Feel Good Story of the Day: ‘Tips For Jesus’ is making the day of wait staff all over the country

Glenn has spent the last several weeks talking about the importance of finding and highlighting the positive, feel good stories that happen all around us on a daily basis. Although Glenn was absent from radio this morning because of a bad case of laryngitis, Pat and Stu shared the story of the ‘Tips for Jesus’ movement that is beginning to go viral.

It is unknown whether Tips for Jesus is a generous individual or group of individuals, but over the last few months, massive tips have been left at pubs, restaurants, and other establishments around the country with ‘TipsForJesus’ written or stamped on the receipt.

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“This is a great story coming out actually all around the country. It’s bizarre. I don’t know what to make of it yet. But there’s a guy who is going around the country, sitting down at restaurants, having a normal meal and leaving ridiculous large tips for waitresses,” Stu explained. “And you kind of heard this story before: Occasionally, somebody leaves a large tip. But he’s doing it all over the country. It’s called ‘Tips for Jesus’. He has an Instagram account and it’s been active since at least September. Tips range from $500 all the way to $10,000.”

According to TheBlaze:

An Instagram account with the username “TipsForJesus” is continuously documenting these escapades, including images of receipts from each good deed and some of the elated faces of individuals receiving these gifts.

While those behind the tip giving effort remain a mystery, a mission statement is present on the aforementioned Instagram account: “Doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.”

Gawker explained that this individual or group has been able to fly under the radar so far over the past few months, leaving tips that range from $500 to $10,000. Adding up receipts, the outlet reported that more than $54,000 has been doled out so far.

“The check for one particular meal, $87.98 and the tip was $3,000. And another one, $285 check, tip $2,000. Another one, $214 check, tip $5,000. And then waiters take pictures with the checks and everything. And they have evidence of all the credit cards clearing,” Stu said.  “$24 check, tip $500 – so $524 and signed at the bottom: @TipsForJesus. And the guy, his Instagram slogan is: Doing the Lord’s work one tip at a time. And apparently, you know, he’s doing it all over.”

Below are some of the pictures that have been posted to the Instagram account:

Check out more Tips for Jesus photos HERE.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Whomever is doing this, good for them, keep up the good deeds.

  • Anonymous

    Keep up the good work … the Holy Spirit is at work here!

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a “tip” – Leave Jesus out of the equation. Using the name of God to gather in extra funds is a far cry from doing what is right. So then, if these tips have now become the Lords Money, then give it to him – all of it. Stop exploiting the name of God to increase wealth even if it is “supposedly” for a good cause.


  • ddingus

    Matthew 6:2-4 says:

    2″So when you give to the poor, do not sound a trumpet before you, as the
    hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, so that they may be
    honored by men. Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full. 3″But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, 4so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

  • Richard Mitchell

    Apparently, nobody knows who is behind the movement. So it seems to me that they aren’t exactly doing it to be honored. The only name used is that of Jesus and I think it’s pretty much okay to glorify Him. Christians have been branded as notoriously bad tippers and I think this is a great way to set right a perceived wrong.

  • ddingus

    It’s a bad idea to leave Jesus out of the equation. If we know that all we have and all we are belongs to Him, we will want to share with those in need. We just don’t need to broadcast it. (real “need” is pretty rare in this country, btw)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    And here I thought that rich Christians hate poor people. That is what the left keeps telling me. Good job whoever you are keep the good work going and I pray more people follow this persons example.

  • Anonymous

    The name of Christ has been used for self gain from the time the name was first heard on earth. The problem with organized religion is that everyone partaking in it, somehow feel they belong to God, when nothing further from the truth is fathomable. God says he will not except their form of worship – including this latest form coming from the “money holders” – what is Caesars give unto Caesar, what is the Lords then give unto him….if this is Caesar’s money, made through the collection of tips, thats one thing…so leave God out of it.

  • Barry

    Dang! What is your problem?

  • Barry

    The only thing I’m unsure about is whether the tipper is sharing the gospel with them along with the cash. If so, that’s an even better story, but it isn’t mentioned in the article.

  • Anonymous

    Christ has been exploited far to long, especially at this time of year. It gets old after awhile. Christ gives clear instruction on how he will be worshiped this has nothing to do with how he himself would give. This is a cleaver ploy to tug at the heartstrings of gullible people for no other reason than to confiscate their hard earned dollars. Does anyone really know where the “tips for Jesus are ending up”?

  • Barry

    Well, I don’t know what happens to the money given. But likewise, I don’t know where benevolence money goes that churches give to the needy, either. I hope it’s used properly, but only the recipient will have to answer for that. Our job as Christians is to love and help those in need. Hopefully, these people giving out this cash are also sharing the gospel which is eternal. The money won’t last very long anyway, but the Word of God will last forever, if given to them and received.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that someone always has to be negative, when a good deed is done? This person being, the ” good Samaritan,” is doing what God and Christ did. He is
    following the pattern they set. The ones receiving should not be exploiting it. The person probably didn’t mean for it to be advertized. Whomever you are, I am sure you will be blessed.

