UPDATED: Glenn has best radio interview of the year… with an 11-year-old girl?!

UPDATE: Thanks to the generosity of this audience, Madison has sold several thousand more packages of her mistletoe than expected, and The Maketplace is officially sold out of ‘Madison’s Mistletoe’! It is safe to say Madison will be able to pay for those braces.

Yesterday, TheBlaze reported the mind boggling story of an 11-year-old Oregon girl, Madison Root, who was told she was not allowed to sell her mistletoe at Portland, Oregon’s popular Saturday Market because city ordinance bans such commerce without proper approval. The security guard reportedly added that she could continue on the sidewalk outside or beg for donations instead.

Madison was looking to sell the mistletoe she had picked from her uncle’s farm as a way to offset the cost of her braces, but was chased away before she had a chance to sell any. Glenn got wind of the story yesterday and decided Madison’s entrepreneurial spirit would make an excellent addition to The Marketplace by TheBlaze. 1,000 bags of ‘Madison’s Mistletoe’ were made available in The Marketplace this morning for $9.99 each and sold out almost immediately. Madison is now working to put together more bags of her product.

On radio this morning, a remarkably well-spoken and insightful Madison joined Glenn to talk  about her experience at the Portland Market and why she refused to give up.

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Madison explained to Glenn that she could not believe the security guard at the park suggested she beg for money instead of working hard and selling a product.

“I am working hard. I am trying to get something that I want, and I am doing something. I am applying myself,” Madison said. “But now they are saying, ‘You don’t need to apply yourself. You can just sit down and beg for money.’”

Glenn said that selling Madison’s mistletoe in TheBlaze’s Marketplace was a no brainer because the 11-year-old has clearly demonstrated her willingness to work hard for the things she wants. He explained The Marketplace would not profit from the sale of her product, and the only extra cost to consumers is a small surcharge to cover credit card fees.

“I think there’s a lot of people that would appreciate and understand that, you know, you want to work to earn your braces,” Glenn told Madison.

“Yeah, what it really boils down to is this generation’s work ethic, and I think that’s how it’s going right now, it’s just disappointing. It disappoints me that this country has come down to begging instead of working hard for something you want and need,” Madison responded. “My dad has his own company. He’s an entrepreneur. My whole family has always been entrepreneurs. They always have some business going on.”

Madison’s dedication and maturity clearly impressed Pat and Stu, who wondered whether or not she could run for president.

“This is the greatest kid of all time,” Stu said. “That’s my favorite guest of the whole year.”

“Is she too young to run for president,” Pat asked. “She’s great. She is fantastic. If that’s not heartwarming, I don’t know what is.”

  • Bonnie Somer

    that is what makes america great and she is exemplery for her actions she is what america is entreprenurial and self reliant u go girl

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    I think we can all agree that Obama is seriously delusional.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Your trusty beacon in the ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • vivalapresley

    Share this store, its gonna spread like wildfire!! I have to applause this girl! you don’t even see this from 11 year olds at all! This girl shows that there is still hope for this nation and that there are good people out there!!

  • vivalapresley


  • Andre Martel

    She is awesome.

  • Joshua Franklin

    You didn’t build that Madison!

  • Connie M

    I doubt most 11 year-olds could pronounce “entrepreneur” let alone know what it means. Go Madison!

  • Shawn Pecze

    Why do I get the feeling that if she was selling 100 bags of pot, she would have been fine…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Look she was just selling the wrong plant I bet those liberals would not mind it she was selling pot.

  • bob machaffy

    Madison built her business.

    obama built obamacare.

  • Anonymous

    Is “this” a Made for Fox News Segment? Thanks Dad!

  • Danny Harrison

    This is a remarkable young lady and our country needs more like her.

  • Elizabeth

    How can I buy some Madison Mistletoe?

  • Elizabeth

    Sadly, you’re probably right.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m afraid it’s far more sinister than mere delusion of megalomaniac.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll wager Madison will not go around cold-cocking old white people. She’ll be too busy working and making her own future.

  • Anonymous

    You’re being a little vague here. What exactly are you trying to say?

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful girl. I’d be insanely proud of myself if I was her father.

