Glenn reacts to famed investor Jim Rogers’ dire prediction

During a recent interview with CBC, famed investor Jim Rogers predicted a pretty disastrous future for the global economy: “Eventually, the whole world is going to collapse,” he said.

“This is the lead story for the last 12 hours on TheBlaze, and I think it’s because people feel vindicated. They are watching him and saying, ‘Okay, all right, good. He is on it and he’s actually giving me a timeframe,’” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Now, for him to say that it’s going to happen in the timeframe that he does, I believe Jim thinks that it’s going to happen a little earlier because everybody always gives themselves much more time. And I want you to listen to what he says.”

Watch Rogers’ remarks below:

“Here’s what I would really like to know… and I’ve spent the last six years war gaming this in my head… When he says, ‘It’s going to end badly’ – the world has never seen global economic collapse – never in the history of the world… Americans have not seen that since the Great Depression,” Glenn said. “What does it mean for everyone to go down? Quite honestly, I think if everybody goes down, it’s not so bad.”

Glenn explained that as of now, the Russian and Chinese economies most likely whether any type of economic storm better than the United States. As a result, our children will be the “slaves in that situation.” But if are able to “cut a new course,” Glenn believes it is possible to avoid that fate.

“We were talking today in the morning meeting… somebody said, ‘You know, you want to sell the national parks?’ You’re damn right I do. Over my kids being a slave to debt? Yeah, I’ll sell the national parks. I’ll sell my house. I’ll sell my car. I’ll sell everything I have. I’ll get rid of my business. I’ll sell everything that I have so my children and my grandchildren aren’t slaves,” Glenn said. “You’re damn right I will… Who won’t? Forget about your country. Think about your children.”

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  • landofaahs

    Glenn, China is in worse shape debt-wise than we are. They are over levered across the spectrum. Jimmy Rogers won’t say too much though because the Chinese are cracking down on anyone who speaks to negatively against the govt. But he is right in that all the world will collapse.

  • Sam Fisher

    The world economy maybe going into a tail spin but just look at the trashed healthcare system Obama gave us. Instead of focusing on getting our economy fixed we had to kill a healthcare system that worked for 90% of the country instead worrying about jobs yeah great job liberals.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is just my opinion on the matter, I see a dramatic change coming no later than June of this coming year, maybe no later than May.

    Too much of the global economy is destabilized by too many events occurring around the globe. As to how dramatic it will be, where it will begin, and how great the collapse will become, I cannot anticipate other than to say it has the potential to be catastrophic.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    China is in deep trouble, which is one reason I am speculating they will turn to military adventurism to keep their citizens focused away from the economy and on other matters.

    There was an article recently on Drudge that stated the Chinese billionaires are fleeing mainland China en mass.

  • Anonymous

    Not to mention Sam, the amount of people who were dropped from their former individual health plans far exceeds the amount of people who have enrolled into the new exchanges. Obama promised to insure more people, and the exact opposite has happened. When will the Leftists spot the lies for what they are??!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, that’s what I’d do if I was a billionaire. The Socialists get so mad too, when the rich won’t allow themselves to be stolen from in order to fund a fake utopia.

  • Anonymous

    These dire predictions are just like the televangelists spreading the word of doom and gloom. The same story has been said for how many years now? It doesn’t take a scholar to figure out that you can’t live on borrowed money, but look at most all nations today, all they talk about is growing their deficits because they can’t sustain their systems of government. And most of those governments are corrupt to their eyeballs.

  • Anonymous

    Just look at Detroit and Chicago and you know what is coming our way if things will not change. Throw these incompetent bums out at the next election. I hope by that time the Republicans have new blood in the party and can unite, or they will lose again! All the old career politicians need to go.

  • Anonymous

    If Glenn payed attention to history as well as he claims, he’d see that this type of hyperbole is littered throughout American history. When Carter was in office, it was perceived by most as though the US was on the brink of destruction. But then came new leadership in the Oval Office and a decade later, Reagan is telling Gorbie to tear the damn thing down. Kennedy nearly engaged in sure destruction during the Bay of Pigs. (Watch Rob McNamara’s documentary to see that one.) Ultimately, crisis was avoided.

