Fans of the radio show know that Sean Hannity has been using Glenn Beck’s radio studios in New York City for the past couple of weeks, and tonight Glenn joined Hannity’s TV show to discuss the state of the GOP and the problem in the root of the establishment of the Republican Party: progressivism.

“There is a lot of progressive Republicans,” Glenn said. “And you have to remember, Theodore Roosevelt is the guy who started it. They believe in big government. And I’m sorry to say Sean, and you know this to be true, we send people in there, and it’s like sending them to the lion’s den, just waiting to be eaten by the machine that is Washington now.”

Where does Glenn think the rising progressivism and reliance on government is all headed?

“We have to trust each other. We have to be our better selves otherwise we break up and we never come back. I think personally there’s a very good chance with the Mike Lee’s and the Ted Cruz’s of the world that there is a chance that we do to the Republican what happened to the Whigs,” Glenn said.

Glenn added that he didn’t think anyone in Washington was actually looking for answers, and that a new mindset was required to solve America’s problems that didn’t come from the same consciousness that created the issues in the first place.

Watch the interview below: