‘That’s going to bankrupt companies!’ NY raises truck toll to a staggering $102 at Hudson River crossings

Would you spend $100 to drive into Manhattan? Well, that is the new reality for truck drivers as the Port Authority raised toll prices at all Hudson River crossings to mind boggling $102.

“Who is doing this? Of course, New York. Why? Because New York doesn’t want trucks on the road,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Hmmm. Do we have Marxist fairy dust that’s going to deliver all of the packages?”

“Yeah, that technology is available now. It’s as ready as the wind and solar energy to power the country,” Pat joked.

My 9 New Jersey reports:

This will be the third of five Port Authority toll increases passed since 2011. It means only a 75 cent increase for car drivers using E-ZPass. For cash paying truckers, on the other hand, it means a $12 hike, taking them from $90 per crossing to $102 just to cross the George Washington Bridge.

“That’s going to bankrupt companies,” Pat said exasperatedly. “This is before the new mayor [Bill de Blasio] even gets in!”

“How are you going to get your packages? You are on an island, you dopes! How are you going to get your packages! People are so stupid,” Glenn concluded. “They will be all for this. And when the price of their food, clothing, and everything else goes up, they will say, ‘This is an outrage. We’re being gouged!’ No kidding, you dopes. You are on an island!”

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  • John Scott

    Glenn as a independent truck driver I stopped going anywhere in the NE. I could not afford the tolls and yes the bridge fees. Not to mention the food costs and lack of parking. Oh, and the NYC no idle law and so many other reasons. Bottom line they are only hurting the very people of that area. I would have some sense of accepting increases in tolls and fee’s if I saw improvements in traffic, road conditions and better access. But I don’t and I really wonder where the money goes? Trucking is a razor thin margin of profit and I have to think more companies will avoid having to pay the bridge fees.

    • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I remember the effect of a toll bridge near Pensacola in the 1990s. The bridge tolls kept growing, and hence fewer people used it, which caused another round of increase and fewer users, until the entire effort ended.

      • Elena

        I go around to get to Newport RI. I just don’t take the Newport Bridge b/c of the tolls. It’s just easier to skirt Providence and come in fm Fall River.

      • ginger

        Easy, starve them out.

    • Anonymous

      The money goes to the trolls who institute the tolls. Then they end up begging the Federal Govt for a bailout, ’cause they spent it. Would be nice if We the People, when these govt types ‘retire’, said “No, we don’t have any money for your retirement. We spent it.”

      When Pelosi and Reid retire, “NO, we spent it. Go live under a bridge.”

      When the IRS tries to extort more taxes from us, “We don’t have it; we spent it. Go get it from Charlie Rangel or Tim Geithner, the tax cheats.”

      When Obama retires, “No, we spent it; you’re on your own. Pay for your own frickin’ vacations. And get the wife on a diet.”

      When the locals come to collect their taxes, “No, we don’t have it; we spent it. Try thinning out the freeloading, featherbedding herd in your offices. Start with your idiot cousin.”

      And so on.

      • Anonymous

        Instead of “No, we spent it”, should it not be “No, you already spent it!”?

    • Jon Galt

      Not to mention the traffic jams! They really hurt when being paid by the mile!

    • Buc Whea

      i hope they starve

    • Watch it

      NY is really greedy. There are some places in and around the city where parking to get unloaded, you get a parking ticket and those tickets for big rigs are horrendous – the fine is increased each time you get a ticket. HTH do they expect one to get unloaded?

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is a form of enforced social and economic re-engineering being engaged upon by the Democrat Socialists and Progressives. They want to reach the state in which the Federal government alone determines who wins and loses, who is ‘first among equals’ and who is second, third, and fourth class.

    • Jon Galt

      Sadly, you are right… except there will only be 2 classes. It will look a lot like N. Korea. You either have plenty of everything, or nothing at all. Literally.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    You know if I was in control of a trucking in this country what I would do is stop sending trucks to New York City and let them starve to death. We get rid of all Marxist in New York and maybe liberals will realize that their war against big business is killing us all.

    • Watch it

      Too bad it doesn’t work that way. When a trucking company signs a contract with a shipper, it can’t pick and chose where it delivers the freight. All shippers will have some freight going into NY – that’s business.

  • Anonymous

    Just wait until they don’t have any products, goods, and services going into NYC. Then, maybe, but only maybe, they will possibly figure it out, but don’t hold your breath!

