Thanksgiving Message from Glenn

What is Thanksgiving all about?

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving has become a day devoted to eating a whole lot of turkey, watching the parade and maybe a little football before falling asleep on the couch. You then spend the next few days snacking on leftover turkey and stuffing while thinking about how fat you got. I know this because, for many years, I was the prototypical gluttonous slob who basically turned into Homer Simpson each Thanksgiving day.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than to disconnect from the world and stuff my face while in a state of ignorant bliss. You and I both know, however, that it’s time to make Thanksgiving about something a little more meaningful than endless mounds of sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

If you’ve been with us for the past few years, you’ve probably heard me talk about the trilogy of holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Instead of looking at these holidays as three separate events, I think we should look at them as a process – one that gives us the opportunity to give thanks, wipe the slate clean, and renew ourselves ahead of the new year.

I am convinced that Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s are put together through divine providence, that when we are humble enough, we will see the meaning of Christmas and we’ll be able to change our life in the new year. That’s what it’s really all about, I think, but it’s the humility part that gets us.

Let’s start with Thanksgiving – the opportunity to humble ourselves and give thanks.

This year, I think we need to return to the values of the first Thanksgiving: a return to reflection, a return to appreciation for what we have, a return to thanks. We must give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy.

At the first Thanksgiving, they had every reason to be miserable, but they chose to be thankful. Of the 152 who made the trip to the new world, only 53 remained. They faced brutal weather, contagious disease, and malnutrition. It was pretty much a disaster. But rather than wallow in misery, the small but mighty gathered together to give thanks. They were thankful to have family, good health, and most of all freedom – freedom from tyranny and freedom to worship God.

They thanked God for sparing those who remained and for bringing them to this new land. They thanked Him for the Indian friends who provided much of that day’s feast.

They made a choice to be happy, to be positive, and to be thankful.

Happiness is a choice, one you have to make every day when you wake up. If you wake up and decide to be angry, pessimistic, and ungrateful – it affects not only you but everyone around you. It’s not easy to choose to be happy, especially if you are awake and paying attention to what is going on in the world.

You can’t renew yourself without first taking a personal inventory of the things you are thankful for.

This Thanksgiving, make the choice to be happy. Make the choice to be thankful. First and foremost on the list is giving thanks to God – because all things come from Him and it is He alone who provides hope, even in (especially in) the difficult times.

So think long and hard about the good things in your life. Get on bended knee and be thankful for all of the blessings you have received. But more importantly, be thankful during your trials and difficult times as well. For while they aren’t any fun, they mold our character, teach us important lessons, and grow our faith.

Have a blessed weekend, a blessed Thanksgiving, and for all of our gifts, we give praise to Him.

Laus Deo,

  • Sam Fisher

    Happy thanksgiving to all besides the trolls.

    • Anonymous

      Even the trolls are people. While there is life there is time for forgiveness and mercy.

      • jill

        What was God thinking at the time He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Genisis 19) to smouldering ashes because they were wicked and practiced homosexuality? Goody -Two – Shoes people read the revised Scriptures so more people will be accepted especially when the plate is passed inside the churches and synagogues. Oh, cain’t we all jis git along! Jillp

        • Anonymous

          The people of Sodom and Gomorrah were warned and Lot negotiated down to ten people. At some point, for all of us: time’s up.

          • B D

            You lack the ability to sort fact from fiction; truth from myth. Like most of the rest of the Christian Bible, that story was a myth created to teach a moral lesson. It’s sad to see modern day people living their lives while thinking that the world is about to end (as we know it) and that Jesus is returning to battle Lucifer and reign over the Earth for 1000 years etc. John Hagee said in 2007 that it will happen in 20 years and Glenn never challenged him on it, and in fact seems to agree with him. I guaran-damn-tee you that 2027 will come and go and the Hagee/Beck prediction will not have happened. My advice to you people is to use the web to do some honest research into ancient history, human psychology, how the Bible was created and how different versions came into being via political influence and erroneous copying – just for starters. Also, learn and understand the definition of the phrase “critical thinking.” And most importantly, stop believing things others bully you into thinking are true without any evidence to support it. Especially if their hiding behind the cloak of religion like Glenn Beck, Hagee and the rest of those hucksters do. Best of luck people.

