Why should the story of Hanukkah have meaning for every freedom loving American? Erick Stakelbeck explains

Growing up “I thought Hanukkah was curious 8 day sideshow on the way to Christmas,” Erick Stakelbeck admitted on Friday’s Glenn Beck Program. But at the urging of a friend of his a few years back, Erick began to research the history of the Jewish holiday, and what he learned should have “meaning for every freedom loving American watching this show right now, who is concerned we are losing our country to sinister forces.” According to Erick, whether you are Jewish, Christian, or agnositc, Hanukkah matters.

The story of Hanukkah is the story of the Maccabbees, and it pre-dates the birth of Jesus by 170 years. So what are the similarities between Hanukkah and the United States? Erick breaks down the American Revolution and the founding of this country to reveal remarkable similarities between the two fights to overcome tyranny.

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  • Anonymous

    Then why not drop Christmas and instead, celebrate Hanukkah?

    Americans are willing to go every step it takes to have things their way, verses doing things the way God directs.

    Hanukkah, is a celebration of the Jewish people over religious persecution. It has nothing to do with christmas. But pagan worship does. We call ourselves Christian and yet, very few of us understand what a Christian is. American worship is not from God, but can be found in the dark history of paganism.

    Argue all you want, party all you want, that doesn’t change, or explain away, the real meaning behind our actions – which stem from the devil and not God.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll keep my Orthodox Christian beliefs. Hanukkah ain’t for me and I don’t really care. It has no significance to America.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Never knew any of this. Thanks for the history lesson.

  • m m

    This was an eloquent explanation of Hanakkuh in vivid detail of the purpose and our similarities. STELLAR JOB ERIC.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, amazing how people didn’t get the point of this story. It wasn’t about converting people to Judaism. Apparently, people can’t even see the similarities between the US losing its sovereignty to the UN, or even the the Revolution.

  • George Allegro

    Since people tend to wish that challenges be dealt with in a visible and structured manner, centralized planning and control can be appealing.

  • Soteria Allen

    This is really great!! I had already known of the Maccabees, but this brings even more to light than I had known and is very inspiring; just what God wants us to have right NOW with our country, America, ALREADY being under a tyrannical rule and getting worse and worse every day! Yes, God wants to ENCOURAGE us!! God does this often in His Word, reminding people to place their TRUST IN HIM, not in man; and they will see SUPERNATURAL success, as was and is often needed in this life. One example of many in the Bible is when God tells Joshua, who was taking Moses’ place in leading Israel, including as their Captain in battle, to NOT FEAR.
    (God directs people to war ONLY against other people who have become utterly evil. Just as today, in Old Testament times, there were times when war was NECESSARY against an utterly evil enemy; therefore ‘a just war’)
    God directed Joshua to not fear but instead to “Be strong and courageous for you shall give this people possession of the land which I swore to their fathers to give to them.” (Joshua1:6)
    God led Israel’s army to conquer those who had become an utterly evil people. In God’s foreknowledge, hundreds of years before, He knew the people would become evil and would have to be killed and removed from the land. God had Joshua lead Israel’s army to go to war against these people, and God supernaturally gave them great victories, battle after battle!! This was the land God led them to call Israel and is still called Israel (or at times, Palestine) and was spoken of as the Promised Land because it was the land God had promised Abraham hundreds of years earlier He would be giving Abraham’s decedents, and they would become a great holy people and a LIGHT unto the Gentiles. God made it clear to the Israelites that they really were no different than any other people except they had the benefit of knowing the TRUE GOD and His Word—no little thing!! We who know Jesus, the true God, and to a degree the Jews also, do appreciate knowing the true God of the Bible, of both the Old and New Testament, but also know Jesus greatly desires all to know Him; that all enjoy a personal relationship with Jesus (God) and a good, wholesome, happy,and prosperous life by having a relationship with Him who is the true God (One God; but ’3 in 1′, being a triune God).
    Not only Israel was to be LIGHT to the world, but since America’s founding and even before, America was and is also to be a LIGHT unto the those who don’t know the TRUE God, to help them recognize what is good and seek as to what or who causes us to prosper; have much wealth not out of being corrupt thieves as some do, but rather by being honest and happily obedient to a loving God—the only true God, but who is lovingly reaching out to all, all over the world. God LOVES us!!! And He acts <3 like it too!! (1 Corinthians 13; Luke 6:34)

    With Jesus' <3 Compassion 4 America! (& the world!!)
    Love, Soteria (& Jesus!)

    My little blogs (but BIG God!):

    Jesus Loves YOU!!

  • Anonymous

    You are so right. God always stood with David when he went into war. God will bless us if we only depend on him and are faithful.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent job telling the history of Hanukkah, the world’s first war fought not for land, power, water or mineral access, or any other strategic or political reason, but for religious freedom. I love the parallels drawn between the Maccabees and the American revolutionaries/founding fathers. I’m Jewish, and I don’t expect Christians to celebrate my holidays. But when you know history, you realize that Christianity would not exist if not for the Maccabees: if they had allowed the Hellenization of the Jewish people, there would not have been a Jewish community left 165 years later into which a Jewish boy would be born and grow up to become the great rabbi/teacher-of-holy-writ whom you know as Jesus of Nazareth.