Why is government doing everything it can to destroy individual sovereignty?

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If there is one thing that we have learned through the course of all of human history is sticking our big, fat nose in other people’s business always works.  And number two, best path to peace, strongly worded letter or like the UN or something like that or maybe a meaningful walk and chat on the beach, a.k.a. diplomacy.

That’s why the president was in San Francisco yesterday, the home of peace, to tout his diplomatic efforts in the Middle East.  Here he is:


President Obama:  We’re testing diplomacy.  We’re not resorting immediately to military conflict.

He looks almost like Patton there, doesn’t he, with the big flag?  We’re testing?  There’s no reason to test diplomacy.  The history of peace through diplomacy speaks for itself.  Adolf Hitler when he called off his plans for world domination after a pleasant phone conversation with Neville Chamberlain worked out really well, or the Iranian Revolution being averted when a sweet-talking Jimmy Carter formed an unlikely friendship with the Shah of Iran.

And of course we all saw the movie with William Wallace.  He gave a great speech about Scotland’s freedom on the battlefield, and that I think was what softened King Edward’s heart, and instead of a bloody battle, our history books celebrate the great piece picnics at Stirling Bridge and Falkirk that secured Scotland’s freedom, I think.

So don’t believe all of those peace through strength nut jobs.  It’s all about diplomacy.  The New York Times I read today, and I about had an aneurysm.  They’re very excited about the president’s new strategy.  They say in The New York Times, watch this, “It also reflects a broader scaling back of the use of American muscle…,” remember that, “…not least in the Middle East…,” remember that, “…as well as a willingness…,” you’re going to love this one, “…to deal with foreign governments as they are rather than push for new leaders the better embody American values.”

I wish any of that were true, any of that.  None of that is true.  A willingness to deal with other governments as they are?  We should ask some of those governments.  I tell you what, Tiffany, can you get Muammar Gaddafi on the phone?  Oh, crap, that’s right, Muammar Gaddafi, what was it Hillary said?


Hillary Clinton:  We saw, he died.

That’s right, can’t ask him, we killed him.  That’s right, I remember.  So maybe we’ll just go – Tiffany, get somebody from Assad’s regime on the phone in Syria.  Oh no, Assad, currently the president is trying to drum up support to go and bomb the snot out of him, and we’re giving aid and weapons to jihadis to overthrow him.

Well, maybe we could get Mubarak on the phone.  I mean, no, he’s on trial.  Well, maybe he has a phone in the jail, because after all, the Obama administration helped incite a violent revolution against him.  Boy, that sounds kind of more muscle-ish than scaling back to me, which is weird, because it also doesn’t sound like we get along with anybody either.

Let me make it really, really clear.  I think scaling back our military in the Middle East is probably a really good idea, not the worst one I’ve heard.  In fact, I would say that the whole progressive idea that started with Teddy Roosevelt to spread democracy around the world is one of the worst ideas ever.  I may have been sluggish enough to go, “Yeah, well everybody loves us,” 15 years ago.  Hello?  Have we not spent enough treasure and blood around the world?  Has the last decade not taught us anything?

We have to be a strong, non-isolationist, noninterventionist kind of country, strong.  Here’s what I mean by that: You come over, you fly some planes into our buildings, we bomb the bat snot out of you and go home.  We kill the bad guys who did it and go home.  What are we still doing in Afghanistan?  I believe, I for one, maybe not you, it is well past time to announce that this progressive idea, be it from John McCain or George Bush, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, that we need to nation build and be the world’s policeman is dead and possibly the worst idea America has ever had.

But let me take you back to sugarplum fairy pop land of The New York Times.  They go from the front page into this.  Let me take you to Saudi Arabia, because for a guy, a president who’s hooked on diplomacy, doesn’t it seem like our president is converting all of our friends into enemies?  Not that I was ever a big fan of George W. Bush taking the long strolls at his Crawford ranch holding hands with the Saudi princes.  Boy, I don’t miss those days.  That was creepy.

But you also have to be a realist, and before you start cutting off your friends and making them enemies, you might want to look at your own situation here.  For instance, energy prices are up 42 percent in a decade.  Okay, well maybe we should start exploring for our own, because getting into bed with these guys isn’t good.  And now that it’s up 42 percent, it doesn’t seem wise to really disconnect from the cheapest source of oil in the world, unless you have something to replace it with.  It’s also our second highest source of foreign oil.

