New reports emerge detailing questionable care at Boston Children’s Hospital

Glenn has been talking about the plight of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier and her family for a number of weeks now. Justina has been kept in Boston Children’s Hospital against her parent’s will since February. The medical facility took custody of her when her parents argued against their daughter’s diagnosis.

Justina was diagnosed with mitochondrial disease a few years ago and was able to live a normal life. In February, she got the flu and was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital to see a specialist. It was at that time the problems began.

A new team of doctors took over Pelletier’s case and immediately questioned her previous diagnosis. They re-diagnosed her with ‘somatoform disorder’ – a mental illness. Her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, were not allowed to take their child out of the hospital and were instead escorted out by security. Within four days, they lost custody of Justina.

Now it appears as though Justina isn’t the only child who has received questionable care from the hospital. In an original report, TheBlaze has discovered:

There is a hospital consistently ranked among the top in the United States in various pediatric fields. It has been hailed as having the best physicians and is the teaching hospital for the No. 1 medical school in the country.

But this hospital — Boston Children’s Hospital — is now the target of national debate regarding practices that have resulted in children being taken away from parents. It’s being called the “dark side to Children’s.”

Not only is there the case of a Connecticut teen (Justina Pelletier) who has been held at Boston Children’s Hospital for 10 months after her parents lost custody of her over accusations of medical child abuse – something they vehemently oppose — but there are now a handful of other similar stories coming to light where parents were stripped of their ability to oversee their child’s care at Children’s.

With the assistance of a whistleblower, TheBlaze has compiled a comprehensive report detailing several cases in which Boston Children’s Hospital has made questionable treatment decisions in relation to mitochondrial disease.

Read TheBlaze’s full report HERE.

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“I mean, you can’t imagine. As my wife kept saying when we were talking about this story, how can that happen in America? You have to I guess suspend your disbelief that something like this just can’t happen in America because it can, and it is happening in five cases now,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Something is radically wrong at that hospital.”

While Glenn has a lot of experience with children’s hospitals around the country because of his daughter Mary and has “supported children’s hospitals in every city” he has lived in, Glenn admitted he would not trust the care of his children to Boston Children’s Hospital.

“But I will tell you: If my child was sick, I would not bring them to Boston Children’s Hospital. There is no way,” Glenn said. “With what I know at this point, there is no way I would admit my child to Boston Children’s Hospital. There is something very wrong. “

To make matters worse, in the case of the Pelletier family, a gag order has been placed on the case, forbidding the family and the doctors involved from speaking out. That has made it all but impossible to raise awareness for this growing problem.

“They can’t do any interviews. They can’t talk about it. We can’t reach out to them because they’re under a gag order… That’s wrong,” Glenn said emphatically. “I’m a parent… It goes against nature’s laws. I really, truly believe it goes against nature’s laws to tell a parent that they are no longer the parent and so they cannot speak out against what the State has done… That’s my child…  I have a right!”

“They are taking these children away and then telling the parents they have no right to speak out, or they’ll go to jail,” he continued. “And the parents, they know if they speak out, they will never get their kids back. What would you do?”

Just as he did last week, Glenn asked the audience to visit to learn more about the Pelletier’s case and to learn more about how to get involved. He also asked that people to share TheBlaze’s latest report about other incidents involving Boston Children’s Hospital.

“Please read this story and pass it on to a friend… This is everybody’s child, and I don’t mean that in a progressive way. I mean: If you don’t say something about this with somebody else’s child, who’s going to say something when it’s your child? Please. I beg you,” Glenn concluded. “This family is being so wronged by the State, and there is no other Christmas gift that you could give. Get together with your whole family. If you only have $100 and you’re thinking, ‘You know, what can I get for Christmas?’ Talk to your kids. Your older kids would be able to understand… It’s obscene. Anything you can do to help. Go to”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    I got to reading an earlier article on the Blaze news-side site.

    Something has occurred to me, and if it is right, then we are in deeper trouble than ever. The hospital taking custody of the children is bad enough, but some of them could have been saved if the lead doctor had not overruled the genetic testing results in her arrogance.

    One child’s parents were told that end-of-life care should be implemented, and I now wonder if we are seeing the ‘unofficial’ beginnings of the death panels under the ‘values of life’ system (I think that is what it is called.

    • Nichole Ruggiero

      This happens all of the time. There is a facebook site about this hospital and how they kidnap children It is scary

  • landofaahs

    Why would anyone take their child there knowing what they are capable of?

  • Sam Fisher

    Well I know I will never take any child anywhere near that place and I bet this has to do with a tax scam.

  • Grieving Mom

    GLEN –
    PLEASE get in touch with me and I will give you everything I have from my own experience. I don’t know how to get something in writing to you, sure that you will even see it. You are just beginning to expose another level of corruption in this country. It is the most evil as it involves using and sucking the life from our innocent and ill children while being “experimented on.”