    Point is, people like Glenn use this hyperbole to sucker people into believing the Apocalypse is Now and those who stand against him are deluded. It’s been that way since Obama came into office and while things aren’t great they certainly aren’t the end times. People are still living in freedom. The Tea Party is proof that conservatives aren’t being silenced, as much as some claim to be. Glenn is proof of that as well, since he owns a conservative media conglomerate. If conservatives is truly under attack, he wouldn’t be on the air.

    Sure, the world is changing but the world has always changed. Now, it’s changing at a more rapid pace than ever before due to technological advancements unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Don’t buy into this ‘The End is Near’ garbage. It’s a depressing way to live.

  • mike austin

    The fed should not be able to sell the parks. They belong to the States. They should take them back now before the try to actually do try sell them…..

  • Dave

    There will always be financial opportunities available to those willing to research and perform their own due diligence. Of course the low information and low educated masses will look to government to bail them out via minimum wage laws and other entitlement programs.

  • Anonymous

    I gave up watching the CBC – minor correction Glenn, not CNBC – decades ago because even when someone tells the truth they just don’t know what to do with it! Jim Rogers tells Amanda Lang point blank that the whole world is going to collapse next year or the year after – “be prepared, be worried and be careful” – and she just ignores what she doesn’t want to hear and moves on to her next preprogrammed question?! The debt that nations carry today and the global interconnectedness of ecconomies will ensure that when the US dollar fails or when the EU collapses the whole global system will collapse like a chain of dominos. One major push is all it will take and no election will prevent what is coming. The tipping point is past – be prepared, be careful, trust God not government.

  • Anonymous

    We know how it all ends. It was revealed to us almost two-thousand years ago. For humanity, it doesn’t end well. There is a path to light but people must to stop quarreling to see it.

  • jen

    Debt and corruption go hand in hand. America, being the largest debtor nation in the world, is by the most corrupt. Debt didn’t suddenly start in 2009 with Obama as conservatives say, but has been an unsustainable amount during Bush years and prior. R = D.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, this was obama’s goal all along. To ruin the economy and make America a third world country. He is trying so hard to finish us off, but he has forgotten what we are made of. This is a Christian country and he will never be able to change that. Stay strong…..

  • Anonymous

    People used “hyperbole” to sucker people in the Weimar Republic into believing an “apocalypse” was near, and soon thereafter they were using currency as wallpaper and paying a thousand dollars for a loaf of bread. Then, some people used “hyperbole” in telling Chamberlain that an “apocalypse” was near, and shortly Hitler came to power and a hundred million people were killed. History isn’t all roses, and sometimes bad things happen.

  • Anonymous

    We should sell the Fed and keep the parks.

  • Fat Lip

    If and when this does all come apart the true question is how many will fight to the death for there freedom ,like they fight for there stuff . Doubt it that’s what we have become not all but most wouldn’t you say now be honest .

  • Anonymous

    I see the impending collapse of Obamacare in a more positive light. Whatever happens with Obamacare, people still need healthcare. Bottom line, people with money will seek out doctors to treat them, perhaps offshore. Doctors will discover a more simple and profitable model: Cash on the barrel head for treatment. No paperwork, no waiting, very simple. A lot like getting your car’s oil changed for most problems.

    And why not? ACA provides massively over-priced policies that give little protection. You won’t exceed the deductible for most treatments, and for those that do, you are still on the hook for 40% of inflated costs. You will still go bankrupt for serious problems. The insurance companies are looking at a guaranteed revenue stream with a very limited downside risk. When you run out of money, treatment stops.

    We are breaking the link of healthcare to employment. I see people getting so fed up with government meddling that they chuck the whole system, and the progressives with it. Now that is a very positive potential outcome.

  • George Allegro

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to communicate the basics of responsibility, liberty, and prosperity to your social networks:

  • George Allegro

    Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to communicate the basics of responsibility, liberty, and prosperity to your social networks:

  • Stephan B. Feibish

    ” I believe Jim thinks that it’s going to happen a little earlier because everybody always gives themselves much more time.”

    I’ve been listening to the smart people in the financial community for years now and it’s been my experience that the smart people are early. I’d expect that things will happen later rather then earlier. My two cents.


    Rogers cried the same thing on the same program in 2011…he is an idiot maybe if you keep saying it will rain eventually you will be correct.