  • Anonymous

    charity never comes from government
    only loving god fearing people! Blessings to ALL!

  • Anonymous

    The problem with the religions of the world there is only one church that God excepts – that would be the one he started, no other religious organization is pleasing to God – that means all but one are ripping him off and btw using his name for self gain, he will soon show his anger toward these hypocrites who have for thousands of years now, used his name to fill their coffers .

    Jesus instructs his followers to do as he has done. So that means if I’m going to give to the needy, then give, why bring up Christs name – it can be for no other reason than to get as much as they can. Why not use the phrase “Tips for the needy” surely, and especially at this time of the year, the good christian soldier would comply wouldn’t he?

  • http://drudgereport.com/ Myles Standish

    I’m a tad confused. Giving a HUGE tip to a waitress/waiter is some sort of extra special good deed? Waitresses/waiters that work in eating establishments where the tabs are that high (see photos/text), make VERY good money if they are good at what they do. Those jobs are highly sought after and difficult to acquire. I speak from firsthand experience. Waitresses/waiters who work in eating establishments where the tabs are routinely one-third that size, make very good money — again, if they are good at what they do. If these people are out to help the truly needy, how about placing those huge tips in a Salvation Army kettle? Talk about thrilling and benefitting many people! A church offering plate? Red Cross…Phillipines relief, tornado relief, etc.?
    Just sayin…..

  • keith hogue

    I think it would be a good idea for ZEROGON to meet Jesus and teach ZEROGON how to love the people God created. These people receiving tips may have never experienced love before, and now they’re getting it from a representative of Jesus. What a ministry that cost no one anything but pleasure. The Lord does work in mysterious ways.

  • ddingus

    Sorry – I didn’t mean to be negative about this person’s generosity, and I hope the tipsforjesus idea will bring people to Christ. However, I don’t think Jesus would have thought that giving an extravagant cash gift to someone was the best way to make disciples. Certainly the Samaritan did the right thing to help the man in need and to come back and make sure his accounts were settled with the innkeeper, he was truly a neighbor to that man. In this case, I don’t think we can say that the people receiving the gift are exploiting it, and that the giver “probably didn’t mean for it to be advertized”. After all, the giver(s) set up an instagram account to capture all of the reactions of the people he gave the money to, along with photos of the receipts.

  • Anonymous

    That’s what I’ve been thinking too. It almost looks like the tipper takes a fancy towards a specific server for some reason, gives this tip and disappears, whether the server is truly needy or not.

  • livefreeordie

    A few years ago, I started leaving a 100% tip when I got really good service or a friendly waitress/waiter. I can only do it about once or twice a year (I’m unemployed), but I like that person to know that someone noticed how well they did their job and that it was appreciated. I think it would brighten up their day (granted, not as much as a $10,000 tip would!!).

  • Anonymous

    This is a good thing, and I certainly hope that it brightens the day and the season for the recipients of these tips. Some have posted that the wait staff in classy restaurants make very good money, and that might be true. But I hope that at least some of these tips are given to those working at diners and restaurants at the lower end of the scale. They have to put up with a lot of crap, and it would definitely make their day.
    I wish that I had the financial means to do this.

  • Anonymous

    “Why do you call me Lord Lord, but yet not do the things that I ask”. – (Not an exact quote) but the meaning is, those who call themselves Christian today, do not walk with Christ, they do not do the things that Jesus said they should.

    Now it is said that “the poor will always be with you”. But I have a new saying, (the poor will not always be with us)….and why, because very soon now, the exploitation of Christ’s good name will end and those who say they are his followers, will for the first time and finally, come to know him. They will repent of what is supposedly being done in the name of God today, because it has nothing to do with God. Why not get extra tips for the poor annually 365 days of the year if this thing is truly from the heart why just during x-mas, I’ll tell you why, its a win win sales slogan, why just over the christmas season and in doing so by way of throwing God into the mix. This tip thing, is only a front to gain wealth where it wouldn’t be possible otherwise, if it would be, the poor would not be with us today, but because of the worldwide hypocrisy we are witnessing, unfortunately, they still are. But at Christs second coming, which is very soon, the poor will for the first time finally hear the true gospel (not some made up story that tugs at the heart strings of gullible parishioners) and for one purpose alone and that is to, increase ones wealth at the expense of God’s good name.

    Its time the hypocrisy ends.