    This is not only happening with cases of Mitochondrial disease. It is very big with cancer cases and others too. A patient coordinator at another very well known (world known) as a top hospital in another state, also a teaching and childrens hospital, says this happens all the time there too – that the hospital is taking the chilren from parents under false allegations to fund and give un needed treatments and medications. Parents are being black mailed – if they do not comply easily allowing the hospital to do whatever they want to your child in the name of treatment and “what is in the best interest of your child” then the hospital takes your child away (or has child protective services take them from you) and forbids the parent to see them or communicate with them from that point. Also at that point the hospital makes up something about the parent (psychological problems) or that they abused their child, and that is what is presented in a court to a judge – without the parent being charged with any crime or to a trial and conviction, the judge will side with the hospital. After all, the judge says, these are the best doctors in the world and know much more, and know better, than the parents.

    Some of my research exposed a very large grant this particular hospital received to further research in CHILD psychiatry and psychiatric drugs for children. This hospital has also been allowed to “partner” with the schools in that state to “help” with school children who (may) have “need” for services and or the drugs and or could benefit from this hospital’s psych ward. I have the news report of this.

    I have been trying to get someone to listen to me about this since it happened to my family. parents do not realize that they actually have absolutely NO rights in this country. All are blind to it because as long as you are doing what they tell you you must go along with (and most parents do whatever a doctor tells them) then the child is not taken from you and you will remain allowed to have communication with your child. It is when you try to do something different or question them too much that they take your child from you.

    Dont wait until they get your child too. This needs to be blown wide open and now. Laws need to be put in place to safeguard against this. I pray my child is the last one to greatly suffer and die because of this. I do not want to live to see another child put through this horrific unbelievable hell.

  • Anonymous

    …And what does the Government do about this? They endorse it. So fundamentally the Government is truly to blame for not protecting our natural rights. But it’s even worse because they are participating in these exercises. A good government would defend our natural rights and assist in putting an end to such wicked practices. State rights are not greater than the rights of the individual.

  • Anonymous

    I hope everyone who posts here will contact that hospital to let them know that their little secret is out and we are not going to stand for their behavior! And put it on your Facebook page and any other media you have! Let’s raise a stink so this girl is home for Christmas THIS YEAR!!

  • Brent Beauford

    There is a move in the country by the know/better elites that want to destroy the God given bond between parents and their children. You see, parents are supposed to be able to give their children to the state without any emotional distress. The love bond
    you have for your child is out dated, obsolete, not politically or socially correct.

    If a parent is depressed because their child has been kidnapped by the state, no big deal! The state is watching over the parents to give antidepressant drugs to solve all the parent’s problems!! The more we are willing to receive from the state, the more the state will control us. Wake up parents!! Wake up America!!

    Remember, the state laws give the doctors and hospitals the right to remove children
    from parents. You can thank your corrupt politicians for that!

  • Sabrina Nistler

    Another thing we need to do is read everything BEFORE signing it!!!!!!!!! Do not trust anyone.

  • Anonymous

    I read the complete article detailing what has happened at Children’s Hospital regarding interaction with parents who are educated, have good insurance and disagree with the medical treatment their children receive at the hands of doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital. There is an inbred arrogance in some physicians there that has found an willing outlet for punishment of parents who do not agree with them in the form of the Department of Children’s Services.

    As a physician, I have seen, especially in training hospitals, that one physician put in charge of a powerful department wields a nearly godlike power over the lives of the staff physicians under them, their patients and, in the case of pediatric specialists, their parents. I’ve seen these doctors wield this power through the use of child protective services both within and without the hospital, mainly against parents of middle to upper class families in which the parents are educated and understand medical terminology and treatment and are actively involved in the care of their children.

    Conversely, there is little interest in removing children from homes of poor parents on Medicaid, no matter how egregious the abuse or neglect, instead, seeing themselves as social saviors, crusading for the salvation of families “forgotten” by society. Why? Because these parents are largely uneducated, on Medicaid, and often do not question the treatment decisions of the physicians entrusted to their care.

    The Massachusetts state medical board and the department of health need to get intimately involved in investigating these cases. The one thing that was not mentioned in the investigative article link here is that, overwhelmingly, these children have been diagnosed and treated by very competent physicians PRIOR to falling into the pervasive clutches of the pediatrics department at Boston Children’s. It stated that the state DCS trusts the physicians at Boston Children’s to the point that they do not question them and are “forced” to defer to them as “experts”. Apparently, it has become common for them to abdicate all rationality in these cases as, even when the previous diagnosing physicians DO become involved in the case, and even when their credentialing is FAR superior to the physicians at Boston Children’s hospital, their opinion is neither considered nor even sought in the investigation. Instead, only the claims of the pediatrics department is utilized in the case.

    In one of the incidents from Boston Children’s, they even investigated a parent of a child in the hospitals child protection department and sought to have her child removed from her because of her disagreement with their treatment and diagnoses. This is a situation out of control. At some point, the hospital is going to encounter a parent who will react violently to protect their child. Frankly, I’m surprised this has not occurred yet. They certainly are on a path that will lead to imminent violence by parents preventing the kidnap and harm of their child.

