MSNBC host claims U.S. could eliminate poverty with a non-Marxist ‘minimum income’

During a segment yesterday on MSNBC’s The Cycle, co-host Krystal Ball made a bold declaration: The United States could “eliminate poverty” by implementing a minimum guaranteed income for every “non-incarcerated adult citizen.”

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“This is the second time this in the last ten days I’ve heard this idea,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “I want you to know… what we are talking about now is not socialism. We’re talking full-fledged Communist Manifesto and the former Soviet constitution.”

Referencing income-related protests around the globe, Ball claims the basic concept of a ‘mincome’ is simple: “Every non-incarcerated adult citizen gets a monthly check from the government. Other safety net programs are jettisoned to pay for the mincome, and poverty is eliminated.”

She went on to cite a Canadian town in the 1970s that reportedly implemented a minimum income. “Not only was poverty eliminated,” Ball said, “but the disincentives to work has a minimal effect on productivity.”

“Poverty is eliminated… just like that,” Glenn quipped. “Here’s something that should quietly migrate over from Switzerland: Every citizen is required to have a gun. And it’s an automatic weapon. Wait a minute. We don’t want to talk about that one. Oh, okay.”

Check out Ball’s complete explanation of the ‘mincome’ in the clip below:

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  • Anonymous

    This idiotic idea has never worked anywhere in the world, quite the contrary. Under such schemes everyone is “equal” (meaning equally poor) save the government toadies and government elite or the enormously wealthy. That we are even listening to someone like these anti-American goons and taking anything they say seriously shows how far we as a country have drifted away from our founding roots. We need to get the train back on the tracks soon or we are in for a huge wreck.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC – (My Stupid Narration Beckons Constantly)

    When will these people (liberal ilk) realize their views are not – nor have they ever been – and God help us – nor will they ever be – mainstream American!

    We are a federation – a democracy, built on hardworking accountable individualism.

    Collectivism, equals dependency on government, something that used to be foreign to North America…welcome to the “last generation” its a kiss of death.

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    One more communist who has demonstrated the reason why their ideology is completely bankrupt. They profess the ore principles of communism, and fail to understand it will not work, never has worked, and cannot be made to work.

    History has proven the failure of communism over and over and over.

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    Very true, history is replete with failure of one communism attempt after another even long before Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet Union.

    It is a system of shared misery, shared poverty, and shared crushing of all hope as humanity is subjected to slavery.

  • snowleopard (the true one)


  • Sam Fisher

    I am sorry but minimum income is Marxism. I do not know how Ball could say that with a strait face and still call it capitalism because it is not.

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    Sam, please pass this on to the others at the site, the thief who has been imitating me has begun making threats to me, and appears to have hacked my identity in more personal ways.

    Due to this I have terminated my disqus account and other information for the sake of my families safety.

    Tell everyone it has been fun.

  • Anonymous

    Notice, that its always those making the ‘Maximum Income’ calling for Marxist ideas – which would immediately put an end to their way of life. Proof that we’re living in a fairy-tail (nightmare) that those who orchestrate its inner-workings are oblivious to.

  • Anonymous

    So in the end – they win…meaning, whoever hacked your identity. I’ve been the unwitting victim of these cowardly acts myself, you simply have to regroup and change your identity…”snow-on-the-go” perhaps, but to simply relinquish and move forward, is moving in the wrong direction. Certainly, you may need some time to regroup and reestablish yourself – but to walk away and just give up(?) – something tells me that’s not in your character.

  • snowleopard (the true one)

    I’ll be back, I am just tired of these thefts. I detest having to start over though.

    People will know when I return. Just keep an eye out for the thief.

  • Anonymous

    Starting over has its own benefit, for one, you’re wiser of old mistakes and miscalculations – less likely to be caught off guard a second time.

    We’ll be looking for the new you…until then, peace be with you…ZEROGON

  • Anonymous


  • Sam Fisher

    And then they call it capitalism to add to the insult. It is like they think we are all morons and cannot tell the difference.

  • Anonymous

    I hear ya. Its like someone slipped in under cover of darkness and changed all the street-signs…everybody assumes they are going in the right direction, reality hasn’t set in yet, but when it does, will the left admit then, they were completely lost from the get-go. I’ll believe that when I see it, until that day arrives, I’m not holding my breath.

