This season is the opportunity to reset

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to inclement weather in Dallas, Glenn asked his staff to stay home this today as he broadcasted his radio program from home. As a result, no video clips will be available from Friday’s radio show. You can listen to the entire radio show HERE. The story below is a recap of one the radio segments.


Glenn has been talking about the importance of the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s trio of holidays for a few weeks now, and, on radio this morning, he explained why the holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to “reset” and “examine” your life and to “figure out who you want to be.”

“The trilogy of holidays, as I like to call them, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s – it’s a chance for you to reset,” Glenn said. “It’s a chance for you to put into place all three things that are important in life.”

As Glenn sees it, Thanksgiving offered the chance to express humility and gratitude for everything – both the good and the bad – that you have.

Glenn explained that his family recently received some bad news, but he finds himself proud with the way they have handled the situation. It is easy to give credit to God for the good things in life, but it is equally important, as Glenn explained, to recognize that the not-so-good things come from Him as well.

“It all comes from him. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all going to be good. That’s a miracle,” Glenn explained. “So the first part of the trilogy is Thanksgiving and the humility, to see the blessings of the good and the bad.

The second part of the trio is Christmas, and while we often look at Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, Glenn explained why it is actually a day to celebrate the life of Jesus. Christmas represents an opportunity for rebirth – to reexamine what it is you are supposed to do.

“And then it’s the birth of the baby, but it’s not just the birth. That’s not what it’s about. It’s the death. Why did he come? To start over, to send you a clear message: You can start over,” Glenn said. “My life is so different than it was in the 1990s. Everything about me – fundamentally to the cellular level – [is] different because I was given the chance to start all over again. And you can [too].”

Glenn warned against making “stupid” New Year resolutions that “don’t mean anything really.” Instead, Glenn encouraged his listeners to consider what it is you want to be. “Figure out why you are really here,” he said.

To illustrate this point, Glenn told the story of a man named Joe:

Joe lived a long life, and he died peacefully in his sleep. Next thing he knows, he’s entering the pearly gates, and St. Peter greets him and says, “Anybody here you want to meet?” And he’s like, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I can meet anybody?” He’s like, “Yeah, you can meet anybody.” He’s like, “Well, I’ve always been a baseball fan. I’d like to meet the best player you’ve got up here.” St. Peter says, “Paging Lou Gehrig, Lou Gehrig to the pearly gates, Lou Gehrig.” Lou shows up. He was taking batting practice. He takes a break. They talk for hours about baseball and the power of humility.

St. Peter says, “Anybody else you want to meet?” He says, “Yeah. Tesla. I read this book by Glenn Beck. I was actually reading his book when I fell asleep and then you took me and then I didn’t get a chance to finish the Tesla and Westinghouse and Edison chapter.” He says, “Hang on. Nikola Tesla to the pearly gates. Nikola Tesla to the pearly gates.” They had a long talk.

St. Peter says, “Anybody else?” He says, “Yeah. You know what? I was an American soldier. Tell me, who’s the greatest general here?” St. Peter thought for a moment. This time he didn’t page anybody. He takes him over to an alley right around the corner and there sitting on a bench was a cobbler repairing a shoe. He said, “There he is. He’s the greatest military general that ever lived.” Joe said, “I don’t recognize him.” St. Peter said, “No, you wouldn’t. He had all the values and the characteristics of a great leader, but his father was a cobbler, and his father before him was a cobbler, and so he felt he should be a cobbler. He thought it was the right thing to do – not for himself but for others. He never followed his passion, but he’s a good man.”

“Be remembered for doing not what you think others want you to do, but find out who you really are. Find out why you are here. Start all over again. Be your authentic self. You have unique talents,” Glenn concluded. “When you get to the other side, have somebody say, ‘I want to see the best of…’ Don’t have St. Peter come around the corner and say, ‘It should have been him, but he did what everybody told him he should do. He did what he thought was the easiest. He listened to others.’”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Right now the main reset I want to see happen is the RINO’s and Democrat Socialists be booted, and our country restored.

    • grassroot

      Right on,,

  • Sam Fisher

    Their is going to be a reset no matter what and depending on who does the resetting it may be done peacefully or done in blood running threw the streets. God I pray for a peaceful outcome.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Glenn – adhering to the holidays will only further cement this nation at a standstill. Its true Thanksgiving has a national importance and meaning behind its observance, or at least it used to. Now, today, it no longer does. Thanksgiving, really, is the kickoff for the Christmas season which has extended the Jolly Good Time for another month. We Americans sure love a good party.

