What do Glenn and Kim Jong Un have in common? A lot, according to Chris Matthews

On Friday, Chris Matthew’s unleashed an unusual attack against conservatives – namely, Glenn and Mark Levin – likening their actions to that of North Korea’s violent dictator Kim Jong Un. While Glenn planned to ignore the story, Pat insisted they plays Matthew’s bizarre logic on radio this morning.

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“Pat is quite concerned about something that was said a few days ago,” Glenn explained. “And will not remove it from my list of things to do… Every day for the last couple of days, he’s been saying this to me. And we just got into the last break and he’s like, ‘I will not rest until this is taken care of.’”

“That’s right,” Pat explained, “because, Glenn, over four people saw this… This is Chris Matthews on you and Mark Levin being crazy. Well, listen to what he says and then you tell me.”

Matthews argues that Mark and Glenn’s criticism of Speaker John Boehner’s leadership is somehow akin to Kim John Un’s execution of his uncle. Furthermore, Matthews proves his obvious ignorance in regards to the history of the progressive movement in the country.

“Okay. The right-wing is acting as crazy as the guy who just murdered his uncle,” Pat asked. “Calling someone weak is as crazy as Kim Jong Un killing his uncle?”

“First of all, get this. The progressive party was started by a Republican,” Glenn said. “See, the Republican and the Democrat progressives don’t get along, but they’re both progressives. They don’t get along. He has no concept.”

In order to truly live up to the comparison Matthew’s made between Glenn and the North Korean dictator, Glenn figured he probably had to go out and find someone’s uncle to kill.

“I’m going to start killing people’s uncles. Cat’s out of the bag. I am coming for your uncle, and I am going to kill him today,” Glenn joked. “I like my uncle. I’m going to kill your uncle. I don’t know your uncle all that well.”

Unfortunately, Pat doesn’t have any living uncles, which led Glenn to reconsider. Given that it’s the Christmas season and all, Glenn decided it would be best to spare everyone their uncles and kill Jeffy instead.
“I have to kill you at 3 o’clock today, Jeffy. Okay? It’s crazy,” Glenn quipped. “That’s how crazy I am… and efficient. I’m efficient, crazy, but not a progressive.”

Ultimately, Glenn explained the problem with progressives like Matthews and Speaker Boehner is that they do not understand nor care to understand the needs of the voter.

“The only thing that intrigues me on this is Chris Matthews… is so wrapped up in the idea that power listens to a handful of people that it is a crazy thought to think ‘we’ relates to ‘we the people,’” Glenn said. “But in the progressive world of Chris Matthews and in the progressive world of people like John Boehner, the voter doesn’t matter. The voter is somebody that you pull the wool over their eyes. You just use them to get elected. And then you and your cronies get together, and you decide what’s best for the people.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

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    Chris Matthews has once again demonstrated his insanity.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is Obama’s assclown

  • landofaahs

    Kim doesn’t like his uncle He Now Gon and I have a beef with my uncle named Sam. Sam is an overbearing jackass. But I wish him well, just away from me and my business.

  • Glatik

    He should take a pill.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Chris Mathews! You are so hysterical! (Both in the sense of funny and in the PMS sense of “OMG! I had toilet paper dragging on my shoe all day and no one told me!!!!”)
    Chris, ML and GB are speaking their minds freely, not grabbing machetes, AK 47s, or a bottle of acid to throw on someone’s face! Puh-lease get a grip on your overly emotional analysis of what you think is scary!
    If the worse thing this nation faces is the likes of GB and ML, well then, we will make it! And I get a sense that in your tingling leg, you realize it..

  • Anonymous

    Chris, please do the world a favor and find the nearest bridge or cliff to jump off of. Thank you!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Times a million.

  • Doris C

    I am betting when Glenn Beck said “Ted Cruz is doing what we told him to do” he did not mean Beck and company he meant WE THE PEOPLE. Chris Matthews is a slobbering idiot and should be shut down.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    No it is better to have this clown still talking so he shows the face of true liberalism.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Does anyone speak crazy because I am having trouble following Chris Mathews logic?

