Barbara Walters admits: ‘We thought [Obama] was going to be… the next messiah’

During an appearance on Piers Morgan Live on Tuesday, Barbara Walters made a fascinatingly candid remark – seemingly in spite of her better judgment:

WALTERS: He made so many promises. We thought that he was going to be – I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime, but – the next messiah. And the whole Obamacare, or whatever you want to call it, that Affordable Health Act, it just hasn’t worked for him, and he’s stumbled around on it, and people feel very disappointed because they expected more.

“This is nuts. This is Barbara Walters – a supposed revered journalist – who actually goes on T.V. and admits [they] thought that this President… was the messiah,” Glenn said exasperatedly on radio this morning. “That’s amazing. We said that all along: They think this guy is God.”

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While Walters seems to have realized the controversy in her remarks, Glenn did not appreciate her qualifier that she probably shouldn’t be making such statements around Christmastime.

“‘I shouldn’t say this at Christmastime.’ You shouldn’t say anytime that somebody you’re voting for as president of the United States might be the messiah,” Glenn explained.

“Unless you’re voting for Jesus,” Pat clarified. “If he’s running, then go ahead and say it… [but] I’m pretty sure not. He didn’t seem to be here for political purposes.”

When you consider how the Obama Administration has treated journalists from Fox News to the Associated Press to CBS, one has to wonder why anyone in the industry has any respect for this guy anymore.

“She says: We expected more. Well, no kidding. But how long did it take you to get there,” Glenn asked. “Listen, they are putting your friends in jail. They are intimidating your friends and fellow journalists. You know this is wrong. They won’t let you take a single picture of the man. It’s all being done internally now. And yet you continue to take it. That wasn’t enough.”

“You have a federal judge yesterday ordering the Administration to disclose documents it’s trying to keep hidden. Where’s the press on this one? What are the federal documents? How are they spending our foreign aid,” he continued. “Now, think of this. She said we thought he was going to be the messiah. This guy campaigned on being transparent. He said enough of the secrets. I believe he said that for the first year that we already are the most transparent in the history of the country. It’s craziness and the press allows him to get away with it.”

Stu couldn’t help but question why anyone really ever believed this man would be any type of savior given his track record. But, as Glenn explained, in the progressive world, the ends justify the means.

“Why did they expect more? I’m curious why they expected more because people like [them] gave him a pass over every single issue,” Stu said. “[They] let him lie and jam these lies down the throats of American people.”

“She’s not having a problem with the lies. She has a problem that it didn’t work,” Glenn explained. “Ends justify the means. They don’t have a problem with the lie.”

Glenn was clear that, ultimately, truth will always prevail, and when the world comes crashing down, the only ones left standing will be those who are rooted in principle.

“All you have to do is just tell the truth. Two plus two equals four. Lies do matter. Always tell the truth. Water will make you wet. Fire will burn you,” Glenn concluded. “It’s getting so crazy that when the world comes flying apart, it is going to look for people that just know the basic principles.”

Hear Walters’ entire logic in the clip below (courtesy of NewsBusters):

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Anonymous

    Barbara should put her trust in God and not men. Men have a way of leading you down the wrong path…Obama is more than enough proof of that.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly, men fail in the end, always. God holds true to his ways and his word, always and absolutely.

    For the record, I’m back.

  • Sam Fisher

    And liberals claim Jesus would love their party of Socialism. I am sorry liberals but the God I follow would not be cool with replacing him with a moron. Government is not my church Socialism is not my religion and Obama is not my god. Any one that claims to be a Christian and a liberal and still stand by this woman than you are not a follower of my Messiah the true Messiah Jesus Christ. Go ahead and put a bullet in my head for standing by the truth because in the end I know what I stand for is right and true.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll mark that one down in the win column…we may lose a battle here or there, but the fight continues, glad to see you still doing your thing.

  • Anonymous

    next like who was the other? Custer?

  • Anonymous

    How candidly does this person reveal the weakness of human nature. How true it is, that if Jesus – the real Messiah – had come to a people as one like them He might have been accepted. But He instead came as One like God, Whose thoughts are not like our thoughts, Whose ways are not our ways, but higher than fallen man can reach. The ‘messiah’ that a progressive seeks is like unto the madi that the imams seek: One that will overthrow their enemies, and bend the world to their own vision and will; strikingly similar to those who delivered Christ to the Romans – the very enemy over which they desired the Messiah to triumph.