  • Anonymous

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Glenn. You are an amazing person and I read about yourself everyday from your Blaze program

  • Thelma Christie

    God Bless you and yours,keep trying to open the eyes and hearts of everyone .You are doing a fine job not you mention how much time and hard work you put into this.Thanks Glen Beck .

    • B D

      How about last April? Was Glenn doing a fine job then when he accused our President (who I do not support) and our highest level of law enforcement to be involved in a conspiracy to cover up for a terrorist??? That was the height of irresponsible behavior. Glenn would be rotting in prison for that act in many other countries in the world instead of living high off the hog on the income he gets from gullible people like you Thelma. Here’s a little reminder of what Glenn ranted on about. These are his words:

  • sambrown49

    W need to take back our country. I am tired of being told that we need to be politically correct. I am tired of being told to say “Happy Holliday” instead of ” Merry Christmas”. I am tired of not being able to have our students decorate for Christmas or be able to sing traditional Christmas songs. I am offended that a single person can end decades of tradition because it offends them. It upsets me when they claim ‘separation of church and state ‘based on the Establishment Clause”. Do they not realize that the clause is in the Constitution to prevent the ‘establishment’ of a single government-wide religion? How does a Christmas tree establish a religion?

    • B D

      I’m glad that organized religion can’t be forced down our throats, especially with the influx of people from other cultures coming to our shores who have no intention of adopting our American traditions and beliefs. Do you realize how many mosques have been built here in the US since 9/11? You should be glad that our government remains religiously neutral. That’s what makes our country great! If you want to believe things that have no evidence to support them because you choose to bow to authority rather than think for yourself, you’re free to do so. Don’t lament the fact that our government stays out of the religion business.

      And when I greet people this time of year, I still say “Merry Christmas” – if that offends them, that’s their problem, not mine.

  • Feet2Fire

    Beautiful thoughts, Glenn. THANK YOU! And happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We do have much to be grateful for, especially the privilege of living in these United States–land of the FREE. (Let’s keep it that way-FREE.)

  • Anonymous

    My First Thanksgiving Without My Mother -and For People Who Are Alone

    . . .Within a context of keeping it real, I’m sharing my little space of the world, as my holiday is spent not in presence of family and friends today. . .

  • Marty Hermes

    Glenn your insight, truth and wisdom is astonishing. I believe we all need to do whatever it takes to fight the good fight and take America back, we are the employers not the President and his congress….they were appointed via votes by us to have the best interests of all of us in mind and so far all we’ve experienced is cover ups, fraud and lies…..I so love my country….lead the way to taking back our freedoms please?

    • B D

      What’s astonishing is how fast you forget the truth and how you’re willing to give Beck a pass for all the falsehoods he’s spewed out over the airwaves in 2013. It’s really shameful.

      • Anonymous

        Your falsehoods are Legion. None of us are without error. Some of us have regret and atone for our errors. Others do not.

        • B D

          And there’s another brain dropping from TonyBigs. Glenn’s record speaks for itself. Anyone who is honest can easily see how he’s been using alarmist rhetoric, exaggeration, speculation, and bad judgement to rile up his core audience for years now. It’s easy for anyone to verify this statement of fact. Just go to youtube and watch clips of Beck ranting on and on, full of emotion and outrage, about things that turned out to be false or never amounted to anything. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK! Don’t take my word for it. It’s easy to see for yourselves. The difference between me and Beck’s sheep is, I hold him accountable and you people all give him a pass when he’s caught lying or agitating others with his nonsense. I’m hesitant to compare Beck to Hitler because that’s a bit extreme, but the emotional diatribes Hitler was famous for remind me of the angry rants Beck is famous for. When are you hard core Beck fans going to wake up?

  • landofaahs

    I am thankful that the Holy Spirit called me to faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior many years ago. All praise and honor to the Master.