  • dennis reilly

    she is lazy and doesn’t want to work, what is a liberal commentator and do they sweat at all

  • Anonymous

    hell I am all for it does that mean I will get as Much as the Obamas?

  • Freddy Boisseau

    This is not a bad idea, and actually an old idea that Milton Friedman proposed in 1968, called a negative income tax (
    You set a minimum income based on certain criteria, eliminate welfare
    programs including the minimum wage. You then reduce the amount they
    get from the government by a percentage of what they earn on their own.
    When I first heard about it I thought it was a good system.

  • Anonymous

    I sense a purge coming.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone should have a guaranteed income, no matter whether they want to work or if they have any talent, have a problem with drugs. And, of course, we’ll have a small subset of people who will be made to do all the work and we’ll “harvest” their income, and if they happen to own a business, then the government will simply nationalize it for their own ends because, of course, they’re GREAT at running things.

    Where do these morons come from? Have they ever taken a single course in economics or business? Don’t you wish that you could be liberal, have a show that you host, yet you wouldn’t have to study or know anything at all in order to stay on the air because none of your nonexistent viewership has the slightest clue either.

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone watch MSGLBT?

  • landofaahs

    I guess what these mentally disturbed people are trying to say is we want capitalism for ourselves but socialism for everyone else. Up is down, black is white, truth is lie, right is wrong and wrong is right in the convoluted world of the liberals.

  • Anonymous

    No, not exacty true about the “maximum income” calling for marxist ideas. It’s the ones who belong to the “elite” group who side with the marxist ideals. That’s hw they are taught to think. THEY are the ones who have all the solutions to a country’s problems, as long as the peasants below them believe everythig they say. Guaranteeing a minimum income for everybody will equalize the same income fo all, whether educated or not.

  • Anonymous

    An example of one small town does not represent wha is happening in a country.

  • Crassus

    Another MSNBC host talking jibber jabber about jibber jabber.

  • Anonymous

    She is talking about the non-incarcerated, not all. Does that mean the wealthy as well? I don’t believe they are will to give up their money to give to the poor who just don’t want to work. If we can last long enough to get obama out of office and win over the Senate, then maybe there can be some changes that will help our great NATION… We have to hang on to that….

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just insist that those who earn below the poverty line get off their tuckus and earn their minimum wage. Also, let’s overhaul the education in this country so they will all become doctors and lawyers. Then if we can get them to quit spending their welfare bucks on alcohol and cigarettes, we might have a start. They should also have to carry a special card to be allowed to order the mountains of fast food to increase their girth – only if they have sufficient medical coverage. In fact, let’s give them all the medical insurance they need to thrive while on that fast food. Wait a minute – I’m starting to sound like a socialist – and we all know how well that’s working. On second thought, let them keep their freedom to choose whether to live in poverty. Eliminate welfare and implement a very low flat tax. I like that better.

  • mspatdev

    obammy is trying his best to destroy the USA. A $10 or $15 minimum income for restraurants, Wendy’s, McDonalds, etc will be out of work. The people won’t be able to drive thru or even walk in and get a hamburger, drink and fries for under $5.00. The wages should be what they are. The stupid people ought to get one thing straight, these jobs aren’t supposed to feed a family of 4. These jobs are supposed to teach the kids how to work and at least earn money for school or a car. It prepares them for bigger and better jobs. Who in the he– thinks that WE THE PEOPLE WANT OR CAN PAY FOR FOOD TO EAT OUT ONCE IN A WHILE? You liberals, markist, communist, muslim terrorist go back to your own countries and pay that much for take out food. It hasn’t worked for the socialist/communist before and it ain’t going to work in America. You want to spend money, well we won’t have any money if the pay scales goes up to $10.00. You communist, obammy thinks that the USA has a lot of money for you to spend? I have news for you, the rich will leave the USA and any other people that have enough to leave this country will go. Then you will have the people that have gotten your freebies, food stamps and what ever you have given to them to MAKE THEM LAZY. This country was just fine until YOU obammy DECIDED THAT WE WERE GOING TO BE COMMUNIST. THINK AGAIN BUSTER, WE ARE NOT GOING TO BE COMMUNIST. YOU HAVE ALREADY KILLED A LOT OF USA CITIZENS AND YOU WILL HAVE MORE ON YOUR HANDS. I GUESS THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT DICTATOR IN THE W/H. Beside have you told the Liberals and the Progressives that you aren’t and American? You are 50% White, 44% Arab and 6% Egyptian Negro and not hardly enough to fill up a sink. That is where our money has gone to the Mid-East and the Egyptian Brotherhood.