    Who, then did they choose? a man after their own hearts: one Simon bar Kokhba, who launched a revolt against the Romans in 132 A.D., resulting in the last and final overthrow of Jerusalem and Judea, and the final scattering of the Jewish people.

    They chose a man of war instead of a Prince of Peace, because their hearts were filled with hatred for The Roman Republic. As it was then, so it is, now. Peace and righteousness is far from these peoples’ hearts, and what they would choose as ‘messiah’ today is much like bar Kokhba was then: a man whose appeal was build not on a scaffold of love for others, but hatred for the American Republic.

    And their disappointment is not because of the ruin that their ‘messiah’ has wrought, as bar Kokhba’s revolt produced, but for his failure to successfully destroy the Republic itself.

    Of course, the rebellion of Barack bar Obama has not yet run its course.

  • Anonymous

    The useful idiots are also very gullible.

  • John Scott

    I am sure Walters and Oprah are just wondering what happened? You know liberalism is almost like a cult with the leader Obama. These people for almost 5 years have been blind to what Obama has done. In many cases covering up for him. People like Walters and Oprah who should be more open minded should have seen this long before now. Shame on them!

  • Anonymous

    Articulate observation. It reminds me of another biblical story, where those who sought the life of Christ wanted his arrest. The chief officer among them, cautioned them, saying, if he (Christ) be from God, then nothing can stand in his way, but, if he is from the evil-one, his deeds will follow him and destroy him. It will soon be clear and made known who this man is. (not an exact quote) but suffice it to say, if Obama, were put in office from ‘above, then his deeds will reveal him, on the other side of the equation, maybe Obama was placed in his lofty position because of our (the national collective) deeds. Do we not reap what is sown….

  • Me Wise Magic


    See Beck’s “Obama National Anthem” from 2008 below and how dead on it was. Warning though, you probably won’t be able to get the song out of your head today after listening.

    Obama National Anthem (2008)

  • Wojo777

    Why did they expect this guy to be a messiah. He came in as an avowed socialist whose goal was to radically change American society and undermine our Constitutional , ethical and religious foundation. He had zero executive experience and benefitted from affirmative action measures his whole life; never had to struggle or work hard for anything. To any honest person with eyes to see, he was a recipe for disaster

  • Anonymous

    What a silly woman. It just proves how foolish the MSM really is. They are not skilled in anything meaningful, they can read what someone else writes, same as actors, just playing a part. Had they known the real Messiah, they would not be looking at someone whose only skill is reading a teleprompter.

  • Crassus

    Your second sentence pretty much answers the question posed in your first sentence. The majority of the news media are little more than socialists themselves.

  • Anonymous

    Barbara Walters and all of her ilk are warped in mind, body, heart and spirit. They are to be pitied and prayer for.

  • Fat Lip

    We all new how they feel about Obama it is nice to see the wind come out of there sails as there false profit falls back to earth and shows he is nothing but another man and not a very honest at that ,we were all taught to watch for these men who’s work’s show who they really are .Merry CHRISTMAS

  • Anonymous

    What kind of fool thinks any politician would be a Messiah ? Obviously not one with any true religious faith. Hey Barbara. .your ignorance is showing.

  • Anonymous

    History is in the Hand of He with whom we have to do. Trials are but God’s appointed agencies to reveal to us the content of our own hearts, that we might know that we are but men, and may be drawn to the only Source of true help and good. Silver is refined by fire, but what rises to the surface is the dross. This is as it should be. It is not by gazing upon our self-defined goodness that we become good, but by beholding the dross hidden in the decitful human heart. Only by the fiery trial is that dross brought to the surface. Our eyes are opened, and we discover that which must be purged. “I counsel thee to buy of Me gold, tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich, and eyesalve, that thou mayest see, and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; Those that I love, I rebuke and chasten, Be zealous therefore, and repent.” – The faithful and true Witness.

    Whomever is President, whatever the trial or affliction, It is not this world that holds our attention, nor this kingdom our loyalty, but that which is coming, for which the great Refiner is purifying His people for His return.

    Love your enemies.

  • Sam Fisher

    Hitler youth just saying.

  • Sam Fisher

    I was going to post that.