  • B D

    Glenn Beck did a lot of evil, negative things this year. He falsely accused our law enforcement officials at the highest levels of covering up for a terrorist so he could go free, which is outrageous. He accused the President of being involved in that cover up which was also nonsense, and in doing so he diluted legitimate criticism of Obama by making people who question his policies lose credibility. Beck’s campaign against an innocent Saudi student caused that young person to have his life endangered, and when the real terrorists were captured, Beck still struggled to implicate the Saudi student rather than admit he was wrong. These and many other instances of Beck agitating the public with trumped up accusations and alarmist rhetoric seem to be conveniently forgotten by many in his core audience, but not by the rest of us good patriotic Americans. Glenn Beck is not a force for good. He can change his appearance with his bow ties and working man caps, but underneath, he’s still a delusional, irresponsible hit-and-run media mouth who makes a living from selling fear, anger, suspicion and delusion. In 2007, he had “imPastor” John Hagee on his show for a 1 hour segment where they discussed the coming return of Jesus and the start of the Biblical End Times. Hagee stated that he believed we’d see the End Times arrive in 20 years and Beck never even challenged him, but instead agreed with his nonsense. How anyone can admire someone as slippery as Glenn beck is mind boggling.

    • Anonymous

      There are others that are more slippery than you can imagine. It is not surprising that someone who constantly derides the intelligence of others should be deceived by it.

      • B D

        There are some birds that leave their droppings on my deck from time to time. Your contributions here TonyB, bring them to mind.

  • B D

    Glenn writes “Happiness is a choice, one you have to make every day when you wake up. If you wake up and decide to be angry, pessimistic, and ungrateful – it affects not only you but everyone around you.” And yet for the past several years, he’s been making all kinds of dire, end-times pronouncements on his radio and TV shows. He’s told us that humanity is a pawn in a battle between supernatural “GOOD and EVIL.” He’s ranted that we’ll all see “The ARM OF GOD!” in our lifetimes and that the streets of every city in the USA will “run red with blood.” Remember all of that gang?

    Now he’s donned a cap and a bow tie and wants all of you to forget who he is as he tries to create a new image for himself after being hammered for being a fear monger. How gullible is his core audience? let’s see if they buy this new “Glenn Beck” he’s trying to transform into. Many of us do not.

  • Anonymous

    There you go Glenn, calling good evil and evil good. Divine providence? What?…are you kidding us, or is it, you’re only further cementing the erroneous idea into your own head.

    You talk about history all the time and yet you exhibit absolutely no inclination of adhering to your own advice to prove it.

    “Therefore, I, President of the United States do appoint the last Thursday in September next, as a day of humiliation, prayer and fasting for all the people…


    Because of our national sins…America, at that time, was in the midst of bloody civil-war. Where in Gettysburg Pen. 48,000 of our fellow Americans were butchered to death in a mere three days of horrifying battle. Compare that number with American deaths in Vietnam, where loses totaled 58,000 in roughly ten years of ruthless combat.

    Thanksgiving is a day to be held in high memory of our national past. It is a day to be remembered for who we once were and to be reckoned with, as to whom we have sadly become.

    It is a solemn day that should reach out to all Americans, beckoning to each, that lest we forget our own short history, we are doomed to repeat it.

    The fact that we are still here as a nation, is all the proof that God has not completely abandoned us…yet !….Though, are we as a people, deserving of so many uncounted blessings that neither have we toiled for, nor have we deserved, but by the grace of divine presence alone, have we (our people) been so graciously handed down fortunes for no other reason than being born here.

    As Abraham Lincoln once declared…”WE have forgotten God”….that statement uttered over one hundred and fifty years ago, has monumental implications for our generation today. It stands to be repeated…”The citizens within the most choice national borders on the face of the earth, have forgotten our God”

    It is now only a matter of “when” not “If” we stumble and fall. The signs are all around us. The dismal fact of who we have become, can be witnessed in our current leadership and how they conduct business on a daily basis. What we struggled and fought against so long ago, concerning Americas bloody civil war, in freeing the slaves among us has come back to haunt us, witnessed in a growing division of the races, primarily, brought on mind you, by the very elected officials who supposedly guide us. There is no other alternative, now that this nation has been steered (pushed) toward national race-riots brought about by self-centered politicians seeking to gain power and position.

