GQ names President Obama one of the ‘25 Least Influential People of 2013’

Throughout his time in office, President Obama has been named among the world’s most influential and powerful people, but his name has surfaced on a new list that is antithesis of power and influence. This year’s edition of GQ’s annual ’25 Least Influential People’ includes names like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. Number 17 on the list is none other than the President himself.

“I find this amazing,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “GQ magazine: The 25 Least Influential People of 2013. The president of the United States – he’s number 17.”

GQ had this to say about President Obama’s time in office:

He can blame Republicans in Congress all he likes and get away with it because congressional Republicans are the worst. But the fact remains that I have spent the majority of this man’s presidency watching bad things happen, then hearing a thoughtful speech about how we gotta make sure the bad things never happen again, and then watching as nothing gets done. Next time there’s an election, I want Nate Silver to analyze the data and tell me who to vote for so that I don’t end up casting my ballot for a very eloquent hat stand.

“About time,” Pat asked. “I mean what does it take?”

“It takes a $2 trillion program that does nothing,” Stu responded. “That’s what it takes.”

“And a $600 million website that doesn’t work,” Pat added.

Glenn, however, wasn’t so sure people have even realized the true extent of the problem with the Obama Administration yet.

“No, it is none of that. It is honestly none of that,” Glenn concluded. “It is: They have to lose their health insurance. That’s what it’s going to take. And we haven’t even started.”

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Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    They should have a list of ‘traitors to the nation’ and ensure he is at the top.

    So are people finally awakening to the danger of Obama, or is this another blip on the radar screen?

  • Anonymous

    Finally, maybe people are awakening from their slumber. One can only hope!

  • Anonymous

    Finally, maybe people are awakening from their slumber. One can only hope!

  • Anonymous

    Too little too late, again. We still have 3 more years of Odumbo…enjoy it.

  • Jerilynne Graue

    I have seen it since his 1st time around! I don’t know how the hell he got back in, I truly believe it was fixed!

  • BoycottWWE

    There’s countless dead people everywhere, especially in his home state, that would agree with you on the fixing part, but I still blame the liberal media and the “entitled” people that him and the Dems have created since they first took back power.

  • MKZeke

    So, I just went to check out the rest of the list, and I found something interesting. Apparently, Obama was already on a ‘Least Influential’ list.

    Right there, hes number 25 on this list from 2011. Thought I would share.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh joy. :(

  • James Thomas Hyde Jr.

    it’s not reaching who it needs to reach yet . but let me help .

    YOU. (yes you sitting at the computer) YOU who thought this man . who preached to you like he was going to PERSONALLY come to your house and fix all your problems . YOU!
    who vote against a party simply because it’s how you have been raised or because the party you grew up with says so ..

    YOU need to wake up and stop making excuses .

    you did this . and it’s not done yet he’s still in power ..

    YOU! you think it’s bad now ?

    in not deliberate . this man and his tzars . his “bedfellows ” are incompetent

    he has had TWO terms to fix what he said he is going to fix . and he had NOT!

    he has failed. go to work and tell your boss you can’t do your job . better yet show your boss you cannot do your job



    THAT I . WILL RESEARCH AND HOLD MY ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE. TO EVERY PROMISE . if you do this i guarantee . the country will repair itself

  • Alex Cunningham

    least influential person of the year is the American taxpayer.

  • Anonymous

    Are you implying he has killed those who believe the election was fixed or that the fix used dead people as voters?

  • Sam Fisher

    And people thought Eastwood was crazy to call Obama and empty chair. I mean this is a guy who has no clue what is going on within his own government or he knows what is going on and could care less that he is stabbing every single one of us in the back.

  • Anonymous

    drop the eloquent part and the GQ writer is getting close.

  • Dave Gustavson

    For the few of us that actually work and PAY taxes obama is very influential. We see the damage he does every pay period and double when filing taxes..

  • HippieComplex

    dead people as voters…

  • Scott Sherri Kaeck

    what does it take to recall his sorry lieing tail???????