  • Welsh

    Livefreeordie is on track. I’ve gone out to lunch on Christmas Eve when finishing up a few last minute errands, and will do so again this year. I leave a $100 bill as a tip. My reason is to thank one of the many in the service industry who work on holidays and serve others all year. Yes, I know they are paid for their job but being paid does not mean they are not due a “thank you” or that being treated special won’t make their day brighter. I’m lucky that I don’t have to work holidays and I appreciate those who do. Like livefreeordie, I’m unemployed so this can’t be everytime I eat out. As for Jesus, I tithe to my church and other formal Christian ministries, give to the Salvation Army buckets, make donations to the food bank. But this is about directing a gift to one specific person (Jesus knows the future and He is certainly capable of making sure my waitperson is someone who needs that money if God wants it directed a certain way).

  • keith hogue

    Spreading the Gospel and making disciples is our great commission. Jesus did tell the rich to give everything they had away before following him. And giving to wait staff who will go out and tell everyone they come in contact with how they were blessed, far more than Salvation Army and hurricane refugees will reach the ears of those who need to hear. Who are you so mad at. I too do not like false doctrine sent out by great pretenders. But there comes a time when we have to admit that where ever the seed comes from it should be welcomed. And let the Holy Spirit direct the receiver to a true witness and lover of Christ. Like you said Christ is coming back, but not until the Word is spread. Jesus likes encouragers, people respond to love, Jesus said this is the most important thing we can give on His behalf.

  • Guest

    Perhaps they are giving in other places, but hard to know where or how much if they are giving cash. We shouldn’t complain about
    what they give or who they give to, as it is their money to do with as they choose….tip or not. Sure is a nice surprise and a great blessing to those who receive it! :)

  • Anonymous

    I like this much better than the aholes that are stiffing the wait staff and saying things like “I give Jesus 10%, why should I give you 20%?”

  • linreis

    God works in mysterious ways. the Samaritan is doing this more than trying to buy a disciple… perhaps they are simply sharing with a stranger in hard times..

  • linreis

    shame on you for trying to bring sour grapes to the wine…you do not know how and where this giver shares…can’t you just be happy for the waiter/waitress who is the beneficiary without tearing it down and making it less than what it is…needy? I know a lot of people who go to work every day, bring home a paycheck and are still needy…

  • Melinda Wilcox Deason

    I think this is a really great thing, but one thing baffles me…..

    One of the receipts I saw was for several hundred dollars worth of nothing but liquor at a hotel and it seems strange that you would sign it with “Tips for Jesus” after drinking a lot of super expensive alcohol (one Patron drink was over $100). Don’t freak out on me people-I realize “DRUNKENESS” is the sin; not having a drink or two, but this was several drinks and that’s all. I still think it’s nice, but it’s just odd. Am I the only one who finds it a bit baffling?

  • bumpkin

    Oh, for Pete’s sake! Whatsoever ye have done unto the least of mine, ye have also done unto me. Lighten-up. Go get that mote out of your eye, Zero. Its OK if the person wants to give away money. Wont get him into Heaven, so much, but its still a great deed. Helping the communities he is showering with dollars. Helping hardworking waitstaff and cooks, managers and the like, since they all are forced by their liberal communist-leaning government to share all their tips. Great for the lazy ones, the shirkers, a bummer for the hardworking ones who actually earned it. But it is what it is, and what the tip is, is nice to help someone brighten their day/week/month. Breathe, Zero. Definition of a hypocrite is someone who professes to be better than they really are, isn’t it? Are ye superior, then, Zero Gon? :) Give yerself a hug fer me. Ye need one.

  • bumpkin

    Kindness is a clever ploy, huh. (shakes head) Where is the love in your heart? Is it sitting in a corner pouting? OR is it celebrating life, and the living, and celebrating the GREAT SACRIFICE that will bring some eternal life? Zero, people can only do what they are able in their hearts to do. Try to find the good in folks instead of comparing yourself to others and continually find them wanting. Its OK that they aren’t perfect yet. You can still encourage them and love them, be they not yet perfected… Like Jesus did.

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i think what makes this a great story is that it’s being advertised. if he were to take that money and donate to the needy at a church mission or blighted neighborhood, no one would know of it. he signs this in jesus’ name. anyway, that’s what i like about it.

    certainly, i can’t go w/o saying that donating to the missions and needy should be a year-round thing.

  • Anonymous

    The sole purpose and brunt of Jesus’ teaching is CONVERSION. Converts are drawn in by the disciples love for God and their fellow man. Jesus was so much more than a nice guy teaching others to be nice guys/gals. He came to offer us a way out from the judgement that is upon all lawlessness.

    I wont criticize this man. There may be more to this campaign than meets the eye. God certainly does work in mysterious ways. Ddingus, I agree. It seems odd to give large sums of cash to people at random and claim that the tip is ‘for Jesus’.

