One the primary tactics the left uses against those who oppose Obamacare is the notion that no one has presented a better alternative. On December 4, President Obama had this to say to the naysayers:

OBAMA: Folks who were criticizing [Obamacare] don’t seem to have any ideas in terms of how to reduce costs to ensure millions of people get coverage for the first time. I want work with anybody to implement and improve this law effectively. You got good ideas? Bring them to me. I’d be happy to listen. But that’s not what’s happening.

According to President Obama, he willing to work with anyone whose “got good ideas” – but apparently “that’s not what’s happening.” Well, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA) just so happened to be a guest on Fox and Friends the other day where he offered several “good ideas” about how to reform the American healthcare system that will actually save trillions of dollars instead of costing the American people trillions of dollars.

“Not a single other plan out there,” Pat asked on radio this morning. “There’s no GOP person – well, okay, there’s quite a few, and Tom Price is one of them. Tom Price who some people would call it, oh, a doctor and a representative.”

Rep. Price lays out his plan in the clip below:

“Now wait a minute. That does sound like [a plan],” Glenn quipped. “It sounds oddly suspiciously like… specific.”

From allowing for competition across state lines to allowing Americans to decide whether they even want insurance, Rep. Price’s plan sounds remarkably feasible. President Obama may actually benefit from meeting with the Congressman – unless, of course, his intentions are not as pure as he would like the American people to think.

“I mean unless the government is really not trying to fix healthcare but instead collapse it,” Glenn mused. “No, that couldn’t be. No, that can’t be it. [That] would be crazy.”

As Pat explained, the CBO has said Rep. Price’s plan will reduce costs to the federal government by $2.34 trillion over 10 years, which works out to about $230 billion a year. It will cause smaller premium increases, while increasing the number of insured people by 29% in two years. Essentially, it basically accomplishes everything Obamacare allegedly sought to using the free market and resulting in a much cheaper price.

“No, but he’s willing to talk to anybody,” Glenn joked of President Obama. “So there must be a catch there that you’re not telling me about… It’s kind of like that whole thing: If you really love something, let it go. Except this case [it is]: If you really love something, destroy it.”

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