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Yes Chris Mathews because it is crazy for people we elected doing what we ask them to do I know that is so crazy they should be telling us how to live. Liberal logic.

  • Mike

    Glenn, do have nukes?

  • Anonymous

    When Chris Matthews sticks up for your decision, watch out, you are a progressive hero.

  • Anonymous

    Liberalism is a mental illness!

  • Hoschi0913

    see Glenn,
    you didn’t even know what you all have in you ,you just need to listen to Chris Mathew, he will tell you
    and for chris Mathew,
    now that really must be a crazy concept, that those people we elect are actually expected to do what we tell them and that is all because

  • Anonymous

    How does one get from libertarian conservative to communist/socialist Un in 20 seconds – call Chris Matthews!?
    Talk about prevaricating whilst grandstanding without a foot underneath himself – wow!! This guy is some piece of work.

  • Anonymous

    No please …. let him speak! The more he prevaricates and acts out strengthens US all to correct a great & terrible wrong. :-)

  • FreedomFray

    Exactly! I thought that was quite obvious.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is one of those robots pretending to be singular with reality. Ask him a normal question and I bet he will not answer it! He’s programmed to shoot gibberish out of his mouth that even progressives don’t listen to. He is a perfect description of that programmed robot computer.

  • Anonymous

    One look at Chris Matthews and you have a perfect example.

  • Anonymous

    He doesn’t know what he is saying. If you call him to discus what he just said, I bet he would just keep repeating whatever he’s saying ad infinitum. He programmed his brain, as if he’s got one, to say the things he says. If you want to know the real Matthews, refer to his appearance on Jeopardy where he failed miserably.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s Dead Pool is much deeper and wider than Kim Jong Un’s. Who knows who might float to the surface.

  • Guest

    “He has no concept,” said the clueless, ignorant uneducated reactionary blowhard, Glenn Beck. John Boehner is a progressive like Glenn Beck is a pundit: NOT AT ALL!

    If irony had color, my computer screen would be a rainbow of Beck’s 50 tints of clueless claptrap.

  • Richard Dean MacLean

    Glenn was right. Pat was wrong. Ignore the idiot.

  • Josh Hankins

    I used to stomach this dude, no lie. He has LOST it since 07′.

  • Anonymous

    Chris is confused Glenn……he thinks because Un and you both like M&M’s, he thinks it makes you blood brothers.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s a mistake to ongoingly legitimize Chris Matthews with pieces like this.

  • rozdunlap

    Chris M. Needs to find another job,hopefully not on t.v. or radio.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    I can’t comment on this guy Matthews anymore he is so oblivious to the world

  • Canadianlady

    The leftist media propagandists realize they’ve lost control of the message, and they’re obviously desperate to regain it. Chris Matthews’ ridiculous talking points sound like something written by the Chinese Communist Party propagandists of the 50′s. They wouldn’t even fool an idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Every time you think that Matthews can’t get any stupider, you’re wrong. Doesn’t he think that the fact that Glenn and Levin can’t make anyone do anything matters?

  • Anonymous

    Ask an average American any question you want about our government and I will bet you that nine times out of ten you will get a wrong answer! The public education system in this country has dumbed down the population to the point that the average man or woman in this country does NOT understand how our government works, or is supposed to work! The media has helped drive home the point that most people in leadership positions are wealthy, well educated, and must be, in order to rule.The founders intended that ordinary citizens were to be the servants of the people, not their masters.

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    What Chris Matthews deliberately ignores is that Kim Jong Un shares all of his, not Beck’s, beliefs.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s be brief;…

    Ahh!, Matthews,Maththews,Matthews, quite peculiar fella, isn’t he?

    He is just in the same low-life category as Olbermann, Alan Grayson,Barney Frank….just to mention three.

    Well, Mr Matthews is not a real serious journalist – although he tries to pose as one…but the failure in the attempt is so obvious.

    Allow me to expand the parameters of his sory story, walk with me;


    So,…what is to be expect from ANYONE FROM MSNBC,CNN, OR ANY OTHER TV TABLOID?….the galaxy only knows!!!!???..on the other hand ….not much.