  • Anonymous

    There it is in a few simple words. Bang on Barry. Hit the nail on the head!
    Jesus had a heart for the weak and down trodden and his purpose was our salvation by conversion, ‘rebirth’, birth in the Spirit, or from above. We live in a culture were everyone chooses to play the victim, and the Christ has been cheapened to a generous, charitable, philosopher or worse….a fairy tale.

    It would be best if these gifts were being extended to the least, and if the gospel was being preached to the recipient. Its difficult to tell if that is the case without further details.

  • Anonymous

    Zerogon, I agree with some of your sentiments, but I don’t think we have enough information for you to make that sort of a judgement. Why do you say that this man is profiting and amassing earthly treasure at the expense of God’s good name? It appears that he is loosing money, and keeping his identity private. As long as he is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the recipient (and we don’t have confirmation of this) this would appear to be a good deed.

  • Yellowhorse

    And how do we know that the tipper has not given to these causes. I have a hunch that the tipper is very generous to many causes.

  • Yellowhorse

    It would seem to me that leaving a large tip such as these with “tips for Jesus” is pretty strong testimony. Bet the ones who got these large tips will remember the name “Jesus” for a very, very long time. Probably longer than any sermon the tipper could have given. To get a point across that people will remember, you have to first get their attention. I would say this tipper got their attention.

  • Ginger Hernandez

    Wow! What happened to the condition of those people’s hearts and souls who judge the manner in which a person decides to give in a world that centers on taking and then speak as if they know also this mystery persons motives and if he or she does any other additional giving to possible organizations or churches in a less creative way. Shame on anyone for degrading an act of kindness and for determining also if the recipient is even in need. Look in the mirror and ask yourself when did you last help a stranger who needed a meal or give respite care to a single mom of small children or an older adult child now caregiver of their aging parent a few hours of help so they can go to the grocery store in peace or even get their hair done. How about the simple task of raking the leaves for a sick or elderly neighbor or a father working 2 jobs 7 days a week to feed his family. This response line should be filled with comments of “way to go” and “bless you for your generosity”. Who are we to judge the why or to who or for what and why that person. I think we should all find ways to pay it forward with what little or lot we have and think of someone else first for a change. Kudos to this mystery person for being creative in his way using Tips for Jesus to honor the one who blesses us so that we may be a blessing to others.

  • keith hogue


  • keith hogue

    Since the receipt doesn’t have designated drinkers on it I’m OK with it. Where else can you influence High end drinkers except in a high end bar. These people would probably think this type of tip would be completely unnecessary. But the wait staff still have to work and a tip like this will most definitely be publicized to patrons. I haven’t seen a down side yet for someone who can afford this, is doing anything wrong. I just like the fact that Christ’s name is mentioned for no other reason but to evoke conversation on giving.

  • keith hogue

    Oh, I meant we don’t know if the giver even had a drink.

  • Anonymous

    By the looks of things – if this that is what you call good (X-mas) – then you have a long way to go before you learn exactly what the “true gospel” is. How can you, or anyone else for that matter, teach what they simply don’t know. Better think twice, maybe you and Jesus aren’t on the same page as much as you think you are.

  • Anonymous

    You said it in a nutshell -”…I don’t think [WE] have enough information for you to make that sort of judgement”

    Fact is Cap. I’ve done my homework and “I” DO have enough information to make a judgement call, on what so often takes place this time of year, its more than disgusting with how the name of “Jesus” is maligned and his true “lifesaving gospel” distorted. Which rips apart the meaning of its content altogether. X-mas has nothing to do what-so-ever with the gospel of God. If anything, it destroys the wonderful truths that lie hidden within.

    I’ve read that “Jesus is the reason for the Season” – that clumsy statement is based on confusion at best. No, its more like “GREED IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON” and using the name of Jesus – Christ – Savior – make it that much easier for the money holders to gain personal wealth.

  • Anonymous

    The act of kindness should be exhibited 365 days per year. Celebrating life isn’t the same as celebrating X-Mas. The false story of Jesus Christ even remotely being associated with this pagan festival in any form, is self-deception at best. For anyone who makes this claim, saying that there is a connection, only shows that person lack of biblical understanding – that person has no idea of what life is all about in the first place.

    Christmas destroys the story of God. On the flip-side, Gods seven annual festivals do tell the necessary story of the plan of God – from start to finish. These commanded Holy Festivals were given by God to mankind for that very important reason – so we don’t lose track of who we are and who Jesus ‘was – ‘Is – and – is ‘yet to be. Xmas viciously destroys that vision and throws us off-track in our understanding of who God is and what he is in the process of doing.