So does this make sense to you?  It doesn’t me, but it does to The New York Times, because here’s their rationale, and I love it:  “At the same time, new sources of oil have made the Saudis less essential.”  Same time, new sources of oil made the Saudis…what new sources of oil?  I mean, serious question, anybody on the set, anybody know of a new source of oil that we’ve had?

It’s not Canada.  Keystone pipeline went up.  President blocked that one.  More drilling permits in the gulf?  No, huh uh.  Alaska?  No, huh uh.  Where is this magical fount of oil that has sprouted up?  Have little oil rigs just started to grow in the west lawn in place of the first lady’s veggie garden?  I’m not really sure.

America, I want us to break up with the Saudis.  I want Israel to take care of itself.  I want to be out of the business of everybody else.  But not standing with the only person that understands capitalism in the entire region while pissing off the Saudis really doesn’t seem like good news, you know?  Breaking up with Israel, not so much.  Our overseas policies matter, especially when your policies here don’t match.

You want to break up with the rest of the world, fine, but you have to be self-sufficient.  We’re cutting ourselves off from energy suppliers while at the same time diminishing our own access to affordable allergy.  Hello?  Hello?  Hello?  Oh yeah, but we’re going to go green.  Stop with the green nonsense.  Maybe someday, not today.  Another green company that the president invested your money in just went bankrupt, cost you $139 million.  Why are we doing this?  If green energy is so needed, the free market will figure it out.

Okay, so we have no money left.  We’re really whittling down our friends.  We have no oil.  We have no sufficient source of energy to fill in the gap because we’re closing the coal plants.  We won’t drill for oil, and we won’t build a pipeline.  That sounds like energy shortage.  When that comes, oh, and it will, remember this day.

And so what does that mean for you?  Well, when you are not self-sufficient, you are a slave to whomever holds the bag of food or the bag of black gold.  Our sovereignty as a nation will be put aside in order to survive.  Why do you think we take the lead painted toys from China, and we don’t say anything?  Because our hands are tied.  We need their money.

But here’s the good news, national sovereignty begins with personal sovereignty.  This is the secret of America, the more independent you are, the stronger the nation becomes.  If we as people can self-sustain during an energy shortage, a cash shortage, a food shortage, a health care shortage, then you really can tell people like China and Saudi Arabia to go take their oil and shove it.

But that’s another policy that doesn’t matter because this administration is not encouraging people to be self-sufficient.  We are not helping people go into business.  We don’t advise people to store food, save money, protect yourself, get a gun.  No, those people get mocked.  Instead, Progressives have been campaigning to take all of those responsibilities away from you.

Now wait a minute, if our national sovereignty begins with personal sovereignty, I think you just figure something out.  The secret lies with each individual.  I don’t know what your idea is.  It might stink, but it might be the one that saves us.  I don’t know what your solution is.  I don’t even know the problem you’re working on trying to solve, but you’ll figure it out.

Governments make it worse.  I contend that our government knows where the real source of power comes from.  I mean, how do you miss it?  It’s in big huge block letters in our founding documents, “We the people.”  That’s where the power comes from, the individual American, and that’s why they’re doing everything they can to hobble you.  Look at the attacks on individual sovereignty in our nation.

Last night, we told you about how hospitals are taking custody of your children because the doctors say they know better than you.  So you lose your child, and they can just do that and then issue a gag order so you can’t say anything?  Los Angeles is now considering a ban on feeding the homeless.  Let’s figure this one out.  This is great, from the land of equality.

Listen to this: “If you give out free food on the street with no other services to deal with the collateral damage, you get hundreds of people beginning to squat…,” I love this.  Remember, this is California.  They’re the bighearted people.  “…They’re living in my bushes, and they’re living in my next door neighbor’s crawlspaces.  We have a neighborhood which now seems like a mental ward.”  I just don’t want these people around me.  Well, I’m blown away by your compassion.

This is bogus compassion.  It always is.  Government compassion and progressive compassion is bogus.  The argument sure sounds familiar.  It’s a familiar argument, don’t feed the animals.  Ooh, are animals in cages?  Well, people are animals too, you know?  How about school choice, are we moving towards freedom with the government?  As that thing is collapsing, are they encouraging you?  No, in fact, just the opposite.

