Political cartoonist faces harsh criticism for Obama depiction… but he is a far-left progressive

Veteran political cartoonist Ted Rall has come under scrutiny from some on the left for his unfavorable depiction of President Obama. You might be surprised to learn, however, Rall’s criticism of the President actually stems from his belief that President Obama is not liberal enough.

“Let’s change the subject here. There’s a story of somebody else in the news today being called a racist: Ted Rall,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He’s a liberal cartoonist and political satirist. And he has drawn, I think, a very funny cartoon strip. The content is very good.”

While Rall has been satirizing President Obama for quite some time, it was his November 27th cartoon that took a shot at Obamacare and the President’s failure to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan by 2014 that drew the ire of one of his publishers: The left wing blog the Daily Kos.

Check out the cartoon is question below:

Image source: Universal U Click/Rall.com

 After attempting to post that cartoon on the Daily Kos site, Rall received this message:

“Your depiction of Barack Obama as ape-like is intolerable,” the note reads. “Being critical of Obama, even ferociously so, is not the problem. Through British and American history, blacks have been subjected to racist depictions of themselves as monkeys and apes. No excuse is acceptable for replicating that history now no matter what your intent. If it happens again, your posting privileges will be suspended.”

Rall outlined the controversy in a blog post on his website titled “I have been censored by Daily Kos”:

Daily Kos is a major liberal/Democratic Party blog. About a year ago, the blog began running cartoons.


At the time, the owner of the blog mentioned as an aside that I would be welcome, like anyone else, to post to Daily Kos. A few weeks ago, I decided to take him up on that.

Why did I post there for free? To access readers, many of whom would enjoy my work if they saw it. It was an experiment.

The experiment ended yesterday. When I went to log on, I received the [above] message. I clicked the acknowledgement.

Which marks the end of my experiment posting to Daily Kos. I might consider altering the way I draw a political figure for a paying client. A very high-paying client. Someone who employed me full-time.

I’m sure not going to alter my drawing style for $0.00 money.

While Glenn didn’t agree with the racism claims made by the Daily Kos, he questioned Rall’s reasoning, especially given his past.

“I don’t think Ted Rall is necessarily a racist,” Glenn said. “[But] you can’t be against the standards while you are for the standards… He’s chewing his leg off.”

During an interview with TheWrap, Rall explained that he doesn’t care about the President’s race, and he believes he has somehow earned the right to draw whatever he wants:

“It’s the height of arrogance and authoritarianism to ask me to change the way that I depict the president,” Rall told TheWrap. “I’ve been doing this since 1987 and I’ve earned the right to not be branded a racist. If you’re going to take issue with the way I draw the president, fine. If you’re going to call me a racist, f**k you.”

“I love it when they get caught in the bear trap,” Pat said. “And it was a trap he set for himself. And then, he has the unmitigated gall to claim, ‘It’s the height of arrogance and authoritarianism to ask me to change the way I depict the president.’ Are you kidding me? He says, ‘I don’t do it to demean him personally. I don’t give an s**t that he’s black. My criticism is motivated from the policy.’ Then he claims, ‘I’ve earned the right to not be branded a racist.’ How? By calling Condie Rice a ‘house N-word’?”

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“This is exactly what we said would happen,” Glenn said. “The minute these guys who have power up at the top find you no longer useful, you are done. And you’ve set your own trap. You’ve set the standard: There is no standard.”

The word “racism” is thrown around freely today, especially when it comes to defining anyone who disagrees with this Administration. Glenn likened the situation to the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s.

“Look at the McCarthy hearings. When you can just say, ‘COMMUNIST!’ This is why we have said: Racism is the new McCarthyism. What they are doing is the new McCarthyism…Once they label you with that, you are done. That’s what happened in the 1950’s… You were labeled a communist, and your life was destroyed,” Glenn explained. “The same thing is happening with Ted Rall. Is Ted a racist? I don’t know. I don’t know him. Was that a racist cartoon? No. [But] I know if you judge him by the standard that we just judged [Paul Dean]… That guy is more of a racist than Paula Deen. That guy shouldn’t have any money left… if that was the standard. “

Ultimately, Glenn warned those who are demonizing Rall or have demonized Dean because those people may very well be the next ones in line to race the wrath.

“If you are calling for that standard, you better be aware because you will be next,” Glenn concluded. “Point out the flaw in this system because if you just continue down the road of destruction, there will be no one standing when they call you a racist or whatever it is to destroy your life.”

