What’s the dirty little secret Progressives always fail to point out?

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Big business is constantly vilified by this administration, as you know, and the media. They’re, you know, fat cats. They’re greedy, mean. They are made to be the villain, and the knight in shining white armor is of course more public sector institutions.

Here’s the dirty little secret Progressives always fail to point out: These evil big businesses got big because they are good at what they do. Let’s contrast and compare for a moment. The U.S. Postal Service lost $15.9 billion in 2012; however, FedEx profited $2 billion. Graduation rates, how about public schools, yeah, 73% and private schools 96%.

Public housing, that is beautiful. Wow, maybe just a little patio furniture out front would really spruce that up versus the average home in America, ah, 2,000 square feet of absolutely fine living. Even areas where government has a monopoly, such as the DMV and Amtrak, they still provide a miserable experience.

So what about health insurance? Well, pre ObamaCare 85% of Americans had health insurance, and 87% were happy with their coverage. Post ObamaCare, millions are losing their plans that they liked and are forced to go through a website that doesn’t even work two months after its launch. Oh, and I know they say it’s fixed, but honestly, who believes anything they say anymore?

Notice their careful use of language this week. It works for the “vast majority” of users. Look at the “broader benefits” of ObamaCare. The “error message” is now just a queue. Don’t worry about that. So getting put in some sort of weird digital waiting line is now fixing the problem, at least according to the government.

One reporter went through the system and got the queue message at 10:00 AM. They weren’t e-mailed to say they could go back on the site until 5:00 PM, a full seven hours later. Americans don’t have the patience for this. You don’t believe me? Next time you’re at a red light, and then it turns green, just sit there and see how long it takes for someone to start road raging on you. I bet it’s less than ten seconds. Government wants you to wait seven hours.

Oh, and a special bonus, it’s great, no security was really built into the Healthcare.gov at all. It’s basically just a hacker’s paradise, especially considering you had to put in account information just to look at prices. But what is going on? This government, this is what they do. They mess things up.

Look what’s happening to small banks. They’re vanishing. New regulations, a stagnant economy, and artificially low interest rates have reduced the number of banks in America to the lowest levels since the Great Depression. You can’t even spread a little holiday cheer anymore without the government getting in the way.

One man took the last thousand bucks to his name, tossed it to a crowd of people at the Mall of America, but he was arrested for disorderly conduct, and mall officials warned others not to do the same thing and said the message that people should take away from this incident is “somebody could have gotten seriously hurt.”

An 11-year-old girl in Oregon tried to sell mistletoe from her uncle’s farm that she cut and wrapped herself but was shut down by the city because she didn’t have proper documentation. Schools that instituted zero-tolerance policies to help curb bad behavior are backing off because too many people are getting arrested. Yeah, this is a real great lesson to teach the kids, don’t worry about your actions, because our consequences aren’t really consequences. They’re just harsh sounding words.

It’s kind of like the UN. We all know how well that system has been working out. While the students committing actual crimes are getting a slap on the wrist, the students that are making paper guns and playing cowboys and Indians at recess continue to receive harsh treatment. Common sense appears not to be so common anymore.

Fortunately, there is good news to keep your head from exploding. The Pizza Hut manager who was fired after closing the store on Thanksgiving eve to give employees time with their families at Thanksgiving, he got his job back. A homeless man who found a wallet in the trashcan and tracked down the rightful owner and returned it was repaid two weeks later when a hotel owner offered him $500 and a room for a few weeks.

An Instagram account called “Tips for Jesus” has gone viral. It’s an anonymous account created by someone claiming to do the Lord’s work one tip at a time. Tips range anywhere from a few hundred bucks all the way to $10,000. These stories are food for our soul. When we see people do amazing things or be kind to one another or follow their passion, it inspires us to be better people today than we were yesterday, and it reminds us that it’s our job, not the government or anyone else’s, to pursue happiness.

Just ask the people of Venezuela. Right now they are happy, happy, happy. They handed over their individual liberties for promises of hope and happiness and equality under a socialist utopia, and now the government is punishing them with rationing energy through massive power outages. It’s been happening on and off since 2009 when Chavez scolded the citizens for using too much energy.

Don’t sit around and hope for change. Get up off the couch and go make change happen.

  • landofaahs

    The federal government tried to run the mustang ranch which dealt in prostitution and booze. I believe gambling also. I don’t know though as I was never in a place like that. Anyway, they could not make money even in that, so why does anyone think they can run anything well?

    • John Scott

      I would ask any liberal to show me proof of a program, agency or entitlement that government runs properly. That does not have serious financial issues or is running in the red. The true fault that will always defeat liberals is that they don’t ever consider costs a factor in doing something. I guarantee Obama feels the deficit is just the means to a justifiable end in his mind.