    The problem is, this nation is currently living under a curse. God is no longer on our side – has anyone noticed and lacking that major dynamiter, will sooner than later destroy us. Our people though, do not see it that way. For the great majority of us, continue to hold dear the things that in the long run, do not make us happy. So much for the happy holidays hey? Maybe for the short run they might make our people happy, but after all the dust settles and the bills come due, who’s smiling then.

    The American people – hell, for that mater, the whole world, do not understand that we will never solve our problems until we rid ourselves of worthless idols – Christmas – New Years – Easter being only three. This is no time for celebration at all, no, its a time all of us should be asking ourselves – “Is this what God wants from us? Holding on to the traditions of men are beginning to take their toll.

    We wonder why it’s so hard for those among us, who do not profess the belief in God, why don’t they see things the way we do. But yet, we who profess the name of God – do not see things the way God does. We keep our thoughts primarily on ourselves and on the things that please us. Instead, what we should be doing, we should be listening to God and learning things that will result in national blessings instead of turning our backs and ignoring the growing curses we are witnessing on a daily bases – otherwise, he may destroy us. What American would not agree that this nation was blessed beyond any other nation. Today though, that isn’t the case, in fact, we are found walking contrary to him, that is a dangerous place to be and by the looks of things, this nation can’t afford to many more things going down the drain.

    God gave clear and ample instruction, that we do not partake or celebrate pagan festivals. He also gives clear instruction on how to observe the seven annual Feasts, or Holy Days that he has set in motion to be observed and kept for all eternity. These Holy Feasts have deep spiritual meaning. The pagan holidays do not. They are self centered at best leaving us void and empty when they are over.

    Glenn, people respect and like you, I myself, think you’re a decent man. But because of the high influence you have over so many, then, there comes a responsibility of getting your facts right. It’s more important now, than at any other time in your life. People listen to you, so do some homework and prove to yourself the truth.

  • Anonymous

    You know what I noticed in the last few months? People are having a decent conversation about things. When I posted for the first time, I could not believe my eyes how many participants used derogatory language. I am so glad that this has ceased. I am grateful for that. A person can be passionate about any subject without spiteful comments.
    Not everybody can be a leader but when you are called upon to lead you should do it to your best ability and with GOD’s help you will succeed. The problem in our world today is that too many people idolize the “golden calf”, too many drifted in the wrong direction and then they wonder why things are falling apart. Many never appreciate what they have until they lose the most important thing in life, love of family,
    friends, your fellow man, but also oneself. Christmas is a great time to reflect, to be thankful for our blessings and hope that GOD will not forsake us.
    Merry Christmas all!

    • mspatdev

      There is still some that goes on and on with their spitefulness. There is so many people this year that is hurting and confused then in the past 5 years. It is good, because now they have found out that the dictator in the w/h has told major lies in the past 5 yrs. People have no insurance and working part time. God has interferred as their is so much sin, killings, liars, fraud, homo’s, abortions and many more. The people will have to suffer a little longer in sin. The nation will go through a lot. May God Bless America and may everyone of us have the true holiday spirit.

    • Watch it

      I believe the website administrator got so many complaints about the vulgar language and nasty attacks that they finally purged the vermin.

      • Anonymous

        Ja, for a while it was awful (Critten and others, always using different names but one could tell exactly who was posting). These people do themselves no favor by being so rude and disgusting. Thanks for agreeing with me.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is making a very sage observation here, that we need to look at the spirit behind these three holidays, and incorporate the positive aspects of each holiday.

    Yes, the world clamors for the material aspect of them — look at the day that follows Thanksgiving for instance — Black Friday, so named because so many retailers make so much money on that day, that it puts their financial balance sheet into the black. It is such a greedy thing to watch, and they put so much emphasis on advertising to make it happen, and we, the spending public, buy (pun intended) into it, and get caught up in the frenzy of greed.

    Now, how does an intelligent, thoughtful person react to this debacle? He sees the greediness made manifest, and is revolted by it, and vows to not be caught up in the material greed, but look to the original intent of the holiday, that of giving thanks to our Creator for the blessings he has, both material and spiritual, as all does indeed come from Him who made it all.

    And as for the negative coming from God — yes, he allows it to be made manifest to us, so that we can learn by exercising our freedom to choose, tempted by the one, or enticed by the other. Yes, God allows evil to exist so that we can see and recognize the good, and choose wisely. Then we have the responsibility to accept the consequences of our choices, for good or ill. Life is a school, after all. And at the end we will report to Him the summation of our decisions, and actions, for ourselves and toward others.

    May we make right choices, as guided by Him, is my prayer.

    Laus Deo

    • mspatdev

      I agree with you and you said everything that I was thinking of. It was beautiful.

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