  • Anonymous

    As not to forgo the first part of the verse….”I know your works: you are neither cold nor hot – So because you are neither cold nor hot – I will spew you out of my mouth, for you say, ” I am rich, I have prospered, having need of nothing, not knowing that you are wretched , pitiable, poor, blind and naked…

    Sounds like a great many Americans today…love your enemies indeed!

  • Anonymous

    The proud moral and intellectual elitism that marks the narcissists among us prevents them from admitting any culpability in the disaster of progressive politics. Like the fool whose car is on the tracks at the train crossing, from the time that the bell starts ringing, and the train whistle begins blowing, the reason they stay with the car is because they believe that, any second now, the car in front of them will pull ahead, and they’ll be able to save their car. Only seconds before the train smashes the car do they realize their danger, and open the door to get out, only to realize that they forgot to unbuckle the safety belt. The train destroys the car, kills the driver, and people comment: “didn’t they see and hear the train?”

    They did, indeed, but they thought – in faith – that something would happen to deflect the consequences of their foolishness. So they sat until escape became impossible.

    Welcome to the real world, Barbie.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the condition of the true church just before the end; the last of the seven occupying the time between ‘comings’. What does that tell you?

  • Sarah Burnett

    I wonder if Walters actually knows who the MESSIAH really is.? And if she does, then she is comparing Obama to JESUS ! Pathetically SICK. A Fruitcake indeed !

  • Anonymous

    They are entitled to like the President. .but he is a mere man. Nothing more. I’m tiredof hearing all these Messiah / God references. Like liberals or not..nobody thinks President Obama is a God.

  • g55rumpy

    i`m glad my Messiah is the Son Of God. the world can keep their false “messiah”

  • Anonymous

    I thought Al Gore was the greatest scam this country ever witnessed, but Obama has proved me wrong, Obama is now the greatest scam and fraud this country has ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    Bless those who remind us of God’s word by quoting from the Bible reminding us we are lost, indeed, without thanking God for His Blessings and knowing it is God’s Will we remember to have heart and follow his Teachings.

  • Anonymous

    The implications should be clear to all: no single man or woman as president can be our messiah. The best we can hope for is someone who aggressively defends individual liberties and leaves us to determine our own destiny.

  • Susan W. Spencil

    Obama thought he could impose his vision of America on us against our WILL. His followers thought he would LEAD the nation to see things his way. We don’t see things his way, and we won’t have his will imposed on us. We must elect politicians who honestly represent us.

  • landofaahs

    And so Barbara, don’t you think you should resign your post as well as all who had inane thoughts like that? I mean for you people to be so gullible cannot be trust to discern between truth from fiction. What an air-head.

  • Anonymous

    Please enlighten us about that true church. There are so many churches and they all claim to be THE true one.

  • Anonymous

    It’s the first time I watched this interview and I must say that Barbara is just too old to even present herself in a truly meaningful fashion. Was she having a tingle up her leg?

  • Anonymous

    Well, let’s start with the view that only two churches are presented in the Revelation:

    The pure church and the whore church, “Babylon”, an adulterous blend of the ancient Mysteries and apostate Christianity.

    The pure church depends only upon Christ, but the whore church climbs in bed with rulers and kings.

    The pure church is clothed only with the righteous character of Christ [fine linen, clean and white].

    The whore church covers itself with gold, precious stones and pearls.

    The pure church is hidden by God in the wilderness for 1,260 days/years.

    The whore church struts around the world and says, “I am a queen!” and “rides” on the backs of kingdoms and world powers.

    I could put a Bible study here, but by the tone of your comment, I would guess that you are possessed of a spirit of argument, and not of inquiry.

    Start with what I’ve given above, compare it with history, and see what you come up with.

  • John

    Why are conservatives calling communists, socialist. Political correctness is part of the problem and we have let them dictate this to us.

  • John

    A liberal can not be a christian. If you are a christian then you can not be a liberal.

  • Anonymous

    Thankfully there is only one Messiah and he is coming back. The Barbara Walters and obamas better be prepared. obama may think he is everyone’s god, but that is just a figment of his imagination. He needs to snap out of it and admit defect, because he surely will be defeated come 2014. I feel a change a coming…..

  • Anonymous

    That was very good analogy. Couldn’t have said it better…..

  • Rabelad

    Well, not any more. BTW, note that Walters included more than herself because she stated “we thought he would be the messiah.” So there were at very least TWO people who thought that.