They’ve got Common Core, and then off to the side, a really important story that nobody’s paying attention to is the president, his silence on the German family who we’ve had on this program who were granted access to the United States and then denied asylum after they fled Germany because they weren’t allowed to teach their kids in their own home.

Here is an update on that story.  The Supreme Court now has ordered today the administration to respond to the family’s appeal, but I can guarantee you what they’re going to say.  They’re going to say no, send them back.  We’ll give asylum to anyone but not these people.  Why?  Because then the government will be on record saying you have an inherent God-given right to raise your children and teach them the way you see fit.  Government can’t have that.

You now have to purchase a product in order to be considered law-abiding.  Catholic and other religious health care institutions are forced to violate their own beliefs and provide birth control and abortions.  An update on this one too, Supreme Court’s going to take another look at that issue.

From the level that you set your thermostat at to the gas mileage on your cars to the fat content in foods, not being allowed to fish in order to eat unless you have a permit, individual sovereignty is all but dead.  And people are becoming more dependent, and many people like it that way.  We are going the way of Greece, and I have to tell you, we did, and you can find it if you’re a member of TheBlaze.  You can go find it and watch this episode.  I think it was like 40 minutes.  It was six hours on the ground in Greece.

I flew out in the middle of the night, and I just talked to the cab drivers, and I talked to the people on the street.  I watched what was happening.  Things in Greece are getting so bad now that they’re actually inflicting themselves with HIV in order to receive government benefits.  Here’s what it was like about 24 months ago in Greece.


Glenn:  And what does this say?

Male:  It says that we don’t have to live like slaves.  Communism is the revolutionary movement of the ongoing period.  Revolution now.  Let’s produce life and not those things that strangle life.  Let’s not produce those things that strangle life.

Glenn:  Communism is the answer?

Male:  Yes.  It’s the revolutionary movement of the ongoing period.

Glenn:  And the people that are on the street are not drunk.  They’re high, bad heroin highs that we’re seeing on the streets.

Look, it’s a disease in the West, and it kills the human spirit, being a slave to someone else, waiting for the handout, waiting for the government.  It reduces you to a compliant robot unable to think or choose for yourself.  If you have not read this, I just reread this a couple weeks ago.  It’s Anthem by Ayn Rand.  You know, she asked Walt Disney to make this into a movie, and I want to make this into one.

She wanted it to be made into a cartoon, and I want to make it into a cartoon because it’s right.  It’s right.  This is the collective takes over.  You become a robot.  You forget about yourself entirely.  This is why they want to regulate your guns, because they can’t have you stand up.  They can’t.

You know, we put out a book this week, this book.  I don’t care if you go to the bookstore and read this one chapter on Athens, Georgia.  In fact, let me find which chapter it is.  I’m sorry, Athens, Tennessee, I keep saying that.  Battle of Athens is chapter 10, and the Battle of Athens, tomorrow…I’ve sent everybody home from the studios.  So many people are traveling that I’m just going to come in and do the show myself tomorrow.  And I might read this chapter to you.

And I’ve got some things I want to share with you tomorrow on the radio.  It will be a very different radio show.  But the Battle of Athens is happening again.  What happened in Tennessee is happening all over our country, and this gives you the antidote.  It shows you when you rise up and say enough, enough, you do everything right, everything, but they have to make you dependent.

See, the people that tried to take over Athens, Tennessee, the fascists there, they were criminals.  They made everybody dependent, but they forgot one thing, soldiers were returning home from war.  You can’t be dependent on anything or anyone.  To the best of your ability, if you’re not independent now, you’ve got to strive for it.  If you have it, empower someone else so they can achieve it.

This is the era that the American revolutionaries dreamt of.  I’m convinced of it.  They weren’t pining for 1776.  They envisioned a day when man could live a self-reliant life free from all tyranny.  This is it.  The Internet gives us that.  With technology, you don’t have to be chained to your own town.  You don’t have to be chained to somebody else to be a buyer or a distributor.  You don’t even have to go to work and be stuck at one location or a desk or bound by a schedule.