    Well, you see, those so called journalists are really a pack of pathetic excuse of the real thing…I would call them just plain ‘talkers’ – and I am doing them a favour.

    Anyway, none of the are worth to pay attention to,… since anyone from any of them tv tabloids are for real journalistic endevours – ALL OF THEM – are strong cases of dichotomy.

    If you want a good laugh once in a while , then go there….for comedy is the only thing that can justify their ‘work’,,,even Jon Stewart is better…(perhaps I am exagerating here)…but anyway, that is the way I see it…and of course I could be wrong.

    Those people ARE without self-definition…and totally ungrounded…totally irresponsible….a sad images comes out from all of them.

    They really try to sound smart,…but fail the intent..they dilute themselves in an ocean of reverberating contradictions.

    Such are the cases of all of them…and there we have people such as…Kristen Powers, Alan Colmes,..Maddox,..Anderson Cooper,..Olberman,…Soleded O’Brien,..Juan Williams,…Nora O’Donnell,…John King,…Ricardo(‘Ricky’)Sanchez,…Roland Martin,… Bob Beckel,..Robert Gibbs,..Wolf Blitzer,…Geraldo Rivera,…and others,…just name them.


    FROM A PUTRID BANANA TO A SEVEN DAYS DECOMPOSED LIZARD…for this kind of individuals are in PATHOLOGICAL DENIAL OF REALITY SYNDROME…in others words, their minds are not quite clear, to say the least.

    However their presentation (beleive it or not) in the political spectrum is a valid one.

    And so – for not to say how pathetic (if not idiotic) their all sound -,…remarks serves a purpose,…for there – with that talking about many things, without facts to back-up statements – we can have the ‘clown-effect’ that at times comes so refreshing.

    Chris Matthews is one of those….but he has something else – A TINGLING LEG EFFECT… so hard to beat by all the others ones…so he must be proud of it.

    Alarming, he is on TV posing and playing the real thing when in reality he is not!…PATHETIC…is it not?

    Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Anonymous

    at least

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t give this guy the (air) time of day

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a stooge come on. I can’t believe anyone would watch or listen to him. He has no love for our Americans or America – he should move on.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, on the budget vote I’m going to give Boehner the benefit of the doubt. The president is the president, the Senate is controlled by his drone, Harry Reid, and they have a majority. Take a pyrrhic victory lap if we (conservatives) shut down the government, but that won’t solve anything and at this point will likely ensure that the Progressives keep the Senate. We can only win in the long run if we start winning elections. I think the Republicans should ALL vote “present.” Let the Dems take the heat for passing a deficit- and debt-increasing budget. Keep the focus on Obamacare, because that’s hitting millions right now, in their pocket books, and in their well-being. Haven’t you seen the stage-IV cancer patients whose successful treatments are being stopped because they lost their coverage? These people are condemned to death even before the Death Panels kick in. And those who are not dying will be paying higher premiums and/or much higher deductibles. I feel great because I have employer health care. But next year, and the year after, I’m afraid. Although, as part of the 5% (not a 1%-er yet), maybe I can afford tourist medicine to India, or South America (don’t really want to go to Cuba for it, though). the important thing is to win big in 2014 and reinforce it in 2016 and hopefully the Obama-virus will have inoculated the country against progressivism. But then, I’m an optimist, and I [can] read.

  • Anonymous

    How about this for a military command:

  • Anonymous

    Nah, leave him ther to rant. His own words can be used to inoculate the voter.

  • Crassus

    Tingles is beginning to make Bathtub Boy Olbermann look sane.

  • Anonymous

    No. That is SO wrong. I vehemently disagree. In matthews case it is always ad infinitum ad nauseum. ;)

  • Anonymous

    “ongoingly” Is that new?

  • bjeanthejellybean

    Obviously MSNBC doesn’t drug test it’s employees.

  • Anonymous

    Why does Matthews bother opening his mouth at all? Every time it opens, you can smell a baby diapers out of it and that’s all he speaks and talks of. Why can’t he just shut the hell up and have someone just stick his head up his own ass and duct tape it there until he can no longer breath after asphyxiating himself of his own butt stench?