    Instead of celebrating Glenn, America should be down on its collective knees and praying forgiveness and seeking divine direction and protection. It might be God would grant us a recess from our current explosive path, to change our direction and save us from national calamity and disaster.

    A Proclamation of Thanksgiving… Abraham Lincoln …given a week and a half after the battle of Gettysburg….

    “It has pleased Almighty God to hearken to the supplications and prayers of an afflicted people and to vouchsafe to the army and the navy of the United States on land and on the sea so signal and so effective as to furnish reasonable grounds for augmented confidence that the Union of these States will be maintained, their Constitution preserved and their peace and prosperity permanently restored. It is meek and right to recognize and confess the presence of the Almighty Father and the power of His Hand equally in these triumphs and these sorrows. Now, therefore, be it known that I do set apart Thursday the sixth…to be observed as a day of National Thanksgiving, Praise and Prayer, and invite the people of the United States to assemble on that occasion in their customary places of worship and in their forms approved by their own consciences, render the homage due to the Divine Majesty, for the wonderful things he has done in the nations behalf.”

    Not only have we forgotten God…we have forgotten our past…who among us can even remember those humble words spoken by what can be argued as possibly, the best man ever seated in the presidency.

    It must be repeated…”WE have forgotten God”

    Beware that you forget not the Lord your God, in keeping his commandments, and his judgements, and his statutes which I command you this day. Lest when you have eaten and are full and have built goodly houses dwelling therein and when your herds and your flocks multiply and your silver and gold has multiplied and all that you have has multiplied. Then your heart be lifted up and you forget the Lord your God, which brought you forth out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage…Deut. 8:11-13

    How discouraging today, in this modern era, do we now have leadership who do not understand the importance of Gettysburg, who’s judgment is woefully lacking and their understanding of God is absent. No wonder we’re speeding along the road to national disintegration.

    Simple research Glenn would change your mind as to what God stands behind or accepts.

    • B D

      Keep your ‘god” in your pants. So many of us Patriotic Americans are tired of your type trying to bully us with your delusional, unproven, superstitious, primitive beliefs. Enough of your superstitious nonsense. Lincoln was an atheist BTW.

      • Anonymous

        You seem to be confused with the meaning of Patriotism, delusional, grossly intolerant and evil are who you are and that’s a far cry from being a decent fellow who contributes to American society…no, you are a loser, one I might add, who is ignorant of his national and biblical history and anything resembling a fact.

        Lincoln was most likely the closest leader, that as an example for others to emulate, walked according to the principles and precepts of the bible. God found favor in this inspirational leaders ability to humble himself and acknowledge his unimportance in the role of humanity, and yet without him (Lincoln) this nation would have ceased to exist over a century back.

        You will eat your words in the coming days, for you, and those like you, are the proof that this nation has past the point of no return and God himself will put an end to your stupidity and intolerance introducing himself to an unsuspecting world very very soon.

        BTW you are only permitted a few years to live – the God who is eternal has designed it that way – just wait and see.

        • B D

          Oh! OK “Zerogon” lol. Your delusional beliefs aren’t the burdens of others and they give you no power over others. The world is not coming to an end as some ancient myth claims, and there;s no such thing as the supernatural realm primitive men imagined to explain their world. I am so thrilled to see knuckleheads like yourself being kicked to the curb as people are waking up and realizing science works and ancient superstitions do not.

          • Anonymous

            God is a master scientist …well creator, but science has everything to do with creation. Being delusional is ignoring your God given ability to prove him at his word. If you had the intelligence you claim you do, then what is written in scripture would knock your socks off, of course, the intelligence or lack thereof, that you exhibit is that of a dumb hillbilly who doesn’t own a pair of socks anyway, so you’re already one giant leap ahead, now all you have to do is prove wrong your “ignorant babel”, by proving God does in fact live and it is He who controls the destiny of man.

            Everything that has been written down for our day has come to pass exactly as it was prophesied. BTW prophecy is the tool needed for one and all to prove the existence of a Divine Creator.