  • Anonymous

    no more trucks into NY, tell them they will be unloading them at some storage facility on the other side of the river, and let them send their own people, and pay the tolls to go and collect them.

    And funny, those going to collect their goods, may need large trucks to get their merchandise costing them the tolls.

    Funny but this toll will cost people more for their goods, and yet the same people don’t think that raising minimum wages at McD, or other places will cause prices to go up, or people to be fired.

    People being fired in Pelosi’s dream come true, they go on unemployment or welfare, thus making the economy better, because welfare and unemployment, per pelosi, is the ideal way to get the economy rolling.

  • Elena

    Amazon drones can move only sooooo much. LMAO at the stupidity!

    • ginger

      five pounds at a time…

      • tobias smit

        and I just ordered a 6 lbs roast and a six pack, darn.

  • Anonymous

    The cost just gets added to the delivery price. The people paying for shipping are the ones that will get the screw, but hey, they are the same group that voted themselves Liberals to rule them. Not sympathy here.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, and most (if not all) truckers that actually live in NY State are part of big labor unions. Those who stood with AFL-CIO or SEIU or even OWS … they all deserve to eat this cost. They own this mess!

      • Watch it

        Sorry, but you are wrong. The vast majority of truckers are owner-operators (mom & pop type outfits with their own tractors or tractor-trailers) who are NOT in the teamsters union. They do not get to “pass on” the higher tolls to the consumers, it comes out of their pockets, just as do the fuel and other costs. Also, this fee is charged to ALL trucks passing through that use NY bridges and tunnels. The hired drivers who are union drivers don’t pay out of pocket for the fuel and tolls, it is paid for by the company they drive for. It is that minority of companies that will be able to bargain with shippers to get the toll costs included in their contracts (which THEY can pass on), whereas the majority of small business truckers can’t as they work through brokers…. they get screwed.

  • Liz Ehret Re

    Maybe they can get little rowboats and row across to a postal box on the other side of the river to get their packages. Idiots is right.

  • Anonymous

    Boycott NYC for about a month, and that toll would drop to nothing. When the whiny liberals can’t get their arugula and brie and fancy wines because no one will deliver them, they will start whining like scalded cats for their entitlements.

    Truck drivers are nobody to fool with. They could do this, and tie up the Stupid City for a good long time.

    • Jon Galt

      Yeah imagine a 100 million trucker barricade around NYC!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Imagine if Deblasio and his wife can’t get their goods. They are living high on the hog. Just look at the guy, he is 90% body fat!!!!!! like Bloomberg

  • Babylonandon

    This isn’t the only place that NY is going nuts …

    I guess no one was listening when the Chinese Defense Secretary said they would eventually wipe us out using WMD’s and repopulate this country with their people


    • Watch it

      Thanks for the link. Now that sounds like something Obama would go along with big time. Scary thought. It fits in nicely with the attempt to change the US from a sovereign, exceptional nation into a country to be raped and pillaged by foreign governments. They will just be doing it subtly.

    • thedogwalker

      They should locate it next door to Kiryas Joel, that nice little town of Orthodox Hasidim just north of New York City.

  • Buc Whea

    the tourist will be the ones that pay for all the price increase on every product in NYC

  • Anonymous

    When they don’t get anything shipped into the city, maybe they will wake up and realize they have committed suicide.

    • ginger

      Naw…not until they are starving or driving for their goods…and them they will blame someone else…that is how stupid they are.

  • Anonymous

    The “Big Bite”? stay away..too liberal ..who needs ’em?

  • ginger

    That is Another reason to stay away from NY.

  • Anonymous

    I say leave all the packages on the other side of the Hudson River and leave an email to the package recipient. “You have a package, it’s waiting for you on the other side of the River..come and get it!!!” 😉

  • Fat Lip

    Understand that sometimes you can be robbed without a weapon at all but when big brother put’s there hand in your pocket and leave you with limited choices it is still robbery at it’s finest.

  • Robert Starkand

    I hope I wake up from this nightmare soon.

  • James LaBarre

    NYC creating their *own* blockade against themselces, how clever. Starving NYC out, then kicking them out of NYState sounds like a good idea.

    This is the same city that decided they’d rather build yuppie-hives (co-ops) and shopping malls on top of the rail yards. Bunch of damn geniuses all.

  • Billy Beefcaked

    You deserve to suffer if you live in New York. If you don’t like it get out it really is that simple.

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