Glenn gives his thoughts on the new Disney film Saving Mr. Banks

Disney has a new movie coming out this Friday, Saving Mr. Banks, based on the true story of the making of Mary Poppins. The film, which stars Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, has received mixed reviews from critics, but Glenn had the opportunity to watch an advanced screening earlier this week, and he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw.

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“I saw Saving Mr. Banks on Monday… It is fantastic. It is absolutely fantastic,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “[But] I’m a Disney-phile.”

While the film has been criticized for not offering the most faithful telling of the actual story, Glenn enjoyed the storytelling aspect.

“I went into it kind of one with one eye closed like I was expecting to get hit in the face. It was Disney. And so I expected them to either make it just so sunshine and lollipops,” Glenn said. “But it wasn’t. It was a great, great telling of that story. From what I do know of the story, it’s true. There were a couple of flaws but nobody would really care except geeks like me… It’s really well worth taking your family.”

Glenn found himself particularly impressed with Emma Thompson’s performance as P.L. Travers – the British journalist and novelist who wrote Mary Poppins.

“May I say that I have so much respect for Emma Thompson, who has not become the cat lady. She is one of the few in Hollywood that has not had a whole bunch of surgery. And so she still looks like a human being,” Glenn said. “She doesn’t seem to be afraid to show her age, and there is something beautiful about women who age gracefully.”

Check out a trailer for Saving Mr. Banks below:

  • Sam Fisher

    I am shocked that Disney did not try to make him into an evil capitalist. Instead of just a capitalist.

    • Doug Brett

      Really? C’mon dude, think about it…

      • Sam Fisher

        It would not be the first time they did something like that just because he founded Disney does not mean much.

    • Anonymous

      Given the current trend of Disney and other production studios, I have to concur with that.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from seeing this film and Glenn is 100% spot on. It’s a joy to watch. Tom Hanks is his usual charming self but the real star here is Emma Thompson who just shines as P.L. Travers. She is both funny and sad at the same time; it’s a remarkable performance.

    Even Paul Giamatti is great in the small role he has. The casting of this film was perfect.

    It’s just simply a great, picture you can take your kids to and not have to worry about shielding their eyes or covering their eyes.

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