Lawyers invent bizarre new excuse… and it keeps a 16-year-old who killed 4 people out of prison

It looks like ‘affluenza’ is the new ‘temporary insanity’. Yesterday, Glenn shared the stunning verdict out of a Dallas court that has allowed a teenager who killed four people and critically injured others in a drunken car accident to walk away with a mere 10-year probation sentence.

Ethan Couch, a 16-year-old from a wealthy family, faced up to 20 years in prison for the deadly accident he caused. Instead, he received 10-years probation after defense attorneys argued the teen’s parents never taught him the difference between right and wrong. The defense attorneys enlisted the expertise of psychologist Dick Miller to testify that the teen had essentially raised himself and he had an emotional age of 12.

Yesterday, Dr. Miller appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 where he was grilled about why he believes Conch should not be held responsible for his actions. In the heated exchange, Dr. Miller continuously refused to admit Conch actually killed anyone.

“So anyway, Dr. Miller is here. Now, I am only slightly less annoyed at him than I am the judge. [Conch] was taking Valium and drinking. He had people in his car, and he killed four people on the highway. Killed them… Just mows them down,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “What does he get? Well, the judge listens to Dr. Dick Miller, and Dr. Miller is saying, ‘Well, he’s suffering from ‘affluenza.’ He had too much and so he didn’t really know.’ And so they give the kid probation. Now Anderson Cooper had Dr. Miller on and here’s what he said.”

Yes, you heard him correctly, not only should this young adult not be held responsible for his actions, there is room for debate as to whether or not he actually “killed” four people.

“This is when you need duct tape… It’s not going to stop your head from exploding, but at least you’ll have all the pieces when you go into the hospital,” Glenn joked. “Then when you get to the hospital they’ll say, ‘We got another head injury!’ And they will just look at you and they will say, ‘Oh, were you listening to the doctor who got a little fancy and bought his kids a car?’ And you’ll say, ‘Yes, I was. My head exploded. Glenn warned me.’”

While the doctor certainly bears responsibility for coming up with the inane excuse, let us not forget the judge’s culpability in the case.

“I think this judge should be impeached. I think this judge who actually listened to this knothead should be impeached. This judge actually sat there and listened to ‘Mr. Fancy Pants’ tell me about affluenza, and the guy can’t even admit that he killed four people? And it’s because of what his parents did to him,” Glenn said exasperatedly. “No, it’s not. If you’re not a judge that has that much common sense, you should be impeached, and the people in Texas should impeach [her].”

The judge in question is Tarrant County Judge Jean Boyd, who had already announced she would be leaving the bench in 2014 when he term is up. But Glenn does not believe that is soon enough.

“She should be impeached. She should not leave with her dignity or her record being spotless. This is insanity… I moved to this state because I was looking for some sanity. I can get this in about 37 other states,” Glenn concluded. “He was drunk. His actions speak louder than words. He should go to jail. Somebody needs to teach this kid a lesson. If it’s his parents that didn’t teach him a lesson, good, then the State shall – at least in my world.”

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This case is one more demonstration of how fouled up our judicial system is. The judge should be removed from the bench at once, and the head-shrink lose their licence for the rest of their days.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So now we know what four lives and one person crippled for lives is worth to that justice: nothing, absolutely nothing.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here is the truth of the matter, if he was old enough to drive a car while drunk, then he has to bear the full responsibility for his crimes.

    Four people are dead, another crippled, and the defense got him 10-years probation on the newest fad of ‘temporary insanity.’ Our justice system is fouled-up beyond any means of recognition.

    If this had been someone from a middle-class, non-minority family, the judge would have thrown him in jail for life, ordered the door welded shut, and declared ‘next’

  • Anonymous

    Affluenza? Now I know what happened to my grown children after my ex wife married a Hundred millionaire.

  • Cheryl

    and this is why kids today take NO responsibillity, they know there are no consequences to their action, this is bullshit and the judge should be taken off the bench immediately, what is happening to this USofA??????