            There is a purpose being worked out here down below – God gave us, all the information needed to find out what that is, now its up to you to follow the instructions that can be found in that book of life, for without it means death.

            You have shown your ability to follow fools, so do you have what it takes to prove the existence of an Eternal Being?

            Talk about a knucklehead, look in the mirror Einstein.

          • B D

            No, you’re mistaken. The ancient ideas of long dead men belong in the past. It’s 2013. Off you go.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t really know if what you spew off as truth, is more unintelligent then what lies at the opposite realm of mans self-made ideas, such as Becks believing in a God who has anything to do with Thanksgiving, christmas, through New Years – The idea that our creator is involved is a lie, its preposterous, but none the less, multiple millions are sold on the erroneous idea. Then there are those on the other side of the spectrum claiming ‘there is no God’ and therefore, why bother proving the matter altogether.

            Both ideas show the alarming ignorance in mans thinking.

            God is very real and can easily be proven. Though he is nothing like the personage described by modern religion. Both prevailing thoughts show the stubbornness of mankind and our inability to face the cold hard facts, or admit the short comings in our thinking.

            Its much easier of course to follow the crowd then to actually step out of ones comfort-zone and see if these things are so. This thinking serves only to perpetuate civilizations stupidity. We claim we are wise and educated far beyond other humans that have lived before us. Reality check….we who now occupy planet earth, are no different than anyone else from any other era in human history. If anything, we have become more callus in or daily lives do to the technology driven component, but other than that, humans are the same old stubborn creatures we’ve always been. Most invent their own “god” or decide for themselves, that the idea of an eternal divinity is somehow mythical and unintelligent. What we find between the two trains of thought is a world gone mad and recklessly out of control. We stumble and grope in the daytime by reason of our self inflicted blindness.

            FOOLS ALL…God, has just about had enough of this ignorance and he, and those he has educated over the past and who know him, will re-educate this sick and dying planet to a right way of thinking and very soon. So go on living in ignorance and continue making the false claim that somehow you have more wisdom than an eternal being (our creator). Its laughable really how silly-minded and childish men have become.

          • B D

            “God is very real and can easily be proven.”

            Prove it then “Zerogon.” I hope you don’t hurt anyone. You are obviously mentally unstable and delusional. That’s a bad combo.

          • Anonymous

            To be considered unstable and delusional and that, by one who is obviously the definition of both is telling.

            Actually, God demands from each of us, that we prove his existence. I’ve already done my homework resulting in exactly that – proof beyond the shadow of doubt. As I stated earlier and as you have curiously eluded to, “God can easily be proven”.

            The ordeal of accomplishing this process doesn’t “hurt” anyone, no, to the contrary, fact be told, the very act of neglecting this simple God given challenge not only ‘hurts’ the individual, but primarily, it destroys our society as a whole. Judging by what we read throughout the daily news headlines across this nation, expose’s the gross lack of will our people show in performing this simple duty. The results of a ‘godless society’ are found everywhere around us and it demonstrates by the way, things aren’t getting any better.

            What is shameful beyond acceptability, is what the vast majority of our people have demonstrated, including those from within our midst who make the bold assertion that they are somehow ‘Christian” – without in fact, excepting Gods basic challenge to “prove him”. These same people simply follow their heartstrings and fall in line behind an erroneous idea stemming from a wrong belief system, assuming without proof, that what was ushered in from childhood, from either their parents or someone else etc, was right – a comfort zone coming along the road of life giving them the impression that a particular religious organization or establishment was/is the correct one – but, they actually never followed through with – once again, the simple request made from God himself “to prove his existence” – also included from within the majority of our population, are those who are making up a growing number of individuals proudly proclaiming there is no God and that belief system is also based and rooted in wishful thinking made without having any proof.

            Could it be that the vast majority of our people – for that matter – billions/with a B – around the world, have been duped into believing a lie?