  • John Beam

    How despicable is it that she’s told that she can “beg” for the money, but can’t sell something that she grew and gathered in order to earn money? Who out there can listen to this story and not say that the ordinances that declared she couldn’t sell her mistletoe is utterly wrong, and a sign that leftist progressive collectivism is destroying us? God bless Glenn for helping her out, but something tells me that his involvement is only going to bring more leftist stupidity down upon her.

  • Rachel

    He’s being snarky

  • Anonymous

    I know Rachel. I just want him to articulate the bigotry against Conservatism a little better.

  • Carle W Riley

    A delightful and bright young lady. I haven’t bought any mistletoe lately, but guess what. I’ll be buying some from this young entrepreneur.

  • Gayle

    Congratulations on finding a wonderful young person to honor….there are many out there but all we hear about are the ones who are negative. I now have a glimmer of hope for America!

  • Trent

    Just went to the marketplace and everything is already sold out.

  • Jackson62

    That’s tremendous!

  • Anonymous

    Portland Oregon is filled with deadbeats who thrive on handouts and proud of it, many are Occupy Wall Street protesters that are the genetically flawed. To see this story on this young girl is a real surprise coming from lllegal sanctuary city Portland

  • John

    Beg, that is from Ovomit. The stealer in chief is completely empty of morals, 0 integrity, and is incapable of telling the truth. So how do our kids have chance in life with Ovomit and the Demons.

  • John

    Ovomit just talked Obamacare. He didn’t do the work. That is beneath him. The faggot in chief has no soul, morals, and lacks the ability to tell the truth.

  • John

    If she did it right, she could sell the pot to liberals and spray something really nice that would give them euphoria and kill them. The country would be a much better place. 1000 dead democrats here a thousand there and pretty soon you have an unelected democrat liar.

  • Jill Sheeter-Topp

    Wonderful kid and wonderful parents! This is what is supposed to be going on!

  • Jeff Noncent

    This is s n awesome story

  • Anita


  • ORGal

    …what does that have to do with this story?

  • ORGal

    i’m sorry, but some of the comments on this page make me want to go postal. One suggests that she “sell the pot to liberals and spray something really nice that would give them euphoria and kill them. The country would be a much better place. 1000 dead democrats here a thousand there and pretty soon you have an unelected democrat liar”. Yea, they just suggested she murder people. Da fuq? o_O
    Also, they continuously act like they barred her from selling her mistletoe completely when in reality they just asked that she properly apply just like everyone else has to if they want to sell stuff at Saturday Market. If she was really an entrepreneur, she would just go ahead and follow the rules of the market to properly run her “business”. Why should she be exempt from those rules?

  • Anonymous

    What a great kid, “The Voice of a Real American”

  • Anonymous

    So, if she sells lemonade or kool aid will she have to follow a city ordinance to sell it at her residence?

  • ORGal

    NO – but if she were to try to sell it at Saturday Market YES because it is a marketplace with rules!!! why is everyone failing to get that part? It’d be like if she were trying to sell stuff inside a store – of course they’d ask her to leave! logic people, LOGIC

  • ORGal

    btw – even her family is confused why this became a big deal and is appalled that the media turned it into a political thing. She was trying to sell product inside of an established market w/o applying or paying the proper fees just like every other vendor there has to. So, the officer told her 1) move 150 feet and sell it on the sidewalk, 2) register for the market like everyone else has to or 3) stay in the market, but just ask for money, don’t sell anything (as selling items would be in competition with vendors who actually paid their dues). Of course the media ran with option #3 and turned it into this ridiculous political fiasco. You all make me sick for using this child for this crap.

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break, you liberal ORGal moron. This is an 11 year old kid trying to demonstrate to all of you left wing lunes the importance of working hard to obtain the things you want in life not like you lazy left wingers who find every excuse in the book too discourage people who want to work but have them beg from others. GOD Help us with Idiots like you… By the way she was in the park away from your marketplace with rules…………..

  • Anonymous

    Give me a break, you liberal ORGal moron. This is an 11 year old kid trying to demonstrate to all of you left wing lunes the importance of working hard to obtain the things you want in life not like you lazy left wingers who find every excuse in the book too discourage people who want to work but have them beg from others. GOD Help us with Idiots like you… By the way she was in the park away from your marketplace with rules………….. You make us sick for your left wing liberal views…

  • Anonymous

    And you make all of us sick also. To give her the option to beg was ridiculous. That is a liberal through and through. Give it to the lazies and tax and steal from the workers. They could have given her the first 2 options but, it is the third one that has everyone bummed.

