Editor’s note: The following is a message from The Marketplace by TheBlaze.

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As the holidays approach, small businesses across the country gear up for what may be their only opportunity to see their businesses through to another year.

For many, including The Marketplace small business shop owners, Christmastime is the most important time of the year and their main opportunity to keep their enterprise afloat. While people talk about supporting small business in our nation, too many are quick to purchase from big businesses for all of their holiday shopping.

Too few put their money where their hearts are to make an actual difference.

With The Marketplace Christmas Catalog, holiday shoppers now have the opportunity to support small businesses throughout America. Every product within the pages of this catalog is American-made by entrepreneurs tirelessly working to earn your trust.

Small business shop owners at The Marketplace are not consumed by profit. Instead, they’re consumed by passion, integrity, hard work and their families – entire generations of them in some cases. Supporting these businesses often means supporting entire communities that depend on them.

The goal of The Marketplace by TheBlaze is to assemble the world’s finest collection of unique small businesses—not just those with quality products, but quality people as well. Entrepreneurs like the owners of ChristWreath, who designed their product as a new reminder of the true meaning of Christmas to achieve their own version of the American Dream.

The Marketplace holds to the idea that the more entrepreneurs are free to create across the country, the more America’s biggest financial problems will be solved. For instance, buying a steak from Nebraska Star Beef means that they in turn pay small ranchers, feeders, butchers, storage companies and distributors.

Whether at home, visiting relatives or serving the nation overseas, having home in the heart is one way many Americans hope to spend Christmas. The Marketplace Christmas catalog provides shoppers with countless ways to share the feeling of home with those they care about.

Creators of fine, American-made quality feel right at home at The Marketplace—like the craftsmen at Georgia Chair Company, who recently replaced the runners of a rocking chair for a customer who had purchased it 66 years earlier. The rest of the chair was in near-perfect condition. Products like this and more can be found in The Marketplace Christmas catalog, featuring all made in America products.

Just like hometown Main Street, The Marketplace is a place where small business owners are making a difference in the nation—where honesty and integrity is just as important as revenue and profit. To view The Marketplace 2013 Christmas Catalog, click here.