  • Ann Sumners

    I did Not vote for him or any other Dumbocrat in my life! But, I am still living with the consequences of other people’s gullibility!

  • Nanajane

    Glenn, I get it. He’s not one of the least influential people, he’s just about the MOST. But it’s all BAD!!

  • Johnny Teel

    Knew this guy was trouble from the beginning. Hope the rest of the idiots wake up soon!

  • FlyBoy

    Like Clint said, he’s an empty chair.

  • Eyes wide open.

    Life Rule # 1– 99% of the time what ever you see anyone doing, is what they want to do. If your web site fails, that is what you want. If you want to hide the Bengazi truth, that is what you do. If you want to rob the whole country, that is what you do. He is not stupid, not inept, not unaware, there is no excuse. Everything is by design.

  • David Everett

    Hi Ann, I didn’t vote for your guy before him but I had to sit by and watch thousand of our soldiers die and tens of thousands get maimed.
    Lets not talk about the trillions spent. That word DUMBO might just come back and smack you in the azz.

  • ZoeOlivia

    it’s is interesting that at least a couple men who had been putting together info for a break through report died in strange unexplained accidents. just saying….

  • Lois Davis Tate

    I’m sick of professional politicians. They are no better.

  • sheryl brantley

    He should have been the No. 1 LEAST influential and most destrtuctive person in the U.S., and, yes, i definitely think there was a lot of fraud in the election. There is no way 3 million repulblicans stayed home after that disastrous first four years, and so many counties had well over 100% of “voters” that all voted for him? Preposterous. Not to mention, all the illegals that were bussed all over the country where voter i.d. laws were not in effect.

  • Lois Davis Tate

    I knew it too but none of my family would listen. Hope they figured it out by now. They are so very silent lately.

  • Richard

    Wake Up David

  • Lois Davis Tate

    The only thing is, he’s still getting away with it.

  • dbusman

    How are we the taxpayer, which includes yourself, the least influential? M

  • Adam Mangrum

    So true. The title of the list should be of the most destructively influential people of 2013. Influence can be good or bad, and this study is hinting at the bad type.

  • lenox Constituent

    Are you really that dumbfounded on the bashing of Bush? really? wake up and see the destruction that lies before you. thousands killed? in the last five years as well. War sucks. War is horrible to any extent no matter Who’s the General. If that’s your reason for not liking the previous administration…your problems are about to take on a whole new level. Wake up then dear David. Realize what transformation is taking place. THIS has NOTHING to do with BUSH! for God sake man! get off the band wagon and think for yourself!!

  • dennis reilly

    how does he even make any list except the biggest con man-liar of all time ?

  • Alex Cunningham

    The Politicians we elect year after year, don’t listen to us. We have made ourselves a non issue by voting for big government yes men. Should we be least influential? no of course not. that was my point.

  • Elena

    It’s the Chicago traditional way of winning elections.

  • David Everett

    Hey Lenox, I have a lot of issues with this administration and congress. But I do show respect for this President while he is in office. As I did Bush 43. The sky is not going to hit me tomorrow as I was told 6 years ago. My taxes have not gone up and my stocks are doing great. I have been a “job creator” for 23 years now and business is getting better. Only congress has cost me jobs and money with their scare tactics. I do wish college cost would come down some as my 3rd child will be entering next year. Personally, this president has not hurt me one bit. Sorry but my wagon still has 4 good tires.

  • Anonymous

    It was fixed. There was a very tiny remark about the fix in Florida and Virginia. This was in a little box in a US magazine about 60 days or so after the election. I didn’t check for correctness because I readily could believe the fix was done. Also, they did a great job of fixing the news about Benghazi not coming out. To this day, I bet Romney is kicking himself for being a “gentleman” about it. Also, some (and don’t take this as snarky-just fact) uneducated people who believed him when he promised what he knew he would never deliver.

  • Anonymous

    It was fixed. There was a very tiny remark about the fix in Florida and Virginia. This was in a little box in a US magazine about 60 days or so after the election. I didn’t check for correctness because I readily could believe the fix was done. Also, they did a great job of fixing the news about Benghazi not coming out. To this day, I bet Romney is kicking himself for being a “gentleman” about it. Also, some (and don’t take this as snarky-just fact) uneducated people who believed him when he promised what he knew he would never deliver.