  • ORGal

    no she wasn’t!! she said she was at Skidmore Fountain which is smack in the middle of Saturday Market!! Why am I the bad guy for suggesting she actually register to sell at the market? I didn’t say she should beg, she should sell her mistletoe…but if she wanted to do so at Saturday Market, there are rules!!

  • ORGal

    since you seem to be copying and pasting your argument, I will do the same:
    no she wasn’t!! she said she was at Skidmore Fountain which is smack in the middle of Saturday Market!! Why am I the bad guy for suggesting she actually register to sell at the market? I didn’t say she should beg, she should sell her mistletoe…but if she wanted to do so at Saturday Market, there are rules!!

  • ORGal

    I’m a liberal moron for suggesting she follow the rules of a marketplace? ooooook. You all are morons for thinking she should be exempt from the rules of said marketplace because she is a kid. No one can sell stuff at Saturday Market without registering. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT.

  • Anonymous

    I know, just pure brilliance. Such thoughtful slogans are produced from this comment thread. Really must take a lot out of commenters to come up with this kind of material, which unites all conservatives under one banner.

  • Avigdor Jardeni

    Dead democrats still vote. ..

  • ORGal

    she was told that if she wanted to sell there, inside of the market, she’d have to register like all of the other vendors. She was also told that if she didn’t want to do that, she could move 150ft to the sidewalk and sell it there. When SHE asked about the beggers, she was told they were allowed to be there because they weren’t selling anything, and thus, not in competition with the vendors products or violating market rules. They didn’t tell her she couldn’t sell her mistletoe or that she should beg – they just informed her on how she could legally sell her mistletoe w/o violating market policy. Someone decided that they didn’t want to follow the proper channels to legally sell at the market or on the sidewalk, and instead it became a media fiasco.

  • heinleiners

    Great news! I’m heading to Wall Street to grab me a seat on the Stock Exchange. Sure, they have some silly ordnance that you gotta buy a seat on the exchange but I’m gonna insist it’s my right as an American to do whatever I want without following any rules just like Glenn Beck says. Down with Law and Order! Up with anarchy! Yippee – do whatever you like – rules are for fools!

  • Anonymous

    Go live in communist China, Russia or Iran since you think these ridiculous rules apply to an 11 year old child and good riddens, it’s because of people like you and the PC police why our country is in so much trouble. Your not worth wasting my time or breath on anymore…

  • ORGal

    they didn’t even frame it to her as an option, the officer just explained to her why the panhandlers were allowed to stay there. Because they aren’t selling anything in direct competition with the vendors.

  • ORGal

    It’s ridiculous to make vendors register and pay dues to be part of an established market? Of course the rules apply to her inside of that market!. She could have moved to the sidewalk and been fine!! they told her that!!

  • tobias smit

    I basically agree with your statements but I would be more specific in what role the parents played here. Why? This young lady has a very well rounded education and that did not come with a wellfare check. (I know there are many kids that do well under that burden btw, many years ago our family struggled and needed the help for a while). But this whole thing smells, she is too well educated and her parents knew or should have known the public’s reaction to the By-Lwaws Officers decisions. HE did not have an option as all of you say on this forum many times” The Law is the Law”. well no matter what you all should stick with that standpoint. She and her family broke laws . End of story and do not be hypocrites which you all accuse the liberals off.

  • ORGuy

    …and how dare anyone question the rules and policies set by the government? What was she thinking! BTW, not everyone who lives in Oregon is a left wing zombie.

  • Facebook User

    I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon— if I can. I seek opportunity not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me.

    I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia.

    I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat.

    It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act for myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say, “This I have done.”

  • tobias smit

    I made a reply to ORGal a few minutes ago I forgot to tell all of you that I agree with her and also I am a conservative to the point it tends to drive people nuts. I do that by being logical and non offensive and try to make my discussion partners think before they reply. And as I mentioned in my reply do not let your emotions blur your thinking, that is why there so many pressures on the TEA Party candidates right now the attacks on them from even the old guard GOP ( O’Connel McCain and others) are THE indications those TEA party Guys and Gals are on the right path. Look at Mrs Palin’s reply on FOX today regarding Basir’s repulsive s”’t . Listen to her! Now that is CLASS that the Democrats have none off!.

