Three years ago (nearly to the day), Glenn and his staff visited Wilmington, Ohio for his America’s First Christmas special. The trip was aimed at bringing awareness to the remarkable work Wilmington was doing to lift themselves out of hard times without government assistance. Unlike their neighbors to the north in Detroit, Wilmington has come together as a community – time and time again – to rebuild what is broken and provide for one another.

Glenn opened tonight’s Glenn Beck Program with a simple question: As a country, do we want to be more like Wilmington or Detroit? For any hard working American, the answer should be simple. Wilmington is a prime example of why charity is always better. While the town is not without its problems, Glenn sent a camera crew back to Wilmington and what they found is remarkable.

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Robin Morris of Wilmington House of Prayer and Allen Willoughby of Sugartree Ministries joined Glenn in studio to discuss the role God and private charity has played in the rebuilding of Wilmington. Times have not always been easy, but Allen and his ministry have been able to hold to true to their promise of never accepting any money from the government to fill their shelves. Likewise, Robin has been able to work with churches and temples of all denominations in the community to provide for those most in need. Glenn offered both Robin and Allen a gift that will hopefully allow them to sleep a little easier tonight.