            In the book “the bible” (which by the way, is the “tool for proving”) – which also someday soon – will be understood by one and all around the world (and that includes you BD) God makes the simple, but very bold accusation, ” the whole world is deceived.” That necessarily would include organized religion as well as our educational system etc. We must all realize one very important fact – he who is deceived does not know he/she is deceived, how could it be otherwise, to the contrary, that willful ignorance doesn’t take away from the fact, that each individual, and in this case – “the whole world” – is not believing or ignorantly following a lie from what ever avenue they have individually choosen to travel, be it religion or otherwise.

            So you ask, “wheres the proof?” Actually BD, I commend you on that question, not many in the religious community are willing to even go there – it might mean that they would have to do something on their own and not simply follow the preconceived dictates flowing from the pulpit. These people, I my mind anyway, are worse than non-believers. Often times pushing their personal ideas on others without ever “proving the existence of an Eternal Being” for themselves, that wrong assumption has lead to thousands of good honest people fleeing from the idea altogether and never looking back. It makes me want to gag. Its sickening really to watch this unfold and it is not right. Shame on those who proclaim they have understanding, but yet lack simple basic knowledge.

            I must add one more thought before I go into the proving aspect of my reply to you.

            Here’s another mystery coming from those proclaiming “they are wise” – (and are NOT) – it can often be heard from them, a boasting, that they are going to be with Jesus after their death. But again, what does Jesus say about their arrogant claim…”I Know You NOT” And Why? Because they would rather follow a man, than to actually “prove God at his word” – its easier that way, at least in their mind.

            So in the end, it will be those who have now rejected the idea of an Eternal God, who will understand and except Gods truth faster and long before those who are currently making the false claim that they now know him. Why(?) you might ask, – because those without understanding have little or nothing to “unlearn” – those though, who profess to be wise, will have to become de-brain-washed from their current backward thinking and after that, they will be taught the truth correctly. It will take much more time for them to understand truth then it is for the nonbeliever.

            I also fully realize that anything I give to you as proof today (in this post) will probably be rejected. So, am I wasting my time, no, not at all, because the things that I will show you, will become fact in the very near future. You will recall these things when you see them take place before your eyes. That proof alone will also lead to a mind change in you starting you on the right track – it really is that simple.

            Here goes….

            The very book that you claim is chuck full of foolish myth, has recorded the future. It even describes those like you, who scoff at the idea.

            The writings known as prophecy, tell a story of future events that are dismal at best, in the short term, but indescribable for the long haul.

            These writings are also the very tools necessary that we each must use to prove the existence of God.

            There is a way to do it and it necessitates the understanding of world history (recorded in secular history) correlated with biblical history, which most of the time, was prophetic writing long before it became world history. When this time consuming ordeal is accomplished, because the task involves mush study, the student, is left with the stark realization that God does in fact exist and is found to be alive and well today, leading those who know him and is found orchestrating his will to accomplish his plan.

            Not one time has biblical prophecy ever failed – not once. Nor can it, because all biblical prophecy is inspired by God who cannot tell a lie. When one studies the prophetic writings of the bible, he’ll come to realize that history was long recorded before it actually took place. When the bible student realizes what lie in the immediate future and then witnesses that history unfold before his very eyes, then that is the process of how an individual proves God.

            This is where you will probably lose interest – scripture tells of a third world war that is soon going to burst forth upon an unsuspecting world. Now how could that be if over half those humans living on the planet say they believe in an Eternal Being? Sure there are those who believe in biblical prophecy, but none have the puzzle pieces correctly in put in place, that is, except the knowledge that comes from those who do understand Gods word.

            I’ll leave that part up to you though…the proving.

            Here are some things you should watch for in the coming days, months, and years. Because, once certain prophetic events do take shape on the world stage, all remaining prophetic events will follow in their particular order closely on the heels until all are spent.

            One particular event is shaping up today, an event that I’ve been watching for on the world scene for nearly 40 years.

            Israel being left to fend for itself due to a growing conflict between its once close allies America and Britain. The bible described this event long ago. This event also is a prelude to other major prophetic events soon to follow.

            Prophecy says that the tiny nation of Israel will have no other choice but to seek out new allies due to a growing conflict in the middle-east. And today we can see that happening in the news. As we speak, Israel has repeatedly sent ambassadors to Germany seeking for closer ties economically and militarily.