  • Anonymous

    How many poor kids has this worthless excuse of a Judge put in prison for less than killing 4 people? Who says crime don’t pay ? Has anyone looked into the bank account of the Judge since this insane ruling ?

  • Sam Fisher

    What a bunch of bull. This Judge should be charged as an accomplice to murder. As well as anyone defending this ruling.

  • Sea Rock

    “Affluenza”, you know certain select, “protected victim” groups have thier excuses too … the “twikkie defense” , the “PMS defense”, “DWB defense”, “the no person is an illegal alien defense” … is it me or is there a trend here? …

  • John

    In my opinion Glenn. Sounds like the wealthy parents had enough money to pay off the judge and the jackass Psychologist! Always an excuse or some kind of issue when somebody does something wrong. If you can do the crime, do the time! Once again, like Glenn mentioned on yesterday’s show. The wussification of America!

  • Anonymous

    The justice dept. and congress seem to have the same illness as this kid. Hummm!

  • Anonymous

    Then haul the kid’s parents’ asses into court and try them for neglect, negligence, child abuse, stupidity — just pick some charges and pile them on. What’s next? Gang bangers getting away with shooting people because they had no father around? I hope that the prosecutors can appeal this bone-headed verdict. And was there no jury because it was juvenile court? What a travesty.

  • Lorraine

    The next step should be for his parents to be arrested for child abuse because they sent him out into the world without the necessary tools he needed. It’s their fault for not teaching him. They turned him loose on society to either sink or swim. He sunk.

  • john

    If that happened to my family there would be one more died, the kid.

  • Anonymous

    Although his story is not yet completed, he is old enough to know right from wrong.
    He, and others like him, go through life making excuses for their behaviors. He blames his parents? Although their parenting skills could and should be questioned, this “being acted upon.” rather the acknowledgement of culpability is like saying “the devil made me do it.” The court system, the parents and this sixteen year old are culpable.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about MONEY. What really got this criminal 16-year old off was MONEY.Even innocent lives mean nothing when there is big MONEY around. And Dr Dick looks like a thug in that picture too. The guy looks absolutely possessed!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve said it before: We have the finest judicial system that money can buy.

  • Wm R Brown

    The term “Affluenza” was actually coined by Mad Magazine in the 1960s or 1970s. Above it was a picture of a very fat man eating a hamburger at a hamburger stand. The man was so wide he needed two counter stools, one for each buttocks.

  • Anonymous

    This doctor is the one who needs some serious help. He’s already written off the lives of the four people who were murdered by the young man. He is FAR more concerned about shielding the young man from consequences that he can only deal with the enormity of those actions by minimizing the worth of the lives of the people he killed and maimed. Even if he expects the rest of us to do the same, how does he deal with the problem of the teen that was paralyzed? For the rest of that child’s life, they will never be the same and will never be able to experience the choices that the 14-yr-old who caused this. The moment that the boy chose to take drugs and mix them with alcohol and get behind the wheel of a car, he was 100% responsible for his actions.

    One thing that Glenn didn’t mention that I heard on Fox News was that this doctor’s facility costs $495,000/yr. This doctor claims he isn’t rich, but I’d bet money he doesn’t take poor children for free or for whatever pittance the state can pay for a facility.

    This doctor and judge are symptomatic of a society in which judgment and mercy are no longer balanced. Instead, we have witnessed the cheapening of the value human life in deference to societal concern for mercy for the offenders who are unconcerned for the lives or well being of their victims. It is unconscionable and should not be countenanced.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to put anything on Laura Bush by talking about this, but this incident brought an incident from her teen years to mind. She wrote in her autobiography that she was riding in a car with a female friend, coming back from a party. They both may have been drunk/buzzed. The driver went through a stop sign, and hit another car, killing the driver in the other car, who was a teenage boy. The parents of the boy were of course devastated, but they did not press manslaughter charges against the driver, even though they could have. They just buried him, and that was it. This was in TX in the 1960s, I think. Though Mrs. Bush did not say this, the sense I got from listening to her is the parents of the deceased reasoned that this was a tragic accident caused by people who didn’t know any better, because they were teenagers. Even though this doctor’s reasoning, I agree, sounds nuts, maybe the outcome of the case (with the judge sentencing the defendant to probation) is reflective of how Texans (or some in a certain region of the state) think about teens driving while intoxicated, and has little to do with the defense’s argument about “affluenza.”

