Glenn opens up about the process of filming TheBlaze’s holiday specials

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Tonight, TheBlaze kicks off its month of holiday programming with the premiere of the two-night special: Believe Again. On radio this morning, Glenn opened up about what it has been like to film these specials and what he hopes the audience will take from them.

“I am so excited for you to see the special tonight: Believe Again. If you happen to have TheBlaze on TV or if you’re a subscriber, make sure you watch it tonight at 8:00pm ET,” Glenn said. “Watch it with your family. There’s a whole week of specials this week and next week. This week is Believe Again tonight and tomorrow night, two-night special.”

Believe Again chronicles the journey of nine artists from diverse musical and religious backgrounds as they come together to produce and record an album of Christmas classics and originals. You can purchase the Believe Again album and learn more about the musicians HERE.

“I wrote to the staff last night after I watched it and I said, ‘Finally a reality show that actually has reality in it,’” Glenn said of Believe Again. “It captures the moment of: Can these people actually do this? Can they pull this off? And who are they? Who are they to think that they can do it? And the spirit that they come to this with is really remarkable.”

On Thursday, join Glenn and his family at their Idaho ranch as they rediscover the true spirit of Christmas in Searching for Grandpa’s Christmas.

“[On Thursday is] my family special from the house in the mountains. And we invite you for the first time to our house in the mountains,” Glenn said. “And it’s a very different experience.”

The feel of the program is quite different from anything Glenn has ever done before, and it shows a side of Glenn and his family that is rarely captured in public. Glenn’s executive producer Tiffany, who has been with him since his time at CNN, wrote Glenn last night to express how special this particular project has been for her.

“I wrote [to Tiffany] because I saw a part of it last night, and there’s a portion where Raphe and I go out in the morning, and we’re milking cow and there were some really funny exchanges in there,” Glenn explained. “And I wrote, you know, ‘How come you took out all the funny parts because the cow was funny.’ You know, in a 12-year-old boy sort of way, it was funny. And she said, ‘Well, I suppose we could add some out takes, but there’s something so peaceful about you and Raphe out there together.”

“This special feels so organic to me. I feel like I’m experiencing all of this with your family,” Tiffany wrote to Glenn. “Call me crazy, but there is a simple beauty to all of this that makes me understand the spirit of Christmas. And growing up Jewish, I have never felt that before. It’s raw, honest, and beautiful all at the same time. I could be biased, but I can’t help tearing up every time I’ve watched it.”

Next week, follow brothers Brett and Brandon Stewart of the Millennial Choir and Orchestra as they transform 800 ordinary vocalists and musicians into a multi-faith choir. Get an inside look at the entire process from auditions to rehearsals to their final two-part performance.

In addition, you won’t want to miss the Liberty Treehouse and Wonderful World of Stu Christmas specials.

“Probably the biggest one, obviously I would think, [is Wonderful World of Stu],
Stu joked.

“I would think it was the biggest one because you had this entire studio… nobody had moved for four days. The studio is closed. Nothing is happening,” Glenn explained. “And all of a sudden I’m getting phone calls from people and they are like, ‘Stu needs a ski lift.’ And, ‘We’ve already airlifted three of the people because they were in car accidents trying to get to the studio to film his Christmas special.’”

“I don’t care about your car accidents,” Stu quipped. “Get to the studio for the Wonderful World of Stu Christmas special.”

See TheBlaze’s full holiday lineup and start your 30-day free trial of TheBlaze TV HERE.

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