  • John Scott

    This is why Obama get’s so many “get out of jail” cards. Because anyone who questions him or his policies is either a racist or a Republican. Even Oprah made a comment in Europe about Obama being overly criticized because he is Black? Really? I thought he has been given so many more breaks because he is Black? I guarantee if he was White and made such a mess of the Affordable Care Act. He would not have had it so easy in the press. Black Americans have most certainly ignored the lack of performance of President Obama. I would simply say to Oprah and other Black Americans. Wake up! This is not about race. Its about Americans have had enough of bad government leadership. Obama would be a bad President no matter if he was White, Black, red, green or whatever. He is just not a good leader.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    It looked like to me he tried to get Obama to look like Homer Simpson than an ape. But leave it to the race baiting left to miss the point. Let them have their witch hunts because by the end of the day Obamacare is going to sink them.

    • Jon Galt

      Sadly, obama is going to sink the country. On the bright side, most libs don’t have the skills or ability to survive the aftermath.

  • Beentheredonethatalready

    Looks more like a relative of Homer Simpson. No disrespect to Homer.

    • Watch it

      It struck me the same way – a Homer type character.

  • Anonymous

    What is the species that eat their own??? Oh, wait, it is the leftists, liberal, democrats, that’s right!!

    • Anonymous

      The current Republican Party belongs to the species that eats its own, too, in case you hadn’t noticed. BTW, a “racist” is defined as anyone winning an argument with a leftist, in case you didn’t know. And, I have a great quote from a Democrat on the subject of “racism” that you all should add to your “Quotes” collection for use in the future. Here it is for those who care:

      “We call things racism just to get attention. We reduce complicated problems to racism, not because it is racism, but because it works.” — Alfredo Gutierrez, Democrat.

      • Watch it

        Unfortunately, it is true, and it is the biggest trick in the leftists bag of tricks.

  • Anonymous

    Socking it to him!

  • Anonymous

    I did not know Glenn was a Blackhawk’s fan. Man if I would have known that than would change everything:) HAha. Just kidding Glenn … it least it is not the White Sox — Do not like them AT ALL!!!!

    • Jon Galt

      Glenn probably got the hat because he likes the Indian on it. He is not really up on sports… at all.

  • Jon Galt

    Well DUH! Calling Condi Rice a “house n-word” is obviously not racist. Its only racist if the victim is a registered Democrat or a known socialist, communist, or muslim. (obama being all of the above)

    Apparently he just didn’t understand the “rules.”

  • Anonymous

    Right from the start, Obama used the same tactic all along. If anybody does not agree with him, he is a racist. And political correctness wins. I’m a little surprised that Obama didn’t call Dr Carson a racist after that breakfast speech, or maybe he did?

  • Herbert Shallcross

    The depiction of Barack Obama in the cartoon like is actually more Homer Simpson-like than ape-like. Of you want to depict a chimpanzee, you always put them in a tuxedo. Barack is wearing a conservative business suit in the cartoon, so the artist failed to use the most telling visual key.

  • Anonymous

    Obama has two thumbs down by some people on the left and rightly so, Obama is not making friends

  • johnny reb

    how come no one ever cared about how irish people were drawn?

    • Dave

      Or Germans, Italians, Poles, Native Indians, etc.,…

  • faxxmaxx

    Personally, I think the person who wrote the e-mail is a racist. He overlooked the fact that there are black males that can look similar to the cartoon character. Instead he compared the figure to an ape. Oops!

  • Divine Insurrection

    Well he’s certainly not of the HUMAN race. I’d say calling him an ape would be a step up from demonic possessed MONSTER. I had to read the article to find out what the fuss was about. Leave it to some nit-wit race-baiter to point out something no one else can see. This is LAME.

  • Anonymous

    The Daily Cause is racist and bigoted in the extreme. Just try disagreeing with those Nazis. I’m reasonably sure the founder, Markos Moulitsas, picked the name because Kos is a god in a popular set of sword and slasher novels. In that interpretation, it might be better called the Daily Prophet, from a much better known fictional novel. Certainly, it is a bunch of howling goons, whose sole value in life is conformity. Given that, of course, it is hardly to be wondered at that they hate dissent so much.

  • Anonymous

    I think it was drawn correctly.

  • Dale Baranowski

    Why is the critic so quick to assume that Obama is depicted as ‘ape-like’? The portrayal of Obama in this strip more resembles Homer Simpson in my mind.

  • Fat Lip

    Seems to be a mistake this isn’t about the race thing in fact the halo is missing that is the problem here !

  • Jacob Garvey

    Obama looks more like Homer Simpson than an “ape” as the Daily Kos puts it. It’s obviously about criticizing Obama, and not about his cartoonish depiction

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