  • http://lessgovmorefun.com/ LessGovMoreFun

    Right on Mr. Beck. You nailed it again.

  • Jerik Kalen

    At McDonalds. If they’d have him. :D

  • Anonymous

    You are obviously insane. Perhaps Bi-polar. But I feel sorry for you. So here; let me help you.. You don’t even realize this, but you see things in a very warped perspective. You see, liberalism is a mental disorder. We know you can’t help it. People like you don’t know any better than to think themselves to be more intelligent than those you disagree with, (and probably taller, more handsome, more well-liked, and anything else you ever consider.. I’m sure that you’re the best this planet has ever been graced with) while in the real world.. you aren’t very bright at all. So, skippy; unfortunately for you, everyone outside of your little wacknut cocoon can see you for the ugly, angry little freak you are. I mean; what makes you foam at the mouth and hang out with people whom you cannot stand, and they in turn despise you. You haven’t been invited, (though you’re welcome to hang around), but you invited yourself to a place where you are obviously miserable, and all you do is argue with everyone who considers themselves to be amongst friends who FEEL the same way about most things. This is not a forum about trading sports cards or crocheting. This is a community where we all; all but YOU, believe in limited government and the Constitution, the Bill Of Rights, capitalism and individual liberties. You obviously HATE all of this. So if you were sane you would not have such a desperate NEED to even be here. Do you not have a life? Don’t you have any friends? Can’t you think of anything to do with yourself? Are you just playing on the internet because the insane asylum only allows you to do this – so that you can’t hurt yourself or anyone else? Anyway.. Glenn is the furthest thing from ignorant or uneducated. And you know that. Is it that you simply HATE his opinion, but you cannot put forth a valid debate that you have to attempt to denigrate his character? You haven’t said a single word which is any more than hollow rhetoric. That, my friend does not display an ounce of intellect. And btw, johnny, your last sentence made no sense at all (either). What does your computer screen have to do with irony or Beck’s supposed claptrap rainbow, now??? How would that work? Do you see aliens as well?? Get back on your meds, little fella. What’s left of your brain is leaking out of your ears. Better call the men in the white coats, there fred.

  • Anonymous

    So in other words; their radical ‘progressive’ tactics have been a raving success. And it’s long past time that we try to win a few innings. And if we ever have control of our government again, dismantle the structures of the educational department, EPA, DHS, IRS, and many dozens more.

  • Anonymous

    No. He never had it. You just weren’t aware of what a piece of garbage he is. Then he was given the platform that exposed him. Now you can see him.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    Liberalism is a demonstrated mental illness.

  • KCaprioni

    That is exactly what he meant but leave it to the idiots to grab onto a two letter word and make news out of it. Ughhhh when will Matthews and his other idiot friends just disappear?

  • Sean Gilliam

    no, you cant “shut him down”. you are stooping to his level. this idiot will end up burying himself much like others have.

  • Sean Gilliam

    Boehner may or may not be a progressive, but he is hardly a conservative.

  • Anonymous

    lol, he’s been senile for a while now :-)

  • Anonymous

    yes – yes YES!!! And fire all of the Governmental bunch of crooks!. Let people with a honorable way of dealing, living and handling of their lifes get a shot at this mess. They can’t do any worse – I am sure.
    If you can’t pay cash you do not buy! We do not need all this stupid wasting of millions of hard earned $ being thrown out the window for stupid “projects” when we have millions going hungry in this great Nation of ours due to MISMANAGEMENT on the biggest scale I have ever witnessed!!.. NO MORE of our DOLLARS to the MUSLIM Countries.
    Help ourself then GOD will help us! Amen.

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    Anyone who has a brain knows Chris Matthews has zero credibility. I mean, the guy shouts down any Conservative “guest” on his show and openly condemns the Second Amendment by fiercely advocating gun control. The guy’s head is so far up his own ass, he can’t even see.

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    Anyone who has a brain knows Chris Matthews has zero credibility. I
    mean, the guy shouts down any Conservative “guest” on his show and
    openly condemns the Second Amendment by fiercely advocating gun control.
    The guy’s head is so far up his own ass, he can’t even see.

