right?” Meltzer said. “If Jack Ruby, and listen, there are questions to be asked, right? What is Oswald doing for two years in Russia that nobody knows about, two years unaccounted for? How does Jack Ruby get past an entire police station full of policeman who at that moment should be guarding this guy like he’s the ultimate person, you know, to be protected on the earth. And in that moment, Jack Ruby robbed history of the truth, because the only man who knows what’s going on is Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Meltzer also said the Kennedy family’s insistence of secrecy with the autopsy obscured the facts and led to the growth of conspiracy theories.

So where do all the theories of who really masterminded the assassination come from? Fear.

“It’s the big question, right? That’s the one. It’s the grand conspiracy of all. Fifty years we’ve been asking this question. What’s interesting is when you look at the 50 years of answers,” Meltzer said.

“So in the 1960s, you know who we thought killed JFK? We said it was the communists. We said it was the Russians. It was the Cubans. It was our great enemy at the height of the Cold War. We also said it was the establishment. It was the 60s, distaste for the establishment. It was rich Texas millionaires who did it. They’re the ones who did him in.”

“If you look historically in the 70s though, a time of Watergate and Vietnam, you know who killed JFK? It was our own government. The CIA did it.”

“And now if you look in the 80s, the height of the Godfather movies and giving way to Scarface, who killed JFK? It was the mob. It was the Mafia.”

“So decade by decade, if you want to know who killed JFK, it’s whoever America is most afraid of at that moment in time.”

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  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    There are too many parts that don’t match up about the “lone gunman theory” to not question it.

    Was it the CIA, Lyndon Johnson, J Edgar Hoover, the Joint Chiefs of Staff? What if it were all the above?

    Kennedy was not going along with the program.

    A deal was made. The country changed.

    And some people got what they wanted. A war in Vietnam, a coup in Indonesia, subverting democracy in Latin America, a continuation of the Cold War, Cointelpro.

    You can speculate about who the conspirators were by looking at what they got.

    • Brett McQuigg

      Que bono – who benefits

    • jen

      Read Corsi’s books or articles on this topic recently – he also points to Bush family involvement in JKF killing.
      Wonder why Beck won’t have Corsi on his show to discuss the better research on why and whom killed JFK.

    • http://www.recourse-loans.com/p/housing-bubbles-most-important-cjhart.html Gary Anderson

      Israel got us to accept their nuclear program. Johnson made that happen.

    • Harry

      You MUST Google, Avro Manhattan, “Why Did We Go” to begin to understand that Vietnam lead to Dallas 1963!

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        We were in Vietnam long before Kennedy was President. The French at Dein Bein Phu were carrying American made rifles, flying American made planes and driving American jeeps. We paid for the whole endeavor.

        After Kennedy was murdered the war escalated.

        What are the other manifestations of a Catholic Conspiracy and what did the assasination of JFK have to do with it?

        • Harry




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        • Harry

          They trained Ho Chi Minh and he fought with America against the Japs!
          America betrayed him!
          He was a Nationalist, not a Communist!
          These people were fighting for 1,000 years for their freedom, but STUPID, IGNORANT America didn’t do their research!

  • Richard

    President Kennedy, The Fed And Executive Order 11110
    There’s your reason..
    Lincoln was shot for a similar reason… He issued the greenback in defiance of the central bank.

  • Debbie
    • nutt

      Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages – thanks Debbie!

  • windtalker700

    Too strange, still too many unanswered questions. I believe Oswald murdered Kennedy and have always been fascinated by the facts, circumstances, and unanswered questions.

    Was Oswald recruited, if so how, and by whom? Was the murder attempt on retired U.S. Army General Edwin Walker a test to ensure that Oswald would perform the task ?

    Was he going to get paid ? Oswald was definitely a callous murderer
    based on the events that occurred after the Kennedy assassination. Will we ever
    know ? That really is a great question.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    It is possible but what would be the motive to do so?

  • Dave

    HOW CAN YOU DISCOUNT THE ZAPPRUDER FILM!!!! The final shot hit JFK from the front right. He was driven back and to his left and his brain matter was all over the trunk of the car. It is obvious that there was more than one shooter!!!

    • Anonymous

      Because as your head explodes with the bullet going through there is no set rule on how your head jerks.