      • Anonymous

        The closest would be the military. Not all parts, but there are some really tight units.

        The reason that the military ever runs well is that it is the only part of government that really faces competition – namely, other countries’ militaries that are trying to kill ours.

        • Watch it

          Now we have Obama – totally ignorant in military affairs purging the upper ranks and leaving only those who totally support his views and will do his bidding. Then there is the issue of his bowing to Putin and agreeing to severely and dangerously cut down our weapons program. That’s just for starters. We have seen how incompetent he has been in his decisions and handling of the military.

  • Anonymous

    Get big by being good, stay big by using their money and influence to rig the system to make it difficult for competitors to surpass or reach their level

  • Johnathan Read

    “One man took the last thousand bucks to his name, tossed it to a crowd of people at the Mall of America, but he was arrested for disorderly conduct, and mall officials warned others not to do the same thing and said the message that people should take away from this incident is “somebody could have gotten seriously hurt.”

    This is insane. This is America today.

  • John Scott

    Obama has created a large population who believe government should take care of them. That the people who went to school, worked hard and earned a honest living should have to pay for their inabilities. Yea, we all have had some hard knocks in life. Some self inflicted, some out of our control. For me I never looked to government to solve those hard knocks for me. I learned from them and made sure I did better. I don’t believe Obama is helping anyone. But he is too far gone to learn from the past. His ideology has clouded his ability to see clearly. Socialists governments see successful people as a opportunity to fund their foolish government programs. Not a success stories to show others how to succeed. Its not wrong to be successful.

    • Draxx

      Obummer, Bush Sr & Jr, and the Clintons have made Americans in general the way you said it… Not just the Current Loser In Office!!!

      • Anonymous

        The Current Loser has accelerated the process.

  • Maria Ross

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  • Anonymous

    You know who’s really greedy – big bloated government and unions hand in hand. Here in my state the government and unions are bankrupting us, spending far more than we can afford. Yet, many state agencies just laid off “non-union” people just before the Christmas holiday. But, many in the state employment system are getting 5 and 6% raises, bonuses and the president of our flagship university just got a huge raise and another house for her to use 3 days a month at a cost of around $700,000 in our state capitol so she can hobnob. Government is the greediest of all and continually has its hand out to squander our hard earned money and it is never enough for the beast.

    • melissa

      It will never be enough for the beast. The beast needs to be starved–NOW!!

  • Anonymous

    “These evil big businesses got big because they are good at what they do.”

    I work with lots of big businesses, and let me tell you, things are changing. It used to be the case that businesses became prosperous by providing better goods and services at a better price, and that was that.

    As the government increases it’s wealth and power, success in business has less and less to do with providing anything of value, and more and more with gaining favorable treatment from politicians and bureaucrats.

    Loot at TV commercials made by oil companies like Exxon and Mobil. They don’t even try to convince anyone that they provide gas that is cheep or of good quality. They spend all their time trying to portray themselves as being environmentally sensitive and politically correct.

    And just as significant is the fact that a corporation’s ability to provide value and quality is itself dependent upon government support, versus persecution.

    The idea in this piece is a typical trap that conservatives often fall into. It reflects thinking that was forged in the good old days, when America was the land of the free, and liberalism was confined to a small group of whiny brats railing against those who were successful.

    Today the majority of corporate executives in large companies are themselves liberals, having been indoctrinated in Ivy League schools. Progressive politicians like Obama get huge support from the likes of Imelt, Buffett and Soros,

    Please, please, get off the establishment-conservative wagon train and embrace the values that made this nation great, wherever they may be found. More often in small businesses than large corporations, and certainly not in all the same places as they once were.

    • melissa

      I couldn’t agree more!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    But most of these fat cats vote for liberals and support them. Gee I wonder why? I bet they are sick of the small people rising up making millions of money they see as theirs and so the support the one system that will keep the little guy down Marxism.

  • George Allegro

    Collectivists claim that particular forms of collectivism, like “democratic socialism” or “social democracy” will eliminate the problem, identified by Lenin, of who decides for whom.

  • Anonymous

    There’s good news in all of this…We can marry anyone we choose to love, smoke weed to our hearts content, our minor children can get abortions without parental consent, the rapist will no longer fear entering our homes and raping our wives and daughters because the law abiding citizens will be disarmed, we won’t have to teach our children about civic society in America as the radical liberal professors will teach them the virtues of communism, we won’t have to work 40 hour work weeks as Obamacare regulations will create a new normal of a 30 hour work week. We can have affordable health care as long as we fall below the poverty line and qualify for Medicaid however there probably won’t be a doctor for miles who will accept it. For those above the poverty line insurance cost will balloon as they’re overpriced plans foot the cost of the massive Medicaid dole. As the people line up trade in their liberties for the government welfare state’s promises of a fair shake I hope they like what lies behind the door that Big Brother lives in.

