The controversial group ‘American Atheists’ is at it again – this time taking over Times Square with their latest holiday message: Christmas is better without Christ. Yes, that’s right: The activist group known for posting its controversial messages on billboards across the nation, believes the “true meaning” of Christmas involves charity, family, friends, and food… but not Christ.

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“There’s a story now on TheBlaze about the campaign that’s happening here [in NYC that] says: ‘Who needs Christ during Christmas? Nobody.’ I don’t even understand. The word ‘Christ’ is in Christmas,” Glenn said exasperatedly on radio this morning. “You don’t want to celebrate Christmas – that’s your right. You don’t have to celebrate Christmas… But to do a campaign like this and to come out and pee all over somebody is not necessary. It’s just not necessary. It speaks volumes of what you are. You’re not somebody that can coexist with others.”

You can watch the 15-second ad that is running three times an hour in Times Square below:

“This season is a great time of year for a hundred reasons — none of them having to do with religion,” American Atheists President David Silverman said in a press release. “This year, start a new tradition: Don’t go to church. You hate it, it’s boring; you probably only go because you feel guilty or obligated. Instead, spend more time with your family and friends — or volunteer. There are better uses of your time and money.”

“We all love this time of year. Christianity has been trying to claim ownership of the season for hundreds of years,” Silverman added. “But the winter solstice came first and so did its traditions. The season belongs to everybody.”

Glenn has long expressed his support of atheism in so far as he advocates the right for people to believe and practice whatever they would like. But this particular group crosses the line:

This is where I have problems with atheists. Look, you have every right to not celebrate Christmas, not to believe in God, and I support you. I absolutely support you. I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with you in saying I don’t have to have a god. That’s good. That’s fine. I disagree with you, but that’s my business. That’s what my conscience tells me. That’s what I believe. What you believe is your business. And as long as you are neither picking my pocket, nor breaking my leg, I have no problem with that.

[But] you’re saying that religion is a negative force in the world. I’m sorry. Ask yourself if that indeed is true. Has the world had its issues with religious people? You bet… It’s played a very dark role, but so has everything. How about the atheists:  Mao, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot? How about those guys… I’m not blaming their lack of God on their murderous regime.


When people try to tear others down, it’s because they’re afraid. There’s one thing about speaking the truth. But when others just, quite honestly, put billboards up like that, I wouldn’t put that up about atheists. It’s the holiest holiday of the year for Christians. Why do you do that? Do you think you’re going to attract any Christians? Do you think anybody who believes in God is going to listen to your message? No. All you’re doing is putting a wedge between you and Christians.

Ultimately, this group has a right to express their opinions – however ignorant – but Glenn could not help but offer a quick lesson in what Christianity really is.

“What is a Christian? Someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. That’s what a Christian is,” Glenn concluded. “So maybe some Christians and some atheists have a distorted look at religion. Religion makes us better. And when religion stops making us better, it’s not pure religion. It doesn’t come from God. Faith, hope, and charity. Fear, unrighteous dominion, hatred, that doesn’t come from God. That comes from another source. And if you don’t believe in Satan, it’s easy to tell you that other source is man.”