  • Anonymous

    Trump a few weeks ago, (tongue in cheek) that more dead people voted the last presidential election than people have signed up for Obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    Did they just call Obama a very eloquent hat stand?

  • Anonymous

    lol gq is so 80′s.

  • Randy Lanning

    Just wait until 80 million people lose their company sponsored insurance next year!

  • Guest

    How innovative an approach! Blaming George Bush! Liberals cannot come up with even a LAME excuse for the actions of Barack Obama, so they resort to blaming. And they learned from an expert….the Master of Blame himself!
    Find another excuse, please; that one is really old.

  • Anonymous

    I will say this again, Obama is the greatest scam in American history, I made this statement 4years ago. I first claimed it was Al Gore, but Obama has him beat!

  • Serina7

    Respect? There is no respect for a socialist leader who is about to turn into HItler. Maybe it is my womanly instinct, but it is only going to get worse for all of us if he continues. Wake up America…look what you have created…a BIG Mess for the rest of us. America is no longer a strong country…we have become weak, and this is exactly what is the agenda of Obama.

  • Serina7

    I want to know why Clinton was impeached because he lied to the American people, but when Obama lies everyone turns their cheek.

  • Sharon Thorpe

    you mean in the war your guy got elected on saying he was going to end, then did not end! Is that the war your talking about Dave?

  • wildman

    ovomit is just a total waste of oxygen

  • Mucking_Forons

    If you vote for either major party you’re part of the problem. The Country is finished. This is nothing more than a last chance money grab.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not really surprising that Obama won a second term, if you look at two key factors. First and foremost, the utter stupidity of many American people who believed the lies then, and the millions who continue to. Second, his opponent, Mitt Romney had a few too many (perceived) handicaps. For one, he is just too nice a guy for most people to trust (sounds silly, but think about it). And, his religion didn’t help him either. Too many people fear things they do not understand, and frankly many people do not understand his religion. Those two factors alone were enough for him to lose by that eventual small margin. It boils down to fear and lack of understanding on the part of the voters. But, that’s just my opinion…

  • Anonymous

    He’ll end up just being a “blip on the radar.” People have very short memories. There are plenty of past bad presidents, and people never seem to learn from these examples. They continue to fall for the marketing job that is unleashed on them.

  • Anonymous

    Obama won based on his image and his intent. A slick talking smooth demagogue who “cares about the middle class”. Yeah right. The public perception of anger towards wealthy people (augmented by O) in recent times has bolstered Dems nationally and destroyed Romney. The near-criminal demonization of that decent man was just enough to convince a gullible public to re-elect the most destructive President in recent history. They successfully painted him (and Republicans in general) as a ruthless, out-of-touch, spoiled wealthy businessman who “doesn’t care about the middle class regular folks”. In the age of feelings and sickening political correctness, that doesn’t win. Don’t forget the overwhelming support/turnout of minorities which will not be there the next time around.

  • Anonymous

    This president has hurt virtually everyone, it’s just that we have not all felt it…yet. The debt that has been amassed, and the fallout from this insurance debacle are only two major economic problems that will bring the country to its knees. If you look at real earnings and facts, it is apparent that the stock market is only artificially propped up, for the moment. Just a word to the wise – make sure that not all of your eggs are in that basket for the long haul, because there will be a correction, and it won’t take a terror attack or a war to cause it. Good old-fashioned free market fundamentals are going to get it started, and then the shaky confidence in the market will drop it like a rock. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong – I’m also self-employed – but I doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    That would be considered racist if anyone were to actually do something about it.

  • Robert Egloff

    Votes. He got over 90% of black votes. ( Quite a disparity there , Eh ?? ) Liberal votes. Voter fraud. See how hard the Attorney Gen, Holder , FIGHTS tooth and nail against voter I.D.