    • Anonymous

      You are one huluvaguy…..

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, it is the liberals’ policies that keep the middle class from prosperity and business with high profits. Low priced foreign workers. They are willing to work for less thus depressing wages so profits do not have to be spent on higher wages and benefits. Profit go to the executives and the stock holders. Add to that high energy prices due to restricted US drilling, taking more money from consumers.

    • Anonymous

      God , where to begin. First of all this country was on its ASS in December of 2008 before Obama even took office we lost 800,000 jobs in a single month. Housing, the stock market were crashing, auto makers were nearly out of business. And by the way US oil and nat gas production is way the hell up so we will soon be number 1 in the world. Yeah blame those liberals. Record stock prices, record corporate profits , 46 straight months of employment growth, auto makers humming, housing prices up, 401k assets at an all time high.. yeah.. you tell em

      • Catherine Wood

        God, Where to begin? (Yes. That’s a question. Not a statement.) You’re either a troll or a fool. Where to begin? The Feds keep printing money and are artificially inflating the economy. The stock market at 17,000? If the Feds stop printing useless unbacked dollar bills the stock market is going to crash. That’s the goal of this administration. Destroy the economy and create first a socialist and then a Communist country. The dollar overseas is worth less and less every day. Take a look at the conversion rate. The housing market crashed because of liberal policies started by a Georgia peanut farmer who had a good heart but no knowledge of economics. Those policies were accelerated by Clinton when he ignored the advice of a brilliant economist, Brooksley Born, (who later resigned in disgust), not only gutting the Glass-Steigal Act but deregulating the derivatives market which later caused the housing collapse. Greenspan actually went before Congress and testified that Born’s agency should be stripped of authority, Clinton took the advice of Alan Greenspan rather than that of Born. Basically dismissing her. She has since been vindicated. Greenspan is now trying to vindicate himself by lying about his role in the crash. Lenders who did not make home loans to unqualified applicants were financially “punished” by the feds. As an added incentive Fannie and Freddie bought up all the bad loans from the banks in bulk which eventually caused the crash of Fannie, Freddie and the entire housing market. Bush Jr. is on record warning against the crash of the housing market but was shouted down by Barney Frank, then Chairman, (who by the way, gave away millions from Fannie and Freddie to Democrat candidates), who went on record several times stating that Fannie and Freddie were in fine shape and that the republicans hated the poor and minorities and resented giving the them a leg up in home ownership. The US debt is at an all time high. Not only has Obama increased the debt owed to outside from 10 trillion to 17 trillion he has increased the intra-government debt beyond imagination. This is the debt owed by one agency to another. ie. What Medicare owes to Social Security, the Rail Road retirement funds and other retirement programs that people have been forcibly paying into for decades.. Funds paid by workers into Social Security were held separate for decades. Untouchable by the government. Until President Johnson stole the money to pay for Medicare. You know, that thing that would never cost any taxpayer one red cent. Notice we now have a “medicare tax” on every paycheck. Every year the Feds issued an IOU to Social Security and now, with Baby Boomers retiring at the rate of 10.000 per day, Social Security is cashing in those IOU’s. That’s why Republicans wanted to allow us to invest our SS contributions privately. Because the government was stealing them to pay for welfare programs. Liberals bankrupted Social Security. I could go on and refute he rest of your idiotic BS post but I work for a living and I need a good nights sleep. Although, I’d be happy to come back tomorrow and continue to show the world how ignorant you are. It would be my pleasure.

        • Watch it

          Excellent post. It amazes me how there are still people out there who hold to these erroneous lefty spun notions like ctblizzard does. It is evidence that they just parrot the spoon fed propaganda their puppet masters brain wash them with and don’t bother to do any research on their own. It is just this kind of misinformed voter that got us Obama – twice!

  • Elena

    How abt we send Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or Sean Penn to Cuba to collect our US citizen and bring him home! Now that would be great news!

    • melissa

      How bout all of them, and then we let them stay there?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s have the Commander and Chief parachute from a plane. He can pick his own parachute from a selection where the same vast majority actually work.

  • Anonymous

    There is no (working) mechanism to pay the insurance companies so the Obama administration has proposed “a temporary workaround that will allow insurers to estimate the bill owed by the government, submit that bill and then receive payment from the government”, nothing could go wrong there…..

  • Anonymous

    Very well said, and true.

  • Fat Lip

    Gotta pay your dues if you want to sing the blues you know it don’t come easy !
    Ringo Starr

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