    Regardless, I think the teen in this case got off real easy, and it’s a shame. If the defense’s argument has any truth to it, he will not learn about boundaries from this sentence, and it makes me wonder what the point of it was.

  • James Mitchell

    This is the first time I have heard this definition of “affluenza.” I have heard since the mid-90s that affluenza is the depression and disillusionment that the poor suffer from seeing nothing but bright, shiny, beautiful, middle or upper class lifestyles in every movie, t.v. show and magazine. This judge or lawyer did not “coin” this term.

  • James Jennings

    The judge bought the defense? Who bought the judge?

  • landofaahs

    We have the best legal system money can buy.

  • James Jennings

    Not knowing right from wrong is the basis for an insanity defense. The judge should have sent the the defendant to a mental institution. The parents should have been tried and sentenced for not teaching the kid right from wrong. The psychiatrist will probably catch a bad case of affluenza himself soon from testifying for children of rich parents. If the prosecutors appeal the judges decision, it will be overturned, and the punk will go to the slammer for a long time to meditate on right and wrong. Not everyone in Texas is nuts.

  • Tracy L. K.

    It is so absolutely disgusting what money allows some people to get away with. Unbelievable! The judge just contributed to his already massive problem of not taking responsibility or having any accountability for his actions. What did that judge teach him? Absolutely nothing good. All he STILL knows is that money will get him out of trouble, EVEN MURDER! Pathetic! She does not deserve to be a judge! If that is not appealed & she is not fired there is something seriously wrong there, even more than this case!

  • Tracy L. K.

    I was thinking the same exact thing! His family paid that judge & everyone involved! Anyone with any common sense will come to that conclusion! Good comment!

  • Anonymous

    Crap!!! Our Attorney General of Texas Mr. Greg Abbott is checking into the laws to see if it can be over thrown. He should get prison time, then when he gets out and really old enough to drink give him the 10 year probation. Then he needs to work and pay back for the lose of the ones who suffered at his hand. Punk!!!

  • Tracy L. K.

    There is another case in the media right now about the 31yr.old teacher who had sex with a 12yr. old student. She got 38yrs. in Prison!!! What she did is grossly wrong but she did not commit murder!!! That other judge in Montana, I think, who gave that teacher 30 days in jail for RAPING A STUDENT then the student committed suicide! 30 days!!!??? Insane!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the judge is retiring and just doesn’t care. No telling what else she has done or will do before she leaves next year. God help her!!!

  • Tracy L. K.

    The kid & the parents should go to prison! Great Idea Lorraine! Can we start a petition?

  • Tracy L. K.

    Great point! What if the parents & family of those killed lost their senses due to their huge loss, temporary lack of judgment, etc. & killed the kid? Would the judge issue them probation as well?

  • suz

    there’s no such thing as ‘affluenza.’ it was drummed up by the defense lawyer. this judge has to be corrupt. there’s absolutely no other way to accept this. the kid committed, at minimum, vehicular homicide — at worst, murder since he was willfully under the influence and decided to drive strung out of his mind. he’s guilty — he needs to be taken from society, at minimum, juvenile detention for quite some time and his rights need to be significantly reduced.

    to accept this is to accept that rich people should get a different justice system. I cannot believe this verdict will/should stand. it’s about as wrong as a president who lies and murders his way into peoples’ hearts.

  • ken.

    this is all because we allowed the criminal justice system to stop using the constitution and written law and switch to using case law which let activist judges make up their own laws. we need to demand it be changed back.

  • ken.

    or maybe the kid and/or his parents are democrats and the 4 dead were republicans.