            This relationship will flourish, for each nation realizes a beneficial partnership at least in the short term.

            Watch for the city of (east) Jerusalem to be overrun by Muslim’s soon. Bible prophecy foretells of the eastern half to fall into the hands of foreigners. BUT – Germany will come to the rescue and European armies will surround the city in an effort to save the historical city from Muslim control.

            That very act alone, is the trigger mechanism for starting the deadliest world war this planet has ever witnessed. An unspeakable nuclear world conflict will ensue, where not even one blade of grass would be saved alive – BUT – the very God that so many today mock, or claim they follow and do not, He will save us from ourselves and human extinction – God will end the nuclear nightmare before it ends us – He will immediately usher in his perfect government made up of his perfect laws and ordinances. This new government will include hundreds of thousands of individuals over time who in their lifetime – they proved him at his word These elected individuals will be brought back to life upon Christs return – they will help him set up his government on the earth. All nations will eventually turn away from their current national policy of war and killing, toward the rules and guidelines set down by God himself, rules that make for a perfect world. Order will ensue and peace will be the lasting result.

            God did not leave we humans in the dark about what lies ahead in our immediate future. All the information ever needed for living decently has been here from the start. The problem from day one has been, we humans are simply to stubborn to prove God at his word and that is why we always fall short and get ourselves in trouble.

          • B D

            I’m not going to read all that horse manure you wrote kid. Get some help from a mental healthcare professional. The supernatural realm isn’t real. Good luck.

          • Anonymous

            Fair enough, but don’t say you weren’t warned ahead of time.

            I read an article the other day, in an old medical review, the subject dealt with treating and curing cancer. It seems there has been a cure now for many years (from the 40s) but it was considered out of the ordinary. Mainstream medicine flat-out rejected the idea. Ever since there is a term known as the “Semmelweis Reflex” – its meaning?…..

            “the dismissing, or rejecting out of hand any information, automatically, without thought, inspection, or experiment”

            Sounds all to familiar in today’s ‘modern’ society.

          • Anonymous

            Ancient Truths are relevant forever. That much of present society ignores them explains much.

          • B D

            Truths maybe, but finding any from the bronze age is a real challenge. We’ve discarded most of that nonsense in the Western world. Ancient myths like what the Bible is made up of? That’s something else. What kind of deity would create a book that treats half of its created creatures to be subservient to the other half? The Bible is obviously the work of the minds of men. Religion is basically a way for men to control their women so the males genes can be passed along. Animals use brute strength, humans use mind control.

          • Anonymous

            Kicking Truth to the curb does not make Him any less true. It just reveals who is doing the kicking.

          • B D

            It’s your belief, so you’re free to use it for your personal needs, just don’t go around trying to burden others with it. Are you a Fundamentalist Christian or a Mormon? Those two don’t get along too well.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone will experience “the burden of proof”.

        • B D

          No TonyB, they will not. The ancient ideas of primitive bronze age men belong in the past along with their useless ideas about treating disease, mental illness and women.

  • jill

    Glenn creatively lives each day– with his beautiful eyes wide open; no person can
    should accuse Glenn of not stepping up to the challenges while most out here
    merely procrastinate in all things. Get into some self-help in the Barnes-Noble
    stores. Clerks are usually glad to assist new readers and stay awhile as one can read all day with a beverage and privacy. It is a little secret for you to make a difference for everybody , as well .

    • B D

      Yes gang! It’s Christmas time again and Santa Glenn has paraded out another bunch of crapola for his gullible core audience to send buy! Glenn Beck is the Nutty Cracker.

  • Zachary

    I find it a bit of a struggle to call a holiday that in essence represents the near genocide of an entire ethnic group of people, “divine providence”. The extreme right has created an absolutely disgusting “holier than thou” image of the pilgrims that is utterly false. Thanksgiving should be a day of mourning and remembrance of the atrocities our forefathers committed in eradicating the American Indian. People fitting the paradigm of those like Glenn Beck are the reason America is spiraling into the crapper.

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