  • Nicole

    While I can’t speak directly about the Justina case and I do understand that there have been families wrongly accused throughout the country. I have to say that THIS family that you are using as ammunition to help ruin CHB, you sure have picked the wrong family. If there was ever a true case of MHBP, it sure is this family. You should really check your facts with people that know first hand before you post articles and go public. It is truly a disgrace to the families like mine that suffer daily with this disease. I am behind CHB 100% as well as the Mito/Metabolism team because without them, my children would not still be here thriving and living a life at home.

    • Lesley Benne

      Nicole, I don’t think the article in the Boston Globe or the posts here are being used as ammunition to ruin Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH). What is being scrutinized in this discussion are some of the questionable practices or policies at BCH (and other centers around the US) that affect the safety and quality of care provided to patients with RARE Disorders.
      Was your child diagnosed with MITO by the Metabolism Team at BCH? Do you know the Pelletier family or know if the MITO/Metabolism Team at BCH was involved in the case?? The reason I am asking is that my husband and I are Connecticut residents. For the last 20+ years, we been advocating for children with rare disorders and orphan diseases on a local, state, and now a national level. Our daughter was born with a RARE neurometabolic disorder ( inborn error of metabolism)–one that has never been seen before by physicians at BCH.
      Since we live just outside New York City, our daughter was initially treated by specialists at Yale and later by several world renowned specialists at major medical centers in New York City–there is no single center in Connecticut or New York City that can provide the number of pediatric subspecialists available at Boston Children’s Hospital (a 3 hour drive from our home). In 2007, our daughter developed severe GI motility issues and specialists in New York referred her to the GI Motility Program at BCH since there are NO GI motility specialists in Connecticut or New York City. Several of the programs at BCH insisted that we move ALL of our daughter’s treating specialists to BCH to improve communication among her treating specialists. I wish we could say that our experiences at BCH have all been wonderful and that communication/care co-ordination among ALL of our daughter’s treating specialists has improved–but it hasn’t.
      While there are a number of really wonderful physicians at BCH who have helped us manage our daughter’s RARE condition and are willing to work with us to improve her condition, my husband and I know that there is a DARK SIDE to BCH especially when there is a disagreement over a treatment, or BCH is asked to accept/acknowledge records, opinions, test results or a diagnosis from another center. Whenever, our daughter is admitted to Boston Children’s by one of her attending physicians, we’ve never had a problem since her records are flagged and the primary person responsible for her care is the attending physician who is familiar with her case (this means the staff at BCH is aware that she is a patient with a RARE condition). However, when our daughter is admitted to BCH through the emergency department for an acute condition and she is admitted by a “specialty service,” there have been MAJOR problems with our daughter’s care and disagreements over treatments. You see, the problem with a “specialty service” being responsible for the patient’s care is that your child’s attending physician at BCH is no longer in charge–whoever is the specialist “on-service” is now in charge of your child’s care and this is a potluck system. Under the “SERVICE” system the neurology specialist in charge of your child’s care may be a learning disability specialist who has never heard of your child’s rare disorder or an epilepsy specialist who refuses to believe that your child’s seizures are a symptom of a disturbance in metabolism. To make matters worse the Neurology, Surgery, or GI “Service” specialist in charge or your child’s case may or may not contact your child’s primary attending physician at BCH, the service specialist may or may not read your child’s records or accept information from another center, and the service specialist may or may not be aware of or acknowledge the existence of your child’s Rare Disorder. Since Boston Children’s also has very restrictive policies about including medical records from other centers, important information about adverse drug reactions, transfusions, or a history of previous surgeries and procedures at other centers may be missing in your child’s electronic medical records at BCH.

  • Nichole Ruggiero

    Heather Dragatta is currently serving 60 days in jail. Why? Boston’s children hospital. She took her 5 week old baby into the ER because she and her fiance heard cracking when they moved her doctor. They accused them of abuse. That was not the case. Many experts in America went to bat for her. Michael Hollick, wolrd renowned on Vit D deficiency and looked at all of her daughter’s labs and xrays, diagnosed her with infantile rickett’s and mom with adult form of rickets. It didn’t matter. Child Services told her that the only way she would get to keep her daughter is if she admitted her fiance abused the baby, and she wouldn’t. Many tiny fractures in many states of healing that leans towards a metobolic issue.. It didn’t matter. The social service dept had free reign of terror. These people need to be jailed.

  • Nichole Ruggiero

    The federal government gives more money to state’s that remove children. Please google Heather Dragotta and what she went through at Boston’s. Find her story.

    Her daughter had rickett’s. She was backed by world renowned endocrinologists, Michael Hollick the man who identified Vit D deficiency He testified on her behalf and the court would have nothing to do with it. It is disgusting. It is legal kidnapping. You throw around the world abuse and the innocent ones start losing credibility

  • Finn Boston

    Beck is an imbecile governed by ignorance, fear and delusion. He knows nothing about this case, expect to side with the parents whom he does not know.

    • Aabrynne Firth

      I am sure he knows more than you do.

  • JH

    God you people are stupid, and likely unfit to raise children. Morons beget morons.

  • Robert from Boston

    Follow the money. Harvard University owns Children’s Hospital. They are the ones who are controlling the Judge and the politicians.

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