Believe Again is climbing up the charts!

You can watch Believe Again: Part I HERE and Part II HERE. Purchase your copy of the Believe Again album HERE.

Is it possible to make an incredible Christmas album in just one week? Glenn’s team assembled a group of seriously talented musicians who did just that, and the result was better than anyone could have expected. Thanks to your incredible support, Believe Again is now the #3 Christmas album on iTunes and the #17 album overall (as of press time).

iTunes Christmas chart:

iTunes Top 100 Albums chart:

“That’s incredible. You are three behind Britney [Spears]. Now, Britney just came out with a brand-new CD… and we’re 3 behind her… Crushing Lady Gaga. I mean look at Luke Bryan, a big country star. Mariah Carey’s Christmas CD. The Mary J. Blige Christmas CD, it’s ahead of that. The Florida Georgia Line CD you’re ahead of… Imagine dragons, you’re ahead of them,” Stu said. “But you’re ahead of the Macklemore CD… You’re ahead of Jay Gowen, and the Justin Timberlake CD… You know, John Legend… There’s a lot of big names behind Believe Again which you can get, by the way, by going to”

The question on Pat’s mind, however, was simple: “Are we beating Duck Dynasty yet?”

“No. [We will] never beat Duck Dynasty,” Glenn said. “I love these guys… The fact that they are who they are, they have remained who they are, and they are rooted in God and not ashamed of it. And if that meant that they were not going to be able to have success or whatever, they were like, ‘Whatever. That’s great. Cool. Then we don’t have success. Maybe we don’t need it that bad.’ I love that. These guys are great.”

While Glenn is certainly pleased with how much the album has resonated with people, he is most excited for the remarkable musicians who put it together.

“These artists, they came and they were like, ‘Okay, so how’s this going to work? You’re going to release it on talk radio and TV? This is going to work out?’ But they just did it because they felt that it was going to be a spiritual kind of thing,” Glenn explained. “They are such good people. And I haven’t talked to them yet… but I’ve been getting reports… they are just high as a kite.”

“This is just the greatest thing,” he concluded. “This is huge… I’m so happy for them.”

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You can watch Believe Again: Part I HERE and Part II HERE. Purchase your copy of the Believe Again album HERE.

  • Anonymous

    Quality, however done, always wins out over sleaze.

    Lady Gaga? C’mon!

    Laus Deo

  • vivalapresley

    favorite song has to be o holy night!

  • Anonymous

    I see sexy Elvis is number 14. He should be number 1.

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