  • mspatdev

    obammy is not my messiah. He should go to his own country and then he just might be a messiah if they take in liars, killers, changes his religion when ever, he is a narcississic pig, he is a homo and many others. His country is Indonesia and Egypt. I don’t even watch ABC; CBS; NBC; CNN; MNBC; CNBC; MSNBC; as they are for the dictator in the w/h. They are the far-left rag news. Ms. Walters acted so surprised that obammy wasn’t a messiah. He is part of Hitler, Markist, and Satans group. The government has no business telling who can go to what church. Progressives and liberals you need to go and get 101 in religion. If you don’t like it, then go to China, Cuba, North Korea and Russia. The USA was built up by Christian Churches of all kinds. Jesus Christ is who we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus. We love him deeply, but we do not love your messiah. Your messiah is the one that is destroying our nation. All of you ought to leave the USA.

  • mspatdev

    I don’t even belong to their group and I knew almost everything in 2007. Why wasn’t the lazy news people checking up on obammy? When I was working, they called this a– kissing to get what ever people wanted. Walters and Oprah were doing this the last 6 years. What a disgrace to both of them.

  • mspatdev

    AMEN….AMEN….to what you have said. I totally agree with you. He is also the biggest liar of all time, dishonest, not having a transparent government. The reason he has done this, is he was going to destroy the USA. He told us that in his speech to Congress the first time. Look what he has done. The most liar around. He is a homo and he smokes cocaine and when his lips are purple is he has been smoking his cocaine.

  • Anonymous

    She, like the rest of the left, is an idiot. What did we need a savior from? Sad fact is, we need a savior now, for sure. I am beginning to fly my Flag upside down at this point.
    Benjamin Franklin once said, “Its a republic, if you can keep it…”. We are about to lose it. If you can’t see that, right in front of your face, are you even alive?

  • Anonymous

    John, socialists, liberals, progressives, communists, Marxists…are all one in the same. Socialism/Marxism are the core.

  • Anonymous

    Very, very well stated……

  • Justone View

    Didn’t she see the lie? Man? These people are so full of themselves they are blind.
    There is no Obama just the illusion being sold to the naive fools who want to believe. Obama and friends are users. No shortage of fools.

  • william cook

    making it easy for the antichrist to come in

  • william cook

    only jesus is the messiah no one else

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that, PAN didn’t panout

  • Anonymous

    It tells me – the time for world upheaval is at the door. As we are advised by Christ, keep our eyes on Jerusalem.

  • Anonymous

    If you are known for your deeds and not by many words spoken, in fact, words of ignorance, then from what I see in your post, knowledge has turned into wisdom.

    Get ready to count the days of Christs return.

  • Anonymous

    So we’ve elected an amateur to run the greatest country in the world. One who hires amateurs to work in the most important of jobs and won’t fire them because they are friends.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, maybe I can add a little more where Eldjr, left off. Although, he is spot-on.

    This may be of some help.

    The real Church can be found in this very day-and-age we now live.

    Christ implored his followers to find it…this one true church would be found doing and speaking exactly as Christ did while he was yet walking among men.

    If we are known for our works (deeds) then every church that is discovered walking contrary to the direction of Christ can be eliminated from the list of – as you say, “many churches”

    It really doesn’t take long for one to find it, that is, if a person is being honest with himself…of course, the traditions of men, especially at this junction of the year, often times hamper honest investigation.

  • Anonymous

    With thoughts like this rolling around in your head, someday, you’ll make a fine leader.

  • Anonymous

    Right you are – same here – people like that are so gullable and think they are the elite of something Oprah with them trying to get the Olympics – failure, Walters I hoped we would have gotten rid of back when she had her heart surgery – finally retiring – again noooo to dam egoistic these 2 LADIES – both gotten rich on saying yea to the right people! I haven’t watched either in many years and now you messed up my perfect record starting over again no more Oprah or Walters or Clinton or Omuchelle for that matter. not one of them is worth my while!

  • Anonymous

    of course The dumb nuts on THE VIEW- how do you think they got their jobs – if not by kissing Barbs feet?!

  • Anonymous

    Being wealthy does not mean being smart. What a dumb woman, but wealthy. Just like Oprah wealthy, but more dumb than dirt.

  • Anonymous

    Never was a fan , but this is the best from her base minded dysfunctional ideas. Give all of us a break , how in Gods name could or can she be so insanely stupid and r-taraded.