The sky is the limit now for the first time in human history, unless we allow others to put us in a box and close the lid.  There is one uniting principle, and I think George Washington and Thomas Paine shared it.  Now, those who are atheists will say that George Washington was a deist.  I don’t believe that.  I’ve read too much of his words and his letters.

And Christians will say that Thomas Paine wasn’t really an atheist.  They’re wrong.  I’ve read too much of his stuff.  The guy was an early precursor to a Marxist.  But they came together.  If it wasn’t for the two of them, revolution wouldn’t have happened.  They came and found something in common, sovereignty for the individual, maximum personal responsibility, maximum liberty.  When you strip everything else down, I think that’s where most people are, I hope, at least 30% of this country.

And so when you find the religious people that will not oppress and force conformity, will not say my way or the highway or not just playing some game because they believe in the church ruling everybody’s life, and when you find Libertarians who are not anarchists who believe in some government just to be able to protect and defend property and won’t oppress and say none of that religion stuff, when you can get together where common sense and freedom live, where people believe in maximum freedom and maximum personal responsibility, games over.  It’s over.

When you can get to a point where a guy like me, really very religious, and a guy like Penn Jillette, really not religious, can live in the same space, we could be neighbors, and we could be happy neighbors, how do you beat that?  How could Penn Jillette be somebody who hates all people with religion and has a secret plan to put everybody in religion out of business, when I’m one of his good friends?  How could I be a fascist when my good friend is a self-described narco-capitalist?  Something doesn’t compute.

That’s the box that everybody wants to put you in.  Don’t.  Break those molds.  When religious people and nonreligious people can get along, when Ayn Rand and small government Christians can get along, we find the balance, and we understand that the secret is self-regulation.  When we can work together with people we disagree with on some pretty big principles but still have enough points in common to tether ourselves to those principles, and those principles free mankind, it is game over.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Why does the Federal government want to destroy individual sovereignty?

    Control, that is the bottom line and the dividing principle and ideology of the individual being able to be accountable and responsible, and the state declaring that they will make the choices for everyone due to the individual not being able to make the choices for themselves.

    • landofaahs

      Birth “CONTROL”. REGULATION. Social Insecurity. People with a God complex cannot help but telling others what to do. There should be a bounty on the heads of liberals but instead we put them in charge.

      • Anonymous

        Because they are listening to the Serpent and they desire what they hear it say.

        • QuietObserver

          That about sums it up, but on a different note as a South African I want to wish you all a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving and pass on my thanks to each one of you for trying to halt the tyranny that threatens to engulf your country because in doing so you help to keep us safe as well.

          “Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the American Government take care of him; better take a closer look at the American Indian.” Henry Ford

          God bless!

          • Anonymous

            Thank you and happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well.

      • Feet2Fire

        Hmmm… “GOD COMPLEX.” Never looked at it that way. Liberals seem to not believe in GOD, but maybe you are right. Maybe they do believe THEY are “GOD”–and are very actively striving to BE God and control everything and everyone. Or maybe they just hate God and want to dethrone Him?

    • Anonymous

      The government wants to destroy individual sovereignty to turn everybody into followers. Skip out of line and you land in prison or a reform camp. The communists did it in Russia and China, Hitler did it, East Germany’s regime
      brainwashed their citizens until change came in 1989.
      Collective choice takes away a thinking process. The government decides what your future will look like. With freedom comes the responsibility to choose what is best for each individual. This should never be taken away.

  • Ron

    Glenn – The thing to keep in mind is the mislead mindset of the “Progressive” movement. I have a good friend who is of this mindset and needless to say, we have had some rather heated discussions regarding politics.

    He absolutely believes that he is a patriot. He absolutely believes that a single-payer system is the only way to go with regards to healthcare. He absolutely believes that we should extort money from those of us who make money to give to the poor.

    Sadly, what he can’t seem to wrap his head around is that his beliefs run completely counter to what our country is all about. He feels that Capitalism is a fundamentally broken system and needs to be done away with except for him. He wants the Gov’t to control the teaching of children, but will get angry when the idea that his ability to raise his kids might get called into question by the same gov’t.

    Progressivism is a mental illness. It is an illness of rampant selfishism, socialism and control. It is a disease that says, “Do as I say, but not as I do” and that is the big problem.

    With regards to the POTUS’ actions, it is readily apparent that Mr Obama does not like the USA. He is doing everything in his power to destroy our nation and people are going along with him because he talks pretty.