  • Anonymous

    Course it was. The bloom is off the rose now.

  • Anonymous

    Not only do they still think he is wonderful they are lining up Hillary for 2016

    Bill Clinton is getting $12 million for his memoirs.

    Hillary got $8 million for hers.

    That’s $20 million for the memories from two people, who for eight years repeatedly testified, under oath, that they couldn’t remember anything.


  • Bill

    It could be a lot different if only taxpayers or landowners could vote. People who don’t own anything, don’t pay taxes or don’t have to pay taxes don’t have any skin in the game.

  • Anonymous

    To; Backgammon,
    The Clinton’s were absolutely toxic when they were in the White House.
    #1. Bill Clinton was permanently disbarred while President.
    #2. James Riady and twenty four other people pleaded guilty on both felony and misdemeanor charges for bringing large monetary bribes from totally illegal foreign-sources from overseas. (They brought some of these bribes directly into the White House. Some of them came from China.)
    #3. Marc Rich, (a man wanted on criminal-charges for tax evasion, used the help of his ex-wife to funnel bribe money directly to the Clinton’s.) His money was VERY effective. It got him a pardon from Bill Clinton.
    #4. I have no idea as to why the Democrat party is trying to put these two totally corrupt scam artists back into the White House ? We can only hope the American voters will see through the sham put out by these toxic individuals in 2016 !

  • Roy Browning

    The Republicans made a serious mistake several years ago. The republicans started bitching about Obama, what they really should have done is simple shut the fuck up and let Oblamo hang himself, which is what he is doing and proving himself very, very, adept at it. By bitching all the time (even though they were mostly correct and had reason) they simply made themselves targets for the Liberal sociopaths who still support this “hat rack” of a president.

  • Anonymous

    No he is talking about the other wars “Civil” that Obama started. Egypt, Syria, Libya, etc…or are we still calling them Kinetic Actions?

  • disney girl

    as a president he is a waste of time, as a person this seems to be true but you would have to ask his family. I agree with Jerilynne and BoycottWWE. I think the only thing the president knows how to fix are elections.

  • Anonymous

    To; nonofmybiznez
    They sure did ! Remember all the derogatory remarks made against Clint Eastwood ? He was right on in the “empty chair” routine he did !

  • George Boss Jr.

    Wow David Everett, you self centered egotistical ass! So happy for you that your friggin life is all rosey and such. Because nothing has happened to you and yours the past 6 years, every one else can piss up a rope. So how is that Obama care working for you Mr. “job-creator”? You may have four tires on your wagon but they are bald and ready to blow. You’re so concerned about how many soldiers have died but have neglected to place the blame for most of them on Obama. What happened to him ending the war and bringing our troops home? How about all those maimed soldiers coming home to reduced benefits, promises made to them before they signed up to serve, now broken. Reduced retirement pensions and medical benefits to reduce our military budget all the while giving BILLIONS of $$$ to foreign countries who hate our guts. I’m so glad that you’ve faired so well these past few years. You must have got those rose colored glasses at Neiman-Marcus!

  • Matt Mcneill

    Most of these casualties occurred under Obama. It’s kind of sad you have to use the deaths of all those troops for what? To attack a president you don’t like? Sad.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly, unless there is a spirtual revival, one is correct. When congress and senate, sat by and gave the nod for NDAA, which the president signed on New Year’s eve, 2012. Effectively, this nullifies our bill of rights. The military, or even interpol can snatch us from our homes, not reveal charges, no trial, no info to family on location held, no lawyer. If anyone puts up a stink when things get really bad, we could see the full extent of this law. It will be a deer in the headlights moment for many.

  • Anonymous

    That’s ok. In the interview that the Obama’s did with B. Walters, Ms Obama, stated that the people he wanted to help would have insurance coverage. No matter that a possible 129 million could lose coverage, so that those he wished to be covered would be. They are too kind to say he lied, because in truth he probably didn’t read the bill either. He just went out to sell their talking points with his then popularity. It’s never his fault, as we have all learned in past years.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, the 80′s, and J. Carter, economy is here to stay for a few more years. Has anyone been shopping and seen the buttload of polyster, and double knit men’s clothing? All we lack is disco dancing, lol.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, that’s sweet. They are having a beer summit with Obama, lol.