  • thedogwalker

    What I can’t believe is that happened in Texas of all places! This state has no problem executing people and yet this kid walks. I’m not saying this kid should be executed, but for crying out loud, put him away. Bet he will do it again soon enough. How is he supposed to learn anything when this only reinforces what his parents have already failed to do?

  • Carlos

    “non-minority family, the judge would have thrown him in jail for life, ordered the door welded shut, and declared ‘next’”

    You’re an idi0t. What the hell does race have to with this? Your white counterpart set this white kid free. I thought you’d be happy.

  • Anonymous

    “Yes, God help her” (the judge) … help her find that cozy retirement home, a shorefront, on the Lake of Fire!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, it just dawned on me, this explains it! Our president hasn’t’ been lying to us all these years (health care, Bengazi, IRS NSA, DHS, Fast&Furious, Iran, Syria on and on), he has just been suffering from “Affluenza”, it’s not only not his fault – it never happened, because he just doesn’t know right from wrong. And apparently the affliction is contagious (Valerie, Eric, Nancy, Debbie, Harry …).

  • Fat Lip

    They can make up any name for it they choose i’ll stick with the old name for this crime FILTHY FREAKING MURDERER !!

  • Anonymous

    She’s saying that if the white kid had not come from a rich family, then the judge would have put the boy behind bars. The point is: rich people get away with murder while all others pay the price. The only color that matters here is $Green$!

  • Anonymous

    Justice just took a nasty poo on the innocent victims here. In my opinion, that was one of the worst miscarriages of justice I’ve had the misfortune of witnessing. Good Lord help us!

  • Anonymous

    I’m getting very concerned about Texas. My family and I made some major sacrifices and went through real struggles to relocate to TX, and now it seems like every day there is some news story in which the most progressive insanity manifests itself in TX.

    Whether it’s suing a football team for running up the score, or worshiping satan at protests, or police trampling on gun rights, these things must be stopped.

    We will get involved wherever we can, but responsible people in powerful positions need to get serious.

    And complacency of the powerful is the biggest threat in a place like TX. I know. I’ve lived in the south before, and I’ve seen how conservatives who are used to being surrounded by responsible people have such a difficult time dealing with committed progressives.

    They give them endless chances, grant benefits of doubts, and believe the craziest lies, all the while focusing more on maintaining their composure than taking the right action.

    We can’t let TX go down like that!

  • eve white

    Be careful of this story and others like it. It’s like a double agent … intended to pour gasoline on the fire of class warfare. Disgusting to see the progressives use the victims as opportunities for their larger cause – same playbook as Sandyhook and gun control. I see it’s intention is to enrage people against the wealthy and the “staus quo” – Never let a good crisis go to waste and Alynski #13 (pick, freeze, personalize, polarize target). In this case it’s the judge and the wealthy parents.

  • fire lion

    Why are people getting mad at this drunk driving kid? His parents are MAKERS and thus they secured his freedom with their hard earned wealth.

    The Rich deserve to not got jail. They are the backbone of this country. God has blessed them.

    The makers deserve to get decent healthcare and live longer than takers.

  • Lola

    Is it true he is going to a “cushy” rehab center as well?? because that’s nice, he killed four people or three, doesn’t get jail time and yet still manages to go somewhere where he will be comfortable. If you ask me his ass should be in prison and stay in prison because someone should have more common sense than that.

  • Defend The Constitution

    If Floyd Corkins, Chris Dorner, Karl Pierson, John Muhammed, Hussein Obama, Lee Boyd Malvo, John Van Allen, and Aaron Alexis are any indication, today’s liberals are becoming increasingly aggressive and violent.

  • tobias smit

    Now you know why she can “retire” next year!

  • Anonymous

    Affluenza is NOT a “new” excuse. It’s been around for a while. I believe it was used in the Menendez case, The boys killed their parents and were given much lighter sentences for their brutal and horrific crime partially because they “were denied their parents” but also because they had been so privileged of money and influence they didn’t “truly know the difference between right and wrong”. Sheesh. It was a bull**** excuse then, and it is now, too.