      • JustLurkin

        Are you able to think critically? If you are hit with great force from the front, you will be propelled to the rear. It takes a grand conspiracy theory to get people to ignore simple physics.

        • Anonymous

          It isn’t simple physics. You have a bullet enter the back of the head and as it passes through the head explodes. The jerking is reacting to that explosion.

          • gr8watersteve

            I have one question about the ballistics though… How come the two bullets acted so differently? The first shot went through the president – through the seat of the car, through Governor Conley’s chest, through his arm and in to his wrist – all while staying practically intact. The next bullet struck JFK’s skull and exploded in to a million pieces blowing off the top of his head. The bullets could not have been the same type of round, right?

          • Anonymous

            Gerald Posner tackles that in this interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5A5yZO9QvQ

      • mark

        Look at this tell me he was not shot in the front of the head you hear two quick shots(2nd and 3rd shots) almost at the same time one blowing his brains all over the truck


        • Upset Voter

          You are absolutely correct Mark. He was shot in the front of his head. I watched the 3 hour documentary from start to finish of him and his family coming off the plane all the way to his burial in Arlington Cemetery.

        • geoffrobinson

          Go watch the most recent NOVA special which has the X-Ray of Kennedy’s skull. It shows the bullet entered from the back of the head.

    • Eric

      Except in Dealey Plaza, where the laws of physics cease to exist.

  • Anonymous

    I think that the country and also the Democrat Party would have a different look today if Kennedy had served eight years. While Kennedy is held up by democrats as their guy he would not be an acceptable canidate in todays Democrat Party.

    • Debbie D

      That is for sure. JFK was actually very conservative. In 1962, he said: “The federal government’s most useful role is . . . to expand the incentives and opportunities for private expenditures. . . . [I]t is a paradoxical truth that tax rates are too high today and tax revenues are too low and the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now.” Pretty ironic, eh?

      • jen

        What JFK said is not necessarily ‘conservative’ as conservatives don’t follow that rule either in voting for all debt cielings.
        What JFK wrote is common sense regardless if you are a dem/republican or of another party or independent.
        Remember, JFK called himself a democrat and never a republican.

    • jen

      JFK would definitely not be acceptable in Republican party back hten and now – it is a vile, corrupt party just as DNC.
      JFK is not ‘their guy’ like Bush/Obama, hence he was killed.

      • jorgi crews sanders

        jen ,you absolutely do not know what you are talking about ! The people of America do not know the real Kennedys ……..I lived down the street from them and everybody in our hood knew the real Kennedy’s . They had so many enemy’s , they had a polished public image but the private was pure sleaze . But JFK was conservative in his politics and he would fit in perfectly in the Republican party today .

  • Anonymous

    Roger Stone’s theory is the most plausible I’ve heard to date (something I found difficult to admit since I was fairly certain that JFK was assassinated by the CIA at the behest of the Federal Reserve Bank following his issuance of Executive Order 11110).

    I downloaded the ebook version of Stone’s book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ” and read it in one sitting following his radio interview on Coast to Coast AM, hosted by John B. Wells on 11/16/2013. While Glenn’s interview with Roger is a good teaser, the interview with Wells is much longer and goes into much more detail. You can access the show archives but you will have to be an “Insider” to hear the show at http://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2013/11/16. (BTW, I post this SOLEY in the interest of informing others who may have missed it.)

    As an actual political insider, he speaks with an authority that Brad Meltzer simply does not command, although I eagerly await to hear/read what he has to say about Stone’s book.

  • landofaahs

    LBJ aka “Lying Bastard Johnson”.

  • markymarvin

    All you have to do is listen to this speech made by Kennedy and know that he was assassinated by our government. He was stepping on to many toes. Honestly it is sad and unfortunate because he was one of the last real Presidents we’ve had.


  • http://www.msfight.org/ msfight_org

    Who killed President Kennedy?


    Who had President Kennedy killed?


    I think it would be more important to know “Who” had President Kennedy killed and their motive.

    JFK was talking big about lowering Taxes with tax reform and getting more money to the American people and to American businesses.

    Which American political hierarchy (politicians) would have the LEAST to gain by permanent tax reform and the lowering of taxes in the United States?

    I really don’t think this is that difficult to figure out. President Kennedy was elected and was thought to lean politically a certain way, but it might have been seen as ‘turning his back’ on the political party that got him into the White House, when he comes into his new position wanting permanent tax reform and to lower taxes. (President Kennedy was NOT adhering to a ‘behind closed doors’ tax agenda.)