    There is NOTHING what so ever GOOD about X-MAS, nor is there anything good about referring to Christs good name for self gain

  • keith hogue

    Out of curiosity do you own a Bible? I have not seen you quote an accurate scripture yet. Do you have an ongoing walk with Jesus? Do you read daily and pray. A personal relationship with Christ is what guides Christians to know Jesus intimately. I don’t judge you, but Jesus will. All we can judge is the fruit you produce. What ever spreads His name is beneficial. Even Jesus said if they are not against us they are for us to His disciples. I have not said anything that wasn’t scriptural yet, and if you haven’t recognized it, should we trust what you think. John 8:31-32 ” If you hold to my teachings (Word kjv) you will be my disciple and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free”. Jesus wants you to stay in His Word and represent Him with love every chance we get. We celebrate Christmas this time of year because the Romans had a festival at this time. As Christians we should always celebrate Christ coming and especially His sacrifice for us (even though we are sinners) on the cross. Our salvation and purpose all hangs on His coming and sacrificing Himself for His creation that went astray. I will always pray for you.

  • Anonymous

    At this point in biblical history, I could quote every necessary passage I needed to prove my point, and as usual, mainstream false christianity, would eagerly twist that same scripture to meet their counterfeit man-made-gospel. Which is no gospel at all.

    If you are currently under the santa-jesus-chrismas-spell, then there’s not much I, or anyone else who does understand REAL-TRUTH could say to you to convince you otherwise. That well documented fact, has unfortunately been the problem ever since Jesus revealed what the truth was, by the way, very few have ever listened long enough to hear that truth – therefore, even fewer have ever known what truth is, that is truth that leads to freedom from the devils deadly grip of deceit over his hapless victims. Satan’s gospel has passed itself off as modern-day religion. The whole world is deceived and know it not.

    You unknowingly, pray to Satan who has lured you into thinking he is god, unfortunately, you pray to the wrong jesus – a counterfeit image of the real thing, therefore, do not pray for me – you’re talking to the wrong god.

    Those who know Christ and walk accordingly, are the only ones who rightfully represent him. All others, are but dust in the wind, here one moment – gone the next, these are the self-made liars who do not do the things God asks they refuse to let the truth set them free. Your adherence to fables and pagan worship, are the fruit you have born, as Christ warned those who do know him and are set free – SAY AWAY FROM ME SATAN!

  • Carla Roberts

    has anyone head of Bitcoin?

  • Carla Roberts

    has anyone heard of bitcoin????

  • keith hogue

    OK. Let us start from the beginning we were talking about a capable tipper giving money to those who worked. They would appreciate any extra money because if they didn’t need money they wouldn’t be working. The tipper so chooses to designate the origin of the tip to be from Jesus. For all we know Jesus did put it on their heart and compelled them to give generously. Now the object of discussion has become ZEROGON”s reasoning of it being satan based. I still contend you have a problem with Christmas and anybody celebrating Christ birth is doing it under false pretenses. So we would like to know why you hate the fact people celebrate Christ being born, and if it isn’t this time of year would you hate the celebration if it happened anytime of year. As Christians we celebrate Christ coming all year and (I’m repeating myself because you didn’t catch it the first time) we most definitely celebrate Him sacrificing His life for us sinners. Let us pretend it is not Christmas time, would you still feel the same. There is only one Church and it is the Body of Christ started on the Day of Pentecost. Other churches sprouted with man made doctrines to add to their denominations. Religions are not applicable to Christianity. People wake up and drink coffee religiously everyday. Christianity is a spiritual experience you have directly with Christ. And don’t worry you and no one else can scare me with satan talk. 1 John 4:4 “You my children are from God and have overcome, because He that is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” I’m sorry you feel people can actually pray to satan with any gain at all. I feel you are limiting God on His Glory and Power. And yes please quote a piece of scripture that truly talks to your heart without condemning other brothers and sisters in Christ. And earnestly read my last post completely with an open heart.

  • Anonymous

    God Bless @ tips for Jesus! Bravo

  • Anonymous

    No one should judge them as to where we think they should use their donation or giving…. or if it’s, in fact, a good deed according to our standards.
    The Lord works in many peoples lives that we do not understand. It may be they are lead by the Holy Spirit to specific people who have a very specific need for the money for whatever reason.
    They may, in fact, be giving the glory to God by his stamp, letting people know who is providing the money, while they stay out of the picture.
    Judge not, lest Ye be judged. There are many ways to help people.
    It may be they were a server before and someone did something like that for them when they needed it and they are doing the same now for others. Whatever their reason, it is their chosen way to bless someone and shouldn’t be judged as to how we think they should go about doing it.
    If it comes out later that it’s for Their glory, then the Lord will judge them and their character will be affected they will live thru the consequences. Until then, God Bless them.

  • Anonymous

    WOW….Just from reading your posts, you sound like an angry person. A “true” Christian, as you claim to be, is a calm, loving communicator. According to your last paragraph here….I’m receiving the message of good ol’ scrooge….Bah Humbug. I will join in prayer for you w/the other good folks that responded to your posts. You make us all sound like pagans, (except for you, of course).

