Would you spend $100 to drive into Manhattan? Well, that is the new reality for truck drivers as the Port Authority raised toll prices at all Hudson River crossings to mind boggling $102.

“Who is doing this? Of course, New York. Why? Because New York doesn’t want trucks on the road,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Hmmm. Do we have Marxist fairy dust that’s going to deliver all of the packages?”

“Yeah, that technology is available now. It’s as ready as the wind and solar energy to power the country,” Pat joked.

My 9 New Jersey reports:

This will be the third of five Port Authority toll increases passed since 2011. It means only a 75 cent increase for car drivers using E-ZPass. For cash paying truckers, on the other hand, it means a $12 hike, taking them from $90 per crossing to $102 just to cross the George Washington Bridge.

“That’s going to bankrupt companies,” Pat said exasperatedly. “This is before the new mayor [Bill de Blasio] even gets in!”

“How are you going to get your packages? You are on an island, you dopes! How are you going to get your packages! People are so stupid,” Glenn concluded. “They will be all for this. And when the price of their food, clothing, and everything else goes up, they will say, ‘This is an outrage. We’re being gouged!’ No kidding, you dopes. You are on an island!”