  • Anonymous

    ALL the liberals are this brainless.How can anyone in their right mind even say such a thing? or even think it? My God they ARE INSANE!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I’m already over 50, and some I know consider me a leader of sorts, but I have no ambition to ‘be one’ someday… No disrespect intended. It’s enough to share what I’ve been given where I can. I can share some of it here; some will consider it, some will dismiss it, some will be outright mad. That’s for them to decide. All depends upon what ‘magnetic north’ is to the reader.

    I write lots of stuff, little of it sees light of day beyond my friends, or my church, and that’s okay. I have aspirations to complete a book, though I swing between hope and discouragement that I’ll ever get the ones I’ve started to completion.

    I appreciate your kindness and encouragement.


  • defiant1

    What a distressing thing for Walters to say. This Obama is human like the rest of us, he is just a lowly man in a big position because of the stupidity of just the kind of things Walters said. How nauseating.

  • Anonymous

    Ah good sir, what you may have failed to consider, everlasting life, is a very long time indeed. A kingdom, such as the kingdom of God, has many positions of leadership – have you not heard – so somewhere down the road of eternity, don’t count yourself short. I’m sure there’s a position having your name attached.

    Pleasure Z

  • ken.

    leftists don’t worship god, they believe they are gods and expect the rest of us to worship them.

  • Anonymous

    We thought Obama was Jesus. Well, no sh!t Bahbwa WaWa. How’s that Hope and Change working out for you?

  • Mudpie

    There is no god but Obama and Chris Matthews is his prophet.

  • Anonymous

    ? Someone who has been in journalism as long as she has, actually said such a thing?! She has been respected as a reporter who got the interview, and ask hard questions. Now it seems journalist try to shape opinions, sometimes by even altering footage to mislead the public, in favor of their own political views. I didn’t even understand how a kid delivering pizza, stood at one of BO’s campaign speeches, and called him the messiah. Then, I recall a lady that was so beside herself, as she proclaimed she wouldn’t have to pay for gas anymore, and other expenses! I was confused as to how some came to this conclusion. The beautiful mood music came to a screeching halt, when a plumber responded, that taking money he earned, and giving it to others, wasn’t beneficial to his goals, of starting his own business. Does the majority still hear the pied pauper music?

  • Anonymous

    As long as 101 classes are being suggested, let’s add Economics 101, for congress, senate, and especially the executive office! I suspect that in 2016, the same thing that happened to our economy in 2008, will occur again! That’s if they are successful in pushing it past the election of 2016. Maybe, citizens will be more prepared by getting as debt free as possible, and be ready to face further economic woes in our nation. I am sure that Hillary, will run for office, and I’m sure she could ride her hubby’s coat tails, to prove a prez can turn the economy. But, each one has to deal with what they walk into. Bill, rode the bubble, and it was great while it lasted, and everyone who wanted a job had one. She won’t inherit such circumstances, imo.

  • Anonymous

    A change will not be coming if they keep trotting calculator boy, p.r., out to cut such budgets that reduce military retirement benefits. Yet, our govt can bail out several major cities, to meet union retirement benefits, and their healthcare! I’m stunned to see commericals from charitable org to support and care for our returning military members. Ialways reflect that this is the government’s place. The govt sent them to serve, and sometimes these men and women, return home to children that are grown, without having that parent present! How could anyone think our prez is the messiah, that allows such treatment of the very people who protect this nation from any enemies, so that our prez is free to represent this nation! Instead, a little bit of change, seems to have cost a lot, imo!

  • Anonymous

    It certainly seems the so called press, has become to believe their made up fantasies. But, maybe it is they like other people who served past presidents, voiced that they believed with his election, that we had a real chance at a nwo. With our administration recently signing on to small arms ban treaty of the UN, we are on the way to being enveloped into the UN’s global govt. I don’t have much faith in the senate voting this down. Get ready to be a global citizen, like it or not!

  • mspatdev

    If hillary runs for prez. she will do the same as obammy has been doing. If the two of them can lie to the public about Benghaki, she isn’t worth fit for the job. They belong to the demo’s and they aren’t worth a hoot. The unions love them as they get a lot of free money from obammy.. It is so true that everyone that works in Washington D.C. needs to take Economics 101, 102 and a lot more. They haven’t worked in the real world and do not know how our economy works. Bill rode the bubble alright with his girlfriends.