Glenn: We are all unique

As Glenn continued to play songs and tell stories, he also talked about watching your kids tomorrow. We can learn from them – all of the things they do (create, explore, question) are things we can do as well. God has given each of us a unique talent – we are not all equal and all the same, and it’s all part of a meaningful and beautiful design.

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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be able to empower people and ignite their imagination. And too long I listened to people who said, ‘You know, if I were you, I would…’ fill in the blank. ‘If I were in your shoes, I would…’ “You know what you really need to do…” and I listened to them instead of saying, ‘But I’m not you. Your shoes don’t fit me.’ I have no idea what you need to do. I am me. My shoes fit fine. And I finally know what I need.

Being an individual is what it’s really all about. Because when individuals choose to come together, they can create a symphony. Next week here in Dallas we have a symphony orchestra, all volunteer, and a 200-voice choir that I guarantee you within two years will be a thousand voices that are putting together a Christmas concert like you will not believe. Each one has spent time as an individual and then as an individual came and decided to play as a group. But each of them retained their — who they are themselves, their authentic self. I don’t know if you’re your authentic self. Hopefully you are most of the time. Maybe, maybe not. But I bet you felt glimpses of it. And if you have, it might have scared you.

Do you remember those moments when you felt most of — most alive, when everything just seemed to flow? Remember that feeling when you had the wind at your back? Go there. Remember that. Focus on that. Because that’s who you really are.

We see it in our children. We see it in their questioning of why. We see it in their laughter. We see it in their smiles. We see it in their eyes. Not just being in the moment but creating the moment. Watch your kids around Thanksgiving. Watch the kids’ table, the little kids. Watch them as they are free to create the moment, creating it through play, through adventure, through questioning absolutely everything. Come to me as a child. That’s what it means. Question everything. Explore. Create. Each of us are here with a God-given talent. I don’t know what your is. I barely know what mine is. But we’re also given God-given rights and God-given life, and each of us are so different.

How could I possibly know what you need? I don’t see the world as you see it. We each see it in a unique way through the prism of our own lives. Why is it that you like broccoli and I hate it? Why is it that you can fix a leaky roof and all I can do is barely put buckets around the ceiling? Why is it you like summer and I like fall? Because God gave us each unique fingerprints, each of us different. There were things that we can enjoy together. There are things we can do together, things we can accomplish and many ways to do it. But it only really all comes together and only really works when we are — each of us our authentic self and each of us bring our unique talents and share them as individually, individuals coming together, individually choosing to play in the collective for just a little while.

Some might want to put you in groups, ‘You’re the French. So you can bake the bread, I guess. You’re British, so you can make tweed clothing. You’re German. You make this sausage.’ Well, Italians make clothing, don’t they? I know the British can — well, they can make pudding, but I think they put blood in it. I’m not really quite sure. Frenchmen surely can make sausage.

Don’t put yourself into a stereotype. Don’t allow somebody to do that because that’s not you. That’s not who you are. And it is that simple. When you go home this Thanksgiving, make sure you realize that you are part of a family, but each of you are unique. Each of you are different. Each of you have different beliefs.

Being an individual doesn’t mean being without others. Individuality means being who you really are amongst others. Individuality, it feeds the mind, it feeds the heart, it feeds the soul. When you are truly strong, vibrant, and a free individual, you’re at your best, you’re most alive, and you’re living as God intended. And remember this when you sit down at that table: You’re not supposed to make everybody happy. As the one who was the clown in the family trying to get that alcoholic family just to laugh for a few minutes, your job is to be happy yourself and encourage and empower others to do the same. But they have to find it on their own. It’s not only best that way. It’s the only way.

It’s not your job to rescue others from disappointment or bitterness. Difficult times builds character and self-esteem. How dare you try to steal that from them. Nobody can make you happy or sad. Nobody can make you mad or glad. They need your permission. You can’t do it for them without their permission. So go home and do your best, your absolute best and leave it on the field. Don’t pay attention to criticism or praise because you really don’t need either. Because you’re doing the best you possibly can.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and today I’m thankful that you are you.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Everyone is different, unique, special, or however you wish to call it.

    Each of us has a diversity of talents and abilities, each of us has a difference of perspective on the world and our way in getting through it. Individuality, and the accountability and responsibility that goes along with it, is what makes America the land of prosperity and of opportunity.

    Each of us has an opportunity to pursue our dreams and strive to make them happen.

    The left demands conformity in an effort to make all ‘equal’ and in the process cause no end of devastation. Their process causes four castes of people: the rulers, the enslaved, the imprisoned and the dead.

    • landofaahs

      With the exception of brain dead liberals who never had an original thought and can only follow the socialist meme because …their feeders told them to like the trained seals they are.

  • Johnathan Read

    And many are thankful that YOU are you Glenn.

    Another great ‘Piece’

    You will never know how much I needed to hear this TODAY.

    With all my heart I thank you.

    • B D

      You must’ve forgotten about this:

  • Sam Fisher

    I proud to be a misfit of my generation. I am glad that I read and study history science and Biblical theology. I am a better person for it.

    • landofaahs

      And to top it all off, God will one day separate the mockers from the believers forever.

  • Anonymous

    Does everything you do have to be an advertisement for something? Every srticle on her promotes your book. Gimme a break man.

    • Anonymous

      Well, which is it?

      A sword, or a feather?

      [Only the missus knows fer sher!]

    • B D

      Yes, Beck strip mines his audience’s wallets. Same thing he does every year, at Christmas especially.

  • Anonymous

    Being appreciated for the way God made us, and cradled in the arms of a collective IS a magical experience.

    It’s when you’re arbitrarily, calculatingly and viciously cut out of the herd you realize the collective has an evil evil face behind all those “I love yous!” and blinding smiles, neither you nor they are anything fundamentally like what you thought, and you learn the ultimate cost for the pleasure and benefits of belonging to that collective.


    I’d give an arm for just one person speaking the truth.

  • landofaahs

    Unique? I used to think that too until I met Obama supporters.
    Millions of sheeple all in a row
    off the cliff one by one they go.
    They follow their O’pied piper
    with their nose up his diaper.
    They follow his lies like kool-ade drinkers they ran
    right straight to hell yelling “Yes we can”.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that would be “noses,” but I split a hair.

    • B D

      Just like Glenn Beck’s core audience.

  • Anonymous

    From the extraordinary American Recordings……I worry about my friends

    • Anonymous

      CBS used this song in the TV show “Person Of Interest” to powerful effect.

  • suz

    i’m thankful that you are you, glenn.

    to glenn and all the good people who post here (you know who you are) happy thanksgiving.

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    As I am undergoing a very difficult phase in my life, your words give me hope, Glenn. “Nobody can make you happy or sad.” Well said.

    I’ll do my best to stand.

  • landofaahs

    We are all unique. So why should we all act the same, believe the same and be the same? Being conformists is not what free people do, it is what democrats do.

  • Socialism: Organized Evil

    It’s important to keep in mind that preserving liberty is up to each of us:

  • Montesquieu

    While the lamps of liberty offer a set of beacons to guide us toward what the law should be, democratic methods provide a mechanism to determine what the law will be.

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