  • fedup

    Will there be more mistletoe? I really wanted to buy some as well.

  • Anonymous

    She was definitely classy and with one of the nastiest comments yet.

  • Anonymous

    This from the same city that made citizen an illegal word.

  • Jim

    That’s the American spirit, packaged in an 11 year old girl! We used to be the “land of opportunity”. It’s time we got that back. Quit shutting down our kids’ lemonade stands and garage sales. Let them learn what it takes to start a small business so they won’t be discouraged when they get older.

  • tobias smit

    Hey man, I am coming along, just give me a time and place !

    You ain’t gonna stop a dutchman!

    (we are being flooded tonight anyway so get NY get ready for some more “give me your homeless!!)

    Seems like anyone can do that stock exchange thingamajig, even the Chinese, HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!

  • Anonymous

    Liberals make me sick. Like looking at a million cockoachs, sickening.

  • Anonymous

    Someone please get a video game into this kids hands…….QUICK!

    Her thinking is obviously dangerous to current normal.

    Hasn’t anyone thought about the remote possibility that other kids may take up this kind of thinking?

    Where is the IRS when you need them?

  • Anonymous

    Point! Game! Match tobias!

    Question I have is mainly to ORGal. Will you require illegals entering the country play by the rules of the land?

  • Anonymous

    Question I have is mainly to ORGal. Will you require illegals entering the country play by the rules of the land?

    pasted by ttexlax because it fits so good!

  • Anonymous

    Now THAT was special. Thanks for interviewing her, and thanks for helping her get her braces. I hope that she pushes through Public School and doesn’t swallow Portland’s EXTREME liberal leftist views. I’m from Portland, so I know whereof I speak.

  • bud

    I hope she isn’t polluted by her contact with Beck.He is an idiot and a trator.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry bub she has her head on straight, she outdoes you.

  • Anonymous

    Hey John,
    Lose the hate or it will eat you alive. I despise what the fraud in the White House has done to this country maybe even more than you do. Barry hates this country and conservatives more than you hate him. We are better than that. We can have passion with out the destruction. We are better men. But the hate will not bring any positive change. And I say it as a friend, find a way back to peace. From that place of inner strength you will be a thousand times more effective.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think she should be exempt from the rules. It was the comment that set every one on edge. The cultural norm that says begging is a protected first amendment right and an accepted practice and hard work is not. I know that the reactions of people in the comment section get out of hand, but there are many people who feel in the core of their being that thins are wrong and getting worse. Many times they are frustrated and can’t find the words to express it so they result to speaking out of frustration.
    Here is something to think about. The cultural clash is between two different world views. One that was almost universally prevalent a hundred years ago: A man or woman had to be competent in hundreds of skills and abilities and was responsible for their own survival and prosperity or lack of it. I listened to the words of a farmer who died at 101 who was born in the late 1800′s and went on to become a lawyer and a US ambassador. He said that growing up he considered it a personal insult if the sun beat him to the fields.
    The other world view gaining ground today: That in an industrial or post industrial society of specialization of labor, each drone fulfills their task and the collective provides the support and security that individuals, families and communities used to provide. The centralized government assumes more and more of the role of protector, provider, and regulator. Which do you suppose ends better for people? There are five incredible examples of this same failed experiment in the last 100 years. The truth (history) is out there…..

  • Take 2

    What boils me is not recognizing America as beautiful… However., bet me this kid gets her smile and much more. Great job guys.

  • JS

    Yeah right charging people to sell on what is already public property. I’ve been to that Saturday market and all that is sold there is junk anyway.

  • JS

    No what is ridiculous is making people pay to sell on property they already own.

  • JS

    That’s already been done in liberal Portland, Or they do/have and will shut down your kids lemonade stand. Thats made news here in Portland more than once.

  • JS

    Hes more the Ed Shultz type; LOL

  • Mike Lee

    why sadly?