  • Anonymous

    Tips from Jesus – at X-mas time, just before the pagan celebration begins.

    I’ve heard Beck and too many others lately, complain about the attack on christmas – I wholeheartedly disagree. It (X-mas) is and has always been an outright attack on Christ our living Savior. These very large tips were given (only) in the spirit of the season – which has always been the spirit of the anti-christ.

    This annual celebration totally goes against the grain of who God is and what he stands for. Its not the act of giving that is the issue here, it is why the giver feels the need to do it at this time of the year and furthermore, in the name of Christ. That does nothing but perpetuate the problem.

    If these individuals feel the need to extend very large tips then so be it – but leave God out of the mix. It portrays a wrong message, in that somehow he (Jesus) is behind the spirit of the pagan festivities and he is not. The bible clearly gives us the necessary answers if we were only willing to open our eyes.

    Jesus does not “put it in the givers heart to do it at this time of the year” if the deed has anything to do with x-mas. He just doesn’t work that way. Will Jesus help individuals when in need – of course he will, but that persons heart must be in the right place having a repentive attitude, then Christ has no problem with that. But if the need is solely for self gain to heighten the level of celebration, then not a chance and that’s what this story is all about. As Beck correctly puts it – “Its a Feel Good Story” to add to the festival spirit. That’s it . Again it has nothing to do with what God would be having those who follow him worry themselves about.

    As far as Christs birthday – He was born in the fall – actually his birth occurred long before Dec. 25th – Not only that, Christ admonishes those who know him, not to celebrate birthdays especially his. On the contrary, as I eluded to in a previous post, there are seven annual Holy Days, or Feasts, that are required by God for true Christians to observe. The Very first one ironically, is an annual observance that is there to remember the Death of Jesus which has far more meaning than does his birth. Its called Passover, you may have heard about it.

    What men try to do using X-mas goes against what God has already done – you make the false claim that you and millions of others are only celebrating the sacrifice of Jesus this time of the year, OK then, I will agree that there are probably millions around the world, who do it for that very reason alone, but that is still contrary to the word of God. He sets the rules – Not Men. It is He who gives the dates for sacred festivals – new moons etc not some human pagan worshiper.

    Christmas is of the devil – end of story.

    As far as Gods church goes – the one he started, it can be found on earth today, just as he said it would. As far as all those who make the claim that they are somehow Christian just because they worship at said congregation – that is self deception, these people would rather follow men and false doctrine so they may adhere to the customs of men, rather than follow the truth of God, that really does set men free from a lifetime bondage of deceit.

    Gods one true church, speaks the same today as it did when Christ was here in the flesh. As you properly address – it was after his resurrection – on the first Pentecost, that the Church of God, actually began. Jesus has been at the helm ever since, for it is he who reveals the truth to men. Men who are humble and repentant of their former lives and he wipes away their previous sin.

    The spirit of disobedience, is in all but one of the churches of the world. The Spirit of God the Father, is in those whom he has called into his one true church – there is no other, and it is up to the individual to make sure that he find it. One cannot simply join Gods church. He must be brought in by God himself. Then, after repentance – and Baptism, he joins the flock of God having the Spirit of God join in with his human spirit at Baptism and the two now walk together.

    God the Father refers to Satan the Devil as “the god of this world” – I thought you said you own a bible? If then, God on high, refers to the devil himself as a “god” – and he obviously is not, why does he make that claim? It is because Satan does give gifts – wasn’t it he who told Jesus that he would give him the whole world, if only Christ would bow at his feet, during the forty day fast that Jesus endured on behalf of all humans. Don’t be misled – The devil has great power and does give gifts for continued support from those who pray and worship him, even if they themselves do not know it is he they worship – God in heaven knows and BTW so does the Devil. .

  • Anonymous

    Thank You, and Bah Humbug.

    Christmas is of the devil – not God. God gave mankind seven annual festivals to be observed and christmas wasn’t on the list, sorry, but its true. People claim that they celebrate Christs birth on that day. Why – does it make any since that they would do this months after his actual birthday, he was born in the fall?

    God, instead, wants all humans to celebrate and observe the annual day of Passover, which has much deep meaning and it deals with the death of Christ, not his birth.

    Now you’ll probably make the argument, that there are many who celebrate x-mas not as a remembrance of Christs birth, but do it only, in the spirit of giving. Again, x-mas has never been on the list – it is of the devil – end of story.

    By the way, God himself despises this pagan festival. For millions to do it in his name – it is flat out ignorance. Thumbing their noses at truth to hold on to tradition at all costs – even death.

  • Anonymous

    I must have missed this post – its been two days on, and so, why not respond.