    It would without a doubt be more critical to know the people/group whose agenda that would benefit the most by removing President Kennedy. Who would benefit from American citizens with more money in their own pockets, more businesses being created, more jobs created and less government dependence?

    It could have been anyone who actually pulled the trigger, but the most important thing, is who created and carried out the plan to kill President Kennedy.


  • Sherill Weber

    The last couple of days they have been talking about the recent tapes that have been found. They tell a different story about the shooting. The bullet that killed President Kennedy they are now saying; it is a big possibility that it came from his Secret Service guy that was in the car behind him. They are saying it would have been an accident. He jumped up, grabbed his rife to shoot in the direction the shots had come from and with the movement of the car that he was standing on the seat in he lost his balance and the gun fired into President Kennedy. They have also said that that would make sense because of the entrance the bullet made into the skull. The bullet is said to have come from a high power rifle which was not the one that Oswald had. The fact that they wouldn’t let the Dallas Coroner do the autopsy and took President Kennedy’s body out with the Secret Service guns pointing at the Coroner’s staff, the fact that his autopsy was down in Washington, tapes and some evidence disappeared and today, President Kennedy’s brain has still not been found. It’s a theory and nobody will ever know what actually happened. I was a young girl then and LBJ was considered to be behind the assassination. The movie JFK was actually what a lot of us Americans thought had happened. I remember seeing Oswald shot and killed by Jack Ruby on TV. Here you have a man that just killed the President of the USA, surrounded by police and Jack Ruby could just walk right up to him, stick the gun past all of them and shot him? Ruby had mob ties, had cancer that was terminal and didn’t really have long to live. I still today believe, Oswald was hired to kill President Kennedy and then was killed by Jack Ruby to silence him.

    • Eric

      That presents a new problem, the three shell casings found in the Texas School Book Depository sniper’s nest. The Warren report said Oswald fired three shots and they found three shell casings. The Warren report begins with a paradox, they claim Kennedy was killed with a high powered rifle and later offer the Italian Carcano Mannlicher medium powered rifle as the murder weapon. Too many things in this case do not add up and that points to a cover up. A cover up by the people who were responsible.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the only theory that’s based on established facts. Oswald, who previously attempted to assassinate someone just months prior, killed Kennedy. He was a Marxist and he was pro-Castro and he was a malcontent. He had the motive, opportunity, and the prior history that fits.

    There is no good evidence for any other gunmen. They found nothing on the grassy knoll. They found shell casings and a weapon that was traced to Oswald in the Texas School Book Depository.

    • Eric

      Oswald got a passport overnight after he had been to Russia for two years and had returned with a Russian wife. Who could get a passport expedited that quickly, especially after his episode in Russia? I have a perfect record and could not get a passport overnight. Someone in high places desperately wanted him to go to Mexico, and that in itself proves a conspiracy. There is no plausible explanation for allowing Oswald a passport after the CIA, the FBI, and the State Department had him on their radar as anti-American, especially overnight. There is also quite credible evidence in the form of eye-witnesses to prove that two people attempted to assassinate the general a few months prior. Two men got away driving two cars, Oswald did not fit the description of either man and he did not own a car. His own Brother said he was an average shot and that he would have needed to practice with the new rifle, something that would have required him to travel to a remote area and no evidence has ever been able to establish that he had the opportunity to practice with the rifle.

      • Anonymous

        He never formally renounced his citizenship. Secondly, his wife is the one who fingered him for the attempt on the general. And by all accounts I’ve heard, he did practice with his rifle. When he was in the Marines, he could hit a target from 200 yards away. So even if his skills degraded, his skills were good enough for the Kennedy assassination.


    Follow the Money.


    Between 1945 and 1959, what country was the greatest recipient of US foreign investment dollars ? Cuba. These investments did not come from any plan associated with Secretary Marshall. A large percentage did come from investors who made their money during Prohibition the same way Joseph Kennedy Sr. did. Yeah, somebody sure got some ‘splaining to do. Arnez’s TV show was an effective device for soft selling the great vice empires of Havana, perhaps a defining moment in the developing understanding of the Power of Television. Anyway, when JFK failed to support the invasion at the Bay of Pigs, these investors realized that they would never recover what Castro had seized. Guess who had no problem with that? Joe Kennedy Sr. Thus began the great Kennedy war against Organized Crime. The hit on JFK was just the greatest chapter of the Saga. Who do you think won? Leaving Teddy alive was the final expression of contempt for the estate of Joe Kennedy Sr. Was LBJ involved? Johnson clearly had friends in low places, it is not unlikely that Johnson knew the players.

