EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to inclement weather in Dallas over the weekend, Glenn and his staff were still unable to make it into the office. Instead, Glenn broadcasted his radio program from home. As a result, no video clips will be available from Monday’s radio show. You can listen to the entire Glenn Beck Radio Program HERE. The story below is based on one of Monday’s radio segments. 


CNN’s Don Lemon made headlines in July when defended Bill O’Reilly’s remarks about the problems in the black community. At the time, Lemon explained that O’Reilly had “a point. In fact, he’s got more than a point… In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough.”

Lemon then listed five essential reforms black men need to make:

• Pull up pants
• Drop the N-word
• Take care of their communities
• Finish high school
• Lower rate of children born out of wedlock.

While Lemon’s remarks caused some controversy at the time, the conversation had seemingly moved on. That is until MSNBC’s Toure decided to rehash the comments in Twitter rampage on Saturday in which he referred to Lemon as part of a group of ‘white leaders’. Toure later clarified that ‘white leaders’ was meant to connote ‘leaders of white people’ (i.e. Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, etc) not ‘leaders who are white’.

“You see what they’re doing to Don Lemon,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “This is incredible. Don Lemon’s not a guy that I agree with… But he said black men should pull up their pants and make changes to their lives. So now MSNBC is saying that he is a ‘white leader’ – a leader of white people.”

“You’ve got to toe the line,” Pat added. “You’ve got to toe that progressive line or they will beat you senseless.”

Toure got on the topic after talking about the level of gun violence in the U.S., including “white-on-white” violence.

“Look at that. Now they are calling him a race traitor because he disagrees. Don’t people on the left see what is happening,” Glenn asked. “Tolerance, somehow or another, is ‘agree with me or perish.’”

“[Don Lemon’s] not a conservative. Look what he’s saying. [But] if you don’t toe that line, you’re toast. I hope Don Lemon comes out swinging,” he concluded. “I don’t know your opinions enough to say I disagree or agree with you, but I will tell you this: What they are doing to you is an outrage, so whether I agree with you or not doesn’t matter. We stand with ya. And I’m sorry for that because they’re going to use that against ya. But it’s just an outrage. That’s not tolerance. That’s fascism.”