  • Mike Lee

    Why didn’t she pay for a booth or permit like everyone else at the marketplace ? Her father should have gone through the proper steps & got her the approval. The security guard was just trying to help by giving her an option that day. So lets make a federal case out of it !! I do admire her ambition, but I guess she just isn’t so special that she needn’t follow the rules like everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing partisan about the “thoughtful” slogan. How much thought went into the Obama campaign’s rip-off of “Si se puede!”?

    We quickly found out that under Obamacare, “Yes you can!” means “No you cannot!” That little faux paux has everyone ticked off — Republican, Democrat or Independent, not to mention the Millennials.

    Way to go, Barry! At least you got most of us to agree that when your lips be a moving, you be a lying.

  • Anonymous

    Also in Portland Oregon, if you have a permit to have a disgusting naked bike ride to start at midnight, the police will not even write a report when a bunch of hairy naked men show up at NOON in a public place around children…

  • Rosetta Allen

    As a hard working girl determined to earn my own way with what gifts God gave me…. I have to say this girl is a GODSENT!!!! We need more children like her who understand the individual spirit! I would be PROUD to help her in any way!

  • Sharon Gustavson

    And people don’t understand why we moved from the liberal Portland area!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this a GREAT AMERICAN STORY!!!

  • Anonymous

    We need more young people like this little girl. We know her family is teaching her to be inventive and self-supporting in her endeavor.. I hope she sells everything she has planted and that orders keep coming in through out the season…

  • Anonymous

    Beck is a great man. You might want to listen to what he has to say.

  • Fat Lip

    Begging for votes to are ok.

  • MaryAnn Unger

    Given the fact that the others had to have a permit to sell at the market, the security guard was only doing their job. She wasn’t told to go beg, she was told she could sell the mistletoe on the sidewalk – just not where permits were required. If the family had done their due diligence, this wouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. Don’t make the guard out to be a bad guy for doing his job. He even told her where she could sell legally. Now the girl will probably walk away with thousands instead of $20 bucks or so. Who makes their kid earn money for their braces anyway? Seems like a scam to me.

  • Anonymous

    Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews, each incapable of articulate thought.

  • Ted John Noga

    She isn’t exemplary. People just believe she’s a rarity because they only see the morons. I have the same problem myself. The reality is that there are plenty of good parents and good kids and good people out there. I know it’s hard to see but I know they are out there.

    Did she have to rent space but didn’t? I don’t know. Regardless no one can just stand at a corner and sell stuff, I don’t agree the government shouldn’t do such a thing but i’ll bet you don’t want me selling stuff on the sidewalk in-front of your house. I’m wondering why she didn’t rent the space if she could?
    Regardless. She obviously has the right attitude for a prosperous life.

  • Ted John Noga

    I have no idea what obama has to do with this

  • Ted John Noga

    I don’t think most liberals would tolerate a kid selling pot.

  • Anonymous

    I do listen, your reply is for “bud” above, same as my comment is for “bud”.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, my comment was meant for bud. I apologize if you thought it was meant for you. Merry Christmas

  • Anonymous

    Have a Merry Christmas also. I even wear a button in public that says: “It’s okay to say Merry Christmas”.

  • BlueMN

    Good for her! But her entrepreneur dad should’ve told her she needed a permit, or had purchased dental insurance for her. Of course, the whole thing could’ve been avoided if we had single payer dental care in this country.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Only the real crazy ones.

  • Anonymous

    Ted, that wasn’t the point. The point was that there were beggars there begging for money and pot (something she said on tv – I live in the area and she was on the news), and they were allowed to do that, while a young girl wasn’t able to give something in return for money. It’s fine that she needed to have the appropriate license. It’s not fine that a beggar isn’t required to have the same license.

  • Anonymous

    she’ll probably own her own business. someday with family help. i forgot demos don’t like businesses. because most people just want hand- outs. she just wants to earn her braces. the right way.

  • Lila Rose

    The psyop works this way: label all criminal machinations designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer “capitalism.”

    The objective? Increase the power of government and its allied corporations to control the means of production and the distribution of goods and services.

    “Well, freedom and the free market didn’t work. It was always corrupt to the core. So let’s kill capitalism and install a fair and equitable and humane system…”

    Yes, and let’s have a rainbow every day, with fairies and elves dancing in the sky and parachuting food and money down to the masses. If you want something now, you can have it now. No charge. You didn’t like the vegetables that came from the sky with your package? We’ll send a drone to your home and deliver candy and ice cream and hot dogs.