    You are talking about Saint Peter I presume, because there is a Pete’s septic removal just down the road and I’m confused with which Pete exactly you are referring to.

    “Whatsoever you have done unto the least of mine – you have also done unto me” – I agree wholeheartedly with the statement Christ proclaimed so long ago, the catch is, most misinterpret it to mean something altogether different, making the phrase fit their personal liking, which often times, is found to be in stark contrast to the original intended meaning. First and foremost, when Christ talked about “the least of mine” – he was referring to those who obey(ed) his voice, all others, are apart from God – they are in fact, not his. They are of this world, they belong to the devil. They enjoy what God hates and one of the things he hates is christmas. The man-made festival stems from pagan-worship. It is not from God. God has perpetually set in motion – seven annual Holy Days – that by the way, men hate – he intended for all humans to rightly observe his annual festivals – not theirs

    Giving gifts is a godly trait, giving x-mas gifts is not. Anything done at this time of the year, in the name of an ancient pagan festival is wrong. Keep the name of God out of it.

    These very large gifts of money, are given at this time of the year and are primarily done in the spirit of the season, Christs Spirit is far from those who observe this festival. If I recall, “tips for Jesus” is the connection here. My argument is not about giving and helping others, but attaching Christs good name where it ought not be.

    I’m seriously not being hypocritical here – telling it like it is has never been easy – most humans do not like change, especially if it has anything to do with their pet projects. Christ almost got killed several times for speaking against long held tradition and ideas of the masses – it didn’t stop him from speaking truth though – nor will it me.

  • bumpkin

    Oh, I cant disagree with you that MOST people’s Christmas is a commercialized trap. However, its what is in the INDIVIDUAL’s’ heart that makes the difference, and while I admire you for sincerely working diligently to obey GOD’s commandments, I daresay that you, nor I, can determine what is in a person’s heart. For instance, I celebrate Christmas, because I want to strive to do as Jesus did. HE GAVE to us. He GAVE it ALL to us. While I AM NOT CALLED upon BY GOD TO DIE FOR YOU, OR FOR MY FAMILY, my giving the people I love (as Jesus gave HIMSELF to the people HE loved) a gift, even when, and ESPECIALLY when it is difficult for me to do it. We received the Greatest Gift anyone could ever receive. Its more a remembering and a reaching-out for me, to give gifts. Its a pain. It costs me. But surely, nothing like the pain and the cost that Jesus gave us, so, every Christmas, without fail, I put myself out there, and in spite of my family members saying, oh, lets just not give gifts this year, I discipline myself to go ahead and give a gift, even if its just a poem I spent time writing for them, or- well, whatever. It helps me re-live again just a teeny-tiny piece of a corner of what Jesus did for me. Its a sacrifice HE willingly gave, and its a sacrifice I willingly give. Its even enjoyable to me. While I am aware that Jesus said to not remember HIS birth, but celebrate his death, I am also aware that HE is humble enough to not require that we recall HIS birthday nor the work HE did within HIS sacrifice for us, yearly. Do you REALLY think that Jesus wants us to feel exactly what HE went through for each of us? You wouldn’t even wish that upon your enemy! None of us Christians ever forget HIS sacrifice, day to day, -but, sweetie, leave us alone and allow us to celebrate HIS sacrifice in peace for whatever reason we want to do it, whenever we want to do it. Its not hurting Jesus nor you. We all get that you believe you have the most righteous beliefs of all of us pagan Christians, or whatever you see us as. That’s OK. And I, personally, am thrilled that you take your Christianity seriously, too, but… let him who is without sin cast the first stone… We will celebrate Christmas for whatever reason we wish to, and sugar, you cant stop us, nor change our hearts, especially with condemnation. Lighten-up on your celestial siblings. Judge not…Lest…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t be to sure that an individual – such as myself, or anyone else for that matter, who understands the real gospel message of Christ can perceive or know “what is in someones heart”. It’s not that difficult really, all one has to do is compare what the people who know God do, unto the people who say they know God do. Then comes immediately, such a stark contrast in behavior that it becomes alarmingly shocking.

    Christ warned of the hypocrites of our day, while he yet walked the earth. Saying, they would claim to be a Christian, but would deny the power thereof. He added that the whole world is deceived and follow after the dictates of their own hearts, rather than doing some digging to discover for themselves, the answers to life’s most precious gems – such as, what is a real Christian, or what does God want humans to celebrate, is it christmas which cannot even be found in the bible from cover to cover, or is it the Seven Annual Holy Days that have deep spiritual meaning and will be around forever – to name a few.

    You say that you would not die for family etc, but would you be willing to die for Jesus. Lets face it, what he preached almost got him killed several times during his human lifetime, and why, because his message was drastically different from the mainstream. It was very hard to hear, in fact most refused to listen. Things are no different today.

