How did Jeffy get hired?

If you are at all familiar with the Glenn Beck Radio Program, you have probably heard Glenn, Pat, and Stu give Jeffy the occasional hard time. On radio this morning, Glenn found himself wondering how exactly Jeffy ended up with a job at TheBlaze. Is it possible Jeffy just wandered into a Christmas Party one year and walked out with a job? Or did he just show up to the studios one day and everyone assumed someone else hired him? Glenn, Pat, and Stu debate the facts below:

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  • Sam Fisher

    Is this what you guys do all day. Poor Jeffy.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, why do you guys pick on Jeffy all the time He really looks like a very nice man.

  • Dimitri

    glenn havent you guys been made fun of enough to be bullies?
    i mean the videos itself isnt mean but titles seem like you guys hate the guy…..

  • annoyed

    agreed, just this fact makes us want to unsubscribe from the blaze.