    Why all the unending effort to keep the conspiracy theories alive? Nobody wants to consider that organized crime ever had such long arms, particularly as those arms pulled back the contrived facade of The Kennedys presumption to American Royalty. Better to keep generating the smoke.

    • jorgi crews sanders

      Cuba’s money was coming from the Mob .Joe Kennedy was a crook and a criminal who made all his millions illegally . His sons never worked a day in their lives . Joe Kennedy was a vile man who hated blacks and jews , he stole from war widows and he made huge millions when he was Security Commissions under FDR until FDR fired him .John Kennedys death was a tragedy but his father was in bed with the mafia and pure scum of the lowest form. The sins of the father effected the whole family Old Joe had people killed too BUT folks these secrets will never be told . Your right Edgar , that public image as American Royalty was and has always been well honed ! It has always been a façade and people even to this day have fallen for it . The Kennedys are not great people . I have no respect for them , even though JFK’s death was a sad affair ! The world will never know the truth because it has been heavily guarded by this family ……..The Kennedys !

  • Dale Simmons

    Between 1945 and 1959, what country was the greatest recipient of US foreign investment dollars ? Cuba. These investments did not come from any plan associated with Secretary Marshall. A large percentage did come from investors who made their money during Prohibition the same way Joseph Kennedy Sr. did.
    Yeah, somebody sure got some ‘splaining to do. Arnez’s TV show was an
    effective device for soft selling the great vice empires of Havana,
    perhaps a defining moment in the developing understanding of the Power
    of Television. Anyway, when JFK failed to support the invasion at the
    Bay of Pigs, these investors realized that they would never recover what
    Castro had seized. Guess who had no problem with that? Joe Kennedy
    Sr. Thus began the great Kennedy war against Organized Crime. The hit
    on JFK was just the greatest chapter of the Saga. Who do you think
    won? Leaving Teddy alive was the final expression of contempt for the
    estate of Joe Kennedy Sr. Was LBJ involved? Johnson clearly had friends
    in low places, it is not unlikely that Johnson knew the players.

    Why all the unending effort to keep the conspiracy theories alive?
    Nobody wants to consider that organized crime ever had such long arms,
    particularly as those arms pulled back the contrived facade of The
    Kennedys presumption to American Royalty. Better to keep generating the

  • SweeneyKeynote2012

    Do you really trust somebody with that hair? Do you really trust somebody who hangs out with NJ Democrats? Let’s be real, this guy is a nut job!

  • Randy McVean

    If you add Bobby Kennedy into equation, it becomes quite obvious that the people who hated him, feared him, and needed him out of power were, Lyndon Johnson, the mafia and teamsters, and finally, J. Edgar Hoover. Bobby was after the mafia and teamsters, he hated LBJ and was pushing JFK to dump him, and Hoover feared Bobby was becoming too powerful in law enforcement and might start to undo Hoover’s power base AND expose Hoover as a homosexual to accomplish it. I have read countless dozens of books about the murder of both men, and they tie together nicely IF you are looking in the right direction. Cognitive dissonance will force you to doubt the truth…but one day, the truth will come out. To remove Bobby as the AG, to allow LBJ to occupy the White House he felt he lost in 1960, and to allow J Edgar to remain in power and the mafia/Hoffa’s teamsters off the hook, JFK had to die. Lee Harvey Oswald was the pasty provided by Hoover, sealed and delivered.

    • jen

      One person can’t kill of some mafia can’t kill a president with its secret service. Secret service suddenly weakened at time Oswald shot. Secret service serves cia and gangster dnc/rnc. Bush sr is heavily involved in JFK’s killing.

      • jorgi crews sanders

        you are off your rocker , but ask yourself this question , why has the Kennedy family never talked about JFK’ death . That is a secretive bunch the Kennedys !