    Fairy tales aside, capitalism actually means: you produce something and you charge money for it. People who want it pay for it.

    All by itself, that system doesn’t make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    Hijacking that system creates the problem. Illegal coercive monopolies create the problem. Covert government favoritism creates the problem. The failure to prosecute these crimes creates the problem. Inventing so much money out of thin air decreases the value of the money you have, and that’s a problem. Saddling small businesses with so many regulations saps their money and energy and creates a problem.

    Fascists telling an 11-year-old girl named Madison Root she can’t sell mistletoe in Portland, Oregon, but can beg for money in the park illustrates the problem. She can “ask for donations,” but she can’t sell.

    The federal government can offer hundred of billions and even trillions of dollars to big banks, but a little girl can’t sell mistletoe.

    On behalf of Monsanto and other biotech ag giants, the US government can send advance men around the world to promote GMO food, can try to drown Africa in toxic GMOs, but a little girl can’t sell mistletoe without a business license.

    What’s next? SWAT teams invading garage sales and shutting them down? Oh, wait. Was Madison Root selling mistletoe on public property? Was that the crime? Public property means “government-controlled” and has nothing to do with the public, the people? Then why not call it government-owned land.

    “Our top story tonight…Karl Marx walked into a park in Portland, Oregon, and explained to an 11-year-old girl why she couldn’t sell mistletoe. He said the dictatorship of the proletariat controlled the means of production, and since there was no government mistletoe factory, she was a criminal. Afterward, Mr. Marx chatted with a local student group carrying a banner emblazoned with the directive, Everything Should Be Free. He was overheard saying, ‘You people are very useful idiots. Keep on keeping on.’”

    Giant pharmaceutical companies can sell government-approved toxic drugs that kill 106,000 people a year, like clockwork, in the US, without fear of criminal prosecution, but a little girl can’t sell mistletoe. (See Starfield, Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, “Is US health really the best in the world?”)

    Pharma doesn’t operate according to the rules of capitalism; it operates on the basis of government protection in the service of poisoning the population, while racking up billions in profits.

    Defense corporations can win taxpayer-funded government contracts to produce enough munitions to destroy the planet ten times over, but a little girl can’t sell mistletoe.

    The defense corporations don’t operate according to the rules of capitalism; they operate on the basis of government-mandated imperial empire.

    Producing and selling goods which are non-harmful isn’t the problem. Cronyism and hijacking and pirating that system are the problem.

    Unionizing and striking and collectively bargaining to earn a livable wage aren’t the problem. Signing illegal globalist treaties that encourage the export of jobs overseas where labor is cheap is the problem. Relocating those jobs under the false rubric of free trade is the problem.

    But a little girl can’t sell mistletoe during the Christmas season in Portland.

    The US government can create a trillion-dollar sector of the economy, by letting out contracts to companies to build a wall-to-wall Surveillance State, spying 24/7 on the American people…

    But a little girl can’t sell mistletoe.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

    By Jon Rappaport

  • Scott Todd

    Read the story- she wasn’t made to, she wanted to!

  • Scott Todd

    I wish I had been that creative when I was her age. The curse of being a late bloomer…

  • Diane Thompson

    Love this story; she was also on with Megyn Kelly this past week. Thanks, Glenn for an inspiring interview!!!

  • Benjamin Dover

    An antidote to the quackery of the progressives, charlatans, and clowns who infect today’s mass TV media: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Benjamin Dover

    An antidote to the quackery of the progressives, charlatans, and clowns who infect today’s mass TV media: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome young lady! It’s the kind of children people in this country should be raising instead of those who have their hand out wanting everything to be “given” to them! My grandson (16-1/2) has always asked if there’s any work we need done so he can earn money. I’d much rather he do that than have his hand out expecting everything to be handed to him. Great job to this exceptional family! Thanks Glenn for helping her to succeed and bringing her to our attention, I’m proud of kids like this and the parents who set good examples.

  • Anonymous

    It’s called Common core, Obamacare, socialized medicine, Bailouts, Cash for Clunkers, distribution of wealth, leaving God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, so on, so on and so on.

  • jane

    Obama is killing America that’s what Obama has to do with this Glenn Beck speaks the truth thats why I love him