  • John Scott

    Yea, let’s give up on that whole ideal of getting a good education and making something for yourself. Just sit back and let the government send you a check. Right, that will fix poverty in this Country. No, what it means is more people will simply not have any incentive to work! Welfare has already created enough people who are satisfied with those monthly checks! Playing Robin Hood is not a viable solution.

  • mspatdev

    I will miss you and it has happened to me. I will still get my computer fixed and off we will go again. I do not put personal anything into my computer. They have already found out about that. I speak my mine to much and I am a threat to obammy. It is coming from him. I have been waiting for a knock on my door. Do what you have to for you and your family. May God Bless You. Have a very special Merry Christmas and Happy, Prosperous, Healthy New Year.

  • Texan for Life

    And where do they TAKE this money from to GIVE to everyone else. My husband who works so hard I barely see him? Is this woman for real? I think her head is a Krystal Ball.

  • Texan for Life

    So sad to see you go. I know the feeling. This is my 4th identity here for the same reason. Hope to see you back soon. You will be missed greatly.

  • Texan for Life

    You are a jerk. And you have a stupid picture. Oh, and did I mention you are a jerk? Sorry, I meant a troll under a bridge.

  • Texan for Life

    They never offer to give up their cushy income first, though!

  • Texan for Life

    But then she said giving CASH to children. So which one was she talking about. I expected her to start giggling next and her neckline to start dropping to show more cleavage to show how smart and perky she is. Take that any way you want.

  • Bonnie Somer

    poverty is eliminated by JOBS AND CAPITALISM AND PRIV SECTOR

  • thedogwalker

    We already have things like that in place right now, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, wic,etc .All it has gotten is a class of malcontents who take no responsibility for their actions and keep asking for more.

  • MoneySlinger

    Doesn’t matter what you call it, it is economically useless, as the extra money in circulation, divided by the same amount of goods, will raise the price of all goods proportionally, and make the once poor, as equally poor, as they were before they got the money. Duh. Progressives. It is the year 2013. Should this life science not be taught in grade 6 by now?

  • Anonymous

    It’s almost comical how many different titles or names, the left will place on their pet projects, thinking that, this repackaging will somehow smooth things over in the minds of the uneducated-less-fortunate and the general public will simply fall in love with their sparkling political brilliance.

    This adaptation has been witnessed in recent days born with Obama-Care, and magically transformed into National-Health-Care

    What the left are never willing to admit about themselves, is that, renaming a failed of flawed plan doesn’t change a thing

    This new packaging of socialism, is still – the same old socialism. Their plan for minimum-income is just another way of effecting the distribution of wealth, which causes the adverse effect, of having a population reliant on big government for perks and befits, and while in the process of receiving these free so-called-entitlements, they have done nothing to deserve them. Then to further enslave these recipients from ever becoming productive citizens, their annual income and benefits package actually is reduced, if they were ever to enter the workforce…so, they simple hold on to “their cushy” way of life from generation to generation. Before you know it, those who do work hard for their money, pay their taxes on time along with meeting the mortgage etc. – have become grossly outnumbered. Add to the statistics, that the Progressive left have not created jobs, nor does it seem that they intend to, this vicious nation killing cycle, continues until the banks run dry, and are flat out of other peoples money. Then, civil unrest follows quickly on the heals – this is a chapter straight out of the liberal handbook and its meant to bring down a capitalist state who’s founding fathers heavily relied on the principles set down in the holy scriptures .

    I didn’t intend for my reply to you to be this long, I got on a roll…Z

  • Anonymous

    Who do they think is going to provide the funds for this fantasy payoff?

