Editor’s note: The following is a message from The Marketplace by TheBlaze.

Before Ronald Reagan was president, the first space shuttle hadn’t launched, the Cold War was still smoldering and the closest thing to an iPhone was a clunky, cordless “brick.” It’s obvious many things have changed since Reagan took office, but some things, like the entrepreneurial spirit that has existed in the hearts of American small business owners since our nation’s founding, remain constant even today.

In a radio address to the nation on May 14, 1983, President Reagan commented on that very spirit:

“Entrepreneurs have always been leaders in America. They led the rebellion against excessive taxation and regulation. They and their offspring pushed back the frontier, transforming the wilderness into a land of plenty. Their knowledge and contributions have sustained us in wartime, brought us out of recessions, carried our astronauts to the moon, and led American industry to new frontiers of high technology.”

The Marketplace by TheBlaze is proud to partner with many such entrepreneurs. For many of them, each new day is a step into the darkness, as they take risks investing in their hopes and dreams for the future of our country.

With ever-increasing political and economic instability, world population growth and new technological advancements bringing uncertainty to every new day, it’s the small business entrepreneurs that are paving the road to our nation’s prosperous future.

In another speech delivered later that same year, Reagan discussed how small business character built this nation. Those “forgotten heroes,” he said, are the ones who create most of our new jobs.

They are “the owners of stores down the street; the faithfuls who support our churches, synagogues, schools and communities; the brave men and women everywhere who produce our goods, feed a hungry world and keep our families warm while they invest in the future to build a better America,” Reagan said.

To demonstrate how The Marketplace shop owners exemplify the qualities expressed in Reagan’s speech, we put together a video showing some of our shop owners with excerpts from Reagan’s words.

“We hear so much about the greed of business,” Reagan said. “Well, frankly, I’d like to hear a little more about the courage, generosity and creativity of business. … I believe business works best, creates the greatest wealth, and produces the most progress for all when we’re free to follow the teachings of scripture: Give and you will be given unto, search and you will find, cast your bread upon the waters and it will return to you many fold.”

Reagan said it’s in small businesses that miracles are made, not in Washington, D.C. At The Marketplace, we have to agree.

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