  • Anonymous

    That is the way it use to be. But, now that people have figured out if they vote for the right person, they can spend other peope’s money. We also give money to 197 nations, and have money justdisappear. Sixty five million went “missing,” from HHS, before ACA, was rolled out. Now, I wonder where that could have been misplaced at?

  • Anonymous

    It was a mistake to take on two wars at a time. But, at the same time I would have thought Obama, has studied his predessor’s mistakes so closely, (since he is still blaming things on him) that he would have learned an important lesson. Do no remove a leader of a nation, and leave a power void, that will multiply insurgents, and advantage takers by the thousands. Look at Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and our almost involvement in Syria. Not to mention our actions in Yemen, and Pakistan, just hunting down people we know by name. Now, we see why our forefathers said we could trade with other nations, but never become involved in their political conflicts.

  • Anonymous

    Left out Yemen, strikes inside Pakistan, that have fatally wounded their civilians. Not to mention we have troops in Jordon, and sent ships to the Pacific, to ready for a possible conflict wih N. Korea. Gee, we have troops in so many places, it was just recently revealed that fallen service members, are being returned on rent a plane. Classly.

  • Anonymous

    I.E. Obamacare, or proper name ACA website, in which they ball up their little manicured fist, and pound them while ranting the republicans don’t want him to succeed at anythinhg! WAAH in Washington!

  • Anonymous

    May one’s blessings continue to multiply. Just wish kids taking ketchup home from school on the weekend, could have more than ketchup soup they make to eat. Wish more people weren’t homeless, and the elderly facing cost they won’t be able to cover. But, it’s nice to know someone has prospered under this man. I’d watch my stocks though, because when govt stops printing money, that bubble will pop.

  • Anonymous

    Well, in all fairness he did say he wanted our country to just be as one among the rest. He stated he didn’t feel the US, should be the world’s policeman, or leader. Instead, he felt we should have wealth redistribution, because we are better off than 75% of the people in undeveloped nations. Somehow, people got the idea that he would redistribute all that wealth in the US. Nope, just a fraction of it.

  • Defend The Constitution

    Here we have respected democrat, Jeff Jarvis, calling out Hussein Obama’s despotic designs:

  • Anonymous

    Figures it’s with entertainers. He gets to rub elbows with them by summoning them to the WH, to provide entertainment for his family and staff. In return they do PSA’s pushing his agenda. Just look at interview Ms Winfrey gave, when she stated racism was a reason people didn’t want him to succeed. Gee, census says blacks are 13% of total population. Can she explain how he was elected, and she is a billionaire, if racism is harming hi, and his agenda?

  • Anonymous

    Truly, I would have thought a frog with a glass bottom, could have won against this prez. But, then again, we had no knowledge the irs had singled out the opposition trying to coordinate to have a political voice. Then they use the lame excuse some liberal groups had their applications receive further investigative questioning. Really? Like it was ok to use this form of admin. actions to cause org. not to have the capability to have a political voice. It’s not fair and some laws were even broken in the process. But, in fairness, the prez said he was unaware of this.

  • Anonymous

    I personally think he was too nice a guy, and preceived to have same idea’s as prez with his own Romney care. Then he picked calculator boy as running mate. A man who they had made complete fodder of with commericals like throwing grandma off a cliff. The visual image of that in their ads, was worse in the minds of people, than the actual death panels in the ACA, imo.

  • Anonymous

    Where is GQ on the list of “least influential magazines”? These lists are generated around this time of year to provoke attention.

  • jolie

    they get names of dead people and register them and vote them , used to be a very common practice in the south .. main reason for voter ID along with so many illegals voting

  • jolie

    I watched you on Hannity last night .. agree with you but do not know how to proceed and yes , I looked up Athens Tennessee .