  • Bert Crawford

    I have been a hunter and a person that reloads bullets and shoots a lot! I do not believe that a bullet fires from a 6.5mm that is using a full metal jacket, that means it is designed not to explode or come apart on impact! That bullet does not bounce around on impact with bone it penetrates and it keeps on going in the direction kinetic energy forces it to go! It does not explode inside the skull it exits as the same size as it enters!!! If you believe that bullets that size bounce around inside the human body you do knot know what you are reading!! do not believe that theory!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I love you, but you will rue the day you decided it would be more expedient to be on the wrong side of truth.

  • Anonymous

    When it all comes down to brass tacks you put the full picture together. LBJ was the man at the top of the conspiracy. He used the CIA and the Mob to carry out his dastardly plan for him. He robbed the United States of a true politician who had the chance to bring both sides of the aisle together and do some actual good for this nation. He didn’t want us in Viet-Nam, LBJ did. He saw the Govt as a tool to do good around the world. LBJ didn’t. I could go on and on but it all boils down to LBJ doing the unthinkable. Robbing America of one of it’s greatest Statesmen. History should record this as so.

    • Upset Voter

      Yes Scott Jones you are totally correct. JFK was a great president. He was the one that banned black people to ride on the back of the bus. He wanted peace in this country and no racism. Yes LBJ was the one that wanted to eliminate JFK so he could become the president.

  • Bud Goebel

    I was a child in Utah at the Base Annex on Hill AFB at the time when we heard that the President was shot back in 63. All the women were crying ad everyone left the Annex to go home. I think I even cried at the time. Roger Stones book if correct would be a big crack in the cornerstone of what we call our freedom in America and what Washington really stands for. NOT for the act but the massive cover up and its total hiding from the U.S. people. Make you wonder what else the government is not telling the truth about. Just about anything to get elected huh.

  • Bob Cole

    kennedy was hit before connolly was hit. end of story. coverup occurred . period.

  • Anonymous


    By September 16, 1965, the Soviet KGB had concluded that Lyndon Johnson
    was responsible for the JFK assassination. On 12/1/66 J. Edgar Hoover sent a
    memo to LBJ which stated:

    “On September 16, 1965, this same source reported that the KGB Residency in New York City received instructions approximately September 16, 1965, from KGB headquarters in Moscow to develop all possible information concerning President Lyndon B. Johnson’s character, background, personal friends, family, and from which quarters he derives his support in his position as President of the United States. Our source added that in the instructions from Moscow, it was indicated that “now” the KGB was in possession of data purporting to indicate President Johnson was responsible for the assassination of the late President John F. Kennedy. KGB
    headquarters indicated that in view of this information, it was necessary for the Soviet Government to know the existing personal relationship between President Johnson and the Kennedy family, particularly between President Johnson and Robert and “Ted” Kennedy.”

  • Anonymous

    LBJ murdered John Kennedy, that I have no doubt. And then he got his mafia goon Jack Ruby to murder Oswald (US intelligence patsy and FBI informer) so the posthumous frame job could begin.

    LYNDON JOHNSON HAD A MURDEROUS ATTITUDE TOWARDS ROBERT KENNEDY – “I’ll cut his throat if it’s the last thing I do.”

    Robert Caro describes the LBJ-RFK relationship post 1960 Democratic convention, where RFK had moved heaven and earth attempting to keep LBJ off the 1960 Democratic ticket. Caro:

    John Connally, who during long days of conversation with this author was willing to answer almost any question put to him, no matter how delicate the topic, wouldn’t answer when asked what Johnson said about Robert Kennedy. When the author pressed him, he finally said flatly: “I am not going to tell you what he said about
    him.” During the months after the convention, when Johnson was closeted
    alone back in Texas with an old ally he would sometimes be asked about Robert
    Kennedy. He would reply with a gesture. Raising his big right hand, he would draw the side of it across the neck in a slowing, slitting movement. Sometimes that gesture would be his only reply; sometimes, as during a meeting with Ed Clark in Austin, he would say, as his hand moved across his neck, “I’ll cut his throat if it’s the last thing I do.” [Robert Caro, “The Passage of Power,” p. 140]

  • e32cc

    I have doubts about Ruby’s “plot” to kill Oswald. That morning, Ruby drove downtown to a Western Union to wire money to one of his strippers (who had requested $$ because Ruby shut down his club the weekend.after JFK was killed). True, he had his gun, but he often carried his gun.

