Al Qaeda in the heartland? According to bombshell report from ABC News, dozens of suspected terrorist bomb makers, some of whom reportedly targeted American troops, may have been inadvertently been permitted into the United States as war refugees.

“I want to tell you about Al Qaeda in Kentucky. And I fear there are going to be more stories like this in our future because we have turned a blind eye and we are not looking,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “The government can say whatever they want, but the government is not looking, not recognizing reality. And in many cases, they are lying to you, and they are in bed with many, many people like the Muslim Brotherhood.”

ABC obtained exclusive video showing one such “refugee,” Waad Ramadan Alwan (who emigrated to the U.S. despite having allegedly killed American soldiers in Iraq), handling heavy weapons in a storage locker in Kentucky. The FBI believes the weapons were to be sent back to insurgents in Iraq.

Watch part of the ABC News report below:

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“The FBI agent assigned to the sting operation that captured the video told ABC News that Waad Ramadan Alwan had bragged to an informant about killing American soldiers in Iraq… He spoke of targeting specific American soldiers in the U.S. and attacking other homeland targets,” Glenn said. “He was arrested in 2011 and pled guilty to terror-related crimes, but I’m telling you: That is the tip of the iceberg. You’re telling me these are the only ones? They’re not. And it is good to see ABC is finally looking into it.”

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