  • Anonymous

    That’s the majority of them. They’re trying to buy their security and social life with someone else’s blood , sweat and tears.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent points, all. This is the defining feature of socialism/liberal/progressive mentality. They actually believe that the experiment hasn’t been tried enough and that, somehow, without changing anything at all, “pure” socialism will actually yield different results than the horrors that we have seen and are currently seeing in the world through application of Marxist principles. It starts with an absurdity (the idea that men/women will place a higher value on society as a whole than on their own children/families), denies human nature and resorts to the use of fascist techniques to enforce societal “benevolence”, all the while believing that governmental decisions can more efficiently ensure such benevolence while individualism cannot.
    I have concluded that there is a void of scientific reasoning amongst the left. They NEVER look at the results of the real world application of their ideology. They doggedly refuse to even consider that their philosophy in fact harms the very people they claim to want to help. A committed leftist/socialist never lets history or fact interfere with ideology.

  • Sea Rock

    … “U.S. could eliminate poverty with a non-Marxist ‘minimum income’” …

    … it’s called “welfare” and it hasn’t changed a thing in 80 years …

    … in a Socialist society, it’s time for the “Mass Graves” …

    … (“you don’t work” … “you don’t eat” … it’s not a “christian saying”) …

  • Anonymous

    The idea of placing a high value, or setting a moral standard for society, produces strong nations. Indeed, the slogan “one for all and all for one” has implications based on a mutual respect for fellow man.

    The problem in the liberal mind-set though and I think we both agree, they talk of having tolerance, but cannot find room to tolerate any other point of view but their own.

    The ideas expressed from many sincere individuals coming from the liberal camp, are presented in the light of helping those who are less fortunate among us. So, on the surface anyway, they feel superior to those who’s opinions do not mirror their own. Problem is, as you cleverly point out, these seemingly grand ideas, always end-up bankrupting society. So after years of implemented systematic moral decay – as an example, such as what the gay rights movement has produced, a malignant cancer spreads unchecked and frankly, Obama-care can’t fix it, our youth become disoriented in their thinking and rational over common-sense everyday simple issues, thus, denying them the simple pleasure of rational thought, let alone, what their long term policy’s produce in their political propositions.

    What we all have become so familiar with today, is due primarily, to a valueless younger generation. As the years roll on, from generation to generation, morals/ethics/values trend to slip further south and away from what was once considered normal and reconciled as right and good for everyone – so never mind now, in today’s multifaceted high-tech world what a Perfect Eternal Being might have to say.

  • Amy P.

    Looks Like Krystal Ball’s head is a bit cloudy.

  • Herbert Shallcross

    A potential benefit of the “mincome” is that it would eliminate the redundant, overlapping entitlements we have now, reducing the administrative costs of government charity. Of course, politicians get votes by “giving stuff away” so the old system of multiple entitlements would creep back in pretty quick.

    The most obvious flaw is that whatever level the “mincome’ was set at, it would rapidly decline in buying power until it barely covered subsistence. Productivity would barely be affected because if a person wanted more than government guaranteed poverty, they would need to be productive.

  • Herbert Shallcross

    This will never be implemented. Imagine a largely automated system that just re-authorizes all 350 million “mincome” debit cards every month. There would be some human employees needed to enroll new users and to purge the dead from the rolls, but other than that, the system needs no social workers or case workers or any of the rest of the enormous number of bureaucrats that operate our existing multiple government charity systems. What politician is going to tell that four million or so mostly Democrat voters that their good paying jobs with excellent benefits have just been reduced to the “mincome”?

    If we used some biometric system to positively identify each individual, the potential for fraud would disappear. Give that an enormous portion of current entitlements goes to fraud of one sort or another, and that fraud is enabled by the political system, politicians would never allow such a system be put in place.

  • Texan for Life

    THat is ok, everything you said it right. And what is the initiative to work at all? And why should my husband be getting up at 430 and working his butt off when we can make more off of welfare. And what happens when all the worker bees stop working and there is nobody left to pay the mincome? THey NEVER say that. I found your ROLL to be quite interesting, intelligent and informative!

  • udo news

    Okej so I guess Glenn Beck says that Milton Friedman is a communist

    Milton Friedman – The Negative Income Tax

    In this 1968 interview, Milton Friedman explained the negative income tax, a proposal that at minimum would save taxpayers the 72 percent of our current welfare budget spent on administration.

    Icons of the Right Debate a Guaranteed Minimum Income
    A televised conversation between Milton Friedman and William F. Buckley