    Don’t worry about me throwing, or “casting the first stone”

    I’ll leave that part up to Jesus, it won’t be long now and the whole world will discover first hand, what the great eternal God has to say about christmas and many other pagan practices we humans enjoy.

  • keith hogue

    Colossians 2:16-19. Why does every Book in the Old Testament prophesy the coming of Christ if it wasn’t important?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not following you. The return of Christ will be just in time to save man from utterly destroying himself in a nuclear holocaust. Why would that not be important.

  • keith hogue

    I didn’t say the return of Christ but the Father sending Him to save us. 2 Peter 3:10 tells us Jesus will be the one to nuclear holocaust the world after we’ve been raptured and after the Tribulation. Sorry I disappeared for a while, I don’t know how disqus works. I’ve read your previous comments and know we are almost on the same page. We just have a difference in the celebration of God sending His son whether it is now or whatever time of year. It is only a pagan holiday if your a pagan. God tells us to celebrate His Glory all year whenever we can. The Christians in Rome wanted a festival at the same time the Romans had one. So what, we celebrate the Birth of our Savior while they celebrate whatever insignificant holiday makes them happy. Our job will always be to Glorify Jesus every time we can and never misrepresent Him. The Christians in Rome that had to die because of Nero still prevailed over the Roman empire in the end. Read again Colossians 2:16-19. Always remember Love is the most important thing we can give on Jesus’ behalf.

  • Anonymous

    I applaud you for your honesty and sincerity, although, there are major differences in what we believe, the crux of the matter though, is, you believe in a higher being – that is something which is becoming a scarcity in today’s rapidly changing America.

    ‘Many are called, but [even] fewer are chosen’. Ever wonder about that statement, especially when multiple millions make the personal claim, that they are Christian. The numbers simply don’t add up.

    I would ask you to reconsider your position on the Rapture, a relatively new concept, that frankly, was never inspired by the Eternal God. As you point out and so do many others, who claim, that there is indeed a Rapture, but it simply is not biblical. Now before you get all frustrated and defensive – there is though – a group of highly dedicated people, who do know and walk with God, that will be divinely protected by God himself during the worst time of suffering ever before, or ever again, on the planet.

    The bible clearly states that there will be a “place of safety”, it will be on earth during the great tribulation, but, and what hardly a man has ever considered before, it will be right-smack-dab in the middle of that worst, and deadliest conflict the world has ever seen. God will protect this loyal flock and no harm will come to them.

    These few, will retain their fleshy body, they will not be reborn into a new spiritual body, until Christs return, also known as “the marriage of the Lamb”. These “First-fruits” of Gods spiritual harvest, will help usher in a thousand year reign of peace the world over. All nations will eventually succumb to the authority of the government of God over all the earth.

    After the thousand years are through, there is a second resurrection, or – “the fall harvest of Gods Fruits” – this is where the vast majority of all humans who where ever born – and never knew the simple truths of God – will be brought back from the dead and schooled for the first time in the right and proper instruction, that for one reason or another, eluded them in their previous lifetime. They will be given ample time to conform to the authority of God and the vast majority of this vast multitude, will do just that. Unfortunately, there will be a few who, for one reason or anther, just refuse to abide by the rule’s of God and he will have no other recourse, but to allow them their choice. You see, God has never, nor will he ever, forced anyone to believe, that is why he instilled within each of us, the agency of free moral decision .

    Believe it or not, those who do not conform to righteousness will die a second death (in the flesh) only to be resurrected yet again in the last, or third resurrection, known to God as, the resurrection of death. For the first death has no power but the second death last eternal.

    There is vast amounts of information that will back up what I say. For the one who believes in the Rapture – that person, unfortunately, is denying himself access to this lifesaving knowledge.

    A bit off subject now, but maybe this might give you an avenue for a change of thought and direction.

    Have you ever wondered while yet you were still a small child, “how did these buildings become so large” that have become part of the American inner-city concrete jungle It seems as if they have always been there – but someone had to build them. The same can be said about the various religious beliefs that have saturated our landscape – how did they all get here – somebody had to build them – unfortunately though, God was not the builder. Although he did send his only begotten son here to this earth with “his” (the Fathers) message, a message, that should have cleared up most of the religious confusion the world over, but instead, Christ was put to death for that very lifesaving message and again, unfortunately, a counterfeit Christianity has taken its place. Ever wonder why only 120 soles believed in Jesus as the Savior after he was murdered, because that is how drastically different the message he brought from the Father is –

    I’ll end this post in the same way as I started it – “many are called, but few are chosen”. Only a very few really know and understand that truth, God though, is not alarmed, it is indeed a tiny flock, but these, are a very powerful flock.

  • Michael Rapaport

    There are some very generous people out there.