    1) He brought along his beloved dog in his own car. Why, if he’s driving down there to shoot Oswald? 2) Why does he go to the nearby Western Union office beforehand and risk missing Oswald being transferred out of the jail?

    Also, after Ruby shot Oswald, he said words to the effect of “The timing (of reaching the end of the police ramp at the same time Oswald exited the elevator) was so ideal, I couldn’t have planned it any better.” So he’s saying it was pure luck. He also claimed he had shot Ruby to do the job that the Dallas police would not be able to do.

    • Joseph Colarusso

      How bout the dallas police waited to bring oswald out when they knew Ruby was in place. Who cares about his dog. He stalked Oswald the entire weekend. It was planned not spur of moment. Why doesn’t Captain Fritz jump from reaction of shot? Because he knew it was coming. No one that close to a gun blast wouldn’t jump unless they expected it. Why did detective Levelle say his saw the gun at Ruby’s side but yet didn’t pull Oswald away until after the shot.

  • http://www.recourse-loans.com/p/housing-bubbles-most-important-cjhart.html Gary Anderson

    We know that LBJ’s best friend, D Harold Byrd owned the Texas Book Depository. And btw, our policy regarding Israel’s nukes changed when Johnson took office. This was a widely based conspiracy.

  • http://www.recourse-loans.com/p/housing-bubbles-most-important-cjhart.html Gary Anderson

    Glenn Beck appears to be a Zionist, who never saw a war he didn’t like. I bet he even supported the Zionist Sandy Hook Hoax. So he would never admit that Israel or Johnson, who changed our policy toward Israel’s nukes, would have anything to do with the assassination of JFK. How do you think Beck is so wealthy?

  • Jeffrey Cook

    lbj did kill jfk and is now in hell

  • Joseph Colarusso

    Why does every doctor from Parkland say jfk had a whole in the back of his head behind his right ear, the size of a Man’s fist?
    Yet autopsy pictures show back of head intact.
    Can’t you see the coverup begain with the body?
    How do you explain bullet hole in windshield frame, crack in windshield and bullet strike that missed car completely and hit curb which hit Mr Tague? Three bullets? Please; wake up; more than three shots. Why if Oswald wanted to make a name for himself; didn’t be admit to the shooting? Why does Connolly look so nervous for most of the motorcade in Dallas? Was he afraid of people abusing jfk? No; he was worried he may be shot too!
    Watch Captain Fritz while Oswald is being shot; gun goes off 2-3 feet from him in an enclosed area and he barely flinches. Please! He was aware of the shot coming, if he wasn’t he would have jumped out of his skin. Would like to see Bugliosi, Posner and all the other people who lie about this crime answer any of these questions not to mention no fingerprint evidence on rifle that was man handled by many Dallas Police and also sent out of town to FBI in Washington. Some chain of evidence. How about Oswalds face Paraffin testing negative?
    Don’t even get me going about LBJ, sure Kennedy had many moral flaws but look at LBJ;
    he was a crooked, immoral, blackmailer of a person. Add it up and only the truth will set this awful event in history right.

  • Jane Stevens

    Should both JFK and Johnson have gone together to Dallas (security)? Was that unusual? Who thought they both should go there? Was there any disagreement between them that both go on that JFK campaign trip?
    I’d like to hear that discussion without all of the political stuff about why’s and who.
    The facts about the trip and the topic I mentioned. It seems they shouldn’t have actually been together for security reasons already then established. Of course, there were other protocols broken which are not talked about much.

  • Jane Stevens

    Who say’s “let’s both be there”

  • Jane Stevens

    Should Johnson have actually stayed in D.C. because of his pending legal issue that day?

  • Jane Stevens

    Did Johnson attend the 3 events the previous day in Texas?
    When did he arrive in Texas and step into the scene of JFK’s 2 day itinerary?

  • Rancocas

    He solicited LBJ’s help to get elected, then he stabbed him in the back. He was going to ruin LBJ. LBJ did what he had to do.

  • Brian

    Kennedy wanted to pull us out of Vietnam. Johnson was a big stock holder in brown and root which is now brown and root halliburton. Brown and root did all the construction on the military bases in vietnam. Now brown and root halliburton is doing all the bases and consruction in iraq. both based in houston TEXAS. He hated kennedy and always thought he should be president. i wouldnt bet my life on this but my entire wealth.

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