    I believe it is absolutely critical that the real Conservatives(Libertarians) of this country need to put up an electable person for the Presidential race in 2016 and GET BEHIND HIM/HER! We have lost the last two elections because of two reasons: 1) The primary candidate was not electable and 2) We didn’t get behind the candidates until it was too late. The time is now!

    Secondarily, I believe it is absolutely critical that we kick the progressives out of congress completely and get a conservative, or at least a Republican majority in Congress so we will have the power to fix the tremendous damage which has been done by the last three administrations.

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t look like you’ll be winning any elections anytime soon, ace.

      • landofaahs

        History of the American collapse is not over yet. The future will show the separation of the free from the control freaks on the left. We win in the end and the interim is just biding our time.

      • Mike Nelson

        How I pine for the days of thoughtful and erudite interaction…

        Have you checked your old account of late? :)

    • landofaahs

      Misery loves company and liberal failures need everyone else to fail also.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure he doesn’t think at all, and never has, poor thing.

      Of all the mind-control slaves, I think he is possibly the saddest case. He seems so lonely and confused….

      It’s a good guess that, having been seelected” (to quote Rev. Wright) he has followed a concrete script his whole life, and never had the tests befalling a sovereign human being, so was denied the experience of growing and learning.

      Speaking of Rev. Wright, where did HE get to, after getting his hush box of seelected treats and $150,000?

      (That’s IT? Geez….how Mickey Mouse.)

      • Anonymous

        Missing a quotation mark – sorry.

    • Anonymous

      My father suffers from bipolar disorder, with typical manic-depressive tendencies. To compare progressivism to a mental illness is very ignorant and reflects poorly on you as a person. Don’t throw around words just because it’s the Internet. You can disagree with progressivism all you want but don’t equate it to a very real problem that people do not choose.

    • Guest

      Progressivism is an affliction of the shallow thinker.

  • landofaahs

    Liberals like all fascist control freaks cannot allow individual liberty lest the individual make a success of him/herself and expose the fascist for the loser he/she is.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals promote the idea that people are “afraid” that one may be: poor, disadvantaged, disenfranchised, marginalized, excluded, unwelcomed, discriminated, bullied, held captive and not free. Liberals promote the idea that conservative, right-wing, nutjob, bible-thumping, poverty-inducing, obstructing, fairy-tale believing, crazy, hating, racist, wealthy, they-took-it-from-you, bigots are the cause.

    What they really desire is for everyone to sign up for a lifetime of mediocrity (or worse). They are deceived to think that the life is a Utopia where everyone is free*.

    *free means: do what everyone else is doing based upon what the chairman decrees.

    Conservatives tolerate (endure) whatever conservatives do not agree with — that’s why they’re conservative. They pause. They wait. They discern. Conservatives tolerate Liberals. Liberals do not tolerate, they move forward (“progress”), en masse, to wherever their dear leader desires crushing and burning whatever stands in the way. No waiting, no pausing. They want it NOW.

    Conservatives have hope, liberals have a dream.

  • fire lion

    When did the bible EVER give us individual sovereignty? It basically says you were created to love someone and if you dont you go to hell. What kind of freedom is that?

    Should we go back ancient times when the church ran things? witch burnings inquisition?

    Or should we go to 1776 when blacks and women couldnt vote?

    Maybe the 1950’s were better? oh wait government allowed abortions and allowed atheists to hold office

    Ayn Rand get along with christians? Have you read Ayn Rand?

    • Anonymous

      One has Free Will Choice. Do as one desires, but that’s not freedom. Never was.

      Same things happened before Christ formed His Church and afterwards both inside and outside His Church. Atrocities were and are not Christo-centric.

      Fast forward to now — same accusations for different groups using words such as “disenfranchised”.

      Forty million deaths and counting in the USA alone since 1974. Things are not better and no end in sight for the killing. Witch burnings and inquisition have nothing on the mass killings of our youngest and most vulnerable. We are Savages.

      Ayn Rand was who she was. Do one embrace her, ignore her or torch her (see witches)?

      We are not learning from the past we are just being more clever (so we think) at resuscitating our mistakes of the past.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

      Liberalism ladies and gentlemen.