  • chopin44

    Well, we can assume that GQ got a big CHECK, an amount that most Americans will never see or someone from the elite empire owns part of GQ. If the there are not any elite that owns GQ, then their integrity is zero. If you sacrifice integrity for money, prosperity will be lost in your current life or in the after life. Now I realize this can apply to anyone who does the same thing. Im not try to say that I have never made a bad decision for personal gain, but I’m just saying.

  • chopin44

    I hope that GQ looses customers. This will speak volumes.

  • LevelField

    “Democracy will die, when the people realize they can vote themselves entitlements…”
    This was spoken by Thomas Jefferson – and without even knowing it, he was predicting the downfall of our country and election of a talking head congress willing to trade citizenship and entitlements for votes.
    Welcome to 21st Century America.

  • Tiffiny Breshears Johnson

    Obama won because the media was afraid to tell people of all his mistakes.. they didn’t tell you all his flaws.. didn’t research his background.. didn’t throw all his garbage around.. they were afraid to be labeled racist if they told the truth about the troll.. every time Romney put a syllable in the wrong place.. it was all over the news.. but this man can do anything.. and no one will tell the truth about him.. for fear.. after all a Muslim will send someone to blow up infidels if they don’t watch it.. lol

  • Anonymous

    He got elected because too many people DIDN’T vote.

  • Anonymous

    In some districts he got more than100% of eligible voters.

  • Anonymous

    Even if we knew, he still would have been elected. There is no fixing stupid.

  • Anonymous

    The mistake was not taking on “two wars”. We defeated Japan and Germany if you forgot. The mistake is the ROE (rules of engagement). We no longer fight wars to win. Our military are not police. When they are sent to fight, the only rule is “Win as quickly as possible.” General MacArthur had it right – ”

    But once war is forced upon us, there is no other alternative than to apply every available means to bring it to a swift end.

    War’s very object is victory, not prolonged indecision.

    In war there is no substitute for victory.”
    we have forgotten this.

  • madman

    It was definitely rigged.

  • Clark

    This is a stupid list, with 40 million followers on twitter he’s obviously more influential than 25 newborns. And Miley Cyrus taught millions of people over 30 what twerking is so there’s that too

  • Winston Smith

    Who even buys GQ let alone actually reads it. Save your money and a trip to the newstand; just ask any average American.

  • Anonymous

    So do you support the billions spent on Drone warfare then?
    Obama loves his drones.
    It’s pretty hypocritical of you to condemn the death of our soldiers, then say nothing about the thousands of innocent civilians that have been maimed and have perished due to those drones.
    Those civilians did NOTHING to earn the death penalty. Just like it is not MY FAULY that Bush took this country to war. I did not want it.
    Most unfortunately, my opinion did not count.
    Now Obama – I am SO disappointed in him. He’s Just. Like. Bush.
    The only difference is that Bush is patriotic.
    Obama – not so much.

  • ajsfca

    Barack Obama WILL try to rally his cultural, entitlement, ethnic, lifestyle and racial minority and union supporters to vote for his party’s candidates in 2016 on a theme of continuing his change and progress. Those voters will still be there and likely to be growing in number. Cult figures and Hollywood creations are often enduring icons.

  • Jaamoose

    OK Teahadis, either he’s “fundamentally changing America” to your imagined hell, or he’s doing nothing – which is it?

  • Jaamoose

    You think things like that because you live in this little world, where Beck is seen as a source of knowledge. In the real world, Obama won because he had more people vote for him, plain and simple, twice. Keep living in your box, and we’ll try to find even more progressive candidates…

  • Anonymous

    “will try” are the operative words here. I don’t think black people will be out en masse for the 2016 Dem candidate as they were for BHO. Politics is cyclical and things can change very fast, including public opinion.

  • Socialism is Evil. Organized.

    In this related YouTube video, comedian Russell Brand notes that Hussein Obama’s messiah complex is a symptom of mental illness:

  • Glen Scott Yow

    On Obamacare the republicans let him get it passed and that was the first election not the second one.

  • TheSecularConservative

    we tried to tell you people. you didnt want to listen. you wanted him, you got him, toyota.