    EDIT: Had to delete my own comment in order to get my avatar pic to update for posts.

  • Lyndon Johnson

    I had tears a running when i saw this Team Jackass picture. Read my mind…LOL

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    And I love the avatar and the game and agree 100%

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    Thanks. Actually, I’ve found that the beliefs of the Assassins pretty much runs parallel to Conservative ideas. So, personally, the Creed is one of the things I live by, politically speaking. Hence, my user initials in the crest. :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Same here. I did not get the chance to play black flag yet but I heard it was very good.

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    It was! Best story of the whole series so far, in my opinion, but Ezio remains my favorite Assassin. I also recall seeing an image that summed up each game with a single word that defined the theme. In chronological order, the following themes are (and I’m personally adding one for ACIV):

    AC: Honor
    ACII: Revenge
    ACB: Justice
    ACR: Answers
    ACIV: Loyalty
    ACIII: Freedom
    Desmond: Sacrifice

  • Anonymous

    I love the word. It has a melodic ring to it . You are so ongoingly stupid etc,etc.

  • Anonymous

    Tingles and bathtub boy scrubbing each other up in a shared tub. Halftime on Monday night football. American entertainment at it’s best.

  • Anonymous

    Chrissy, Chrssy, Chrssy will you please stop taking your “Silly Pills ?
    If Glen Beck is as that Nut running N. Korea, then you quality to to be his clown!
    Do you have writers, and your just read their poison, or do actually think this garbage up all by your lonesome self?
    Yet, you dare call your self a news reporter? Sorry you do not qualify, to even lick the boots of of one who is!
    You must have some nasty dirt, on management or you’d be history years ago!

  • Anonymous

    I cannot stand listening to the idiot. I throw my arm out reaching for the remote when the moron is on or he is in a sound bite. I can’t turn the idiot away fast enough (Obama for that matter as well).

  • Guest

    If you understand the claptrap coming out of Beck’s mouth, then you understand crazy.

  • Guest

    YOU confuse conservative with reactionary. Glenn Beck and his ignorant and gullible tea party followers are REACTIONARIES, not conservative, not at all interesting in defending or protecting the status-quo.

  • Guest

    MikeInSane, talk to the mirror. You like Glenn Beck, and no one but Alex Jones is more nutty and disconnected from reality than Beck and his sheeple.

    This is Beck’s website, and I’m hardly the only person pointing out that Beck is a reactionary blowhard spewing claptrap. You need to get off your high rocking horse there, MikeInSane.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    Victor again do you want me to start my campaign to get Glenn to sue you? don’t temp me.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I wish they did Connor a little better than they did. Even tho me and him got one thing in common we are both Native Americans but glad to see they have not cheapen out on the story. Like most video game companies do. I think Assassin Creed is one of the few games that does not do that.

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    I agree, Connor was a bit of a whiny and flat character, overall. Nonetheless, he turned out alright in the end. I thought the issues with character development they had with Connor in ACIII they fixed with Edward in ACIV. You’ll like it. And you’ll see all of the Great Pirates, too.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8FvmesaxXg Sam Fisher

    I think I am going to follow you if you don’t mind. Sam Fisher teaming up with an Assassin should be a great combination. LOL! As soon as a get the money I will get it because the game does look well done.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is just jealous because Glenn has a bigger and more prosperous kingdom at the Blaze, than he does at MSNBC.

  • Keith Robinson

    What Glenn Beck is really saying: “If you like your uncle you can keep him” – not so crazy…Obamacare may change that…

  • Anonymous

    Why should we listen to that PORKY PIG Chris Matthews, whenever he sees Obama he has a vibration in his leg. Probably playing jelly roll under the table because he has an orgasm for men with greasy hands and likes that special white sauce that’s coming to his mouth, because he enjoy it for being a Tae-Queer-Do martial artist who has the urge for sweaty black man with a G-string on it. SICK PUPPY !

  • Gerald Haynes

    Stupid. Ass Christy Mathews