    • Feet2Fire

      1950’s WERE better–MUCH better! We had a cohesive, God-fearing society that believed in the work ethic and individual responsibility, unlike the Balkanization, godlessness and social fragmentation we’re experiencing today.

      P.S. Abortions were not legal until 1970’s.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    All government wants to do is control. Everything from what to eat what our health care should look like. They want to police every single part of our lives.

    • Mike Nelson

      But… they need that information!

      How else will central planning work effectively!? 😮

      If only they can haz ALL information, surely that will translate to meaningful knowledge, and then truly smart people can tell a buck-toothed, inbred, illiterate Melungeon like me how to live a healthy life!

      After all, without central planning, how would we have flouride in our water, MSG, aspartame, BPA, statin drugs, and a $20k insurance deductible to cover all the side effects from ingesting poisons (that I could NEVER have had without Obamadoesn’tCare!), all approved by Big Daddy Gov and Opie himself.

      It’s the only way… didn’t you know?

  • Liz Shearer

    Thanks Glenn for having your finger right bang on the proverbial button..yet again.
    I wish that all the things you say about the state of America were not true..but I’m afraid they are.
    If I was an American and you were the next presidential candidate. ..I would vote for you and once again feel confidence and hope for your great nation.

  • Anonymous

    I would suggest to all the sworn democrat supporters take a hike to China or Russia and live there for a while. Maybe their eyes would open then. It seems that ALL governments of the world are no better than the other. Free USA is not free as it is ruled by a bunch of self-serving sleeze bags that is Washington. If Obama wants to redistribute the wealth, let him cancel ALL assistance to the big businesses who make exorbitant profits, pay their executives huge salaries and use every loop hole to avoid paying taxes.

  • Feet2Fire

    Glenn, imo, this is the most RANTING, disjuncted thing you have ever produced. Sorry, but you need to try to stick to one topic at a time… You are all over the place.

    The GREECE story has been debunked. Will you correct it here?
    See http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/11/26/oops-w-h-o-says-it-was-wrong-about-greek-people-giving-themselves-hiv-en-masse/

    And that thing about L.A. probably has more to do with the place being overrun by desperado ILLEGAL ALIENS than anything else. What does that have to do with personal sovereignty? If we had more personal sovereignty, we would be demanding that the ILLEGALS get DEPORTED.

    Your article title has little to do with the content of your long-winded presentation. “Why is government doing everything it can to destroy individual sovereignty?” Obviously, they’re doing it because they want a COLLECTIVE system, and INDIVIDUALS impede their goals–especially self-determined individuals. Why not just focus on that one topic and explore it thoroughly, instead of all this wild-goose chasing that leads nowhere?

    PS Love you, Glenn, but sometimes you do get carried away to the point of near-hysteria–not good for you or your audience.


  • Anonymous

    J.P. Morgan has moved $50 million dollars worth of mining equipment into Afghanistan. An absolute “Mother-lode” of gold has been found there. A lithium mine has been started there also. China also has a mining contract for a large copper-mine. A Canadian oil company has found oil deposits under Afghanistan. (This country will become very wealthy over the next twenty years !)

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is sceptical about mysterious oil being produced in the US. Well, Glenn, the US has been extracting oil from shale and has been experiencing a boom for years now. Try to keep up. http://money.cnn.com/2012/11/12/news/economy/us-oil-production-energy/index.html?iid=EL

  • Bonnie Somer


  • Anonymous

    I have a mouthful of T-rex, I post on this article my eyeballs will pop out. Will this communist scourge end at some point? Or does the country just finally split? Because all insanity and rants aside, that is where we are headed.

  • Anonymous

    Look at what happened in the former Soviet Union and Yugoslavia when the caldera of multi-culturalism/language/religion could not contain the pressure — it exploded violently. If the amalgam will not blend then the great experiment is over.

    We just acknowledged the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address — a glimmer of light given to us to show us the way out of the darkness. That remembrance became clouded and shunned by forces that do not want the amalgam. We have forgotten. We had our costly stumble then, we fell and by the grace of God we got back up.

    Do we have the humility to ask Him to help us once again?

  • Thomas Aquinas

    While the actions available to states using democratic processes are restricted compared to those subjected to totalitarian regimes, the benefits of democratic methods are revealed over the long term.

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